Because We Care What David Thinks!

Anyone else get a kick out of David’s tweets while he was watching the World Cup?

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  1. I did. I’m glad he found a sport to get excited about, and I enjoy his love of Chile. I compare it to my love of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

  2. I love David’s last tweet. He congratulates both teams. One for winning, and one for trying to win and applauding the effort. There are no “winners” and “losers” in David’s world, just participants.

  3. ☁KAKE☁ @kellybeanmiller · 1h
    So um I just met @DavidArchie … he brought my family home when they broke down I dont look the best but whateves

  4. David never promotes the good deeds he does for others. He just does them. It’s like when he went to the nursing home in Idaho, on a day off, in the dead of winter during his CFTH tour in 2009. If someone else didn’t take a video of David singing to the residents, no one would have ever known. David also never seeks praise for the “hard work” he puts into what he does for others, and is clearly uncomfortable if he is given praise. He realizes that helping others and giving to others sometimes involves extra effort, and the satisfaction he gets out of helping is its own reward.

    It ain’t preaching, if you actually do it yourself.

    • I so agree, Bliss. That is why after I listened to his chat I decided not to read the comments at Soul David because I was so moved by his comments that I didn’t want to hear a shred of criticism. Obviously when anyone speaks it is open to interpretation and is colored by the person listening and their own biases. I especially loved when David said what everyone in life is looking for is love and the more love you receive the more love you can give. So true. Also money and fame don’t make a person happy. The adage it is better to give than to receive is also so true. In the chat he just reminded me of the important things in life and to strive to be better.

  5. Grammyj, you certainly do “get it”, as does David. All the chatter about how David is going to get to be a superstar, blah, blah, blah, is just that, unenlightened chatter. David doesn’t give a hoot about that kind of stuff, especially since he got a taste of it, and found out what an empty goal that is to set for himself.

    David will have a fine career as a singer of good, meaningful music. I’m looking forward to the first installment of his current offerings, which should be of the jaw dropping variety.

  6. The World Cup tweets crack me up since he’s (self-proclaimed) not much into sports. It’s fun when people get into new things!

    And what a good guy to help that family out this morning. Can I just say he’s looking mighty fine? Well, I just did 😉

    • Ali looking very fine indeed!

    • There have been several tweets about seeing David at church today and pictures of the side view of him sitting in church. He is such a celebrity in Utah and because I continue to be an ODD fan it makes me smile. Now I just can’t wait to hear that song he recorded with Stepahnie Mabie doing the back up vocals. I’m crossing my fingers that he will surface singing somewhere on July 4. I know he probably won’t but there was an unreliable rumor.

  7. Several pictures of David popping up today. He was at an Arts Festival with his friend Mietra, her boyfriend and another friend. He has on shorts but not sure about those black socks,

    • Noticed the black socks in the hiking photos with his sisters. Maybe he still hasn’t done much shopping since he came home, ha ha.

      • David does look cute in the pic but LOL to the black socks. The pic did make me laugh. Oh David 🙂 Going to watch the rising star show tonight but have to admit the show is a bit of a train wreck. I find Josh Groban entertaining in an odd way but it’s really tough to host a 2 hour live reality talent show when you are not used to it. The reviews have been mixed at best and not sure about the ratings but at least Josh is trying something new. Not sure how it will do in the long term as there is probably one 2 many talent shows on TV 🙂

      • Yeah he needs to buy some sandals or wear white athletic socks IMHO

      • Or is he starting a new fashion trend-black socks with shorts lol.

  8. Shanny in Australia

    Lol, if I got to take an unexpected pic with Mr David Archuleta, I think I’d be ‘whatevs’ about how I looked too. Lol

    As for his service….I’ve heard lots of stories of him visiting people in hospitals etc, even though he felt shy. And I bet I’ve only heard a small portion of the good he’s done. This guy is worth it. That’s all I got to say. 🙂

  9. Marie, I’m watching Rising Star too. I like the instant voting on the app. The talent hasn’t been that great though.

  10. Yes. I know that talent is just OK. I agree that I do like the instant voting on the app aspect of the show. Just wish that you did not have to have face book or twitter to vote on the app as I don’t have either. lol. I do really like Josh G. and Brad Paisley. Kesha is actually kind of mellow and nice on the show. Maybe the show will get better as it goes along each week. 🙂

  11. With the pic, it says family and friends , david friends is the girl and the guy must be boyfriend and girlfriend and the girl that standing next to david must be a family of his or that same date he went on last week? The caption pic doesn’t make sense, why it says family?

  12. Maybe Meitra thinks of David as family.

  13. Thanks! aww that is nice of meirta thinks that of david as family, so sweet of her. David’s date is really pretty.

  14. Shanny in Australia

    Where does it say friends AND family? Did Meitra say it? The girl could be her relative…? And she’s hooked up a double date?

    • Good morning, It did said family on the caption before and look like it was cut out. david seem into her by the photo, this was def david’ date not a family member of meitra.

      • Reading body language, he was standing a little too far from his date, compared to the other couple, so he had to lean in to put his arm around her for the photo, so I think he doesn’t know her well and felt a little awkward. Just my crazy opinion.

      • You’re right, Haveaquestion, I think it did say something like “family and friends”, originally, which is confusing.

  15. yes it sure is and u are so right, he does feel awkward being photo with her but other hand david’s date looked thrill to be in the pic with david!!!.

    • other couple is Mietra and her bf.. they seem to know each other very well by their pics she has posted.
      cute couple!

  16. seems like david is on a serious quest to find that one special girl and get married ASAP! lucky utah girls!

  17. Cotton Candy- LOL, have to agree with you, David seems to be on a very different one…the mission to find a spouse. He is taking this dating, spouse search he should. I still predict he will be married by the end of the year!

    • Could happen but so far he seems to be dating one after another. I wonder if anyone has gotten a second date? Per his chat he does not have a girlfriend yet. The one in this picture sure is cute.

  18. @GrayAAA: First NEW SONG entry today on ASCAP: AIMING FOR HOPE written by @DavidArchie @Dustinonline and @stephaniemabey

  19. @GrayAAA: Second NEW SONG entry today on ASCAP: BREATHE EASY, LOVE written by @DavidArchie @Dustinonline and @stephaniemabey

  20. Good find, Smanda! They are on a roll. There was another song registered by these three a couple weeks ago so three songs are done. Now if we could only hear them!

    • I can’t remember the name of the other song. Do you remember?

      • The title is “Seasons”. It’s really difficult to know much about a song from the title. Can’t wait to hear them. With no appearances scheduled so far it’s hard to know when we will hear David sing these. Some artists introduce new music into their set list to see how it goes over with their fans. Obviously I would love for David to do that.

  21. By looking at them in photo, they make a really cute item and I think it will be a second for them two, his date will be listed as a new girlfriend in coming months, count on it!. New song yeppie!

  22. I’m thinking everybody he knows is trying to line him up with someone. I can just imagine the frenzy going on.

  23. @violet4ever: Spanish chat translated

  24. Shanny in Australia

    Interesting song titles. Breathe Easy, Love. A love song. ?? Could the Aiming for Hope also be a love song? And seasons. Up until now, I was thinking that one must be something about the seasons of life, now I’m wondering if it could have a seasons of love slant in there too? Lol
    Hmmm…yes David did express a great interest in finding his MKOP in the chat and he’s obviously taking action on that front lol. I wonder if this new ‘season’ of life is bringing more thoughts and music about love….?
    Interesting to see that change in his perspective if so.
    Whatever the themes, it’s exciting to see these songs being registered! Little silent internal squeeee!

  25. cq David said he was writing music about him dating..
    oh and concerts and albums in the works in his chat!

    Kari just followed Kat Perkins who was on The Voice, Claude Kelly (Eman FS and Complain) and Pharell WIlliams who is on The Voice.. maybe David did go to LA and like that poster said he is helping them out in some way and will be on the show?

  26. Victoria Leeau ‏@VictoriaLeeau 20m
    @DavidArchie Is your upcoming album pop or more of gospel songs? I heard you’ve written a Spanish song? Can’t wait!! 🙂

    David Archuleta
    @VictoriaLeeau I’m writing pop songs; I’m writing Spanish songs… :). Thanks!

    ok can you all come back now?
    I will miss all the fun without all the Archies!!

  27. Ok, maybe you already know, but the transcription and translation of chat in Spanish was published in The Voice. Enjoy it.

  28. Thank you so much, Gladys. I loved reading the transcript. That was a lot of work for you yand I appreciate it very much.

  29. Shanny in Australia

    Yes Gladys. Thank you so much. Just finished reading it. It was another dose of joy for this lil heart of mine as I head off to bed. So many wonderful little coincidences for me….. 🙂

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