The Plot Thickens


David recording pop songs (not sacred music!), some in Spanish – *melting* – and apparently he was spotted at NBC’s Universal Studios?

See? David has a plan! Whoever doubted?

Also, thank you Gladys, for translating David’s Spanish Chat: Read Here over at The Voice.

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  1. i tottally believe that david was on the set on the Voice doing something, if the case david is prolly not allow to say anything until the show is set aired in stepember.

  2. I want to make a correction, I just transcribed the chat in Spanish, translation to English was made ​​by Djafan.

  3. HG, enjoy this blog. Have been a long time lurker, not only because of David, but more because of the thought provoking articles you have written. Muchas gracias.

    Just wonderng if it was ever confirmed he was actually at Universal Studios or was it a hoax along with what looked very much like a photo-shopped “Visitor’s Pass”?

    I think he was sighted in Utah the same day so who knows what’s true & what’s rumour. Seems like fans are being played with by the rumour mongers.

    Kari was in LA and no word from her about seeing “his face” as she hinted she would be doing “very soon”. Gotta wonder if they have gotten together at all while she’s on a break from JT? But then why would they if she’s not “working” for David at this time?

    Sometimes I think the rumours of “David sightings” like the Universal one for example, with no confirmation, are started by “insiders” to keep fans speculating and excited about the “possibilities” with no basis in fact. We can be a pretty gullible bunch of fans at times.

    • there was a pic the same day posted on twitter but was from another day.. not saying that he was there or not just saying this rumor monger isn’t playing with anyone.
      now having fun speculating about David sure.
      fact is David himself said he is writing pop and Spanish songs plus he is even writing about his dating experiences as per his Spanish chat.
      that plus he is planning albums and concerts.
      pretty great last two days by me.
      now as for Kari.. no clue what is up except she is still around and for that I am thankful. lucky gal her getting to work with both JT and David.

  4. Gladys and DJAFAN, can’t thank you enough for the transcription and translation!

    Re. the music, I can go for some pop and soulful Spanish songs. I like Gina and Kari but my gut feeling is that D would be better off if he moved on from them — on friendly terms of course.

    • I just hope David won’t wait until Kari is ready to do concerts as JT’s tour goes until December 20. There are other tour managers out there. He really does need to hire a booking agent . He use to be signed with CAA but currently only has Gina listed for appearances and booking. Of course we know he has had no appearances since he’s been back.

    • desertrat- they always say trust you gut feeling. lol. I really like both of them too but I agree with you. I would hope that David explores all options that are available to him-but not so sure what they are at this point to be honest. Grammyj -some good suggestions. cq-I have stepped away from commenting so much too and for me I think it’s a good thing. 🙂

  5. Hi, thought I would check in to see if David had an appearance on the 4th, I guess not. Lol thanks Kimk for the heads up, great to get it from the man himself…really didn’t doubt that he was writing and really thought was secular for the most part. I stepped away from commenting really mostly because as everyone knows my opinions aren’t like a lot of fans that still comment right now, so I feel it’s better I wait until he gets back to working on his career, but I do miss commenting that’s for sure, lol. Right now it’s more about his private life. Very interesting song titles.

    • perhaps David should worry about his private life first than do his music business in when he is ready to go back to the zone, I think him doing music and finding his wife/girlfriend at the same time could be too much on his plate right now, seriously what david is thinking.

    • Btw, it’s not that I don’t enjoy a good discussion with opposing views, you all know I do, lol. it’s just that’s it’s better that everyone that comments is in the same page right now and I do have a completely different take on things. But when he starts his career, hopefully within the next couple of years, I’ll be hear giving my opinion about his career.

  6. Yes I wish there was some David music to talk about. Can’t tell too much from a song title. At least we know he has three done and some day he will tour again. He may pop up somewhere on July 4, but maybe nit.

  7. David need to think step back what is very important to him, music or finding his MKOP. David said that he is going to tour and music and he will have a hard time working around it when it comes to the dating scene or might ended finding a girl he likes and will she okay to put with all this hassle around david singing career.

  8. I think personally david is doing a bad move by dating and music all in one, it could be affecting david on that level. David maybe should rethinking about stopping his music as right now and focus more on his private life finding his MKOP, I think it in getting in a way with him with the music, He should make about himself and be happy not making the die hard fans right now But if david happy to do both, I guess he don’t have any problem doing on both departments.

    • Everyone in the world works and has a personal life and I am sure that David can manage it and he is lucky that he loves what he does for a living most of the time. There will always be ups and downs for him and all of us making work life and personal life fit together.

      • I disagree with u On that collegemom, It does not always works on famous singing people( mostly when they are in late 20 like david is) they have career and love life all mix together and find someone serious get settle down get marry and childrens and take a few years off but My view on it that He will end up giving up his singing career over private life, I think david will go on that direction.

  9. Not going to debate it. David’s possibilities and choices are limitless and can include everything that he wants to do – sing, write, further his education, have friends, family and just live his life and on whatever timeline works for him.

    • there a singers out there are still singing and have families but u can see really how important family is to david when he talk about it and cry andand even when he left go on mission for 2 years that must be so hard on him and worrying about his family and not seeing them everyday u can see that in his eyes like that and when david have his own family one day, I think where is gonna stop and make him realized that he don’t want to miss out any of that with his own.

  10. There is a reason why David is pursuing both, reviving his music career AND finding the right person to share his life with. Both are intertwined.

    The LDS religion holds Marriage & Families to be an integral part of their belief system. The RM’s are strongly encouraged by their mission presidents to begin looking for their future spouse asap. To be sure, not all RM’s do so because they don’t have the resources/income, so continuing education for them is logical. But David, at this point in time, being an obiedient, loyal and devout believer in his religion, does have the resources now & the potential for future earnings to insure a comfortable living for a wife and children.

    I believe if marriage & a family of his own were not so important to him, he would indeed be putting all his energies into reviving his career but he is working on both, from his own words. Whether he can find someone who is his “mirror self”, will be interesting.

    • Not all mission presidents encourage missionaries to get married. My son’s MP told him to neither rush marriage nor avoid it.

  11. Except for IMO opinions stated here, i do agree with everyone. The new music is certainly a hopeful piece of the waiting puzzle!! What an exciting time for David! New music and the quest for love! I am so excited for him.

  12. Smanda, I find it revealing that the people who make the most definitive claims about what Mormons are “supposed to do” or “always do” are never actual Mormons. Those who are really Mormon, and have lived the experience, are put in a position to either clarify the false notions ( which are based on anti- Mormon bias), or remain silent and allow these fallacies to take root. These myths and lies can easily be seen as fact by an uninformed public, which can only hurt David in his efforts to appeal to a multicultural fan base.

    Keep up the good work. I know it can be tedious to constantly have to state what you know to be the truth, and you shouldn’t have to be put in a position to do so. But, by doing so, you help David be seen in a more realistic and positive light, and if anyone deserves to be seen in a positive light, it is David.

    • Thanks Bliss.
      I can tell that some information that finds its way here has been lifted directly from ex Mormon sites. Some of it is outdated. Some of it is misinterpreted. Some of it is based on an experience with an icky person. And some is accurate but the teller disapproves of it. Some things I read in here I can barely recognize as being related to the church I’ve spent my whole life in.
      The church culture also varies regionally. Things that are usual for small town Utah aren’t usual for Portland, Oregon or Paris, France. And LDS people vary in their personal interpretations, too.
      Anyway, I loved David’s tweet this morning and I felt that he was quite open in the chats, explaining his faith in God. I found it very moving.

  13. Smanda, for those people who only care about David in terms of what he can do for them as an entertainer, his Mormonism is seen as an inhibitor and an obstacle to their interest in him. His spiritual tweet today, posted on a Wednesday (gasp), and not on a Sunday, is seen, by some, as further indication that David is “just a little too not over his Mission” for their comfort.

    David has grown in leaps and bounds in the past 2 + years. Not only did he serve well on his Mission, but the Mission has also served him very well indeed.

    • I agree with you, of course. He seems so comfortable being David, freer in expression in all ways. I can’t wait to see how this shows in his music.

  14. Aren’t you supposed to be leaving for Siberia soon Mr. Bliss? 🙂 Those you label as outliers, liars and haters pegged have pegged how the David saga would play out more accurately than your bloviated, pompous, nonsensensical hyperbolic prognostications – Keep bloviating Mr. Blisster. Watching the other posters call you out on your nonsense, with your own words, provides an element of comedic relief sorely needed.

  15. Wow. That was harsh.

    • But well deserved. Funny how he can take a reasonable correction by Smanda, and turn it into an extended fan-bash.

      • Cc, this is off topic, but I meant to reply to you a bit ago when you talked about why you didn’t want to hear hymns. Your explanation made so much sense and made me sad, too. I’m sorry you’ve had those experiences. Life can be shockingly harsh.

      • Thank you for your kind response. I’m much happier now that I’m not trying to make it make sense–as Mark Twain is supposed to have said,

        “I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”

      • CChalo, the “extended fan bash” was not done by me. I merely answered a post from Smanda, and did what everyone else does, expressed my points of view. The person who pitched a hissy fit over my response to Smanda is your culprit, although since you agree with her, you probably won’t see that.

      • Good old Mark Twain 🙂

        I have had an experience like that, too. The only thing that calmed me was to think that what had happened was completely random, just part of being human. But then I found that the only way to put things back together was to lean heavily on my faith. A weird mixture, I know. Kind of the When Bad Things Happen to Good People approach, if you are familiar with that book.

      • Every time I see a post, an article or a book (including the one you mentioned) that tries to explain that concept, I’m all over it, but I’m always disappointed. Doesn’t make sense to me at all.

        However, all of the people who have had these tremendous losses (of at least six young people that I can think of) remain quite devout–Christians, Mormons and a couple of New Age-y goddess-types. I’ve never talked about my own loss of faith to them, and never would, except in one case where they pressed it with me. (And we still love each other).

  16. The subject of this blog is David Archuleta. No topic is off limits, but always be respectful of both David and each other. Any comments containing personal attacks WILL be deleted.

  17. Ann Nonimus, were you absent the day they taught Charm in Charm School? As for Siberia, that sounds like a good idea. It’s mega hot here today, although where you need to go, it’s hot all the time.

    Nice to see that your Thesaurus isn’t going to waste.

    • bliss ita ,clap clap clap lol lol lol hahaha

    • You don’t know me or what I know to be true or not true. I only wrote what I was told by an LDS.

      The information regarding RM’s being urged to get married and start a family was told to me by a practicing life-long LDS beautiful lady who is a dear friend & neighbor of mine. She AND her husband are also very unhappily married with 4 children under 10 years of age, Divorce is not an option for her because she is a stay at home mom. They stay together for the sake of their children and because it would not bode well for him and his position as a church leader. She & her husband dated for a few months after he returned from his mission, then married in the temple in our city. Had he not been “strongly encouraged” to find a suitable LDS mate, marry & start a family, he would not have pushed her into marriage so quickly. She tells me there are many LDS women in her same situation. Her faith and love for her children is what keeps her going. She is also kept very busy with church duties. We became good friends when I came to this country & became neighbors, She asked me to come to services with her but I declined. Perhaps this is why she felt she could confide in me because I don’t know the others in her church.

      I have had conversations with her about David. She is not a fan but knows of him. I mentioned to her how David is dating more now, at least publicly, than ever since he returned and that is when she told me about her story. She said she was not at all surprised and said neither should his LDS fans be surprised at the escalated dating so soon after his return. Especially if it was not normal for him before his mission. He did say he dated maybe once a year prior to his mission. I think the fact that David said he wanting to put his dating in his songs is almost like telling us that he’s not just dating for the sake of dating, but that there is a specifc reason for it.

      Also perhaps not all mission president’s have the same talk with the RM’s as they get ready to go home after they complete their commitment. But I believe there was a link to a Missionary’s blog a while ago when David was still in Chile in which that mission president did urge the RM’s to find a mate, get married & start a family.

      If this offends, bothers or upsets some David fans, I do not understand why. He is a devout LDS and this is what most LDS do.

  18. Sometimes when I read comments a Cee-Lo Green song starts running thru my head…

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