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More Pressing Issues for Debate

Is David (in the right hand corner) shirtless or not? 😛


A Fanbase Divided


The final numbers are in on my latest poll – which do fans fear most: David leaving music, or David proselytizing his faith through music?

As it turns out, fans are 50/50 divided on this subject, with just a tiny majority expressing real fear that David will start proselytizing his faith through music. Which, apparently, is a bigger concern than never hearing the Voice on a sung. EVER!

I really need to process that and to wonder how issues of religion and faith became such a deal-breaker for some. I mean, Carrie Underwood singing a hit song “Jesus Take the Wheel” didn’t hurt her career (in fact, it bolstered it), so it’s not really the Christian element.  Is David’s faith just too marginal (or too “out there”) for some fans to be comfortable with?

And I have to ask that because, if David were a Baptist or a Catholic and just as religiously devout, I have a feeling this wouldn’t be as controversial – unless he were a devout Muslim or something.

Hmmmm, seems like David is going to have to find a balance between his devout fans and secular fans. Not that this is undoable. I mean, there are always subtexts one can put in a song that only certain fans can hear, while they fly over the heads of others.

Still, it’s weird how religious devotion is seen as a “defect,” especially when some artists (think Miley Cyrus turning to hypersexuality or Justin Bieber becoming a “bad boy”) really engage in the kinds of behaviors most would find objectionable.

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