Happy July 4th!

Here’s to a really enjoyable holiday weekend!


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  1. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY HG and to all the peeps commenting and lurking!
    Hope that we hear that glorious voice honor that glorious song again in the future at a big event!

  2. Happy 4th of July everyone. I read that Jordin Sparks and maybe Phillip Phillips(not so sure about him) are performing at the Capital 4th show this year. Good for them. I usually watch Macy’s 4th of July show.

    • Marie, your comment reminded me of SYTYCD..love the top 20 dancers, going to be a good one this year. Thought that Jorden and Jason were so cute on this week’s show, think they make such a great couple.

      • Yes they were cute- cq. Jason is doing really well in his career right now. I really enjoyed SYTYCD too. 🙂

  3. Happy 4th of July to all here at SD!

  4. Kari just posted this pic on her twitter from Costa Rica. Don’t know if it will post here but wonder where Kari and David are

  5. Hmmmm .. Looks like the pic was taken from a moving car.

  6. A video!

    • F. A. B. U. L. O. U. S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spanish song perhaps, YIKES!!! SPAZZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hoping it is for a Spanish song!!

  8. Saw a picture that David is doing new music video in Costa Rica????? I think it the songs for seasons? It Is a weather theme to it like waterfall? Others songs I don’t know? Hope u all had a great 4 of July.

  9. Mixed emotions here — I don’t care for Kari’s teasing but I’m glad to get a glimpse of what’s going on in Costa Rica.

    It’s so quiet right now, if you care to go back in time, D’s AI Group Spotlights are fun to watch.

  10. Ok, I can’t stand how quiet it’s here at this wonderful site. I’m jumping back into commenting because I feel that David is dipping his feet into his music career and I did say that I would return when that happened.

    Hum that Costa Rica project….I got excited at a possibility of a Spanish secular music video, but, as discussed on FOD, it does seem like it a MV for the movie, Meet the Mormons. Oh well, we still have that military tour to look forward to in regards to secular music, we better get videos, that’s all I have to say, lol.

  11. It could be for that movie but I am surprised that Kari would bother to accompany him for something that was not more secular music/entertainment business related but who knows. Wonder if Kari is going with David on the military tour or if it will be someone else as she might go back to JT’s tour at that point. Anyway I agree with cq on videos being nice for the military tour.

  12. It looks like the title of the project on the clapper ends with “de me,” (or “of me,” in English).

  13. This tour was arranged by Dan Clark to deal with the serious issue of suicide among returning military personnel. Although it may very well have the residual effect of reigniting David’s “secular” career, it is not the intent. I read where some fans are put off by the fact that David did not announce that he was going on this tour “soon enough” for their liking. It appears that David, a mere lad of 23, has a greater sense of what is appropriate than some of his more “mature” fans, who are seeing this tour merely as an opportunity to see and hear David do his thing on stage. There was no need for a prior announcement because this is not a David Archuleta concert tour. It is a humanitarian tour, and David is part of it. To “promote it” in advance would have been the height of disrespect and tackiness, 2 qualities that, thankfully, David does not possess, and never has.

    • I don’t really understand why david just say it on his recent video blog what and why he was doing and going to Costa Rica for so everyone instead not keep quessing it about it for his reason to be there but It david choice not to talk about it until he get back from the states but oh well.

  14. I don’t know why david is making a big deal not to speak why he was in Costa Rica for? It not like it a big huge thing?

  15. Hey bliss to your dismay (maybe?, lol) I’m back…yes, feel that he is gearing up for a music career…might be wrong, but that’s the way I feel.
    As far as fans not thinking it wasn’t announced enough in advanced, really didn’t get that at all, just fans happy for him, but some worried about where he is going. I do agree with you that it’s a humanitarian tour which I’m very happy that he is doing, but still I do believe that it will help him to get comfortable with singing secular music, imo, after all, it really has been a long time that he has done that on stage. Just want some video, lol!!

  16. CQ, Surely you didn’t think I believed that you would stay away from posting here and on FOD, where your view of David as strictly a source of your entertainment is shared by most of the other posters on both sites. Now that it appears that David is giving you what you want, you can forget his spiritual side, which you find so intrusive, and start spazzing like a teenager again. You’ll have a lot of company, since it seems that most of the fans that post on fan sites are the ones that view David in that limited, one dimensional way. It’s a shame, really, because David is so much more than how he is portrayed on fan sites. That’s why Dan Clark chose him to be part of this tour.

    • Hum a fan that wants their singer to be a source of entertainment…gosh, just thought that was what we are fan is of his music that will entertain us and all that goes along with it, speculation on new music, videos etc..

      • The project that david is doing for LDS what people Are saying as now it is but why is that a big deal it, it is not like it his first music video in two years because he is still working on his comeback album right now, when he done with it he will do his first MV. I pretty much doubt it for his new songs of his.

  17. cq-I know I like to be entertained by music artists that I follow. lol. 🙂

  18. What david did in Costa Rica thing, it wasn’t a big deal but people are making like it is. When david tell why he was fact there, it was LDS related not his ownself music, If it was, that would be a big deal.

  19. I am throughly entertained by David, isn’t that the whole purpose of the “entertainment” industry…to provide enjoyment that ups the entertainment value. 99.9% of the people who follow an artist, David included, do it for that purpose!!

  20. I’m excited to hear David sing Crush live again because I think with his maturity he will bring another level to that song, oh heck, can’t wait to hear him sing all the songs on that list, lol.

  21. “David is so much more than how he is portrayed on fan sites”.

    Maybe so, however, David is an ENTERTAINER. He sings for a living. Entertaining people by singing is how he earns a living. We, his fans, are the ones who have given him the opportunity to be able to earn a living as an “Entertainer”. It is not a bad thing thinking of David in those terms. In fact, I would think he is grateful he has fans like us who still want to be “entertained” by him for if we didn’t care to be “entertained” or want to listen to him sing, he would no longer be a “Singing Entertainer”. How sad would that be?

    Personally, I’m pretty sure David of the past is no more. We may never again see him gliding or running across the stage or jumping up & down to songs like Zero Gravity. Not to say he won’t be an electrifying “entertainer” but seeing him now in the couple of vlogs he’s done, he is different. I think he no longer feels the need to get the audiences “spazzing”. I think he will be all about the music. The “entertainer” who comes to mind is Adele. She stands or sits with a mic and just sings and her audiences love her and are thoroughly “entertained”. If David has the right songs & music, he can probably be that kind of “entertainer” as well. His audiences will let him know though, and as a professional artist with a great voice, he’ll know what will work & what won’t. I do think he should have been able to have one or two secular performances at home in Utah just to get rid of any butterflies he may have because he must be nervous after more than two years. Also, will he have a band or music tracks? Normally, I wouldn’t like music tracks, but in the this case, it may be a good idea.

    In any case, I am so ready to be “entertained” by David in any way, shape or form! 😀

    • ITA-Senseless. 🙂

    • Actually even though I agree the old David of the past is no more- it does not make me happy as a fan. I liked David’s first pop album and am not a fan of religious or obvious inspirational music. David just seems to be very interested in his religion right now. I do like Adele but he would need a music label and a first rate management team and great song writers and producers involved to pull off an album like Adele’s. That does not just happen and David does not seem to want to or at this point I don’t even know if that would be an option for him.

  22. Senseless, I agree. I cannot wait to be entertained by David. Anyone who has ever had that experience would agree. What I take exception to is the attitude that is prevalent on these sites that David somehow owes his fans some sort of homage as a result of their loyalty to him over the years. He “owes” them information about his goings on in a timely manner. He “owes” them to know if he has a girlfriend. Her “owes’ them to know if he intends to go to college. He “owes” them a better attitude towards them on a Vlog. He “owes” them to be more secular and not so “Mormonish” in his manner and speech. I think you get the point.

    Fans headed for the hills on this very site minutes after his chat, throwing up their hands and saying “That’s it. He’s hopelessly religious. He’s not what I want anymore. Then, in a blink, they’re back. They say, ” OK. He’s going on this tour. He’s going to sing the kind of songs I want now, so all is forgiven. ”

    People are who they are, and it’s their right to have whatever relationship they want with David. I’m merely expressing my shock and disappointment with these people, as I believe that David deserves better treatment from his fans.

    Nobody like fair weather friends, and David not deserve fair weather fans.

    • I just wrote and then canceled a comment directed at a certain nameless someone. Best to just ignore. I don’t comment as often and I do edit what I post more often as it is just not worth the debate or criticism to me. I just don’t care that much any longer to debate things. I like this blog SD but as far as David’s career goes it is wait and see for me. Some others just think they know everything about David’s career and they don’t as- how could they?

  23. Nobody likes fair weather friends, and David does not deserve fair weather fans.

    • Bliss, I don’t know if you are referring to me, but I never, ever said that I gave up being a fan, I just decided to step away from commenting while it was more about his private life than his career, not stepped away from being a fan. Btw, as a loyal fan that you are of David’s why in the world would you want to discourage people from being fans and not buy his music, I just don’t get it. For me as a fan, the more people that buy his music the better it is for his career and it really doesn’t matter why they like him.

  24. CQ, David will always have people to buy his music because he is a great singer and people will always want to buy his great music. David’s career is not hanging on the loyalty of the handful of fans that post on a couple of fan sites. Somehow, you conclude by what I’ve written that I want to discourage people to buy his music. Why would I do that? You say “I just don’t get it”. I agree. You just don’t get it. Sorry.

    • A handful of fans are still important imo. btw, that’s what I got from your comment, but I was mistaken, I guess, you do value every fan, including the handful of fans that post on sites.

      • CQ, I gotta hand it to you. You have an answer and a spin for everything, and you must get in the last word in every exchange. I never said that David does not value every fan, because he does value every fan. What I actually said is that the fans who seem to think that David owes his career to them are too small in number for that to be possible. If every fan who thought David owes his career to them stopped being a fan, David would have the same career without them. Hence, David does not “owe” these people any undue loyalty and appreciation. He gave them wonderful music and worked his rear end to to do it. That was more than enough.

        For my part, I am grateful to David for all the hard work and dedication he has already shown, and hope, but am not entitled, to more of the same in the future. How about thanking David instead of wondering what’s he’s done for you lately.

        Now, you can get in your required last word.

  25. CQ, you’re being used by Candy on FOD for her own purposes. She’s insulting your intelligence and telling you that you need to be enlightened by her about me. She has no respect for you, and her post on FOD at 11:55 PM tonight shows that. Her arrogance has just exposed her as an egomaniac that craves recognition, and will will use anyone to get it. She’s all bluster with no substance, and she’s exactly the kind of entitled fan we were discussing here before.

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