David Dream Sequence #39

One can only dream! And I’m still dreaming, so about last night…

I dreamed that David Archuleta was starring in a kind of new hybrid TV show, part reality show competition, part late night variety.

It looked like David was both host and part of a three-person judging panel, which included Paula Abdul and Syesha Mercado. (Go figure!)

Part of the show featured him and the judges scouting out new talent across the country; the other part featured a skit with him playing poker and keeping a “poker face” while he was skillfully shuffling cards. I don’t remember the outcome of that skit.

It’s all pretty sketchy this dream. I do remember him at one point giving a smooth, soulful rendition of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine”:

Can’t you just imagine the Voice on this song? Sigh. Talk about “Soul David”! Gosh, my wishful thinking was really coming to the surface of my subconscious!

At some point, I woke up.

Dream on!

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  1. haven’t listened to bill withers in quite some time. not sure how david would handle this song; i can more easily hear him singing withers’ “lovely day”.

    not sure what the dream means. “playing poker and keeping a “poker face” while he was skillfully shuffling cards:this tells me he’s taking risks; the undetermined outcome may represent the music he’s currently working on.

  2. HG, I have always thought that David would be the perfect host to revive the Variety Show format of yesteryear. You know, the Donny and Marie, Tony Orlando and Dawn, Flip Wilson, Sonny and Cher kind of show. David showed his versatility in “Nandito Ako”, and his natural charm and charisma would draw in many viewers currently gagging on what passes for “entertainment’ on TV these days. I think David would be great in sketch comedy, and a stint on Saturday Night Live, in which he could be lampooning himself and his reputation as a “goody-goody” would be a great jumping off point.

    Although David has already shown himself to a multi talented entertainer on many fronts, he has just scratched the surface of what he can and, hopefully, will do.

    As for singing “Ain’t No Sunshine”, oh yeah. His “Lean On Me” is legendary, and for my money, he should cover the whole Bill Withers songbook. After that, he can start on Al Green.

    • don’t get why fans want him to cover other stuff all the time. why not create his own great songbook?

  3. Another Anon, he has and he will create his own great music. He also is an artist who can not only cover other songs, he has a well documented history of making these songs “his own”, and giving them the “Archuleta touch”, with remarkable, and occasionally historic results.

  4. That was a great dream, HG! I would surely watch that reality/variety show.

    I think the variety show format died because they were too expensive to produce compared with the ad revenues. They’ve been replaced with a couple of performances each week on late night and competition shows. And of course replaced by the now many, many more award shows.

    Which do y’all think is more important to musical stardom at the moment–TV or radio?

    • Payola.

      • Probs. Where would you spend the payola, for radio and tv? Just for grins, the budget doesn’t stretch to both.

      • Radio OR tv. OR. The either kind, not the and kind.

        My fingers do things my brain disavows.

    • Not sure but i find it interesting that we’ve had renowned artists such as Josh Groban and John Legend appearing on music/game shows; on the surface it seems like it would be beneath them. I guess the cheesiness of the shows helps them appear and more real and accessible. However, artists like David, Cook, etc., need the radio airplay to give them more visibility and credibility as artists. To me, most important to musical stardom is what I’ve heard iterated here numerous times — good management.

      • JG is apparently working on two albums. From tweets, reviews, etc., it appears that this reality show hosting gig was not the best career move for him. Perhaps he needs good management.

        Oh, yeah, I think he has that. Never mind.

    • I suggest you study the launch of JLo’s latest booty album. She had both — radio AND TV — and it didn’t help her. So not necessarily either one.

      The variety show format died IMO because the ones produced were excruciatingly bad. The only good variety show IMO was Carol Burnett’s (sp?) — was that a variety show?

      Wow! We’re actually talking about something other than — oops, almost spoiled it. ;o))

  5. Some stats came out regarding how many peeps viewed David’s chat. I have included the link to the tweet with the web link. Over 50,000 viewed it but the interesting part to me was that more viewed the Spanish chat than the English.

    • I haven’t read any comments from Soul David regarding the chats because I didn’t want to hear any negativity about the chats. I thought the chat was wonderful with most of what David said very universal to all. It clearly showed David’s sincerity and love for mankind. The singing was divine.

  6. Ok, back to the topic of what makes a musical star these days – radio or T.V. Both are losing steam these days. I guess I’d say radio but that is not what it use to be. Since David appears to be going the indie route he will need to be creative with his marketing as money will not be plentiful. A lot of artists are having to depend on corporate sponsors or even crowd-funding. I still think the you-tube idea is viable for David. He will need to be savvy with social media. I’d love a well produced music video with David and Lindsey Stirling or the Piano Guys. They both have used you-tube success to create their careers.

    • IMO David needs two things: Good music and a loyal fanbase.

      Since some long-term fans came on here and bashed “Broken” as “old fart boring Barry Manilow music,” etc., I will amend my comments.

      IMO David needs two things: Good music and a loyal fanbase with — would it be impolite to say some musical taste? I know music is individual but there are certain fans who are 55+ going on 10 and still doing the boy band giddy thing.

      • Anon, I agree that is exactly what David needs – good music and loyal fans. I believe he has loyal fans and I believe he is writing good music. I like Broken, but David will never write a song that everyone loves. Music is subjective.

  7. Hi HG, I would like to say that I have transcribed the Spanish chat meticulously so that every word of david, can be faithfully translated into English. It was very hard work, but at the time was a pleasure.
    Seeing the smile david when he heard my name ahhhh. Also it was the first question he answered. I felt very lucky. I would like to think he remembers me, even for my chocolates.
    (I sent my transcript to Djafan, one of the administrators of The Voice, she translated and published.)

  8. Love you Gladys! Still translating!!!!

  9. Fantastic!!!looking forward to reading it.

  10. I haven’t had time to listen to either chat, but was wondering if David said that others had told him not to go to church? I seem to have read this somewhere, but could be mistaken.

    • Yes, when David was just starting out in his music career after AI he was told that he couldn’t go to church because there wasn’t enough time in his schedule. So he didn’t go until Kendra was in his band and asked him if he wanted to go to church and he found he actually did have time in his schedule to go. The chat is really good IMHO. I recommend viewing it. David was very honest and vulnerable. He wasn’t preachy, and pointed out some universal truths IMHO, plus the singing was outstanding of course.

    • I finally listened to the English chat. David was open with some struggles he had, finding his ability to be open about his beliefs, and the impact of sharing his faith with others and at the same time himself. I was one of the fans which felt he should go because unless he did, he not be free for what ever was the next step in his career. One thing I did wonder however, is where there is any place in his thinking that other faiths and practices may have the same positive impact on people searching fur answers. That is not a criticism of his honest and heartfelt experience, just my own personal observation/belief. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here with his music and using his notoriety to share his faith.

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