More Pressing Issues for Debate

Is David (in the right hand corner) shirtless or not? 😛


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  1. LOL-Shirtless without a doubt!! He is so white, he glows! Do all of he Artchuletas swim with their clothes on?? What is with that? Maybe living at the shore, it seems strange to see people swimming in their clothes.

    • Exactly! So why would David who has always been overly modest be shirtless? The other photos clearly show him wearing a tee. Actually I thought the photo of his back looks “enhanced” or photo-shopped to me because David is not much wider at the shoulders than his sisters. 😉
      Only those who were there know for sure though. Another thing, I see Abuelita & stepdad were in the water, I wonder why his mom wasn’t?

      This kind of speculation is so much more fun!!

  2. Fun Topic FTW

    No way a Mormon missionary returned or active appears in public without the special garments so he is not shirtless. And no way in mixed company is he shirtless either. And even if he was a warlock worshiping squirrels, he is David and would not go topless in public.

    • Wasn’t he released? What would happen to him if heaven forbid he took off his t-shirt to swim. I’m really hoping that David isn’t that uptight. Btw his sisters are in bikinis and that seems to be ok so why can’t he swim without his top?

    • Mormons are allowed to remove their garments for special activities, like swimming. So, swimming shirtless, for a man, is allowed. From a Mormon.

  3. Topless?? its not like he was pole dancing, hes in a pool. And once you go on a mission they can never go swimming with their garments? Sorry, if Im misunderstanding.

  4. *without

  5. I think that pic was fake and photoshopped and believe that david ‘head but was wearing a swim shirt and that was crop off but post a pix with a hunky guy JMO.

  6. boy you guys rely have gone off the deep end this time lol

    • Rooster, aren’t you the one who first posted about seeing the photo of David in a swimsuit? So why the innocent act?

  7. Maybe it was photoshopped and david took that pic?!?

  8. Again it really doesn’t look like he is in the pool? I think he is the one who took the pic and that he is not really in that pool at all.

  9. Ok I have to say it, the man has got a nice body(defined muscles) even with farmer’s tan or flesh color t-shirt, lol. To tell you the truth he’s just plan sexy with a t-shirt and jeans, sorry David that’s the cross you have to bare, lol.

    • Well, David is a good-looking guy, but “defined muscles”? IMO, not yet. He’s still small in stature, but if he gets back to muscle building exercises like he did a 4 years ago, look out!! 😀

      • Those back muscles look pretty defined to me, but your right, he’s not a big framed man, just nicely defined, imo.

  10. LOL rooster we’re not the ones in the water, just having fun! Are you going to watch the chat tmw?

  11. DA 2014-youre probably right, Im sure whlie his family was camping, swimming he was at BYU picking out his classes for fall.

    • Huh candy?? david was with family at the camp not at BYU. David is going to BYU in the fall of 2015, what I have heard from different people, maybe mid summer will be his last time he will doing music?

  12. So apparently David is inviting everyone to join him on his chat, not just LDS youth. So I guess maybe we might get an idea regarding his career plans after all. He said he will sing, maybe new song. Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild wonderful ride or maybe not so wonderful, depending on the fan, lol.

  13. Shanny in Australia

    returned missionaries can go swimming without a top on.
    I don’t think it’s photoshopped for various reasons.

    • If u look at the pix, u can tell that david is not in the pool, look closely and water around it? Again I think he took pic of lupe and Dave?

    • It’s enhanced I tell you! He’s not that muscular. Seeing him out & about in SLC, he’s still a little guy! And he is wearing a tee in the other photos. And not even his stepdad is shirtless.

      Maybe someone can ask David about it at the Chat tomorrow! haha!

      Good nite. Been fun!

  14. If david is planning not doing tour or doing have a album out around in 2015 than maybe BYU could be true? I think he is just doing a couple of songs for mainstream and iTunes??? But I could be wrong with my guesse?

    • Who put a photoshopped pic of david in the pool? got fans thinking that he was really in that pool. That was not right who would do such a thing like that!!! Goodnite everyone.

  15. candy you can bet on it lol

  16. Was too busy on the old thread, so after serious deliberation, here’s a repeat of my conclusion: He’s shirtless. I think it’s obvious that the answer to the mystery of why he wouldn’t be seen shirtless before, is the simplest: Before, he was too self-conscious about the farmer’s tan. Not because he’s a modesty freak, or any of the complicated speculations. He as much as told us his worry when someone pulled on his shirt during his AI homecoming, “I wouldn’t want them to see my farmer’s tan,” (as unlikely as that would be). Lol.

    Now he’s back from his mission and not only showing his religious convictions, but he’s saying, “What the heck, this is my body, deal with it”

    I don’t know how to post the other photos here, but they’re much more conclusive and obviously posed.

  17. Re: the studio picture. I definitely think that was where the shoe picture was taken–look at all of the mood lighting.

  18. I pretty much thought that recording studios have carpets.

  19. busybee how do youcome up with innocent act out of that stement ?? cc after being with other guys 24/7 the modesty go out the window,

  20. Pretty freakin excited to hear David sing no matter what it is, lol, Bring on the videos!!!!

  21. YouWereJustaDreamThatiOnceKnew

    It’s definitely him…. There are other pics of him swimming without a shirt in another pool. And “that extreme tanline” is also a proof that it was him 🙂 I see no reason for any issue…. He has grown confident and firm on his beliefs, so why would he now worry of other’s judgement on just this normal act of going shirtless on a pool….

    Here’s the link in the tumblr:

    Go David 🙂 be braver and bolder (no pun intended lol)

  22. Ya’ll must be blind! ZOOM the other photos of David in the hot tub. He IS wearing a t-shirt. The other photo of his back was enhanched and/or photo-shopped. Believe me, he is not that muscular. Sightings of David in & around town wearing garments & t-shirts, he’s still a little guy, cute but little. 😉

    Off to a great vacation. Bye!

    • YouWereJustaDreamThatiOnceKnew

      Based on the flexion of his back muscles (it wasn’t that muscle ‘channing tatum’ muscle… It was just a buldging caused by back flexion….) he seemed to be holding by the gutter of the pool side. Why can’t we just accept he went ‘SHIRTLESS’ on the pool…. His sisters went on bikinis, he went topless… That’s all. No religious shiz and stuff like that….

      Have you seen his body before to even conclude he indeed only have a tiny wee body? He loves exercising (and pronounced and firm muscles come after exercising) And honestly, at this point of career of David I don’t think someone would do such effort to photoshop his back.

      And his skin tanning is so severe that his skin color is so obviously uneven (which is my case right now, as I just came from a total sun toasting vacation). And I think this could be a probable reason why he went shirtless… To make his epithelium even….

      There. I’ll stop giving my rationale LOL

  23. *smirk*

  24. I’m glad you got it – 🙂

  25. This thread is too funny. Only with David would we wonder if he was shirtless or not in a pool!

  26. I am going with he has a shirt on. The pictures of him in the pool looks like there is a little pulling away of the shirt from his neck. I think the shorts are his swimming trunks. I don.t think we will ever see David shirtless and in a pair of speedos !

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