Would Rather Hear the Voice on This One!

Seriously, wouldn’t a vlog featuring his singing just be killer? 😛


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  1. The video of him singing this to MoTab is one of my favorite performances by him. As I’ve said before, I’m not hugely religious myself. I have faith but it’s a personal thing and I don’t attend church or listen to much in the way of “religious” music. I don’t even listen to the version of BSMS on David’s Begin album. But there’s just something about the real solid undeniable feeling that David puts into a live performance and especially that one. I feel his heart in it. For him to have me want to listen over and over is a testament to his honesty, his talent and his compelling nature when performing.

  2. Good for David. Very nice gig to be performing for the troops Maybe videos? 🙂

  3. I bet David needed a confidence-builder for these shows and that’s why he’s reflecting on “Be Still My Soul.” It sounds like an awesome presentation. We met and heard Dan Clark’s compadre on the “Chicken Soup” series, who spoke at our small church.

    Listen to the interview that kimk posted on the last thread–it should be so great if we get videos. (Are there videos from David Cook’s recent shows for the troops? Who mentioned that here and said that they hoped our David would do the same?)

  4. I think performing for the U.S. Troops overseas is a wonderful, brave and selfless thing for David to do. And something I imagine he has always wanted to do perhaps? And finally we will hear David sing as we remember pre-mission!

    I am wondering who will be accompanying him as a member of his team? Surely he will need someone to assist him as Kari did in Asia. Or not?

    • Consuelo, I’m going to respond to your post on the last thread right here, if that’s ok.

      First of all, I’m not offended. But I do want to suggest that you have experience with one Mormon mom who is in a rocky place in her life that could be very different ten years from now. It’s the words “most Mormons” that I’d like to address because I’d like you to know there are many ways to be LDS and plenty of them don’t look anything like the picture your friend has painted. Just in my own family I have a returned missionary son who has been home several years and hasn’t married. He has a same age buddy, also an RM, who is gay. I have a son David’s age, RM, recently married. My daughter’s husband was over 30 when they married. My husband and I were a little older, too. I have friends who married as teens and others who married in their forties or fifties. LDS female friends who are doctors. lawyers, actors, run their own businesses. Liberal and conservative. You name it. Among my family and friends I don’t think I could say that “most” of them are any one thing or the other. That’s all – I’d just like folks to see a realistic picture.

      I hope that you can help your friend get to a happier place in her life.

    • Ha ha. Buttoned up shirt seems to be a fashion trend he can embrace.

    • What is “The Costa Rica Project?” Anyone know? Did I miss something or is this s’posed to be deliberately mysterious?

      Red, white and blue plaid. Nice touch.

  5. I love david video blog, but in the his sisters bathroom, in theirs cave, good one! He was in a nice dress shirt, he got another date haha! I wish him safe travel in overseas. Cannot wait to see pictures of him with the troops and videos of him singing too, he will sing very beauiful for the troops too, he is doing a good thing.

  6. woohoo!! a live performance to discuss!!! and the costa rica project may mean we get to see david perform some songs in Spanish. i’m excited!!!!!!!!! 😀

  7. from the link above, it says david is singing “take me home”. i wonder if it’s phil collins’ song? or perhaps something more current with the same title?

  8. desertrat, I was thinking the John Denver one but now I have to go find the Phil Collin’s song and remember what it sounds like. 🙂

  9. hey bliss ,i see you don,t have to go to siberia .lol and some body may be chocking on ther owns words from last post, LOL

  10. Wow, I can definitely say I didn’t not see this coming! So awesome for David to be part of a tour like this to entertain and also to try to help the troops. That side of the tour I can definitely see him being into. Wasn’t expecting it though!

    Do wonder about the Costa Rica thing. Career or charity/religion related? Hmm. Either way hope he has a good trip.

    That will be lots of traveling in a short time to go from Utah to Costa Rica back to Utah for 1 day and off to the Middle East. Hope he takes his vitamins and stays well!! Lol he brings out the mothering in me even though I’m not a mother 😉

  11. exactly! now i will go into “mom mode” and worry about david until he returns safely!!!

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