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Costa Rica? Middle East?! And more buttoned-up David!


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  1. Just posted this on the other thread before this one went up but what the heck I’ll post it again lol.

    Wow, I can definitely say I didn’t not see this coming! So awesome for David to be part of a tour like this to entertain and also to try to help the troops. That side of the tour I can definitely see him being into. Wasn’t expecting it though!

    Do wonder about the Costa Rica thing. Career or charity/religion related? Hmm. Either way hope he has a good trip.

    That will be lots of traveling in a short time to go from Utah to Costa Rica back to Utah for 1 day and off to the Middle East. Hope he takes his vitamins and stays well!! Lol he brings out the mothering in me even though I’m not a mother 😉

  2. another anon anon

    My educated but cynical side, having served for 4 years in the military, says this will not be David’s type of audience. They will be polite, even enthusiastically polite but the women want beefcake and them men want…..well we know what the men want to see. I wish him well and it’s nice he wants to do this, but Cook is much more in the USO wheelhouse of entertainment. And please, no preaching or religious related or overtly sentimental or inspirational songs David. You don’t have the cred to do that on a USO tour.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Well enthusiastically polite is pretty good to me. I wouldn’t expect them to all suddenly turn into Archies anyway. Lol. life and music just doesn’t work like that.
      No doubt he’ll sing a few patriotic songs cos as we all know, no one does that better.
      As he mentioned – he has done this sort of thing before – in Okinawa. I think he knows what the go is.

      Consuela, from the previous threads – I too agree with Smanda – one woman’s story does not the truth make.

      • Consuela, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the lady herself, wanted to clarify a few things, if she had a chance to read what you said. Not saying you’re lying or anything, just that I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some misunderstanding going on.

      • Smanda & Shanny,

        Oh my goodness. Are you both saying what my good friend has experienced and still is, could not possibly be true? She loves her religion and does not put blame about her circumstances on her beloved church and beliefs. She talks to me because I listen and do not judge and I because I am not LDS.

        From your responses to my comments here, Smanda and Shanny, if you both are LDS, I can now understand why my friend chooses to confide in me, a non-LDS, rather than her LDS friends if they are as judgemental as you both seem to be. If you are not LDS, than pardon me my error.

        I can see now why “lurking” is preferable rather than trying to participate in discussions with thoughts other than what may be popular is a discouraging proposition for those who wish to be an active and vocal fan of David.

        Nevertheless, I am extremely happy for David and look forward to what may come next.

      • Sorry I cant seem to figure out how to reply in the proper thread so I replied down below and then wanted to say more.

        Im super confused about sounding judgemental. Not at all sure what I was being judgemental about? Ouch.

        I just wanted to say that there are lots of different ways to be Mormon and that your friends current life colors her view of it. A different person would have a different view. I don’t think anyone is lying. Yikes.

      • Consuela, no that’s not what I said at all. Why would the lady lie? Why would I say she was lying when I didn’t hear the conversation and don’t know her? I was trying to avoid getting into a big long conversation about it and was simply trying to say that I think there is probably some misunderstanding along the way. Misunderstanding is definitely not the same as lying.

      • Hmmm….I guess I can see how when I said…”one woman’s story does not the truth make” could be misconstrued as me implying that your neighbour was lying.
        Again, I wasn’t meaning to imply she was lying. I was trying to keep the issues simple by trying to say that the picture you painted of the situation in the LDS church is not necessarily accurate and is only based upon one persons story. I then went on to say that I think there has probably been some misunderstanding. I wasn’t trying to accuse anyone of lying, not you Consuela, or your neighbour.

  3. Shanny in Australia

    Bliss I’m glad you’re not in Siberia. Lol

    I wonder how this troop thing was set up? They approached him, or someone on David’s side approached them?

    Maybe David tweeted those words from BSMS because he just received confirmation of the trip and felt grateful that these opportunities are continuing to come, just like they did in the past?

    • another anon anon

      What I’ve always understood, unless you are a well established act, the performer contacts the USO, if indeed this is a USO tour. Many lesser and unknown performers volunteer to do USO shows for many reasons, mostly personal. reasons like giving back to the troops. USO shows are not typically done to boost career aspirations.

  4. I’m just happy we got a vlog!!! lolol

  5. I wonder if Gina Orr might be going with David in his travels as she is his manager. Just a guess as Kari might be tied up with JT’s tour. Who knows. This vlog of David in his sister’s bathroom is kind of funny.

  6. David doesn’t look good but he is a really good sport going to sing for the USA Air Force troops. I hope he get well.

  7. Shanny, how are you? Hope all is well “down under”. Yes, I’m not in Siberia, much to the chagrin of a couple of the old time Mormon/Bliss haters that can’t stand to be called out on their futile attempt to paint all Mormons with the same mindless brush.

    David will do what he always does on this upcoming “tour”. He will capture the hearts and minds of the troops and he will elevate their souls to heights they never knew was possible. As for the notion that a military audience is not David’s kind of audience, I say, balderdash. Any audience made up of living beings with eyes , ears, hearts and souls, is David’s kind of audience. He’s proven it on 3 continents, numerous times.

    • another anon anon

      Really balderdash? And in what century did you serve in the military? Yes I realize that David can win over fans with his talent, but my point is that this is not really his type of audience.

  8. Whoa Consuela. Im so sorry and so confused. What did I say that was judgemental?

  9. Another anon anon, I’m pretty sure the servicemen get lots of country and rocker entertainment on a regular basis. David’s voice and music communicates in a different way. More inspirational and emotional. There will be plenty of servicemen and women who will be touched in a special way by his performance. IMO

    • another anon anon

      I am happy you said it was your opinion Oliveoil because unless you have been there and done that, you may not know. I hope I am wrong, but I have been to enough USO shows while deployed to know what the troops enjoy. and sorry it is not a crooner although they will be grateful for any entertainment from stateside. Now I do enjoy David’s voice, but I am not your typical deployed 21-30 year old male.

  10. I agree with you Oliveoil. IMO, are you saying that David looks sick?


  12. another anon anon

    I rewatched his vlog and I don’t think he is sick, probably his allergies bothering him. I do miss his smile and spark though. I think he is preoccupied and annoyed with the video making process as he said he forgot how to make them. Did see a touch of the old spark at the end. Interesting how he makes it crystal clear what his priorities are and that he is spending, has spent and will be spending a majority of his time on those priorities, which we all know is his church. And that is his right to do so.

  13. I didn’t think he looked sick. I do think his mannerisms and demeanour were a little different at the very beginning though. Kind of crisp and matter-of-fact. I figured it was because he had just finished wielding his big brother authority and telling his sister that she ought to clean her bathroom. Lol. I thought it was possibly a little insight into their relationship. Lol

    I recognise that Another Anon Anon, has first hand experience of these USO shows and I have zilch experience. I also recognise that often troops in these conditions have to bravado it up a bit in order to deal with some harsh realities. At the same time, I agree with other posters….aren’t people in harsh conditions, in need of a little soul nurturing on some level? Whether that’s overt soul nurturing as in, singing a hymn or if it’s just in the form of a true blue nice guy coming to sing for them?

    Bliss, I’m doing well thank you. Actually more than well. I feel full of ‘can-do’ lately, which was weirdly missing from my life during the previous year. I hope you are doing well. 🙂

  14. think it is a great thing that David and company are doing whether or not folks are really into it or not.. just the fact they are giving their time supporting speaks volumes.
    that being said does anyone know if there is any chance their will be videos?
    would those viewing these concerts be able to take and post videos if they wanted?

  15. From the Armed Forces Entertainment website, check out how D is described; perhaps they will live stream the show.

    David Archuleta
    David Archuleta is the Season 7 American Idol runner-up. His latest pop album is the culmination of dozens of songwriting sessions, long days spent in the studio and nights in the air and is titled The Other Side of Down. It is a follow-up to David’s 2008 self-titled platinum debut, which saw him work with established songwriters Iike JC Chasez, Jimmy Harry and Eman Kiriakou.

    David has toured extensively across the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia to perform for fans. His current eclectic musical inspirations run the pop-rock gamut, from acoustic guitar-driven singer-songwriters like Jason Mraz to the electronic sounds of female innovators like Imogen Heap and A Fine Frenzy. “It’s amazing how one song can change someone’s life,” says David. “It’s been done for me so many times and I want to give to my fans the same thing those artists have given me.”

  16. Another anon anon, I think you’re right about the kind of music most young men enjoy . If they had to choose between Josh Grobin or Metallica I’m sure they’d prefer to see the rockers. I’m sure David is aware of that, but he has performed on a base before and said he had a great time singing for our troops so I guess he must have felt a good connection with the audience.

  17. David is a professional and he has been hired to do a job. I have never known him to give less than a great show. Soldiers are just like any other human beings, complex and varied. If they have ears, I see no reason why they wouldn’t enjoy a few hours of entertainment.

    I thought the vlog was great. Like always, when talking about the business part he was serious. When he started to ramble at the end, he was funny. He was David. 🙂

  18. I loved David’s vlog in the bathroom no less! He is such a funny guy. I thought he looked great. Part of the reason I still follow him is that you never know what he’s going to do next. I would not have guessed that after three months of writing songs in Utah he would go off to Costa Rica and then do an armed forces tour in the Mideast and Africa. I’m sure he will have lots of unique experiences to vlog about. Hope he takes a lot of Instagram pictures.

    The military is not just young guys today. There are plenty of young women too and families in some areas. Yes, rock and country are very popular with the troops but I’m sure there will be people that would enjoy hearing David sing too. I’m including a link about the show David will be in and there are links from that site to all about Armed Forces Entertainment which I found interesting. There are all kinds of acts that get booked and it seems to be a great experience for the performers.
    From Armed Forces Entertainment….

    • I also find in interesting that a David Cook is currently on an Armed Forces tour as well. He is in Europe though. I believe there have been some videos posted of some of his performances. I’m hoping we will get to see some of David’s performances via you-tube when he is on his Armed Forces tour.

  19. I just saw one of David Cook’s short videos that was posted at mj’s from that tour. To be honest it looked like a very small crowd and except for the folks right up front many seemed to not be paying attention and talking and walking away. I think that David can do as well as that during his performances for the military. lol. Hope there will be vids of David. Kari has a good gig going with JT’s tour. The tickets are the most expensive tickets of the summer.

    • another anon anon

      Fans who are referring to David singing in Okinawa, the Middle East is not the same. Okinawa audience had families of military in attendance since it is not a war zone and military can bring families over, just like Europe. I am not saying by any means that David will not be appreciated. I was just trying to manage expectations realistically. And yes, military can video and have access to the internet in even more remote areas these days. I will say, I don’t know how the Air Force audiences will be, I was not in the Air Force and it is a bit strange to think he is only performing for the Air Force since the branches of service are not that separated from each other when in country. But maybe he is going to specific places that are very safe, that changes the audience dynamics. Anyway I wish him well and know he is doing this from a good place within him.

      • Sweetie, you really should click on the links to info and watch the interviews before you start to manage expectations.

        First, David was invited to be part of this tour by Dan Clark.

        Second, the title of the tour is “An Evening of Music, Comedy and Motivational Theater.” It is definitely geared around inspiration. Dan Clark spoke about the tragic # of suicides by armed forces/ returning armed forces personnel in his interview which you obviously didn’t watch.

        Third, if folks aren’t interested, I’m sure no one will tie them to their seats.

        Fourth, I’m glad you speak for everybody because you once were in the military.

        Fifth, if you were in the military, you would know that there are air force bases.

        Sixth, you lose all credibility when you start to bring up other idols. All sorts of idols have gone overseas and performed for troops. Some of the audiences have been big. Some have been tiny.

        Seventh, I don’t see why you find it necessary to “manage expectations” simply because folks aren’t tearing each other apart.

        Finally, I’m glad you wish David well. I’m sure he appreciates your good wishes.

      • Anon- Just to be clear I was the one that brought up the other idols. I always do and if it annoys you-Oh well. Whatever. I guess I lost my credibility. Oh no. lol. 🙂

      • Marie, I’m a close reader — do it for a living — and a/a/a brought up another idol in his first post on this thread. Whenever folks try to stir up fan wars — from what seems like last century — I’m instantly suspicious.

        Like I said already, all kinds of idols have gone overseas and have performed for the troops. It’s not a competition. It really ain’t.

      • OK. Whatever. 🙂

  20. I totally agree with you another anon anon about it really not being David’s type of audience. You have a good point. My expectations always remain low with David at this point but maybe videos would be nice. Also at least he is out there performing somewhere. lol. Also I still think David should try vine or small videos on twitter once he gets more tech. advanced as opposed to a vlog. I just don’t think he likes doing the vlogs that much and I really don’t blame him. 🙂

  21. For me the AI alum (aside from Kelly ,Carrie, and Daughtry) that is really doing the best right now career wise is- Phillip Phillips.

  22. Wow, very happy that David is getting his ‘feet wet’ for lack of better words with a secular career with that tour, maybe we will get videos, which I have being waiting to hear from him…secular music. Glad that the possibility will be this year.
    Speaking about getting your feet wet, lol, wanting so badly to get back into the commenting mode, but can’t do it yet because if I did give my view of things would only cause some fans to go ballistic, lol.
    So back to lurking.
    Oh, btw, Happy 4th of July everyone!!

    • Oh, sorry Grammyj and Anon…

      • btw, I wanted to expand on this…I’m sorry that I thought that maybe David might of had just a teeny thought about his career, it really was jmo

      • Why be sorry about that? This is obviously about his career. He’s singing and being paid for it. There are positive ramifications to it but it’s still a job. I think it will be good for him to get back into performing for a crowd again. He hasn’t done that since the Christmas shows in Chile last year and hasn’t done it for a non-religious reason since early 2012. Time to get that wagon moving again 😉

      • The article about Dan Clark mentions that he doesn’t charge for military or church speeches, and the Armed Forces Entertainment site says that the entertainers are volunteers. I don’t think David would be getting paid, would he?

  23. I’m pretty sure David is not doing this as a career move, but to help people through his music. That seems to be David’s goal with music. I’m sure he doesn’t care about the size of his audience. I’m glad he will be out there singing his heart out. I’m going to be anxious to hear about his experiences while he travels the Middle East and Africa. It will probably be another life altering experience. I enjoyed reading some of the testimonials that were posted at the Armed Forces entertainment website I posted above.

  24. cq- come on, jump back in both feet! There are some “Postal Posters” who no matter what you or anyone else says…will spin it into something to suit their agenda. So why not enjoy commenting, if and when you want!

    • Candy could not agree with you more. Also if you don’t care then what others post then it will not bother you. Best to ignore and not engage and just comment whatever you want to comment. 🙂

  25. thinking Kari is going too?!

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 16m
    Have passport, will travel!

    • That’s pretty clear since the destination is Costa Rica. That means we probably will get some pictures and maybe videos. My guess is the trip is for a charity that David will support but it could be something completely different. Someone guessed a music video which would be great if true.

      • Kari is sure getting to travel the world. My daughter took a trip to Costa Rica. It’s really beautiful and unique. I know David will love it.

    • I would think then this is not charity related. You know 10-15% cut and all that. The mystery deepens.

  26. Glad to see Kari going with David. How does Kari handle all that traveling? lol. I guess she is used to it. 🙂

  27. If I may give my opinion, I too agree Costa Rica is quite beautiful. It would be a great place to film a video for one of his new songs, perhaps one of the Spanish songs he has written? Of course he does not have to travel to South America just to shoot a video although he mentions we will know more about it later in the year. If Kari is traveling with him, then would it stand to reason it is related to his music career and not his religion? Although there is a beautiful LDS temple there, the Mormon population is significantly small as compared to others like the Catholics.

    The vlog, I have to wonder why he made it in his sister’s bathroon? Is he living with them or are they living with him? I find it very strange he would say the things he did about how dirty their bathroon is. Did his sister’s find it as funny as we did at first listen? After thinking about it perhaps they really don’t care, but most teenage girls I would think would have been mortified. No matter if the big brother happens to be a Celebrity or not. I was just curious if he does own his own home or if that was just another suppositon?

    The performances he will be doing for the Armed Forces in the Middle East I don’t believe he thinks of it as a “great career move” or that it will magically be a “huge career boost”. I believe the opportunity presented itself and for lack of any other opportunities AT THIS TIME, he accepted. Besides which it is his way of giving back to the U.S. Military. I will pray the audiences will greet him warmly and enthusiastically so that he will remember and realize how much he loved and has missed performing for his fans.

    I wish to extend a wish for a happy & safe holiday to all.

  28. The real question is: WHY is he in his sister’s bathroom?! LOL 😀

  29. CQ, I never thought for a second that you could could kick your posting “Jones” cold turkey, lol. There’s plenty of precedent for people saying that they are leaving this site or FOD, realizing they couldn’t do it, and coming back almost immediately. You have every right to share and post your views whenever you want. Just be prepared, as I am, to be challenged, sometimes vigorously, for what you post. Your point of view about David, his religion, and his career, is in the majority on this site, so you will have numerous ITAs and people who “have your back”. There are even a few new screen names that have popped up who have all kinds of doubts, fears, and low expectations regarding David, so this is definitely a CQ-friendly zone for you.

  30. Smanda and Shanny, I tried to say something before but you just ignored me. It would be great if we could have 1 thread in 1000 that didn’t fall back on the same subject.

    I know what you’re trying to do here, but it ain’t working. Folks have been posting the nonsense and they will continue to do it and twist what you say and go back and forth and then do it tomorrow and the next day and next year.

    By all that is holy, can you at least not bring up stuff from past threads when there is actually news?

    • I didn’t mean to ignore you. The way the threads go on this site is confusing (to me anyway) and when a new topic comes up, stuff from a previous conversation gets overlooked or is never seen. I’m sorry you felt ignored.

      • Smanda, thanks. If you really feel a poster wants in-depth sincere answers, you might ask to communicate with them through other means than on a blog of this type. I’m not being a mod here. It’s just a suggestion and might work better. You might also find that not everyone is who they say they are or really has a question rather than an opinion. Again, I am just speaking in general and not pointing out any specific posters who are real or not real or honest or dishonest or have an ax to grind or no ax to grind.

      • I hear ya

      • Anon, I went and checked the last three threads and didn’t see anywhere that you could have addressed me or Smanda….? Did you post as Anon? Lol. On the other hand, sometimes i can be completely dumb and miss the obvious. Either way, I definitely didn’t mean to ignore you. Sorry if I did.

        As for ulterior motives, a futile battle, people not being who they seem to be…..yeah. I get ya. Kinda yucky when you get thinking about it. I guess for me, it’s that human trait – we tend to want to defend the things we love. Love David. Love my faith. It’s like pressing buttons. Lol

        As for responding in this thread….I get ya again. I usually do try to leave things in the thread they originated in. I guess the new threads were just popping up quicker than we could blink at the time. Lol. And believe me, just like others have often said, they leave a lot of things unsaid….so do I. Hence why I originally tried to address ‘the issue’ with just one short sentence. Lol….that brevity got me into trouble this time though.

        Ah well. I’ll do my best. But I am who I am unfortunately. I’m not good at playing games and being someone other than myself. Think that’s why I get David wanting to be himself. I’ll keep trying to find that balance between not ruffling feathers and still staying true to myself. I really don’t mean to drive ya’ll crazy lol. Thanks for addressing Smanda and I in a respectful way.

      • shanny, i think anon is referring to his/her tongue in cheek “bad, bad, bad mormons” post from a few threads back.

      • Still can’t find it. Lol Although I do remember someone saying that somewhere along the way. Doesn’t matter really.

        Lol….I’m reminded of something I read years ago…it was about family relationships and suggested that if parents start arguing in front of their children, they should have some family agreement, that the kids go and turn a lamp on or something and that can be a reminder to the parents to notice what they’re doing and stop it.

        Maybe when someone posts something inflammatory, we can all turn the lamp on as a reminder to take a deep breath and….let it go. Lol

        Although …..around here we all might start using up too much power. Lol

  31. another anon anon

    Anon, OMG did you even read what I wrote? No I didn’t know the history of how David came upon doing this so thank you for enlightening me. And yes I am well aware there are Air Force bases. My point was they are not usually islands of only AF personnel with no other military for miles and miles. And happy to know the audience who attends will know what the show is all about because I think those who attend will be very receptive.

  32. Those of us old enough remember seeing footage of all those Bob Hope troop shows. There was always some blond bombshell (Jayne Mansfield, Diana Dors, etc) on hand to “remind the guys what they’re fightin’ for, blah,blah, blah. but, I also remember some great singers performing at these shows, and the reception they received was outstanding. I think the service men and women understand that these entertainers have traveled, at some risk to their own safety, into these God forsaken countries to entertain them and lift their spirits. They need more than some “skin” and “beefcake” to do that, and David Archuleta is just what the doctor ordered. David will put on a great show for them, and, for those who care about that sort of thing, will look great doing it.

  33. Another Anon Anon, you said earlier, regarding a post of mine, “Really balderdash? And in what century did you serve in the military? Yes I realize that David can win over fans with his talent, but my point is that this is not really his type of audience.”

    I get it. My point is that I think you’re wrong. Why don’t we wait for the actual performance and reaction. I assume, since you are a fan of David’s, that you hope that you are wrong too, and that he will be enthusiastically received, right?

  34. From information on Dan Clark, he spoke in the same area a few years ago for audiences of around 1300 each time (23 talks to 30,000 people). It’s a worthy cause, but he’s not my style at all–he does enough self-promotion for ten ShayCarls. But if a little self-promotion could rub off on David, it wouldn’t be a bad thing, IMO.

    • Yes, like it or not, David will have to embrace some self-promotion if he remains an indie artist. He can definitely learn from these self-promoters. Obviously not take it to the extreme like these guys, but David will need to do more than he has in the past.

    • maybe they are going there to film a music video?
      a Spanish song?

  35. Yes David is going to have to learn self-promotion for his career. I don’t think that it will be easy for him.

  36. Per this tweet David was spotted in an airport in Texas. He’s on his was to Costa Rica.

    • Love this tweet. Gave me a snort-laugh and it’s the exact sort of thing I’d do.

  37. On the “Air Forces” thing, I’m guessing that David just misspoke and the shows are indeed for the “Armed Forces.” I hope it winds up being a good, supportive show and not preachy as I do think our military are having a tough time of it and can use come comfort.

    😉 Too bad they couldn’t take the “Stomping the Roses” dancers with them. Okay, kidding.

    • It says “Airforce Troops” in the video description too. I don’t know how military entertainment is booked though and if they book tours just to certain branches of the military.

      • Pretty sure they book a base, and whatever branches are there can attend. We do have lots of Air Force personnel deployed in that region so maybe it is all air bases.

  38. info re. contracts for performers

    “Armed Forces Entertainment tours are based on Combatant Commander requirements and Troop Preference Survey Data.”

    “When an entertainer/agent agrees with the proposed tour and dates, the circuit manager explains in detail the tour procedures, finances and required tour documents and initiates an Independent Government Estimate (IGE), which produces the proposal. The proposal is forwarded to the entertainer/agent/group leader and identifies the honorarium and other expenses AFE is willing to pay for the tour.”

  39. Can someone provide a link to Cook’s overseas performance? I’d like to take a peek at it but couldn’t find it on MJ’s blog. Thanks in advance ….

  40. Here it is desertrat. It was hard to find. 🙂

    • Thanks for finding that Marie. Anyone else find it boring? Haven’t followed Cook’s new music but this was pretty bland.

      • I was not going to comment on it but I do agree missbianca. I thought it was very bland and what is the deal with those sunglasses Cook is wearing. lol.

  41. I just noticed that it does not look like Cook has any of his original band members in this band now.

  42. shanny, go here and scroll down to 7:18 pm to see the list of things anon believes we could give a rest.

    • Oh, I didn’t respond to that post at the time cos I didn’t want to antagonise things…..but Anon…’s my belated ROFLOL!!!

      • Same. I didn’t respond then but I liked it. Where’s the like button? 🙂

      • Although really if we followed that, there wouldn’t be anything left to talk about. Lol
        You know what would be totally cool… have a Soul David real life get together! Bwhaha, can you imagine all those personalities and opinions together in one room. I think we’d all end up dead ….lol….no really I think we’d have some full on passionate discussions then walk away with a new view of each other and a sense of friendship and respect, even while continuing to agree to disagree on some things.

  43. Is david taking a another vacy in Costa Rica before going to sing for the troops, I think him going to costa rica had to do maybe with LDS?

  44. Oh he says he is doing a project there and will talk about it, I forgot he said that. So vacy is out. I thought he would go for there for LDS and invited him to talk about his mission and sing too, I guess that isn’t it. I would say it have to do with a charity thing that he is still part of it before?

  45. Okay I read it isn’t for a charity thing, I think it not has nothing do to with music, I guess we won’t know for sure when david talk about it why he is there for. Have a safe 4 of July *\

  46. I have been to exactly one David Archuleta concert (Ventura) and one David Cook concert (in Oregon).
    I felt at David A.’s concert there were electric sparks flying between David and the crazy crowd and between people in the crowd. it was a joyous event. David was an energizer bunny and we fed off his energy.
    At David C.’s concert this was completely lacking. It kind of felt like he was going through the motions. What was most interesting, though, at the end of the concert, he just left the stage. The crowd didn’t know if it was over or not. It just ended. Some of the audience walked away confused, some just sat there waiting to see if there would be more. There wasn’t.
    I am not trying to put down David Cook. I think he is a talented singer, but the concert was bland and certainly not inspiring. Most of us reading this know how you would leave David Archuleta’s concert. All good (and it lasts for days,,,, maybe years, huh)

    • Poof, I’ve never been to a David Cook concert, but I’ve been to six David Archuleta concerts. David is not only an entertainer of the first order, he holds his entire audience in rapt attention from beginning to end, and beyond. He also has the unique ability to turn the largest arena into an intimate living room where everyone is welcome and special.

      Those tough talking military folks are in for a very pleasant surprise, but they better be prepared to “feel something” when David takes the stage. One rendition of “America the Beautiful” is enough to neutralize the most hardened soldier. Throw in “Imagine” and well ………………

      They may be hard as nails, but they will be no match for the warmth, sincerity and knee buckling humanity of The Archuleta, with the voice to match.

  47. And this makes the 100th comment!

    Don’t mind me guys, just entertaining myself while you all sleep. 😉

  48. I’m awake, too! *waving at Shanny from Wellington* 🙂

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