A Fanbase Divided


The final numbers are in on my latest poll – which do fans fear most: David leaving music, or David proselytizing his faith through music?

As it turns out, fans are 50/50 divided on this subject, with just a tiny majority expressing real fear that David will start proselytizing his faith through music. Which, apparently, is a bigger concern than never hearing the Voice on a sung. EVER!

I really need to process that and to wonder how issues of religion and faith became such a deal-breaker for some. I mean, Carrie Underwood singing a hit song “Jesus Take the Wheel” didn’t hurt her career (in fact, it bolstered it), so it’s not really the Christian element.  Is David’s faith just too marginal (or too “out there”) for some fans to be comfortable with?

And I have to ask that because, if David were a Baptist or a Catholic and just as religiously devout, I have a feeling this wouldn’t be as controversial – unless he were a devout Muslim or something.

Hmmmm, seems like David is going to have to find a balance between his devout fans and secular fans. Not that this is undoable. I mean, there are always subtexts one can put in a song that only certain fans can hear, while they fly over the heads of others.

Still, it’s weird how religious devotion is seen as a “defect,” especially when some artists (think Miley Cyrus turning to hypersexuality or Justin Bieber becoming a “bad boy”) really engage in the kinds of behaviors most would find objectionable.

New Poll!

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  1. I have to admit I am surprised by the poll results and don’t really understand that mentality. “If I can’t have him, then no one can”? Or am I missing the reasoning behind choosing him not to sing over singing religious music?

    I think David was born to sing and his voice is such a beautiful gift. I hope he always shares it even if it isnt me he is sharing it with.

    I do think that it’s seen as much more embraceable in current society to be a “bad boy (or girl)” than to be seen as devoutly religious. While I’m not really religious myself, I think that fact is sad and fairly ridiculous.

  2. I didn’t vote in this poll, HG, because the answer I’d say is “both.”

    Some fans will be driven away by “bad boy” behavior while others are attracted to that. Some fans will be driven away from religious devotion while others will be attracted. I think it will be interesting to watch the change in demographics that may occur for David. He may just pick up a whole bunch of fans of Country Music that are more used to a little Jesus in their music. 🙂

    For me, I would certainly like David to pick up his secular music career – and I believe he will. But I’ve never turned down a chance to listen to David sing, no matter what the song. I still listen to Be Still My Soul and I’m Trying to be Like Jesus right along with Tell Me, Stompin’ the Roses and TOSOD. I’m not religious, but David’s singing is a kind of spiritual experience for me (take that anyway you want to). And don’t I just die and go to heaven when he sings Ave Maria.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Marlie, I’m asking you to vote which do you think would drive more people away since both things are apt to do so. Please choose!

  3. These polls are great, keeps things interesting, thank you Hg.
    Actually the thing is that the most people would not like to be preached to so if a star choose to put their religion up front and use their fame to proselytize that might be the thing that might not work for the majority of people and I’m not saying that a star can’t ever mention religion, their values etc.
    Btw I would feel the same way if he was proselytizing any religion.

    This poll is one that I really can’t vote because I feel that both would equally drive audience away. Imo, all that David needs to do is put out phenomenal music with great production that the general public loves and he will be a big star. Now if he does become a big star and still wants to use his fame to proselytize the Mormon faith (not God or Jesus, that’s more general) he might have an uphill battle.

  4. Okay, HG – I did! I think bad boy behavior would drive more current fans away.

  5. I voted ” Bad Boy ” behavior would drive more fans away , because eventually many fans would become bored and turned off by it. There are lots of great singers who are very religious without being ” Extreme “, particularly in the soul and country genres. Most of their fans can relate to that part of their life because they have grown up in a culture that is more faith based. Personally, I appreciate knowing that an artist I like has a spiritual side. It just seems to give them more musical depth. As long as the pop artist doesn’t preach and have an alter call (LOL) I don’t believe fans will leave.

    • I agree with you Olive Oil… But then when i break down fans into types (e.g.younger people) i think that “bad boy” behavior becomes more “attractive” and religiosity becomes alienating. You have a really good point about the music genre like country being more receptive to openly religious artists.

      When Elvis gyrated on TV for the first time the girls fell in love with him but i guess the parents were mortified at first. And James Dean carried a bad boy persona( for the fifties) and he was a super star! Gosh that so separates fans by age and era within that context.

      Personally i admire spiritual people with strong faith but at the same time i don’t appreciate being “preached” to. Really, who does at any age want to be preached to except when voluntarily choosing to park in a church . So for me, as long as David “owns” who he is and lives his faith without pushing it on others without invitation, i am fine with him being devout in that context. And at this point in time i am not getting any pushy vibes from him.

  6. I think bad behavior would drive more fans away, because David’s good – guy persona is what attracted us to him in the first place. Proselytizing is a problem, though, because it feels like we’re not okay, unless we accept the message.

  7. anon9999999999

    as peter would say another worthless poll, i see that senseless is living up to it,s name lol

    • Actually i think it is a relevant and worthy poll because it crystalizes and helps to clarify the diverse responses to the new David and his openness now about being Mormon.

  8. Completely off topic from the poll, but I see fans on twitter are all chattering about new pics this morning. From last weekend at Crystal Springs, David hanging in the pool with family sans shirt. Lol and some were surprised just about the shorts picture! 😉

    Seems there are lots of misconceptions about what David will and won’t do. He does like to surprise us lol.

    • Look closer………..he did have a t-shirt on

      • I did look. There are 3 different pictures. And I’m pretty sure that unless he has a (pale) flesh colored shirt made to look like skin, he wasn’t wearing one.

      • ohh kind of does look like it.. ha well still love it even if! he looks happy!!

    • I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t give a hoot about photos like this.

      • I don’t particularly care other than it makes him seem less “unreasonably shy.” Makes him seem more like any 23 year old who doesn’t have a body image issue.

  9. Regarding this latest poll.

    My Opinion Only: Extreme religious devotion wouldn’t bother me generally, but David seems to be trying to drag his fans/followers into his way of thinking., proselytizing.

    He needs to keep that part of his life very private.

    It has become a big turn off for me.

    Artists that show “bad boy behavior” aren’t trying to drag me into their way of thinking.

    • In what way do you see him proselytizing to fans? I really am curious.

      • Read CCHalo’s comment from June 22 at 4:31:

        Potential questions for the FB chat: “there is a list there, of 9 ways to use social media to proselytize their beliefs. It’s like David was following it to the letter”

        the 9 ways are listed on that post.

      • I guess my idea of proselytizing is not the same as some others. I don’t need a list to tell me that.

      • Who knew that talking about your ancestors was a way of sharing your religion? David apparently thinks so. Some ways of proselytizing can be very sweet, but some ways, like sharing a speech condemning gay marriage and pornography–not so much.

  10. For me to be completely honest I think the LDS faith is a huge factor in David’s situation. This will not sit well with folks but the LDS faith is seen as fringe by a lot of non LDS Christians in my opinion. Just as the Muslim faith is seen as fringe by a lot of folks. Look at the controversy regarding people like Tom Cruise and John Travolta and Scientology. I am not at all comparing the doctrines of these various faiths or their good or bad points, just trying to make a point that David’s particular denomination is not seen as mainstream and he may have a better time of it had he been born Methodist or Lutheran for example.

    I am stating all this as an explanation perhaps for why there is such a strong emotional response to what David has done and is doing. LDS folks are perhaps tired of having to defend their faith that they find such joy in and non-LDS may have wrong ideas of that faith causing them to worry over David’s path.

    I do not want overtly religious music from him, as I have stated before. I don’t enjoy any overtly religious artist. Spiritual is fine in a non-denominational way. And addressing Carrie Underwood, one or two religious songs in a body of work is fine too. The vast majority of her music is not religious. It’s balance that is the key. The angst now felt, my opinion only, is that we have seen only family orientated and religious stuff from him that causes us, yes me included, to jump to conclusions that are probably not correct.

    All of the above is my opinion only and not intended to cause any ill feelings or hurt to any of the fine people here.

  11. Sorry, I meant to address the poll too. Like it or not, there is fascination with bad boys and girls. It is much more exciting than a good boy loving his family and faith. Personally I will not contribute a penny to the likes of a Chris Brown unless he makes a complete 180 and shows a good life. I do believe in forgiveness. But I also see how this type of behaviour fascinates young folks who do not know better. And that part is a topic for another time, how some modern parents do their parenting.

  12. The way people worship a higher power is about as diverse as it can get, so if a person wants to proselytize their own interpretation as being the one true way, there will always be controversy.

  13. Shanny in Australia

    The poll asks if a ‘popstar’ acts a certain way, what is the likely response? It doesn’t ask if ‘David’ acts a certain way. My answer changes based upon whether we’re speaking specifically about David or celebrities in general. Because I think a bad boy persona in celebrities in general is embraced more so than religious devout ness. However, David seems to have a lot of religious fans, or at least people who appreciate morality, and as such I think David’s fans in general would be more turned off by a bad boy persona. I understood the poll to mean celebrities in general…..

  14. David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 6m
    I’m grateful that there’s music like A Great Big World that plays on the radio.

    Say Somethinghttp://youtu.be/iC8tP9Oo52Y


  16. David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 31s

    Multitasking a little here in the studio with music and World Cup… http://instagram.com/p/pl87tply4g/

    I don’t think anyone posted the instagram picture link of David in the Recording Studio watching the game and recording. Typical guy lol.

  17. Lurker103, this, from you, gave me pause, “My Opinion Only: Extreme religious devotion wouldn’t bother me generally, but David seems to be trying to drag his fans/followers into his way of thinking., proselytizing.”

    This is a load of doo-doo. The notion that David is willfully attempting to convert his fans to the Mormon religion is yet another lie that must be quarantined and destroyed before it takes root. It is factually untrue, and hence, does not qualify as an opinion. How is he doing this? What is he saying that backs up your claim that he is “dragging his fans into his way of thinking”.

    It never ends.

    • bliss you have talked to David regarding this matter, of course, because it seems that you know that for a fact not just your opinion.

      • CQ, I didn’t make any claims, Lurker 103 did. That person needs to come up with the facts, not me. Since you are defending Lurker 103, perhaps you can site the necessary proof that David is “dragging the fans to his way of thinking”. Sarcasm is not proof, btw.

      • Sorry bliss, but I took her/his comment as “My Opinion Only” not as fact.

      • Bliss I understand the frustration regarding OPINIONS. I wasn’t defending or agree with Lurker103, I was defending a person’s right to have opinions. I do realize that being a very diverse fanbase, we will always have very heated discussions regarding some topics.

    • A load of doo-doo

      I’m going to borrow that phrase Bliss, I love it.

      I guess I don’t see the determined campaign that you do, Bliss but WOW am I tired of the predictable Sky Is Falling Because David is a Mormon stuff. YAWN!!!

      He’s just owning all of himself now right out loud. I love it. I applaud all of it. I think his future will be bright and surprising. And Bliss, I don’t love your tone always and you can be divisive – but I do understand the frustration with the daily rant about how he is not going to baptize anyone in here no way, no how. You don’t want to get baptized, don’t, but maybe open up your mind a little and learn something new. I sometimes wonder if David were Native American and tweeting about experiences with that kind of spirituality how the conversation would be different in here. I kinda think people would be exploring sweat lodges and how a matriarchal society functions.

  18. I personally never felt as if he is trying to drag us in either. And i have seen no evidence of intent.

  19. Carol, unfortunately, David has a few rogue “fans’ who are hell bent on sabotaging his career, and are hiding behind the curtain of “opinion” or “keeping it real”. They make up lies, present them as opinions or, worse yet, as facts, in the hope that the general population will think it’s true just because they say it is.

    This site seems to be a mecca for these people, and they make it their business to reinforce these slanderous lies about David day in and day out. Ironically, they are the proselytizers, not David, because they want to “drag” the readers of this site to their way of thinking.

    • Bliss yourself included of course….don’t you want us all to feel the way you do?
      lol, btw, a handful of fans aren’t going to drag David’s career down, imo, his career is all in his hands.

      • CQ, not al all. If I wanted people to think the way I do, I would’ve left this site long ago. I just want people to stop posting hurtful and unsubstantiated lies about David, a person who I admire and respect. Apparently, you feel otherwise or you would be as outraged about these lies as I am.

      • Hum, what lies? And you have to give me proof that you got it from David himself?

      • There is an old saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. David is not going to convert anyone that doesn’t want to convert if he is even trying. Same with all of us. We can post our opinions til the cows come home and no one is going to change unless they want too. Let’s be happy that David is recording music today in a studio!

      • Grammyj I’m very excited with the last couple of tweets….Maybe we’ll get music sooner than we think?!?! I agree David giving us music to discuss will make a big difference.

  20. Voted! it was an easy call for me, the over the top religious devotion would drive me away faster than being a “bad boy” would regardless of who the artist is. I was, and still am, a huge Janis Joplin fan, (enough said), so being bad doesnt drive me away. Although I havent run into an artist whose devotion has been an issue… not yet anyway. I guess it would be safe to say that for me it is all about the music.

    • Candy, Janis was the greatest. So was Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, Eric Burden, Grace Slick, and all the other “bad boys/ girls” of the ’60s. It was all about the music, and the music was fantastic. When David puts out great music, and he most certainly will, all these other things about him will fade into the long overdue background.

  21. CQ, I’m baffled when you say this “Hum, what lies? And you have to give me proof that you got it from David himself?”

    Got what from David? David doesn’t have to prove that he’s not “dragging fans to his way of thinking”. The person who claimed that he was “dragging fans to his way of thinking” has the burden of proof.

    • Bliss, I see you are just the goodwill messenger, so if you said that it’s a fact, it doesn’t apply to you. Got it.

  22. Why does this chat degrade into arguments when a certain poster appears? Why should anyone have to defend their opinion? It is their opinion and that is clear. Why is one poster’s opinion so much more valuable, in his own mind, than others’ opinions? If you admittedly don’t know David personally, it is all opinion and no one’s opinion is more valuable or informed than another’s. My own opinion only of course.

    • Anon #999, saying that “David is dragging his fans to his way of thinking” is not an opinion. It is an accusation, and needs to be substantiated, or it is slander. Surely I cannot be the only one who understands this.

      • Why would you assume my comment was directed your way?

      • No, you aren’t the only one who gets that. What i find murky is this tendency to base an opinion on unsubstantiated facts while also making inferences drawn from a set of premises that are faulty. If someone couches subjective opinions and inferences of this kind in the term “IMO” then does that remove the duty to “prove it” ? I don’t know honestly where the line is or should be drawn. But i do appreciate your utter frustration on this point.

        As an aside, I have a sense that some aversion to religion is based on intolerance and fear . Fear of being judged or rejected or both. And less of being converted. I certainly can’t prove that but i do believe that David has been rather seriously and IMO wrongly tarred with the brush of intent to convert fans. I do wonder if this is hurtful to him.. I mean deep down. Does it affect him? It worries me because he is a gentle soul, kind and caring and so charitable.

  23. Grammyj, so true when you say, “… this discussion is getting very old.”

    I’m sick of it too. Unfortunately, these lies are allowed to be posted, and there are enough other people who are fanning the flames to get the fire raging. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, because there is a clear agenda at play here to undermine David through his religion. Fortunately, there are many more lurkers than posters here, so i’m basically speaking to them to let them know that not everybody is on board with these slanderous lies.

    I’d much rather spend my time here celebrating David than calling out these fools. It’s a tough job, but, hey, someone’s got to to it, for David’s sake. It is, after all a fan site for David.

  24. Well we could celebrate davids “shirtlessness and being in the recording studio.” I would say they are both cause for celebration! Means he’s back in the saddle or in this case the hottub and recording studio! *wink*

  25. Smanda, you say, ” And Bliss, I don’t love your tone always and you can be divisive – but I do understand the frustration with the daily rant about how he is not going to baptize anyone in here no way, no how”.

    Lol, divisive, moi, LOL.?? The ‘tone” of which you speak is just me being flabbergasted at what I read here about David. Can you imagine David as someone who is trying to “convert” his fans to his religion with subliminal messages and videos? I love David, but I’m not giving up my bagels and lox for anyone.

  26. I can name a couple of fans who have done just that, converted. Ive been to concerts with both dont know their religion before converting but both seem happier. The sad (or misunderstood) part is for whatever reason they no longer associate with anyone other then lds. Caused a lot of hard feelings, not them being lds but the choosing part. So from that prospective I can understand where some fans are coming from. Im sure it happens with many religions.

    • Candy, if someone wants to convert to Mormonism or Hinduism, it’s on them. No one likes to be hit over the head with someone trying to sell them anything, be it a religion or a refrigerator. Anyone who thinks that David is doing that is free to find another artist to follow. I have seen no evidence of David trying to proselytize his religion since his return. Since he’s accused of doing so, I think we are entitled to inquire as to how that poster reached that conclusion. Posting a generic list of Mormon dos and don’ts from a website isn’t enough to convince me.

  27. Anon#999, this, from you, “Why would you assume my comment was directed your way?” regarding this, from you, “Why does this chat degrade into arguments when a certain poster appears? Why should anyone have to defend their opinion”.

    I’m sorry, were you referring someone else who you think “degrades the chat into arguments” when they come on? If you weren’t, who were you referring to? I thought for sure I was that “certain poster”. How egotistical of me, unless it’s true, of course.

    As for why people “have to defend their opinion”, it’s because that’s what intelligent people do when they are having a lively debate over issues in which they have differing points of view. I’ve noticed here that when people can’t defend their positions, they plead “the 5th” and head for the hills by calling it “just my opinion” , as if that absolves them from any responsibility to substantiate what they’ve posted. It doesn’t absolve anyone, including me. I welcome it.

    • Bliss, I’m just trying to understand what you mean…so opinions can only be voiced if the person has 100% proof that their opinion is correct, otherwise, no opinions can be given, is that what you are saying?

      • CQ, the problem is that your posts indicate that you do not seem to know the difference between opinion and fact. There is a significant difference, yet the two concepts overlap in your mind, creating confusion. No offense, but I can’t continue this discussion until you sort this out.

      • I’m sorry Bliss but I has to disagree with you I do know the difference between opinions and facts. Telling me that those two overlap in my mind is your opinion.
        I was wondering if you could just answer the question I had regarding opinions only. Does a person have to have 100% proof that their opinion is correct in order post.

      • Blisskasden, out of curiousity how do you know what goes on in cq’s mind and can your prove it?

  28. you prove it, not your. apologies for the typo

  29. anon9999999999

    bliss you are wasting your time, certain people her have a real mental problem,

    • anon9999999999, so nice of you to pop in and give that wonderful uplifting, inspirational sentence.

    • Oh…Rooster/Ray! Is that you? Was wondering when you were gonna show up. Was missing you!

      WOWzeee David is finally recording!! Yayyyy! Looked at the pics of David in the pool and he was NOT shirtless. He had on a t-shirt. Methinks only his doctor and his future wife will be the ONLY one’s who will ever see David’s bare chest. haha!

      Have to say the discussions here are never dull or boring. Thanks guys!

  30. Shanny in Australia

    I absolutely agree that a person should do their best to base their opinion in as many facts as they possibly can in order to have a productive and intelligent conversation, otherwise we could make up all sorts of ridiculous things. Like…oh….David really did have a thing going on with Charice, they went to Chile for two years as a part of their honeymoon and had a couple of kids whilst there.
    By using more facts and less unsubstantiated opinions, the debates can be about the validity of the arguments, and less about the poster. And perhaps there would be less frustration, un-necessary angst over things amongst the fan base and less divisiveness.

    • Shanny, yes those examples you have provided are ridiculous statement, not opinions. I give you a few more, David is giving up music and going to BYU, David has a girlfriend…ridiculous statement that are neither opinions or facts.

      • Shanny in Australia

        But what if I said they were my opinions.
        The point is opinions should have some evidence or they are just ridiculous statements and cause all sorts of angst.

      • Shanny, So if I said imo, these last few pictures of David (with sisters, in the pool etc) seem like he is enjoying himself, I have no proof other that a few pictures that really don’t give me information. I have had pictures taken of me that I smile and seem to be really enjoying myself, but I can tell you that sometimes that’s not the case. Should that opinion not be posted because it’s based on an observation of a picture not in anyway fact?

  31. Sigh. The bickering is NEVER going to end if people don’t know how to disagree in a respectful way. If anyone thinks that shouting “slanderous lies!!” is going to impress any lurkers, they’re deluding themselves.

    If you disagree with the opinion that “David SEEMS to be trying to drag his fans/followers into his way of thinking, proselytizing” (my emphasis), you could say that you don’t see that at all and tell us why.

    Histrionics is more likely to make people think that you’re unhinged rather than get them to agree with you.

  32. If you read a statement, your mind forms an opinion and you agree or disagree. I believe in God, for me that is a fact but others can take that as an opinion as it is “my opinion” that there really is a God. So it nullifies the fact versus opinion scenario. At least in my opinion it does 😉

  33. P.S. Attacking posters for what they say, makes it seem like you don’t have any other argument–an ad hominem argument.

  34. Shanny in Australia

    Cq, said…..”Shanny, So if I said imo, these last few pictures of David (with sisters, in the pool etc) seem like he is enjoying himself……….Should that opinion not be posted because it’s based on an observation of a picture not in anyway fact?”

    In this instance your opinion is based upon something concrete – the fact that he is smiling in the picture. So it is reasonable to assume he is happy and you have provided some reasoning for your opinion.
    I never said the evidence had to stand up in a court of law lol, but let’s try to give some intelligent reasons for our opinions and then we can discuss their validity.

    • Shanny, telling me that I’m not intelligent won’t make things change. You provided what I asked for which was no you don’t have to have proof to have an opinion in regards to what you read, see etc.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cq, I did not say you were not intelligent. Not at all.
        I am talking about the general discussions had in the fandom, and calling for thoughtfulness from all people.

        And I just said the proof in your example would be that David was smiling in the picture.

      • Ok, I did take it as a reply to my comment.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Just for the record, I said…. “but let’s try to give some intelligent reasons for OUR opinions and then we can discuss their validity.”

        I didn’t say “YOUR opinions”.

        I was discussing with you what makes for a thoughtful, productive conversation amongst the fandom.

        All is good Cq. Thank you.

  35. Shanny in Australia

    Candy, you said…..”If you read a statement, your mind forms an opinion and you agree or disagree. I believe in God, for me that is a fact but others can take that as an opinion as it is “my opinion” that there really is a God. So it nullifies the fact versus opinion scenario. At least in my opinion it does 😉

    Yes, some people will look at the same evidence and sometimes come to different conclusions based upon their understanding of the world and their experiences in life. But at least the discussion is focused on something evidence based and people can simply agree to disagree after everyone has brought their reasoning to the table. It would minimise a lot of problems, like frustration, false assumptions and hopefully help tone down some of the accusations.

  36. My 2 cents. Interesting poll hg. This poll is easy for me-When a pop artist shows extreme religious devotion that is what is going to drive more audiences away. For sure. It is not what many folks here might want it to be but that is the reality of the music business TODAY. There are many examples of “bad boys” that have had successful pop music careers in the music industry. Now if David was making money for the peeps in the music industry then they would look the other way at his religious devotion BUT he is not. I would also be a little more than concerned if I was David or on his team on how the music industry perceives him. But maybe he does not really care. Isn’t it important how the music /entertainment industry peeps perceive you if you really want a music career? More important than what any folks on a fan site think. If they think you are extremely religious that is not going to bode well for a “pop” artist unless you can pull off being extremely successful-which is just highly unlikely. Just keeping it real. End of my 2 cents. lol 🙂

  37. “I have a dream – that a fansite will one day exist that does not judge a singer by the religion he reveres, but by the magnificence of his music.”

    Carol, you said: I have a sense that some aversion to religion is based on intolerance and fear . Fear of being judged or rejected or both. And less of being converted. I certainly can’t prove that but i do believe that David has been rather seriously and IMO wrongly tarred with the brush of intent to convert fans. I do wonder if this is hurtful to him.. I mean deep down. Does it affect him?

    I totally agree with the FEAR of being judged idea, and while I cannot speak for David about the hurtful part, can certainly speak to how it seems to me. If David is reading this site it is abundantly clear to him that a very small minority of his ‘supporters’ here hate that he went on a mission and would be thrilled if he renounced his religion and all things to do with it. How do YOU think that would make him feel? Supported? Loved? Understood? How about disappointed, abandoned and hated?

    Happily, I kinda think the whole point of the ‘new David’ is that he doesn’t really care about pleasing every last person anymore and he will do exactly what he wants, including singing faith based songs and doing Mormon stuff if that is indeed what floats his boat right now. And I wouldn’t listen too closely tomorrow night to that interview, as he will be singing Mormon hymns and you might feel peace and spirit, even if it is in Spanish. Make sure to plug your ears because ICK, we certainly don’t want any of that.

    I hope I can be excused the sarcasm. Sometimes it just all gets to be too ridiculous to fathom.

    • Julie, totally respect your opinion, but do you truly know for a fact that David has no intentions of trying to convert any of his fans? It really doesn’t matter actually. I for one am hoping that we get wonderful secular music from David, but if he really doesn’t want that kind of career that of course is his choice and yes, I do think he will let his fans know what his direction will be. Can’t say that I won’t be a bit sad about him not having a secular career, ,lol, but I also know that if he choose the religious music career path, he will do just fine and have enough fans that enjoy that type of music.

      • Shanny in Australia

        “Julie, totally respect your opinion, but do you truly know for a fact that David has no intentions of trying to convert any of his fans? It really doesn’t matter actually. ”

        Did Julee even say anything about David converting fans? Anyway….My 2 cents on this issue that everyone has been discussing….

        In all honesty and from an LDS perspective….since the church is a missionary minded church and David has just spent the last two years on an LDS mission, I think it’s reasonable to assume that yes, he is sharing his religious beliefs on some level.

        Now, having said that….do we think he’s so naive as to think that his fans who have been discussing his religion for 2+ years are suddenly going to rush out and join the church just because he linked to some Mormon ad about a golf player going on a mission or telling us about his great-grandfather serving in the armed forces? No, of course not.

        So it must be safe to assume that something else is going on. Cchalo has raised a legitimate idea previously. She suggested that maybe these sorts of tweets are aimed at the youth of the church, trying to encourage them in their faith. That sounds plausible.

        I can see two other possible motivators, one being that he is just trying to show in a generic sense to all those casual twitter followers who and what Mormons are. One of the goals of the church is not necessarily to convert people but to increase understanding in the general population of who Mormons are and what they’re not. For instance, many fans have said they used to have a false understanding of what LDS people were all about. Maybe David is simply trying to bring a greater awareness to anyone who might be listening.

        The second motivator I can see for these tweets…and I think this one is definitely a huge part of it all….is that as David said….he’s not afraid to show who he is anymore. He’s just being himself, sharing what he loves, just like he shares his love for food and for family and for Pokemon lol.

        As for him preaching things specific to the LDS church….has he? I’m trying to remember. He linked to a talk about pornography and homosexuality (which I think he did before he knew the controversial nature of the talk lol). He linked to a golfer going on a mission. He linked to a Father’s Day ad or something which apparently was pretty generic. I didn’t watch that one.

        All these things seem pretty low key to me. No mentions of the Book of Mormon, no quoting Mormon scripture or doctrine specific to Mormonism. No talk of Joseph Smith or temples etc. Just inspirational, generic, moralistic type of things that many people would relate to.

        There probably is a part of David that would love it if some people converted to the gospel he loves, just like I think it would be great if everyone discovered how wonderful motherhood is, or became conservatives lol, or discovered the joy of reading or drinking green juice lol….but I think he is less about converting as he is more about, just putting the things he loves out there into the universe and letting them do what they’re gonna do.

      • Sorry Shanny, I do need to stop, I guess this whole thing about opinions got me a little hot under the collar, lol, and I should of stopped a long time ago, but what really should of said was what is your opinion, not that she mentioned anything about converting. Btw absolutely understand your point of view even if I don’t viewed exactly like you.

      • Shanny in Australia


  38. Shanny in Australia

    “I totally agree with the FEAR of being judged idea”

    This seems to be a recurring theme to me too. People seem to think just because a person chooses to live their life a certain way that they must therefore think there is no good in anyone who thinks or lives differently.
    My extended family live quite a different lifestyle to me…and guess what….I think they’re the bee’s knees. I love them to pieces and think they’re special, wonderful, good people.

    Just because David loved his mission or believes his religion, doesn’t mean that he thinks all his non-LDS fans suck. Lol

    • Shanny umm lol I sure hope not!!

    • Maybe I read too many missionary blogs when David was gone, because they may not think we suck, but they certainly do feel sorry for us. I’m sure that David’s much more cosmopolitan, having traveled the world and worked with outsiders, so I hope he didn’t come home feeling alienated from “the world”, i.e. the rest of us.

  39. Let us focus on the really important matter here today: anyone with eyes can tell David is not wearing a shirt in those pics.


    • HAHAHAHA!!! Thanks I needed that my fault that things were getting a little heavy around here. After all this is a singer’s fan site, why not have a bit of lighthearted fun.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Lol. I think the people who think he’s wearing a shirt haven’t seen all the pictures.

    • He’s shirtless. I think it’s obvious that the answer to the mystery of why he wouldn’t be seen shirtless before, is the simplest: Before, he was too self-conscious about the farmer’s tan. Not because he’s a modesty freak, or any of the complicated speculations. He as much as told us his worry when someone pulled on his shirt during his AI homecoming, “I wouldn’t want them to see my farmer’s tan,” (as unlikely as that would be). Lol.

      Now he’s back from his mission and not only showing his religious convictions, but he’s saying, “What the heck, this is my body, deal with it”.

  40. From Webster’s Dictionary:

    OPINION —> the view somebody takes about an issue, especially when it is based solely on personal judgment… key phrase = based solely on PERSONAL JUDGEMENT – no facts or evidence needed. In a perfect world, or someone’s OPINION of what constitutes a perfect world, perhaps more evidence would be required before people were allowed to have a mere opinion, but as there will be nothing perfect on this side of heaven or the celestial kingdom or nirvana or whatever one’s belief system may be, and as long as we remain free and over 21, we can voice our opinions about any old thing we like – regardless how silly, stupid, shallow they may appear to others.

    • Shanny in Australia

      That is all true but it doesn’t help with the promotion of productive, civil conversation.
      I guess if our only goal is to go around and around in circles causing angst and contention then continue on.
      And btw, you don’t have to be over 21 to voice a silly opinion. Kids do it often. In fact I thought it usually worked the other way around. Lol

    • Don’t forget that the opinion in question is that David is proselytizing to his fans. That’s my opinion also. It doesn’t sound totally unreasonable to Shanny either. The angst and contention is when someone comes in and blasts that opinion as “slanderous LIES!!!”, and states that we’re “accusing” David of things that are a misreading of anything that was said.

      The whole “opinion” discussion was a kind of sideshow to the point of is-he or isn’t-he. Either opinion is valid, and I, for one, don’t mind hearing opposite opinions, without the insults.

  41. One side effect of having the right and privilege of voicing one’s opinion is sometimes having the conversation devolve into nonproductive and uncivil discourse. That’s the price one pays for being able to engage in the free and unfiltered sharing of OPINIONS. If one feels they are going round in circles, and feeling undue angst and contention, the solution is simple – do not engage, or find a site where the sharing of opinion is more to one’s liking. Last I looked, no one is obligated to respond to anything anyone says here, regardless how contentious or angst ridden the comment or opinion may appear. – or to put it plainly – if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. It appears this site will remain one where the voicing of OPINION, free and unfiltered is welcomed, so buckle up – it’s getting ready to get a much hotter round the board – just my opinion. LOL.

  42. Shanny in Australia

    “It appears this site will remain one where the voicing of OPINION, free and unfiltered is welcomed, so buckle up – it’s getting ready to get a much hotter round the board – just my opinion. LOL.”

    Wouldn’t surprise me.

    So interesting that asking for people to give reasons for their thoughts, accusations, assertions etc, in order to have a more civil discourse would be something so disagreeable.

    • IMO, one models civil discourse, as you did above, Shanny, by simply stating your own reasoning. Trying to probe another commenter gets argumentative.

  43. Asking someone to have to give reasons for thoughts, perceived accusations, assertions etc. is in direct contravention to the definition of an OPINION. An OPINION is predicated upon one’s own PERSONAL judgment or assessment. What many find disagreeable and downright obnoxious is feeling they constantly have to justify how they feel. Sorry, but in this imperfect world and on this imperfect forum, there will be thoughts, ideas, comments, opinions posited about every facet of David’s life and career that will not fit everyone’s definition of “nice”, “respectful”. There doesn’t have to be any agenda other than the ability to share one’s personal judgement, or their OPINION, in an unfiltered and unfettered forum. What one considers “disagreeable” discourse is highly subjective. One either chooses to engage, or not. The choice is always up to the individual. If anything being said here was truly as bad or disrespectful or libelous as it’s been made out to be, I’m sure some cease and desist letter from David’s camp would have made its way to this site. Free speech and the voicing of one’s opinion, unpleasant as they may be to or for some, is still a right protected in this country – and across the internet. I like David, and have respect for him, but that does not nor will not stop me or anyone else from voicing opinions about certain matters re: his career and other things that strike my fancy, but others may deem “disagreeable”. One can choose to skip over this or any other post that one doesn’t find to their liking – or choose to respond and own what transpires – good, bad, indifferent.

  44. Bravo Beau!! The other day I took the time to look up the definiton of “Opinion” to make sure I was on the right wavelength when commenting and saw exactly what you posted. An opinion is a judgment call based on how one sees things. Why we should have to justify that to anyone with facts negates what an opinion truly is. This is a public forum where we are invited by the host, in this case HG, to voice our opinions on topics which 99% of the time involve David, his career, his religion, his music, his voice, his family, his HAIR, his shirtlessness, his non hairy legs, his mission. I am sure tonights chat will open a new can of opinion worms!

    • Candy, I’m with you about the chat especially since he invited all his fans to join in a LDS chat. I’m hoping that it’s about his mission experience but hoping he will not go into the proselytizing aspic to deeply. I’m excited to hear him sing, as I said before….bring on the videos of him singing.

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