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  1. Just wanted to continue the thought about a career in a grand scale. Just like Candy said, I just thought it would happen for David after AI. I still feel that God given phenomenal voice needs to be heard in a grand scale. I know that he is not thinking in those terms right now, but I still have hope that he will come around and realize the bigger picture.

    • CQ, when you say “I still have hope that he will come around and realize the bigger picture”, I assume you are referring to YOUR (and, of course, Candy’s) bigger picture, because David has already seen the bigger picture for himself and has rejected it.

      BTW,this isn’t “bait’, so there’s nothing to “fall for”, lol. Have a nice day, Chris.

      • Have a nice day too Bliss. I do stand by what I said, I hope that HE sees the bigger picture and I’m not talking about the sleazy side.

  2. The mystery has been solved as to who is going along with David to assist with his music, and it is NOT Jeff. It’s Dean Kaelin per a tweet from his daugher. Dean was also interviewed in the “Called to Serve” video and not Jeff.

    Anna Kaelin ‏@annakaelin · 2m
    Today my dad & @DavidArchie leave for the middle east on a USO tour! Good luck, have fun, can’t wait to hear incredible stories in 3 weeks!

    • None of my business but it really sounds like David and Jeff are not close right now. I hope I am wrong in my speculation but it is what it is.

      On the bright side, I think David is very comfortable with Dean and they will have a really good time together with these shows.

  3. Very cool that David’s vocal coach is traveling with him. He will be doing a lot of shows so it’s very logical he might need help to keep his voice sharp and of course, a close friend is a bonus.

    I’m feeling like there is a strain between David, his dad and his brother and this theory is because of lack of mention from David and has mentioned his mom, sisters, other relatives, even the Father’s Day greeting was very general and not personal like he did for Mother’s Day. I just hope that is not the case.

    • cq, funny how I was typing basically the same thoughts when you were.

    • I saw a picture in the past week with all 5 siblings were together so Daniel is around. Haven’t seen any of Jeff and David together though.

      • Happy to hear the siblings are hanging out together 🙂

      • Great happy that Daniel is around and in good graces with David and really David and his father might be just fine, it just seemed like he was a bit distant with him though.

    • I think that it is great that Dean- his vocal coach- is going with David. David seem comfortable with him. What a great opportunity for Dean. I think that David might have some issues with his dad (just a guess) and it probably is for the best that he is not involved in his music career. Maybe Jeff does not totally agree with some of David’s music career decisions. Who knows? I still wonder if Gina will go.

  4. dean play the piano right? so david might need his help with the songs

  5. CQ, I wasn’t talking about the “sleezy” side, either. I don’t think that there is something that David isn’t seeing. I think he sees the whole picture, and is pursuing the kind of career that he feels is appropriate for him. I also think that there is a segment of David’s fan base that is in a state of perpetual denial into what David wants for himself, and that his goals for himself may be at odds with their goals for him. David has made his career goals crystal clear. What part of what David himself has said numerous times is unclear? I think it’s time to start respecting David’s stated wishes for himself, don’t you think?

  6. I don’t know why but sometimes my eyes just roll in the back of my head when I read some comments here. lol. 🙂

  7. Speaking of fathers, Bey’s has a 2nd paternity suit filed against him. I’m trying not to judge but come on ….


  8. Re. Jeff and D’s relationship, I can imagined it has changed but I doubt they hate one another. I’ve read lots of sports biographies and there always seemed to be mention of friction in the relationship as the athlete outgrew the coaching that his/her dad had provided all his life. As for Jeff, I’m glad the media is no longer hounding him. Way back during the massage parlor incident, I agreed with HG’s suggestion that he was set up; now hopefully he can live his own life.

    • because of the massage parlor incident i think jeff is keeping a low profile for davids sake , some people would like nothing better than to stir up trouble , for david, and yes i think he was set up

    • Lol. I also thought he was set up at the time and still do.

  9. The lead picture is one of amy all time favorites, I remember standing in front of the same mountains after one of Davids concerts and thinking how majestic and beautiful they were. Very different from the landscape I see on a daily basis, the beach, and ocean.

  10. It make more sense for Dean to go since he can make sure David takes care of his voice. He is also going to play the keyboard and guitar for David.

    From Dean’s facebook!

    Dean Kaelin

    I am currently on a plane from Salt Lake to Atlanta. From there I will fly to Amsterdam, then on to the middle east. We will do something like 15 shows in 17 days. I am traveling with David Archuleta (singer), Jason Hewlett (Comedian) and Dan Clark (Motivational speaker). I’ll be playing piano and guitar for David and a few feature numbers of my own. It should be a great experience. I will try and keep you all posted on the experience!

  11. Call me weird but I feel tres uncomfortable with speculations about David’s family. Yeah, yeah he is a public person blahblahblah he should be used to it etcetc. Just speaking for myself, we don’t have any tiny shred of enough information to make any judgements of any kind. David may be famous and public, but he’a still a person. His family is still his family.

    • Smanda, speculating about David’s family is a national sport with the more obsessed fans of David. Jeff has always been a special obsession, and everything he does and doesn’t do is of earth shattering importance. Not having, as you say, “a shred of enough information to make any judgment of any kind” does not deter these people one iota. It’s all so much hot air of course, but to those who literally live and breathe for anything to do with David’s personal life, they have each other to magnify and create dramatic scenarios when, in fact, nothing unusual is going on.

      One day, someone has to do a documentary on the obsessed fans of David Archuleta. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen, especially given what an unlikely group these people are, and their violent, knee jerk, reaction to any exposure of their obsession.

      • You seem quite obsessed with David’s “obsessed” fans there, bliss.

      • Oh no. My eyes are rolling to the back of my head again. lol.

      • I actually don’t think its all that weird for fans to be interested in the personal lives of famous people (People magazine anyone? Etc.) I get that its intriguing. For me, I just feel differently about David. It feels intrusive. Idk.

      • Oh bliss the documentary might just be about you, lol.

  12. I think we might get a lot of information about David’s trip.

    A blog from Jason Hewlett just posted as well! It’s really good and very touching. It was long so I didn’t copy it all. It’s a great read though.


    My favorite part about the trip and David:

    “American Idol Finalist, and one of the world’s most beloved young singers, David Archuleta, is on this trip. Actually, we may have been upgraded to First Class at the airport because David is with us! You would have thought the Pope was out for lunch in Rome walking through the Salt Lake Airport with David. I kept pushing people away, shouting, “Just let the boy sing, give him space to breathe and catch the next note!” I think I’ll be his bodyguard on this trip since he’s so shy, kind, and fits in my carry on. Playing keyboard and guitar for David will be the Vocal Coach of The Stars, Dean Kaelin, who’s pupils have gone on to fame and fortune for 2 decades. It is a power packed line-up. And then I’m here, too. The 3D’s and a J.

    • I read that. Loved it. I really hope we get video of Bring Me Home, though I may not live through it.

  13. Hi everyone. I had to laugh at Jason Hewletts’s remark that David is shy, kind and firs in his carry on. I think it is going to be one heck of a show!

  14. Smanda, there is a huge difference between “interest” and “obsession”. Because there is a whole group of people who are obsessed, they reinforce each other, and it takes on a feel of mere “interest”. I can assure you that if someone was as involved in your personal life to the extent that all of these people who post 24/7 about David’s personal life are about his, you would quickly ID the behavior as “obsessive”.

    As predicted, attempts to trivialize my observation have already appeared here in the hope of discrediting it. It’s real, David knows it’s real, and that’s why he has had the good sense and emotional fortitude to finally distance himself from fans since his return.

    • Well. Hmm. I guess I do agree with you that David seems to be setting different boundaries with fans and I feel like that is a great thing. And yeah, when I read twitter, there are some folks who tweet him a lot and I’ve heard some stories about some pretty wackadoodle things that go on.

      But I’m here. And you’re here, too, Bliss. I may get frustrated and uncomfortable and disagree but I don’t think anyone is a criminal. There is a degree of over-investment, I guess I’d say. But honestly, I think most entertainers with fans have some who are on the high end of the bell curve.

      I think my deal with the comments about David’s family is that he himself is respectful of others. And this is a small fanbase – its not like we are invisible to each other or our comments get lost in a big crowd. Idk. Just my feelings.

  15. I didn’t realize this was an LDS show with all LDS performers I guess. Are there a lot of LDS in the military? I wonder if there are any LDS temples in the middle east. I’m not sure it matters enough to do some online research but I didn’t realize it was an LDS show. I really thought he was doing a show for all military and maybe he still is. Please don’t hate on me for my disappointment.

    • The show is not religious in nature. It is a show for all military, nothing specific to LDS. As the description on the Armed Forces Entertainment site says, it is motivational and hopes to entertain and help troops deal with issues.

      No hate, just explanation.

      • I am still looking forward to hearing David sing (fingers crossed for videos) so I do hope he sings non specific inspirational, motivational and patriotic or even pop songs and not LDS hymns, although I know a lot enjoy the hymns and find them inspirational. Thank you for the response, someone.

      • No problem, soul newbie.

        Partial setlist included in the article from last week:

        David’s song list includes “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “Take Me Home” and John Lennon’s “Imagine”, mixed with his own pop hit “Crush” and more!

      • Someone can you clarify – does the setlist include Take Me Home or Bring Him Home?

      • Smanda – Article said Take Me Home. Don’t know if it is accurate or not.

    • hmm interesting. Is Dean-the vocal coach- LDS too? Just wondering.

  16. soul newbie, yep, all LDS from the top, Dan Clark, down to probably the roadies, if they have any. 😉

    Dan Clark keeps his religion on the “down low” though.

  17. Grammyj-thank you for bringing over part of Jasons blog, I loved what he had to say about David, sounds like quite a few fans must have spotted him in the SLC airport. Im looking forward to hearing about the trip, what an amazing experience for the troops and the gang from Utah there to perform.

  18. really?
    did you read Jason’s blog.. basically no one else would go where they are going.
    just saying they all rock they are heroes!
    least they care enough to go for free, support those that sacrifice for their country and will be in harms way.

    • kimak, I did not mean to imply that they are not all very brave and are doing a wonderful thing. Just didn’t realize they were all LDS, and from what someone said, it won’t be brought up that they have an LDS orientation so all is good.

      • not lds.. not even religious just know they are good eggs.. Dean is a cool guy too. good hearted right from the start.

  19. going to hope for videos, David pops up wearing combat fatigues and boots and he sings Crush in Spanish!! 🙂

  20. The tour is sponsored by the military, not the church, it just so happens they all are LDS. David will be singing secular music. Hoping for some videos.

  21. that blog freaked me out big time.. really hope they will be safe.

  22. Smanda, no criminality is implied, but David has stated over the years how uncomfortable he is with excessive personal attention to him, especially fans of “my” generation. From his behavior and tweets, it appears that he has taken the bull by the horns and, in his uniquely polite manner, let the fans know that they must back off and let him breathe while he plans his future. Unfortunately, some of his more ardent fans are so breathless about everything to do with him other than singing ( his family, his finances, his clothes, his hair, …..) that they either can’t take a hint or refuse to take a hint. This can only have a negative effect on his career insofar as developing a mutually satisfying relationship with his fans.

    As you read here tonight, some people still bristle at the very thought of an LDS event, even though David’s religion has been and still is forefront in his life and career. David allowed his fans to get ‘too close” to him prior to his Mission, and gave them liberties no other celebrity would ever think of doing. Some took that to be a lifetime pass to be entitled to any and all information and access to David’s life, and you can read it on fan sites every day.

    Fortunately, David has taken some good first steps at rectifying this situation, and eventually his fan base will be comprised of people who love his music and respect his personal space.

    • bliss-I think folks are just keeping it real and expressing their diverse opinions. Some people just can’t handle the truth I guess. lol. It would be boring if everyone thought the same way.

    • Whatever would poor defenseless David do without you?

  23. Kimk-I just read Jasons blog and cried through most of it, what a special man, I loved what he wrote. Going to be saying extra prayers for their safety as they travel to some of the most unsafe battle grounds on earth!

  24. me too smanda, it takes guts with no glory to go to these forsaken places. That goes for the troops that fight there every day too.

  25. Marie, point taken. For now, I think all differences should be set aside and we should all focus on wishing David and his fellow travelers a safe journey. Once again David talks the talk and walks the walk, and does what he knows is the right thing to do. This is why I have so much respect for him in every aspect of his life, and view him as a shining example of how to live a life that impacts so many people in such a positive and uplifting way.

  26. I think we all hold this group in our hearts for a safe journey that is able to reach out and touch people who are bravely serving our country overseas in a horribly dangerous place. Putting aside all critiques I truly pray for their safety while in the middle east.

  27. I agree.

  28. What david doing and singing overseas to armybase for the troops. He is very brave for going there because there is a lot of risk too, I would have been a chicken what he is doing, I am sure david is a little scared and dean and that comedian guy too. Can’t wait to see videos. Praying for all of them to safe return in the states too.

  29. Even Barak Obama won’t go there himself! What does that tell ya! I guess he need to protection to stay back to the White House, that is not fair for David.

    • President Obama and Brad Paisley went over there to surprise the troops in May, 2014 for Memorial Day. This is not to under mind the bravery of David and this group of entertainers, I absolutely think they are brave and wonderful for doing this, but others have done the same and really to keep saying that they are the only ones that does this sort of selfless act is really not right.

  30. USO Groups have been going overseas into war zones to entertain the troops since WW II but it doesnt make it any less dangerous. Actually in this day an age probably makes it even more so! But for a young man to once again go on a humanitarian mission to this War Zone (to put it nicely) deserves the utmost respect and of course prayers for his and everyones safety.
    cq- I was just going to mention about President Obama going in May 🙂

  31. oh he did. i had a family friend went to war and where david gonna be, he couldnt handle it anymore, he was proud what he did thought, he lucky to be alive, some he was with, they werent. it not a safe zone area but there is a lot of risk going there, yes it is pretty scary. i am praying for david’s safely.

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