David in Shorts (and Other Surprises)

What fabulous mountains! (And, of yeah, David in shorts! I can barely make out the thin layer of hair on his legs!)


Seriously, Soul Davidians, David is growing up! And starting to be more comfortable in his skin.

The biggest question, as a David fan, is: are we comfortable with his?

When I polled the fanbase (at least the part of that base that visits this blog), I was just trying to get at what was driving some of the tensions that often bubble over in the comments section.

And I’m glad I did! Because the polls reveal that the folks who come here are pretty divided.

For instance, the first question – has David changed? – showed that the majority of pollsters felt that David had indeed change. But the response was evenly split between 50% who loved the change, while the others had a different range of how to feel about that change (or if they believed there was any change at all).


Equally fascinating, to me, was the split between those who held no fears concerning David or his music career, and those who did have anxiety. Specifically, the source of that anxiety. While I had assumed such tensions bore out around fears that David’s music career would stagnate or with David eventually leaving music, the majority of the fears centered around the idea that David would use his music to proselytize his faith.

Let’s think about that fear: Yes, there are more fans of David who fear that David would use his music to preach about Mormonism than they fear him leaving music!

I guess I should offer a different poll:

I’m curious to see what fans think is the lesser of these “two evils.”

Be that as it may, I do believe David is watching and listening to us! All of a sudden, the LDS tweets have since been replaced with more fun-loving, quirkily humorous tweets and instagram pictures, along with his ecstatic celebration of Chile beating Spain at the World Cup.

David may be more “assertive” (the majority agreed with this), but he still cares what we think of him, which makes me think he will always temper his own personal convictions with thoughtful considerations of his fans and others around him.

I think folks keep forgetting that he has just returned to us, only three months ago.  And he has come back after a two-year stint in a different country speaking a different language and deprived of all the media information and digital gadgets that have sprung up during those years.  What a “culture shock” he’s still adjusting to, and we’re expecting him to just jump back into the fray as if he hasn’t skipped a beat.

That David is trying in such a short time span gives me faith that he’s still the same David – more confident and assertive about who he is, but still a people-pleaser who will try to live up to our expectations – as long as those don’t conflict with his own.

Still grateful to be a David fan, and am so glad I delayed my reflective post to see what else David had to offer us this week.


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  1. HG wow fabulous post.. you get it, us and from what I can tell David. thank you!
    I chose giving up his career in music.. the horror to never hear his glorious voice and not be able to see him sing live again. no matter what he is singing. lol even the phonebook.

  2. Great post Hg, I too am happy with the last couple of tweets. It do seem more like the David I remember. There is no way that David wasn’t going grow and mature into an adult in fact I was actually thinking is when we would get the best from him (not that what we have gotten hasn’t been pretty darn good, lol).

    I would never want David to give up his music career that’s a given, but at the same time, the way I feel about religious proselytizing, that would be a deal breaker for me, but he will have an audience which I will wish him well.

    • Just wanted to add that I really don’t think that David will be using his music to proselytize his faith, but songs with spirituality yes, I’m sure he will have songs that convey that sentiment which I feel is great because it’s universal sentiment, imo.

      On another thought…wonder if David has a plan in place for what he will be doing with these songs he’s writing? Without a label, can he personally finance an album? Is he just writing a lot of songs for a few years, not working on his career, but just writing and then seeing what he can do with them? Is he planning on ever getting up on stage doing a secular gig? hum!

  3. Thank you for the thought provoking post. It does appear David is very aware of what his fans are saying. I think so much of the angst since he has returned was brought about from expectations that were quite honestly brought to the table by Kari over the last two years. Everyone loves Kari but I think she and even David and his #2014 sign etcetera, led some to believe he would hit the ground running. Also, there were a lot of well meaning posts on fan sites that said returned elders usually re-acclimate to life quickly. Taken all together this led some, me included, to not realize the transition can be difficult.

    I am happy to see that David seems to be writing songs, enjoying life which I think can be inspiring to a songwriter and just in general living his life. I look forward to his music and will continue to check in for updates. It would not be a total deal breaker if he goes the religious route with his music as long as it is not denomination (any denomination) specific. Spiritual yes yes yes, LDS not so much.

  4. I love everything you said. Thanks 🙂

    I was one of the people talking about how quickly my boys acclimated after their missions – but I also mentioned a cousin of mine who took longer because he said coming back into regular life felt like switching from talking about silver and gold to talking about dirt. So, anyway, sorry if I accidentally mislead people. My boys were just coming home to go to school – not to resume being internationally known public figures. Big difference!

    I’m so proud of David and I’ve loved every minute of watching him on this wild ride.

    • I also very much enjoy his spiritual tweets and I would very much enjoy them if he were Buddhist or Presbyterian or whatever.

      • Yes, Smanda and as long as he has plenty of fans just like you (millions) he will be just fine with a music career if he so chooses a religious route. Now he still can post religious stuff and still have a secular mainstream music career, it all depends on his music. I say his music only because we all know his voice doesn’t need improvement. IMO, other than covers, his music has not been elevated to match his voice.

  5. Very nice point cq. I believe David has yet to have the material and recording production values to match his vocal talent. I am concerned that being an independent singer he won’t be able to afford this going forward either. While I admire singer/songwriters, not everyone has that talent and I hope David’s talent in the songwriting area has progressed because, unlike most of his fans, I have not been all that impressed with his previous songwriting efforts. I am hopeful that his life experiences of the past two years have given him a lot to write about, with quality songs a result.

    • Anon #999, I kind did see a glimmer of David’s potential as a songwriter with the song Falling, I really can’t explain what it was about the song that made me feel that way, but it did. Senseless is another one that I really feel the potential, but now that I think about it maybe he didn’t even help write that one, lol. I just like though.

      I’m curious what is your feelings about the song Broken?

    • I think David hears the music in his head but probably needs help with the lyrics. I love Broken, but not sure if Anon #999 does. Music is very subjective, and I am not very picky. I just love music – all kinds of genres and styles. I think to capture David’s voice best he should someday do a live album. I think the big mystery we have right now is what style will David’s new music be as he has sung a variety of styles. I am so anxious to find out! I hope he performs a new song somewhere soon.

      I love that David is using his Instagram account. He has provided quite a few good pictures IMHO. This one is great.

      • Grammyj you are so right about music being subjective.
        The reason I asked about Broken is because that really is the last song that we have gotten from him that he had a hand with the writing. I like the song, but wanted to like it more. Still, that voice, how can any song be bad when he is singing, lol.

  6. In terms of D’s music career, it would be harder for me to accept the act of “proselytizing” through music. From him, I wouldn’t want to hear songs any more spiritual than “Angels”, “When You Believe” or “Elevator”. (had to throw that one in.) 🙂

    If he did go that route, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker in terms of keeping up with his career or liking him as a person. I just wouldn’t purchase the music.

    • Desertrat, that’s what I meant was the deal breaker, wouldn’t purchase the music…lol, yep I probably would check in every once in a while to see how he was doing with his career..being I was an ODD, probably still am a bit, lol. Btw, he’s a great guy what’s there not to like about a great guy.

  7. Shanny in Australia

    Hg, I have to admit back in the day I used to feel your perspective was a little biased but through all the crazy goings on of recent times, I’ve been heartened to see your level headed, unbiased assessments of things. Another great one here thanks. 🙂

    On another note….I don’t think David has made an especially difficult transition back into normal life. He’s been out and about doing things, back to music etc pretty much straight away. Perhaps the only thing, was his comment about being freaked out by the self-aggrandizement nature of LA. And I think that was simply because it was just a little too much too soon. And was representative more of the entertainment industry, which is a whole nother adjustment really, rather than adjusting to ‘normal’ life. I don’t think anyone was misleading. Maybe people just get different expectations.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      What kind of bias?

      • Shanny in Australia

        Maybe a ‘glass half empty’ bias?
        I remember the post that first caught my attention and got me visiting SD. You were accusing David of subterfuge. Lol. Feel you’ve mellowed out more maybe?
        Hope that doesn’t come across the wrong way…..

      • hell0g0rge0us

        I’ve tempered my expectations.

      • I think almost all of us have tempered our expectations. I decided to just go with the flow and enjoy whatever music comes our way. And I’m enjoying the Instagram pictures and Dacid sightings. The latest was he was having a steak at a Utah Steakhouse. The plate of food looked delicious.

      • Here’s the picture

  8. I read the question of greatest fear a little differently. I answered that going a religious route was my greatest fear because I felt that it was a more realistic possibility. I didn’t think that him giving up music altogether was even a possibility, so it wasn’t a fear of mine.

  9. lol, I was just thinking we are experiencing a weird drought right…we have him home, but nothing to look forward to except a possibility of songs in the future. I know that he is doing that chat and he will sing. I’m not watching, but I will view any videos with him singing that’s for sure. Here’s another thought…anyone think he might sing a new song during this chat…if he does…hum very telling.

  10. A possibility of songs? What I have to look forward to from David is the music he’s working on right now, that he repeatedly has told and shown us he’s working on. It is not less to me than anything else I have looked forward to from him as a fan.

    First must come the music. The other will come after.

  11. My husband and I eat at Maddox regularly. But not yesterday. Dang it! I wonder what he was doing in Brigham.

  12. Yes, that is what we have to look forward to is new music from David not doubt, what I meant was this year or maybe not even until next year we might get new music, that’s what I meant a drought because of no guest appearance on shows or any singing appearances. I admit, I miss that part of being a fan. You see, he does have a lot of music that he could perform from three albums that he made before he left. I know that is unrealistic of me to think, but it’s just my weird thoughts, that’s all.

    • Who said he wouldn’t be putting out music or performing until next year?

      I, too, love the live performances best. We’ll see what the second half of this year brings.

    • That’s not wierd at all. In fact, it’s a normal suppostion. I never thought we would be waiting for an appearance by David still after three months. Not even a hint of an appearance anywhere anytime soon. I have to wonder if there’s more going on with David. I would love snippets of the songs he’s written so far. It would give us an idea of the genre or direction he’s going in. I’m hoping after the Chat on the 24th, his secular career will start going forward full speed ahead!

      BTW, I still don’t think David reads the fansites himself, but I think Gina Orr, Kari and family members do read the sites. I think they tell David what fans are thinking. And where is Kari? No tweets yet about her going to Utah? But then why would she if there’s no appearances scheduled in the next few weeks. Some fans think she’s his good buddy, and she may be, but the reality is that she worked for David as his liaison while he was gone and as his TOUR Manager when he’s actually working & traveling. She may no longer technically be working & on his payroll since he’s home now & no longer needs a liaison. It would make no sense to keep paying her. Now if she tweets that she will definately be “seeing David” while on her break from JT, then that could be good news! 😉

      • Senseless, I really thought that by now David and Kari would of made a connections, actually what I mean is that they would of made that connection known to the fans. She really did hint that something was planned, but nothing.

        This might be way off base, but I have a feeling that David has disconnected with the rest of the world. Utah and Chile are the only two places that makes sense to him. Even that Nashville trip, that he said he was going to meet amazing people, didn’t seem like he connected. I know I’ll get a lot of disagreement with this statement, but hey, it’s just a thought.

      • Good point Senseless regarding Kari not being on the payroll for David. There are no scheduled appearances for David so I doubt Gina is making any money either. I like both of them but there is just so much they can do. Kari is on tour with JT from 7/9 starting in Buffalo till 12/20 ending in Atlanta. http://justintimberlake.com/tourdates/ I am sure there are days off but how much could Kari possibly do for David with that kind of schedule. I am sure David is not paying her at this point. Well not to be cynical but (I am lol.) you get what you pay for in terms of employing or not employing skilled professionals in the music industry. You have to be very motivated to handle a music career on your own. Who is on his team? I do wonder what direction David’s career is heading in. Maybe college is in the future for him. It is what it is.

      • Also Gina has 5 other artists she manages now.

      • Kari did tweet awhile back that she was going to see this face soon when she posted a picture of David and hinted at a side trip before she joined back up with the JT tour. I thought she’d take a bit of a break at home and then do something with David. Obviously there has been no confirmation yet as to what that may be. We shall see what happens after David’s chat. Maybe an appearance will pop up or maybe nothing. Kari has helped with photo shoots and on the set of music videos so maybe she could go to Utah and help David with that. Who knows.

      • I really hope that Kari connects with David Grammyj for something- but it might not really be until next year. Her tour schedule with JT is pretty full. Unless she is not going on all the tour dates but how could she afford to pass on that kind of tour money? I think that Kari is just trying to be as supportive as she can be to David and his fans. Which I give her credit for. Time will tell. Goes without saying that I have no interest in this chat of David’s but good for the fans that do.

  13. Have to comment that the results of thus poll surprised me. Really shows that religion is devisive, and/or people have pretty strong feelings about being preached to, by someone they did not anticipate would make that change. I would be way more upset if David left music, than used music to spread his faith. I do not want him to have a narrow, religious based career. But in the grand scheme of things, staying connected to the music industry is what is more important in the long run. What he does now, will not likely be the same as what he does up the road. We all change as we travel our timeline. I have had both conservative and liberal viewpoints in my live, and at times been more spiritual and at other times, truly not. What ever music he puts out, I am sure some will delight me and some not so much. I would be surprised if he went the strictly religious route, either his main goal to convert or support other people in his church. I more see him as doing some occasional projects, or including an occasional overtly religious song.

    • I agree with you, Rae. We are all multi-faceted people and most of us are ever changing. My views at 23 have certainly changed through out the years. After his mission experience I expect his songs that come out now will be inspirational in nature, but that could definitely change in time. If he would do a new song for that chat it will have to be religious in nature but that doesn’t mean that all the songs he’s writing will be that way. But then again, they could be. I actually really like contemporary Christian music, but as I’ve said before he really doesn’t fit in that genre because of his Book of Mormon beliefs.

  14. I am looking forward to the mission chat Tuesday night and maybe he will give us an idea where he is headed musically and maybe not . I would hate for him to give up his career and if he goes the religious rout, so be it for me anyway.

  15. He does seem to be writing with mainly Mormons right now. It could be because he is more comfortable with them. I just hope it is not too long before we hear some of this new music. Yes, I think some of us were expecting David to be out singing publicly by now. The pre-mission David had us thinking that he would jump right back into performing once he was back along with Kari’s tweets. Now I think we are all learning to be more realistic and patient. I will listen to the chat for all you, Soul Davidian’s so I can report back. That’s my ODD showing since I am definitely NOT the target audience. I see this as the Mormon church trying to modernize in their communication method and use their best missionary recruiter which is a smart move for them IMHO. I’m going to listen so I can hear David sing.

    • I appreciate that, Grammyj. I’d like to hear him sing, too, but I have a very complicated personal history with hymns and religious music, and would rather hold off.

      • I’m sorry for you past history with religious music. I have quite the opposite experience. My faith and faith based music have helped me through the challenges in this life. I love the music at my church every Sunday which is mainly Christian rock with their uplifting lyrics.

      • Grammyj–I don’t dislike religious music–I’ve listened to each of David’s hymns, at least once, and I LOVE Christmas music, especially David’s. But after spending a lot of time listening to it and playing it on piano, along with fervent prayers for friends of several faiths, who suffered terribly and ultimately died, as well as for myself during a medical crisis, I don’t find it comforting any more.

        Ironically, I found more comfort during a subsequent medical crisis from letting go of the idea that there were supernatural forces in control. I had to rethink what I had seen in the past as a miracle. It’s just a personal way of looking at things though–many people I know agree with you. I just don’t relate to it any more. (BTW, my mom was a church organist and vocalist, and I have fond memories of all of her music).

        That said, I do like gospel-style music. I enjoy songs like “Oh Happy Day”, Wintley Phipps’ “Amazing Grace”, Billy Joel’s “River of Dreams”, and David’s “Things Are Gonna Get Better”, though I know that fans of real gospel music will laugh and shake their heads at much of my idea of gospel.

  16. Hum, I have a feeling that we might get another ‘special/shocker’ announcement at the end of this chat. Of course, I really am hoping I’m dead wrong.

    • What are you thinking it may be?

      • lol, have no clue, I guess after the big announcement at the SLC concert, I’m always waiting for another shoe to drop.

    • Cq – I’m not asking this to be mean. Just gathering data I promise. Have your hunches ever been right?

      • lol, absolutely not taken as be mean at all, don’t believe you could ever be that. Oh no the only hunch that I had was that he wasn’t going on a mission because he was already on a mission with his music, lol. so there it is based on nothing at all…just putting shields up,

      • It isn’t fun to feel like you have to protect yourself from what we call at my house “a bad surprise.”

        My feeling about David’s career has never changed from the very beginning. I believe in him. I believe in his talent and in his essential goodness. I don’t love every song but I always love his voice. I don’t have any need for a perfect upward trajectory – life is sooooo not like that. The bumps and challenges teach the lessons for the next part of the journey but if a person is paying attention, and I believe David is, then they get to the place where they are meant to be and the whole fabric of their lives – good and bad – becomes good in the end.

        Sorry so philosophical!! And I’m weird I know, in this regard. Its just always been my gut feeling about him.

  17. David is not planning on having a career in religious music. And yes there is something planned with Kari before she goes back on tour with JT.

    Why some people have to be reassured of things constantly, I will never understand. Maybe they just like to be anxious?

    • Interesting, how in the world do you know that as fact. Are you David, Kari, a friend of David’s, a relative, Gina?

      • I don’t really care if you believe me or not. Why do some fans feel the need or right to know every little detail? David told you what you need to know — he’s working on music. Leave the details to him.

      • YM, ok, time will tell.

    • The predictable every-two-day-dire-predictions are exhausting and depressing.

      • I’m not sure about the dire predictions, but really you have to admit that currently there is nothing publicly announced but the Mormon youth chat. I am hopeful that some appearances will pop up soon. With nothing announced on the horizon it’s easy to become impatient and make dire predictions. I’m still hopeful though.

    • That’s it, we like to be anxious and speculate lol. Also neither Kari or David have told us what is planned so just exactly how should we know? All we have are cryptic tweets from Kari which have not said point blank that they will be doing anything together.

      • I will admit that I am not a fan of cryptic tweets. In fact, I hate them.

      • working on music yes but no clue what kind.. my guess Nature as a theme.
        only thing we know for sure is the chat.. and he is working on music of some sort.

    • YM, unless you’re an “insider” and know for a fact all you said, I take it with a grain of salt. 😉

      As for why “people”, in this case, David’s FANS have to be reassured constantly? It’s the nature of the beast…being a FAN of David now at this point in time. Would it be better if there were no fans anxiously waiting to hear David sing on stage again? David singing during The Mormon Youth Chat doesn’t count, as he won’t be singing for us as a whole, but more for his LDS peers.

    • YM-This was Kari’s tweet right before the International end of JT’s tour. Does not sound like she has much available down time available. Just saying. I posted JT’s tour schedule above for the rest of the year. Kari Sellards
      @kariontour June 9 Last stop on this leg. Its been a long 12 weeks. Ready 4 a little home before heading back out!

  18. Hello everyone..i am so happy to be here today and with my husband who is finally recovering at home. It will be a long road ahead but at least he is here.

    Re-reading HG’s blog on this thread, I do agree with her that David is still David…just maturing in a wonderful way. Regarding “cryptic” tweets. Some fans have actually voiced that they love the puzzle and the fun of finding clues in David’s life and plans.some may find a way to feel alienated or let down because it is never black or white and nothing seems to materialize following the tweet. Personally, I love every shred of news, real or imagined, cryptic or concrete. I also love all of his relevant and irrelevant tweets as he shares his life more and more. That to me is vintage David.

    I should add that i am not being judgmental in any way. Merely stating i am very comfortable plowing through shades of grey…embracing the abstract and loving the day to day mystery and magic in David’s world. I have a son for whom shades of grey is like a disease..he lives in a purely concrete world, black or white. Too much abstraction actually bores him and too much uncertainty makes him nervous. His brother is polar opposite! My husband is a poet at heart. They are all loving and wonderful and I am blessed to have them.

    Thank you HG and everyone for the wonderful opinions and opportunities to express them here!

    • So nicely said! Let me clarify. I love David’s tweets in all their random, funny, serious glory. I don’t need stuff spelled out for me and I don’t fret about the future or what exactly will happen when. But I personally don’t enjoy Kari’s cryptic tweets. Sorry Kari. I guess lots do! To each their own.

  19. I wonder why, in the three months he’s been back, that there’s been no info from him on the music he’s been listening to, or what he recommends we listen to, other than one song–“Happy.” I was looking forward to hearing him get his musical enthusiasm back. I was thinking that maybe he’s purposely steering clear, perhaps for song-writing purposes, though I’m not sure that would make sense.

    I miss “jukebox David.”

  20. If only David could be everything and do everything that everyone else wishes him to. Everything to everyone at once. Oh if only.

    • Or……if only David could just be so thoroughly and peacefully himself that his creative genius flourishes and we can all benefit from the beauty that will ensue.

      And if only his team could cushion him
      from the demanding fans. Its their job to do that imo so that he can do the thing he does best. Make music.

      • With respect Smanda, I don’t think David has much of a team right now. I agree that costs money and during this hiatus he may not need or want to pay for a team, thus no cushion.

        I also think David is an adult and why would he need a cushion? He’s not 16 anymore and the thought that he can’t handle demanding fans makes me think he is still a boy so I am trying not to be too protective of him in my mind.

      • I really don’t mean protective as in protecting a child. I mean protective as in best use of his energies.

        And actually this is an opinion borrowed from my dad when he interviewed David.

        So, I’m dreaming of this team. Hoping for it.

  21. I see no harm in engaging in speculation, wish lists of what we’d love David to do, proclamations of what we like and don’t, asking for music from him in a safe chat that he will most likely never see, etcetara to pass the time while we wait. Those who are scolding may not get that this is quite harmless. I am not saying that the bickering and sometimes ill-natured posts against one another are harmless, but the tone of this thread for example is just passing the time with our thoughts and hopes and ideas, as I see it.

    As for my thoughts on Broken, I think it is lyrically overwrought. Not awful, but not my cuppa.

    I too am not a fan of Kari’s puzzles but I do think it keeps younger fans more engaged.

    I got hooked on David’s voice, just amazing vocals that grabbed me. His song choices have also intrigued me along the way, especially his choice of songs to cover. Most of his original material, by various writers, has never rung true to me. He connected to some of his material yes, but the bulk of it done under the Jive label, I always felt he was going through the motions to satisfy his contract. The exception was his Christmas CD which I believe was released by Jive. Thus I hope this soul-searching time he is taking will produce not only better writing by David but also a personal choice of better music written by others that he can really feel.

    Cq, I think you said above you were worried about some announcement David might make. I can’t help but feel sometimes that he may go out on another two year mission for his church. His video blog kind of sounded to me like he felt a lot of his life was fraudulent with the exception of his work for his church. And I read that married LDS couples do go out on missions so his dating and marrying would not prevent it. Your question regarding no info from him about music he’s into, I think he is not listening to anything much except religious music right not perhaps and doesn’t want to share that with us. Just speculation.

    • Apologies cchalo, this comment was for you
      Your question regarding no info from him about music he’s into, I think he is not listening to anything much except religious music right not perhaps and doesn’t want to share that with us. Just speculation.

      • sorry, meant right now, not right not

      • I think that could make sense–that his tastes have changed from secular music to more religious. However, he did used to recommend people like Kirk Franklin, who doe religious music, and he’s not doing that—even for his friend Jason Castro who does Christian music.

    • Anon #999, thank you for giving me your thoughts on Broken. I wanted to love Broken, was so excited that he would leave us with an original song, but just liked it and perhaps lyrically overwrought might be the reason I couldn’t really embrace it.

      Really what else do we have to talk about on blogs other than speculation or his personal life and just having his personal life, his beliefs, his dates, pictures of sighting around Utah, is more annoying than interesting to me. I do know that others don’t feel the same way as I do and are enjoying all the personal life stuff, so that a good thing for them. The fun tweets he does are good, but don’t really fill the void of his voice, jmo.

      The speculation that he might be going a religious route is really not that far off. Two year of mission work in which he sang, but only religious Christmas music. Came back, first thing was Call to Serve, religious music. Now a chat for his church, probably religious music, and mostly writing with LDS writers, As cchalo said nothing other than the song Happy has he mention. Realistically he doesn’t have to do anything at all to please his fans, but it would be good business for him to keep excitement going if indeed he is planning on releasing music at some point.

  22. I am tired of feeling that one should be so grateful. It is a two way street here and it will only ever work that way. Being considerate, appreciative, caring about others as they knowingly are giving of themselves, patience, encouragement, openness, eye to eye contact in whatever way. A two way street.

    You fans have been extraordinary and patience?? Unreal, I never would have guessed that a fine group of music enthusiasists could be so trusting. You of all faiths and spiritualities. That is how it works, no one religion ever.

    You have almost given back equally, do you know that? Oh the years and not just 2 1/2 years but all the years. You have been all the way with enormous encouragement. Just think about the support throughout the years, the ‘yes’ we understand and we will wait no matter how long it takes. Never doubt the fans, never discredit the fans.

    You as people have withstood more than I could ever imagine, but I know you would do it all again and comments will give explanations.

    Cryptic quotes are unprofessional and rather unkind at this time even immature. If you enjoy them then that is good but not fitting of the times. I haven’t even seen the last one yet but reading about it.

    I appreciate David’s voice enough that I have travelled thousands of miles over the few short years to hear it and maybe someday that opportunity will present itself again.


    • SB, love your comment and I especially can relate to the last part except I never saw David live, but I appreciate David’s voice enough to stick around.
      I don’t understand and will never understand why it’s a bad thing to want music, concerts and appearance from David, after all isn’t it the reason for being a fan of David the singer?!?!

  23. David would not go on another two year mission. I’ve never heard of it being done. As far as married couple missions, that is usually done in later years after retirement.

    • Thanks for clearing that up for Anon#999. David is dating but will not be able to go on another mission until retirement age. That’s how Mormons are different than missionaries of other faiths – they are either young or old. After a mission you are to pursue a secular career, marry and work in your church on a volunteer basis. This is all from my research on Mormons so any Mormon can let me know if I am wrong.

    • Thank you, I did not know the married missionaries tended to be older people.

  24. There was a tweet that David was at Crystal Mineral Springs. His sisters posted a picture of themselves without David in the picture.

    here is the Jazzy and Amber pic Jazzy posted.. gorgeous girls!!

    • Maybe he’s the one taking the picture?

      • Doubt David is the one taking the pic but who knows? My first thought seeing the pic of his sister’s wearing skimpy swmsuits like gazillions of young girls their age wear is what must David think? haha.

        I also had to chuckle at HG saying she “could barely make out the thin layer of hair on his legs” in the pic of David hiking with his sisters. I didn’t notice his legs since the shorts were below his knees. Not much to notice there but I did notice the outline of the “garment undershirt” under his t-shirt. It must get uncomfortably hot having to wear the garments in summer?

      • Senseless- that is why I will miss peter’s posts. I enjoyed the videos of other music artists. I am just not engaging that much(if at all) on conversation regarding David as I don’t have much of an interest any longer. He is not really doing much with his music career at this point. SB-I agree with your comments. I have no more patience and never really did. lol. But if other folks do then good for them. Comment away. Watching that new talent show Rising Star tonight. It sure has had major promo.

  25. Another thought…I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not at all interested in “what, where, when or with who” about David’s sisters daily lives unless David is specifically involved. I know David loves his family but why do we need to know what his sisters are doing? 🙂

    • Lol. “Not interested” enough to comment on it. (No offense meant).

      I guess that some of us are easily entertained. I don’t mind the Utah/Archuleta travelogue.

      • cc halo, 😉

      • I obviously I like the Utah/Archuleta travelogue since I posted the picture of the his sisters. I thought it would generate some discussion and it did. It would be pretty boring on David’s fansites if we didn’t have David’s tweets, Instagram pictures and David sightings and picture by others since David is not yet performing music.

  26. The interesting thing about the sister picture is that Crystal Springs is in the same Brigham City area as Maddox Restaurant where David ate steak. So, I’m guessing David was there somewhere….maybe not in a swimsuit, but somewhere.

    • Yes, there was a tweet indicating that David was there too. That’s why I posted the picture of his sisters.

  27. I just wanted to add to a comment I made earlier regarding personal non music posting. I think that fans that keep that going are great because it keeps blogs going, after all what else do we have, but speculation and that is getting kind of thin with nothing new to speculate about, lol. Maybe not what is posted is my annoyance, but maybe what is not available to us fans.

  28. I’m still ODD and enjoy reading pleasant things re. D’s family (eg, pic of new niece, etc.). I know I’ll catch at least part of his Facebook chat on the 24th. Depending on how long it is, I may stay the whole time. The mission appears to have meant a lot to him and for that reason I’m interested.

    Re. his music, I’m not in a hurry to hear music he has rushed thru primarily to please the fans. I actually agree w/a comment Anon (the sarcastic one) made re. the Rainbow video. Moving forward, I’d like to see higher quality videos than that one. For the record, I really liked the other videos he completed prior to the mission but I don’t think the “Rainbow” video should have been released.

    Re, the poll, if there were a 3rd item, I’m a little anxious re. the lack of racial diversity w/regards to the individuals we’ve seen working with D. On one artists’ website, he was described as having a Mumford and Sons sound. 😦 I don’t dislike them…just their sound. I’m hoping some of D’s new music has an R&B, soulful flavor.

    • I don’t think the lack of racial diversity in collaboration is intentional. It could be there are not a lot of racially diverse LDS artists to collaborate with in Utah.

      • From the way I see it, why would he only want to work LDS artists. It does seem a bit limiting to me. I do understand that he has found good artists that are LDS, which is great for him to collaborate with some songs, but really, omo, not great artists like him. I would love for David to collaborate with great artists that, again, omo, meet his artistry.

      • He is currently working mainly with LDS song writers. Until I hear the music created with these songwriters I have no way to judge if he should be writing with someone else. In his career he has written with many different writers and some were hit writers. I’m not worried about diversity at this point as I just want to hear him sing. Heck, David himself is part Hispanic making him diverse.

      • How do we know those Utah artists are all LDS?

  29. Re: the FB chat. I’m not planning to listen live to the English version, but I’m just ODD enough to possibly listen in on the Spanish version, which is first, just to hear him speak Spanish, though I understand very little. Silly me.

    I did, however go look at some of the potential questions. I could predict that several of them involve how he stayed so pure in the evil show business environment. But one thing that struck me was that there is a list there, of 9 ways to use social media to proselytize their beliefs. It’s like David was following it to the letter:

    First, participate in the live event with David (no problem there, ha), then, share a video or talk (check-Elder Ballard), share an inspiring quote from Mormon sources (check), be Christlike and kind (double check), share a story about your ancestors (check–I didn’t even know that that was about sharing his beliefs), share a quote from conference (well, sort of, or maybe), like or follow the church’s online pages (?), post or share from “I’m a Mormon” site (check), share testimony on LDS youth webpage (think it will happen Tuesday).

    • P.S. I think my reluctance to listen live comes from having listened live to the SLC mission announcement. I’m not expecting any announcements, I’m just skittish these days.

    • Oh man is he ever following his church to the letter, David questions everything else but never the church. I have a feeling that proselytizing the LDS beliefs will be what David is doing through his music.

      • Cq, all due respect, you don’t know David and you have no idea what he thinks or whether he questions anything.

      • You are so right, Smanda, I should of said, he SEEMS to not question, I apologize..I don’t know him.

  30. cc halo-Well, that was sobering! From what you posted, it is obvious he has ticked each of the 9 boxes. Nothing wrong with doing that, just when it is together like that, for me it becomes one of those things that make you go Hmmmm. I anticipate after the Chat on Tuesday things will be much more black & white. Definite lines will be drawn in the sand.

    • I don’t see why he can’t do his personal things and still get do his career-oriented things. Right now he is fresh off his mission. Also, I have no idea what other artists are doing charity-wise,religion- wise, etc. It is just that we fans have his life under a microscope and everything he does is given significance. He has always done his personal stuff on his travels but now more people use social media. I think that David will find his balance over time and I look forward to seeing him in concert eventually. We were certainly spoiled (Iwas) by being able to see him so many times in a few years( since I live in calif and it was pretty easy to see him in sacramento, san francisco, anaheim, reno, san jose). What other artists have had so many concerts? Now I wait.

      • Yes, of course it’s his prerogative to post whatever he likes. I’m sure he’s nothing but well-intentioned. But it’s also reasonable for fans to recognize when they are the recipients of proselytizing, rather than assuming that David is just being free to express himself.

  31. I remember commenting on the fact that I thought he was continuing to proselytize and boy did I get reamed for that comment.

    • I don’t care. I just want some regular music when he is ready.

      • I too am waiting for regular, secular, hopefully great music from David.

        As far as him continuing to proselytize, it was apparent he was doing that even in a subliminal way, but as far as I’m concerned, he can do that from now to eternity, it will never make me want to be a Mormon or to have any desire to learn more about the LDS. If it’s David’s hope to convert his fans and if it’s worked on some of his fans, who am to judge?

        One thing I have always found…I don’t know…quite unbelievable and amazing about David from the beginning is his ability to reach people who are unbelievers, agnostics & atheists, with just his beautiful voice. It was truly a mystery. His own religion was never a factor then for those fans like myself. His religion was always there, but not front & center like it is now. It was always about THE VOICE and the person he was. Who could resist the pull he had? It was to this day hard to explain. Like I said, a Mystery.

        Maybe it was the unabashed happiness he exuded no matter where he was or what he was doing. I like to think he really was happy all those years before his mission. He seems to have lost some since his return. Unabashed happiness, that is.

        I thnk we are all assuming David will take and answer questions regarding his career and future plans during the LDS Youth chat. I’m thinking the LDS church and David want the chat to be about his mission experience and how important it is that a mission be the goal of every young LDS as soon as they are of age. Isn’t that the whole reason for the Chat? Would David want it to turn into a Fan Chat? I think not. IMO.

      • Senseless? – ITA

      • I’m thinking that David is going to be more annoyed with fans than happy they are joining or maybe not. Mystery man, thought I knew him before (not personally), but now don’t really know. All though I was starting to sense a little of the David I love from the last few tweets from him. Still holding out for that secular music from him. I guess if he keeps proselytizing threw his twitter, instragram etc and still has a secular music career, I could separate the two, lol, All he has to do is bring us some kick ass music and guess what, that is all that matters.

  32. David went to Chile as a Mormon missionary it should be no surprise that David continues to want to share his faith and follow the recommendations of the Mormon leaders. He is probably never going to be the liberal, humanistic, politically correct person that some people posting here seem to want him to be. We all have our beliefs that are important to us that we think people should live by. Who’s truth is really correct?

    • I’m thinking you may be right, of course, you would know that I think that’s a shame, lol. So funny it does SEEM like his sisters have a more liberal view on things though.

  33. cchalo rofl great idea..
    will try for his Spanish chat thanks love him speaking in Spanish and hope he sings in Spanish too.

  34. David loves being a Mormon, seems to have gotten all that he hoped to get form his Mission, and has matured and grown from the experience. He’s working on new music, enjoying his time with friends and family in the comfort of his own hometown, and, by all appearances, is very healthy and happy. His only problem seems to be that he has a small group of fans who are not putting David’s happiness over their need for him to be and do what they obviously crave. It’s like a never ending toxic drumbeat of angst and anxiety. Over nothing, I might add.

    Tuesday night should answer some of the questions that these breathless fans are both dying and dreading to hear. Personally, I’ll be watching both the Spanish and English segments. I’m looking forward to learning about his Mission and how it effected him. It will the first opportunity in over 2 years to see and hear David interact with people over an extended period of time.

    As for the notion that some imaginary line will be drawn in the sand, I hope that David will make his current priorities and plans crystal clear so that those who find it unacceptable will finally get some closure and move on with their lives. Then, and only then, will they no longer be tortured by their disappointment in David and their resentment of the Mormon Church for what they truly believe has been the kidnapping and brainwashing of THEIR precious boy by this “evil, organized, proselytizing religion”.

  35. Bliss- the line in the sand I was referring to was the one between fans, it will either be more of a divide or if we’re lucky it will close the gap alittle. In the time you have been posting here it continues to amaze me that you read things into comments that arent there. How you took take what I said and spun it into a Blissism is beyond comprehension. There really are other opinions out there then yours! #Shocker

  36. off to watch the game, the US just tied the score. GO USA!!

    • Yes, go US, all though I am Portuguese and love my roots, but US is my country!!!

    • Lol, I’m watching this match too. Didn’t realize how much fun it is to watch a soccer game.

      Cchalo, thanks for the reminder that one of D’s chats will be in Spanish; I’m rearranging my schedule to catch that. 🙂

  37. Candy, actually you misunderstood what I said, not the other way around. The “line in the sand” will be between those fans who accept David as he is in the present day, and those who are still holding out that the “old” David will miraculously reappear.

    As for your “Candyism”, which is a catty, snooty retort designed to dismiss the comment and poster that u don’t care for, we can all be assured that as long as you grace the fan sites with your snippy, “above it all” commentary, mine will never be the only opinion on these sites, nor would I want it to be.

  38. the only line in the sand is the one you put there,, tomorroe the world will end , take care, the end is near, the muslim are a comming run run run

    • lol sorry but all this sometimes is pretty funny and entertaining.

      know this dying to hear his voice again see how much it has changed.
      or has it.

  39. Kimak, my guess is that David’s voice has become deeper and richer than ever, and with his new found confidence, even more powerful. Those who are patient will have their patience well rewarded, and it will be sooner than later.

  40. Rooster WTH are you talking about? You seriously crack me up!!

  41. Bliss- I never ever said I didnt care for you or your comments. I just dont happen to agree most of the time so I reply. Much like you do. I have always been very open about saying that I enjoy ALL comments. I cant help nor do I care if you dont like what or how I say things. Which is different from saying I dont care for you personally.

    • Candy, I’m sure if we met each other and spent any time with each other, we’d like each other. I’m a lot of fun to hang out with, and, all evidence to the contrary, a helluva nice person. I’m sure you’re the same.

  42. Just finish watching a show called Food Network Star on the Food channel and guess who the guess star was, Shay Carl, lol. He was the mentor to the contestants, they had to do a Youtube skit selling a candy bar. He actually did a pretty good job. Made me think of David, of course, lol.

  43. just saw a pic of david in a pool with just a batrhing suit on lol

  44. Well, I’m speechless! That’s a picture I never thought I would see. It warms my heart to see him having so much fun.

  45. lol well guess you saw.. he looks great needs a tan and way to go David!!!

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