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  1. Nice picture of David! I had to check out the time difference. It’s nine and a half hours ahead in Afghanistan. I would assume they have arrived there since that is their first stop on the USO tour.

  2. They were traveling to Abu Dhabi first, then Afghanistan according to that blog from Jason. I’m a bit confused as to if Abu Dhabi is just a place to change planes or if they are doing a show there. There is an airbase with US Air Force troops stationed just south of Abu Dhabi and Jason listed it as one of the places they were “traveling to” when he listed the other show locations. Not sure. I haven’t seen a listing of dates/places for this trip — just several different statements of how many days they will be there and that the first show is July 10. Kinda vague on the specifics but maybe they do that for safety, idk.

    P.S. That picture up top? Great. The Bench photoshoot was one of my faves that David has done.

    • Abu Dhabi is nine hours ahead. Good they have a bit of time before the first show as I’m sure there is some jet lag.

  3. They have arrived in Bahrain and it’s hot plus no keyboard.

    From Dean’s FB:

    Dean Kaelin
    about an hour ago
    OK, just over 24 hours on planes and we eventually get to Bahrain. It took us a while to get past the customs guy, then to the baggage carousel only to find out that are bags (including my keyboard and all my cables) didn’t make the connection in the Netherlands!! So, I guess I’ll be playing guitar for our first show tomorrow night! Good thing I carried on the guitar!! haha. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments and interest. Btw, it was 96 degrees and about that much humidity at 9:30pm when we landed in Bahrain, and they told us we haven’t even gotten into the hot season yet!! So enjoy your lovely weather wherever you are.

    As we know David can sing A Capella too and will sound great.

  4. Jason Hewitt has been replying to people who made comments to his blog. Here is one about David that I loved to see.

    Cheryl, Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post. David is a wonderful young man, I’m really honored to know him a little better now. For anyone wondering if he’s as nice as he seems, trust me, he’s as nice as he seems! Actually nicer. People in every airport in the world just recognized him and he’d stop to take photos with all of them. And I took photos of that 🙂 We are excited to be here, and perform for the troops our first show later this evening! Thank you again!

  5. Grammyj, thanks for posting Jason Hewitt’s comment. David is, indeed, an internationally known and loved man, and despite being out of the public eye for over 2 years, is recognized at airports all over the world. Cultures outside of the U.S., who value talent and humanity will “get’ David and appreciate him in ways Americans don’t seem to value. I look forward to more of Jason’s observations, and he seems to be quite taken with David. I like him already.

    • My my Bliss. So now you know how every American feels as you say we do not seem to value talent and humanity. Must be wonderful to be you, with insight into every person on earth.

  6. Holy cow with all the things I have been reading about that part of the world, just make me even more grateful for the good old USA. Let freedom ring!! God bless all the brave men and women that serve for this great country of ours and God bless David and all the brave entertainers that give their time selflessly to entertain these deserving soldiers.

  7. So is David and friends getting paid for this military tour or is it all volunteer or doesn’t anyone know? Just curious. I would not want to be David’s manager -Gina- as she is not making any money from David at all at this point. I wonder if David is getting any offers to do any paid appearances as most all of the things he has been doing since his return from his 2 yr mission have been related to his church (maybe they pay him) and writing some songs with various local artists. It seems to me that most of the job opportunities in the music industry would be in LA,Nashville or NYC or even Las Vegas not Utah but what do I know. lol. Off to work and back to lurking. 🙂

    • Marie- I think it was Jason who mentioned in one of his blogs that the trip was on a Volunteer basis, and that many celebs had passed on the opportunity.

    • Marie, yes at some point David will have to get a paid gig, I’m guessing. I’m sure he might be spending some money right now for recording studio time, etc. As far as the writing collaborations go, maybe no fee, only when the song makes money is payment made, hum.
      I know that soon he will have a wife and children to support, so I’m sure a paying career is on his mind.

  8. I admire David to give of his time and talent to go to the Middle East to entertain the troops. Money isn’t everything. I think this will enrich his life in many ways . I read on the armed forces entertainment website that the performers get a stipend. I believe mainly they get their travel and lodging paid.

  9. It is a wonderful thing that these fine people are doing. I will never criticize this tour or any of David’s other non church charity work. Heck, I will try to not criticize anything he does for charity in the spirit of his kindness. I know he has a huge heart for people.

    I think we will see him do some projects where he will get paid in the near future. Although I’m sure he made what I would consider a lot of money before he went on mission, and we all know he lives frugally, once he does start a family that money will only go so far. He will need to do something for profit eventually (and selfish me hopes it is a CD and concerts LOL).

    • you won,t criticize what he does for charity,but on every thin else is that what you are saying,

  10. Soul Newbie, you say this “It is a wonderful thing that these fine people are doing. I will never criticize this tour or any of David’s other non church charity work. Heck, I will try to not criticize anything he does for charity in the spirit of his kindness. I know he has a huge heart for people.”

    Do you really have to “try” to not criticize David’s charity work? What problem do you have with it that it takes effort to not find fault with it? If David helps people in the name of his religion, is that a problem for you? If David fed hungry people in the name of the LDS Church, would that be a problem for you? I don’t know what your particular problem is with the LDS Church, but could you do all fair minded people a favor, and keep it to yourself already. Thanking you in advance.

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