Daily Archives: June 20, 2014

David in Shorts (and Other Surprises)

What fabulous mountains! (And, of yeah, David in shorts! I can barely make out the thin layer of hair on his legs!)


Seriously, Soul Davidians, David is growing up! And starting to be more comfortable in his skin.

The biggest question, as a David fan, is: are we comfortable with his?

When I polled the fanbase (at least the part of that base that visits this blog), I was just trying to get at what was driving some of the tensions that often bubble over in the comments section.

And I’m glad I did! Because the polls reveal that the folks who come here are pretty divided.

For instance, the first question – has David changed? – showed that the majority of pollsters felt that David had indeed change. But the response was evenly split between 50% who loved the change, while the others had a different range of how to feel about that change (or if they believed there was any change at all).


Equally fascinating, to me, was the split between those who held no fears concerning David or his music career, and those who did have anxiety. Specifically, the source of that anxiety. While I had assumed such tensions bore out around fears that David’s music career would stagnate or with David eventually leaving music, the majority of the fears centered around the idea that David would use his music to proselytize his faith.

Let’s think about that fear: Yes, there are more fans of David who fear that David would use his music to preach about Mormonism than they fear him leaving music!

I guess I should offer a different poll:

I’m curious to see what fans think is the lesser of these “two evils.”

Be that as it may, I do believe David is watching and listening to us! All of a sudden, the LDS tweets have since been replaced with more fun-loving, quirkily humorous tweets and instagram pictures, along with his ecstatic celebration of Chile beating Spain at the World Cup.

David may be more “assertive” (the majority agreed with this), but he still cares what we think of him, which makes me think he will always temper his own personal convictions with thoughtful considerations of his fans and others around him.

I think folks keep forgetting that he has just returned to us, only three months ago.  And he has come back after a two-year stint in a different country speaking a different language and deprived of all the media information and digital gadgets that have sprung up during those years.  What a “culture shock” he’s still adjusting to, and we’re expecting him to just jump back into the fray as if he hasn’t skipped a beat.

That David is trying in such a short time span gives me faith that he’s still the same David – more confident and assertive about who he is, but still a people-pleaser who will try to live up to our expectations – as long as those don’t conflict with his own.

Still grateful to be a David fan, and am so glad I delayed my reflective post to see what else David had to offer us this week.