Iconic David Series #1

It’s July, and I’m taking a Blog-cation!

As per usual, I don’t just close up shop on Soul Davidian; I often feature a series during the blog break.

In the past, I usually peruse through the archives for some great videos and performances. But this time around – especially in light of David’s new look and the fact that he hasn’t really done a photo shoot of late (at least, not that we know of) – I thought to try a series based on some of David’s most iconic looks.

Apart from his magnificent Voice are his equally magnificent looks (i.e. the hair, the million-dollar smile, the sparkling eyes, those hands!). So, this “Iconic David” series will dig through the archives for some lovely pics that captured David at his finest (or embellished his other-worldly handsome goodness).

Of course, for those of you who will be hanging around Soul Davidian, I hope you will keep us all up-to-date on the latest happenings (especially if any surprise singles or announcements are dropped on us).

In the mean time, enjoy this first “Iconic David” image. ‘Member this one? 🙂



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  1. Thank you Hg for keeping this blog open while you have a much deserved blog-cation.
    Hoping we get some videos of David seeing while on the Military tour.

  2. David just posted pictures of his Costa Rica trip on Instagram, Facebook and twitter. I’m so glad he’s using his Instagram. Looks like he had a great time and seems to be into wearing shorts often now.

  3. Grammyj good all around.. love seeing David feeling comfy in his own skin.

    maybe David is doing somethings for charity.. maybe a vid for a future concert tour? 🙂
    maybe even filming a MV too.. speakers in kari’s pic had me thinking that.



  4. My guess is music video for his first Spanish song, but who knows? A video of some sort anyway. I doubt Kari would be there if it wasn’t for something career related as he would have to pay her for whatever this is. We like to think of Kari as David’s friend but she is actually his employee although she can also now be a friend too.

  5. nice pics, seem david really love being there and had a great time too. kari and the woman next to him, might theirs tourist guide person.

  6. Stopped in for a while because I heard there are career related things going on. I too hope that he is recording in Spanish with perhaps a video involved. Sadly, reading back a few threads, it appears nothing has changed and Bliss is still insulting the posters here. It is sad that this man can spew personal insults on this board under the guise of defending David. I don’t see anyone else insulting him the way he insults anyone who disagrees with him IMHO. HG I understand and appreciate your open door policy, however disagreeable a certain someone’s posts are.

    Enough of that. Stepping away for a while is, as David says, refreshing. I am still a fan, just one who chooses to not be as involved right now. Is this good or bad? Who knows. I do know I am slightly excited for this Costa Rican project (managing expectations LOL) and even for his apparent tour of military bases. I too hope we get video of him singing some patriotic or even inspirational songs for the troops.

    OK, back to my self imposed limits on David-mania. I guarantee I will be back however, celebrating if we get military videos soon 🙂 It’s apparent that, despite my worst fears, he cannot stay away from singing for an audience for too long. :-)))))

    • Oh my gosh, waves soul newbie!! That’s why I’ve returned to commenting, seems like career stuff happening.
      The playlist of songs don’t mention any patriotic songs, but sure am hoping he will sing one or two and it’s videoed.

      • Hi cq. Yes, I will check in to see if we get any news about this tour for the military :-). Glad to “see” you.

  7. wish david would have told us what the project he was working on in costa rica before he left, everyone want to know!. he will tell us on his next video blog when he get back hoe in utah.

    • That’s David for you. Seems to always leave us guessing. I guess that gives us stuff to talk and speculate about. Sure is better than when there was silence while he was on his mission.

  8. david must be back home now with the recotding live tweet picture, i thought he was singing for the troops, i guess the trip was cancelled.

  9. oh thank you grammyj, david is gonna be a very busy bee for whole month of july! hope david stay heathly as he can!.

  10. Soul Newbie, haven’t you heard? The whine/squee fest has moved to FOD, where Candy holds court, and when she’s not pretending to still be a teenager, advises her minions on who they should and should not converse with over here on SD. You may want to consult with her prior to your next post here to ensure that she has given you the necessary warning about doing so. She always has the best interest of her underlings at heart.

  11. people are gonna have different opinions whatever what it is but if u dont like what u read, dont read them and dont post here either than it wont cause no fights. if u dont have anything nice to say than dont post, keep it to your yourselfs. this is not a fighting board. this comments board is about david.

  12. One thing about David he can multi task that’s for sure. Seems like he has kept a pretty active personal life, writing songs, rehearse for the Military tour, fly off to CR for a weekend project (wishing Spanish song mv)….hum, maybe some sleep fitted in there somehow, lol. oh I forget, eating out every chance he gets….lol. busy, busy, busy.

    • Yep, David is back to being the workaholic he was before his Mission. It took us all by surprise when he didn’t immediately seem to go back to his music career when he got back from the Mission. It was good he did take some personal time but it appears he was actually getting things going music-wise too.

  13. This is just great news! There is some threats at overseas, maybe david shouldn’t be over if there right now, that pretty scary. I have feeling that david will not be heading overseas dues to threats, it not safe for him or anymore who plans to go there for the troops. Safety comes first.

  14. Just got home from a very long day at work after a nice vacation. lol. Love all the pics of David and music news. Like that David is wearing shorts. lol. 🙂 Now is Kari going with David on the military tour or is she back with JT’s tour or doesn’t anyone really know. lol

    • Kari’s back on tour with JT. He’s got another North American leg starting up in NY on Wednesday and Kari said she would be there.

  15. i heard meg was going with him oversea,

    • Who is meg? I think his mom will go with him or his stepdad? He should take his new g/f on this trip , just kidding peeps.

  16. Thanks Ali. I don’t know how Kari does all the traveling but she must be really good to work with JT and David. What a great job she has. anon999- do you mean melindaweg? LOL. I would think that Gina Orr might make some sense as she is his manager or maybe his dad will go. We shall see. 🙂

  17. meg?

    Bam Bams BBQ @BamBamsBBQ · 24m
    Had the pleasure of meeting the one and only @davidarchie at June audio today. He was such a nice guy. Plus he… http://fb.me/19WT0UKyR

  18. Meg?!? anon 999 maybe could you give us curious fans a little more info, lol.
    Getting things ready for shows and scheduling etc, wouldn’t it be military peeps handling that kind of stuff? Also wouldn’t they have soldiers along to protect them? Don’t know how things work, but it does sound logical to me.

  19. umm melinda weg?

    lol well kind of think she would be a good fit.. her and the military and whoever tries to take them out. 🙂

    • Oh , Kimk, you made me laugh. Meg/aka Melinda, would be perfect lol. I wonder if David will just have the other performers with him and a sound guy. I would assume that he will be singing to a track. It will be interesting to see if Jeff is with him. I kind of doubt it. We haven’t seen or heard much about Jeff.

  20. cq you took the bait again lol

  21. I just watched the most touching and amazing video of a recent concert that Bruno Mars did in Ohio. He paid tribute to a young fan-Zumyan Thorpe- that had been in a very serious car accident and Bruno’s music helped her recover. She was at his concert and this touching moment happened. To me this is what music is all about-the connection to the fans and the healing power of music. I love Bruno even more and he is a pop star with a soulful sound that is helping others through is music. Something that David can do. Here is the video 🙂

    • Thank you for video, had me in tears.
      Bruno is right up there in my book, wonderful voice and I love that song. You are so right the power of a voice and music is healing.
      I know that I have been criticized for wanting this kind of fame for David, but I truly believe that David’s voice needs to be heard buy the whole world and not just a small group and only big fame/success will make that happen.

      • cq, I also wished fame for David on a grand scale, but now I do understand he doesn’t want that and the compromises it requires. One of the reasons I did wish David to be famous was that he could have turned it into enormous good. Look at the good he does on his small scale and imagine what he could do with a ton of money and the ears of millions of fans who would be inspired by him to do good too. Plus he could really have set an example on how to live a good life for those millions of adoring fans. That is one part I always felt he did not understand when he chose to reject a larger career. However as we say, it’s his life to live as he sees fit and I do respect that and want happiness for him.

        I have loved Bruno Mars since I first heard him. Frankly, though not on a level with David, he is one of the few male pop superstars with great vocal chops. And his music is relatable, varied and certainly catchy. We hooligans love us some Bruno LOL. I wish wish wish David could lighten up just a bit and relax like Bruno LOL.

    • Beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Thanks Marie-For posting that video, I cried all the way through it. Wow, just wow, the power of music. That to me is what it is all about, it takes being a fan to a whole new level. Love me some Bruno Mars!!

  23. .

    • This is perfect – I think a lot of pop singers feel this way. Fame can be over-rated!

      • I think that most true artists are not in it for the fame, but know that fame does come with wanting to share there talent. How an artist handles that fame is really up to the individual.

  24. Soul Newbie, I didnt necessairly wish those things for David, the way his career and stardom took off following AI, I just figured it was going to happen…and for all of the reasons you mentioned!

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