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  1. I am so looking forward to the chat tonight.

  2. i spotted sunny at the piano.

  3. oops, that’s not sunny. david sings gorgeously. and where is everyone????

  4. someone clipped this image from the chat, lol

  5. The hymn , Nearer my God to Me , is beautiful in Spanish!

  6. Lol … Whatever he said I have no clue, but he looked and sounded amazing!

  7. D liked Chile because like Utah, lots of mountains. Being surrounded by mountains makes him feel safe. He loved the people and the food of Chile — he says he’s a “foodie” and he could take the whole hour talking about food. 🙂

  8. q: what would you be if you weren’t a singer?

    a: i love watching people. maybe learn more about psychology. singers sometimes have to be interpreters and put themselves in others shoes. he likes the aspect of understanding people and sharing what has helped him.

    fame didn’t make him feel successful. he wasn’t sure what was missing from his life when success, eg, first album, didn’t make him happy

  9. david now knows he doesn’t have to change his priorities for anyone.

  10. hell0g0rge0us

    It’s interesting, listening to his experience, knowing that he was feeling depressed in the midst of his success (the pinnacle of his success – post Idol and post “Crush”). That he needed to ground himself back into what he was familiar (his family, his Church). This chat isn’t really about the LDS faith, so much as it is about learning about David and who he is and how that aspect of himself is integral. It’s actually a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. 🙂

  11. hell0g0rge0us

    He’s so buttoned up though!

  12. paraphrased quote: everybody wants to feel love. the more you feel love, the more you want to give it back. everyone’s looking to feel better about themselves

    he’s crying … he says he needed Jesus in his life. he needed to be honest with himself so he could change. he needed the help of the savior to love himself and to love other people more and to be closer to God

  13. hell0g0rge0us

    I know! David’s so sensitive. *sniffle* He really got choked up over this experience. I can’t ever find any fault with that, not when it means so much to him.

  14. he’s “searching” for his kind of perfect, lol
    person must love the lord more than they love him

  15. hell0g0rge0us

    OK, so David admits: He doesn’t have a girlfriend. But he’s looking! 😉

  16. hell0g0rge0us

    So, he wants someone who loves the Lord more than him, someone who’s “virtuous.” In other words: He wants someone just like him! 😛

    Makes sense when you think about it. Like-minded match kind of thing.

  17. Man, sacred song or secular, that boy can SAAAAAAAAANG!!!

    I mean, David moved his own self to tears. Who else but The Voice can do that?

    Glad I tuned in, even if it’s in the context of a faith-based program.

  18. Just finished watching both chats — David is so sincere. That’s one of the things I love the most about him. You can feel his sincerity in everything he does, whether you agree with his religion or not.

    I must say, I enjoyed the Spanish chat more than the English one. I don’t know if it’s because I had just spent an hour watching him but the English chat wasn’t nearly as engaging to me. He seemed more animated in the first one, more outgoing. I think part of it might have been the people running the questions to. They just let him talk on the Spanish chat. On the English chat, those two people kept interrupting or leading his answers. Did not like that at all. Hush and let David ramble because that can be when the magic happens.

    All in all, glad I watched! I probably could have stopped with the Spanish one and been fine though lol.

  19. I loved it! David was so articulate and you could just feel how grounded in his faith he is. Who can not respect that, regardless of whether you agree with the tenants of his church. He’s so interesting. And yes, HG, that boy can SAAAAAAAANG!!!

  20. It makes me sad to think that pretty much everything pre-mission was an act to please people. I never suspected how miserable he was. I am glad he has found peace and happiness now even if it’s via a path I can’t personally understand. If he is able to channel all of this into inspirational music, it could be something very special.

    • My interpretation was that there was a period he wasn’t happy but I didn’t get that it was everything pre-mission. From his description, it sounded like it was likely the period he was on Idol and afterward up to early to mid-2009ish. Because he said it started to change when Kendra invited him to go to church with her when they were on tour together. That was solo tour and Demi tour. I could be wrong on that but that was how I understood it. I’m sure he was still finding himself after that though.

    • i didn’t get the impression it was all an act. i thought he was saying that what he believed would bring him happiness (eg, fame, fortune and album, etc.) still left him wanting something else

  21. If anyone didn’t watch but is thinking about catching it later — I highly recommend watching the Spanish chat! It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Spanish! I promise! Just watch him crack himself up, watch the hand movements, hear his enthusiasm, his sincerity, his gorgeous voice singing in Spanish. No translation needed 😉

    (Have I mentioned that I liked the Spanish chat??)

    • i enjoyed the Spanish one more too … even though i barely understood what was being said.

  22. I got the distinct impression that David intends to continue his career by when he said that a love interest would “need to like my music.” That implies that he wont be singing hymns on his albums. 🙂 (Oh, maybe now and then)

  23. I too am glad he’s finding or has found some measure of happiness and inner peace. David appears to be a very sensitive, strong but fragile soul. It just confirms for me that those stories that the various “trolls” used to carry here and elsewhere about his indifference to a singing career, how it may have been more #manincaps dream to hit the bigtime than his… I don’t think David is cut out for the mainstream pop music world, after listening to him tonight. That is not a criticism, it’s what I feel in my heart – as black and as cold as some may think it is at times. I don’t feel his heart has ever really been in it. He appears to have found his good place, his safe place, in his religion, I’m happy for him. It frees me to finally close the chapter on the American Idol David, and begin to wish him Godspeed and success in the next chapter of his life, and walk with God.

    • David is sensitive, yes, but does that necessarily equate with “fragile”?

    • Well stated Beauxcefus. Did not listen as I had no interest but your comment really makes sense to me. It is just so ironic to me that so many young artists and musicians would have loved to have the opportunities David had through AI but apparently he was not happy with it. I really liked his first pop album and always will. I am going to end it there. lol. 🙂

    • Really Nice Comment.

      I’m not ready to sign-off on David the singer personally but I am leaving him alone to continue to find his path and his happiness without my expectations thrown into the mix. I have also felt for a couple years now that he was uncomfortable with the “popstar” label and its trappings. Checking in on him is more my speed these days anyways.

  24. Hg.. Good question. I would say, “no” sensitivity does not always equate with “fragile”. In some ways i think it equates more with “depth” and sincerity.

  25. Excuse me. I meant to say “depth of feeling” and sincerity.

  26. We don’t know where david is heading with music a ‘album’ or mainstream area and he had not confirmed yet if he was doing a ‘full self title CD’ and speaking about the girlfriend thing, we all don’t know if david had a girlfriend or not, we all know that david is very private about his personal love life.

  27. Did you get the impression that he had a girlfriend once but is currently looking now?

    • Maybe david does have a g/f want to keep it private. Celebrites who are very private about theirs personal life, does not always tell the truth if they are in relationship or just looking?

      • That is true about keeping those things private, but David’s buttoned-up shirt and stance makes me think he doesn’t yet have a girlfriend. Trust: no guy who’s got a regular girlfriend is holding onto ideals of “virtuous woman” and “loving the Lord more than him.” Not to say all relationships have to be sexual/sensual in nature, but he still speaks like a novice in that department. Just the impression I’m getting, of course! 🙂

      • I haven’t watched it yet, but I get the impression that he hasn’t changed much since his “kissing is gross” interview at age 20. I wonder if he would even be looking for his kind of perfect if it weren’t such an integral part of his beliefs.

      • I mean that he hasn’t changed much in that particular department.

  28. Hi HG – Lemme see if I can make sense… lotta thoughts swishing round the cabeza….

    “Fragile” in the sense that the word or theme of “safe” reverberated with me strongly when he was speaking initially of his mission, how the mountains of Chile and the mountains of Utah provided him with a SENSE of safety, feeling safe. David’s always come across to me as being tightly wound, his body language giving away his unease or discomfort in situations when his brilliant smile would have you think otherwise. I’ve never got the sense of him ever really being relaxed in his own skin. Tonight when his passion for serving the Lord through his mission and other works came through. And he still buttoned that shirt up to his neck, lolol… I think he is also finding and building a stronger sense of self, his self worth through his religious service. His prior music career was not enough to fulfil him in those areas. One of my biggest critiques of his musical out put and direction from TOSOD till the present has been that it’s felt or been too “safe”. Too much in his comfort zone, not enough stretching the musical boundaries with his glorious instrument….. that word “safe”, and the sense that I get from him that he’s been in search of it for a while… he was 16/17 when this whirlwind started, he has returned from a 2 year break a 23 year old man, but he still has a lot of living and growing to do. I feel it will be within his “good place, where he feels “safe”… and as long as he’s finding real inner peace and happiness, I’m happy for him.

    • Yes, I see what you mean. And yes, the buttoned-up shirt indicated that he’s still not feeling “comfortable” but he is trying, I think.

      • That shirt he was wearing, I thought he was look like he was choking by his neck?

      • Yeah, it’s gonna take time – he’s on a different journey than a lot of us, but I respect his passion and his commitment to do what he feels gives him the most satisfaction. I may not understand it totally, but I don’t have to… he has to live HIS life in the best way he sees fit. I may not be an active participant in the remainder of the ride, but I will be inclined to seek him out on the net here and there to see how he’s doing. He’s a special guy. 🙂

      • Long Time Lurker

        Just a thought about the buttoned-up shirt. I was surprised when when I saw it because it is very “hipster” to wear it like that nowadays. I know, because I have a 24 year old son who wears all his shirts like that (drives me crazy) along with the tighter jeans. I said, “wow, David`s gone hipster”. And my son looked at him and said,”No, he`s gone normal.”

  29. that sentence s/b, “Tonight his passion for serving the Lord through his mission and other works came through”

  30. So, it sounds like a very “buttoned up”, non-secular Utah based music future. I’m glad that he is happy but this will be the end of me following his career. I will miss that gorgeous voice.

  31. It seem weird that tweets that david been so many dates, still had not find the ‘one’ maybe some didn’t go well and some did, maybe david didn’t feel right with the dates idk?

    • Dates that dates had been on, was the girls happy to be on a date with david because he is ‘known as a famous singer’ he prolly got that vibe on thoses dates and maybe that why he hasn’t found the ‘ one’ just my guess.

  32. Beau – of course you can ITA. LOL! Again thank you for your thought-provoking comments.

  33. There’s an old saying of how you can tell 100 people the exact same thing and there will be 100 different interpretations of what was said. Its fascinating to see it play out in real life as well.

    So far tonight have seen comments from fans (here, other fansites, twitter) that run the gamut. As always, don’t think there is any one correct answer. Loved the honesty David displayed tonight. He is one in a million. Will be interested to see how he plans to approach his career and integrating it with things that really should be held above that. Can’t wait to see what David has in store for us next. What a joy to hear that voice sing live again!

  34. I found David inspiring, genuine, honest, happy with where he is in life now, wearing his heart on his sleeve. I never felt like I was being preached to, much to my surprise I felt very comfortable. I have no idea where he is headed careerwise, but seeing how happy he is not sure what he sings matters.

  35. Tonight, David answered many of the questions people have had about who he is now,what his priorities are now, and where he wants to go in the future. The Mission changed him forever. He loves to sing, but only what he wants to sing. He’s not interested in being a media darling, a teen idol, or a boy toy fantasy. He’s deeply religious and gets more out of helping others than he does selling CDs. He’s made a lot of money but realizes, already, that money really does not buy happiness, and is, in fact, an illusion.

    He was open, honest, warm and sincere. He spoke and sang, in 2 languages, for hours. He looks great, dressed appropriately for the occasion, and oozed his signature charm and class.

    David closed the book on American Idol tonight, once and for all. It’s part of history now. Those who want to grow with David, and have the patience to do so, will be rewarded in time.

    David will, undoubtedly, lose some fans who are focused on their lingering fantasy of David and not the real person we saw tonight. This is a natural part of growth and change, and will serve David well. With new, mature music, he will attract new, mature fans who respect him as a singer and performer worthy of adult respect.

  36. Well said, Bliss. I did listen to most of the chat, and agree with everyone about how lovely he is.

    But the mystery deepens about why, with all of the talk of the importance of being with family, he only mentioned sisters and mom?

  37. Shanny in Australia

    I loved what I managed to catch of the chats. They were everything I expected and hoped they’d be. David was classy and honest and sincere. I loved seeing mega-watt smile David again. He did superbly. And I’m very grateful for the chats and his willingness to share such personal things.
    Candy I’m glad you felt comfortable watching them. 🙂

    Does anyone know what he was saying about the hymn Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing in his Spanish chat? That’s prolly my favourite hymn.

  38. I want to thank you Hg for allowing me to keep commenting on your wonderful blog, it’s be a blast.
    I so enjoyed the fun career ride of David’s and am so sad that during the time that I was enjoying him working on his career, he really didn’t want it and wasn’t happy. I always thought he was so grateful and happy especially after reading the COS, but it’s such a same he wasn’t. I’m so glad that he seems to be so happy now and is carving his own path and I truly wish him the best, he deserves the best.
    I also want to say how much fun I had conversing with all you archies, ones I agree with, ones I don’t agree with, it’s all be so much fun.
    Now David is on a different journey that I truly wish him well but truly don’t think it would be that much fun to follow.
    One thing for sure he has one of the most phenomenal voice of his time and time will tell how far that talent will take him.

    • Oh btw, I’ll still be lurking from time to time, old habits are hard to break, lol.

    • ” [I] am so sad that during the time that I was enjoying him working on his career, he really didn’t want it and wasn’t happy.”

      It hurts my heart to hear that as well, cq. Please correct me if I missed anything to the contrary, but it sounds like he didn’t even say that he enjoyed singing for us? Or did he? Oh well, doesn’t matter, never really did, I guess. I just hate to think that it was fake on his part.

    • I don’t see how David’s career will be fun or interesting to follow at all at this point. Who cares what his religious beliefs are? That is his own personal business. I know this will not be a popular comment but-Music artists should keep their religious beliefs to themselves and focus on their music career. After following David I believe that even more not less. I am not a religious person at all so how are non religious folks supposed to relate to all this focus on his religion and not the music? He put the links to the chat on his professional twitter. Are you kidding me?? I don’t follow Christian or religious or inspirational music as I am not interested in it. 2 words-Career Suicide. No wonder we have not seen much of his Dad and brother. I hope his LDS fans are going to buy his music and go to his appearances to support his career. I wish him the best- of course- but I don’t really care anymore. Not upset or angry or frustrated-just don’t care. lol. But I do still like the site-SD and will continue to pop in and comment occasionally 🙂 Also if you don’t like my comment-I can take it as I don’t care. lol. 🙂

  39. Shanny in Australia

    My comment regarding buttoned up shirts disappeared. Short version….lots of young guys dress like that now, from what I’ve seen on TV and around and about.

  40. CC and CQ, David always enjoyed singing to his fans and deeply appreciated their support. But his faith and family is what completes him as a person. I don’t believe for one second that he was pretending to love performing for us.

  41. I loved the chat.. watched both. I am married to a musician saw and experienced a lot of crazy stuff. good reason artists like JB and Elvis had such issues everything is given to them on a silver platter there is no balance. no one is saying no to you.
    David is not giving up music folks he is just finding his way to do what he loves and survive as a person. a good one at that.

    whoever is thinking about leaving.. I say hold on.
    know I am

    about him being depressed.. he also said there were folks who were saying not to go to church think about it and who is absent right now that we know of?
    David is asserting himself now not folks trying to control him.

    • Kimak…perseverance, determination, successes, hard work, long days, disappointments, misconceptions, family separations, depression, discouragement, no silver platters.

      • sandybeaches wasn’t that specific.. drugs sex etc all given freely.. yes it takes hard work to make a successful career of it all but with all that comes other things. JT fabulous example so far of success for David thinking there are other issues especially personal ones that led him down this path.
        take JB for instance David giving a chat on his faith last night. JB from what I saw crashed his Cado.
        let’s not even get into Miley.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Are you talking about jeff, Kim?
      Whatever the situation is there nowadays, David always said in the past that his dad understood him. I take that to mean that his dad understood his emotional and spiritual side and how he didn’t want to lose sight of the meaningful things in life?
      Also, the fact that he didn’t mention his dad and bro….it’s just a continuation of how it has been in the past, increasingly so. Until I have solid reason to believe otherwise I will stick with the idea that both Jeff and Daniel no longer want to be a part of the limelight and David is respecting their wishes.

      • Shanny guess being around for a while have seen stuff.. take what happened with his pops. stuff happens.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        Oh I heard stuff about #manincaps. Even if the main star is above the fray, that does NOT mean his entourage is not taking advantage.

      • can talk personally to the world back stage.. seen got into a lot of crazy stuff with my hubs.
        never want to ever again either.

      • guess what I am saying is there are reasons for everything.. also thinking the best is yet to come. I loved last nights chats.
        loved his honesty, didn’t feel preached to and loved that he is still David and in my opinion even better.

      • Shanny in Australia

        HG, oh there has always been stuff floating around. But out of respect for David, I prefer to keep it at face value personally.

        Kim, I LOVE your sentiments. Thanks for being you.

  42. Having had a night to mull it all over, I still stand by my statement of my sadness in hearing his feelings about his life pre-mission. You can sugar coat it any way you want but he is saying that time period was not what he wanted and taking last night’s chat with the vlog he did, it’s clear it was all a show for fans and his handlers. How exhausting to keep up that pretense and show of lies.

    Going forward I am going to keep my eye out for his music and will absolutely support it if it’s good. A person’s personal life, unless absolutely repugnant (my example is always Chris Brown), will not stop me from supporting music I like, but I will not be following him so closely anymore because I do not want to hear about religion.

    Thank you HG for this lovely place for all types of fans to gather.

    I too hope the LDS fans will support this fine person called David with their pocketbooks. He deserves it for his devotion to and promotion of their faith alone. I never felt as a whole they supported him prior to the mission and that always puzzled me.

    • oh lordy then leave.. not lds here I am still here. David will make new fans if he so wishes.

  43. Shanny in Australia

    Cchalo between your comments after the vlog when he said he doesn’t like doing vlogs and your comments here regarding David saying he wasn’t happy before……I get the impression you feel hurt. And maybe a few others here are feeling the same way too given the laments about him being unhappy previously.
    In my opinion you guys are reading too much into it and should try to keep it in perspective more because I think you’re feeling sad unnecessarily. It’s not something personal to you guys. I actually think Desertrat said it in a nutshell up thread….. “i didn’t get the impression it was all an act. i thought he was saying that what he believed would bring him happiness (eg, fame, fortune and album, etc.) still left him wanting something else.”
    Surely we can all understand that while worldly success is enjoyable, it isn’t everything and things like family and faith are where a person finds wholeness. Don’t feel sad. He appreciates his fans.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Ha, that previous comment of mine wasn’t a reply to Anon. We were just typing at the same time.
      People will do and think what they’re gonna, I guess. Each to his own. All the best to anyone who is moving on. I mean that. Hugs. Even to those peeps who have frustrated the heck out of me in the past. Lol. I know I must have frustrated some of you in return too. It was never my intent. Again, take care. 🙂

  44. So because David admitted that there were times he wasn’t happy with his personal direction, some people have decided they don’t want to be his fan anymore? Really? Not everything is about you. It was about something personal with him.

    That’s like saying because you were sad once there is no way you could have enjoyed that cake you ate during that time. Of course you enjoyed it. Its just that not everything was syncing up in your life to make you feel completely fulfilled. Now you can eat cake and also be happy about the entire meal.

    Candy brought up Janis Joplin earlier. Does anyone enjoy her music less because she was drunk or high when some of it was written or performed? I’m sure she wasn’t feeling completely fulfilled during that time but her music still meant something. Something to her and to those who listen.

    I admire David for being willing to be honest about himself. He admitted that there was something missing at a certain point. He took time to discover what that missing thing was and add it to his life. That doesn’t mean nothing from before meant anything to him. And it doesn’t mean that he can’t still have a secular career, just that he has priorities now that place other things above career. Some aren’t happy about that but can you honestly say in your own life that there is nothing you value above your career? If the answer is yes…well, that’s probably not the most fulfilling thing in the long run.

    I realize now that some will find a way to be bothered no matter what David does or says.

  45. I didn’t see anyone say that David’s previous unhappiness was a reason to stop following him so closely–the reasons involve his stated musical direction. Revealing his personal angst just started us questioning the past, and whether the joy of performing that we thought we perceived was authentic. I think it was, but right now it’s overshadowed by his regrets and new, “refreshed” path.

    It was surprising to me that he talked about looking for happiness in money and fame, because the narrative we had about him was that here is the rare young artist who has his feet on the ground and has always known that it was always about expressing his gift, the pleasure of the people he reached, the ability to help others, etc. I agree that it was probably “someone else’s” dream–though who could blame him, having been through bankruptcies and concerns about supporting a family of seven.

    I’ve thought that the extreme religious devotion may come from a complicated family background, and the idea that there could have been shenanigans going on all along, bolsters that idea for me. It must have been so appealing for him to experience Kendra’s large, very musical, intact, devout family at a formative time in his life.

    • Extreme is not a word I would use.

      • It’s all relative. To many people, three hours of church is extreme, and I don’t know for sure, but I bet that even to Mormons, going to the temple every week is on the high side.

    • What stated musical direction are you referring to? He said that music is spiritual to him. That’s it. I saw several people right here on this page say that they are feeling lied to about how he felt previous to his mission. David himself said he didn’t realize what he was missing until he found it. How can he tell people things he himself doesn’t know yet?? Like all people he was learning about himself as he went along.

      Why that is seen as a reason to be sad and want to leave now, I don’t understand. Why not be happy that he has found fulfillment and is making music? He said nothing in that interview about making religion his career. For those that don’t like religious music, fine I get that. Why does that chat make them want to pack bags and go though? It is just David being honest. He can look back now and see what he couldn’t see then. Can’t we all look back at certain periods in our lives and see in hindsight what we couldn’t see then? If not, then you must lead a charmed life. In the moment that life is happening all we can do it live as we go. The insight comes later. Why are some not willing to give David that courtesy? Should he have known at 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 exactly what would make him feel fulfilled years later? And should him feeling fulfilled by his religion mean that those who don’t want him to have a religious career should vamoose?

      Obviously each person makes their own decisions. I just don’t get someone who has stuck around this long finding what he said last night to be a reason to shut down. Fans want honesty from him. He gave it. He said (in the Spanish chat) that he’s going to do albums and he’s going to tour. He said nothing about making a career out of religious music.

      • I can’t personally answer you, because I’m not one of the ones saying that. I was making the point that it seems to me that the sadness about the past is a separate issue from whether or not people want to follow his career now or in the future.

  46. i am confused here< why did david says that he wasnt happy doing music, than why he is doing anyway, try to lose fans so he can go to BYU??

  47. like i said before david doesnt seem happy about music in the vblog doing music again, he is trying to pleased the fans not himself? if he wasnt happy doing music than he should have said in the chat last nite that ‘ i dont want to do music again” and move on with others NEW things something like that? he sure piss fans off by that comment that he made not about happy with music?

    • He never said he wasn’t happy with music. He said he wasn’t fulfilled with the way things were going at a certain point. That’s very different. He is feeling fulfilled now — and he’s still choosing to do music. Obviously that tells us he does want to make it his career. Stop with the incessant quitting music to go to BYU thing. Its a dead horse.

  48. okay lurker, david is going to BYU in 2015, he was already seen on campus couple of times! maybe enrolled for next year. IMO. it did sound like he wasnt happy at all coming back. may i have a different view of that bu, i thought he did well with his all ablums he did the past.

  49. some will find a way to be botherd no matter what david does or says, so true

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