The David that I Love

…always has a sense of humor about himself! That’s not changed! 🙂


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  1. Agree. Have a great day, HG and everyone!

  2. Yes, at least he still has that, thank goodness.

  3. Random thoughts: I wonder if the shoe pictures were taken in a recording studio. Some of studio pics we’ve seen have had mood lighting such as strings of Christmas lights or a funky red lamp shade.

    Was also thinking that David might have a place in Provo, because most of his random sightings have been in that area, plus studio sightings. If my kids could afford it, they’d totally have apartments with roommates nearer to their college and hang with the family on weekends–and we know that David could afford it.

    • Hum cc halo the whole writing songs process is fascinating. He is writing and now being a bit freer with his music tweets, thanks David, making this one fan happy…for now, hahahahaha!!!!

  4. More song writing today! (before getting pumped on the Chile WC match lol)

    #datvoice = new favorite hashtag 😉

  5. Ok then…if David is getting back to tweeting funny random tweets, I guess it’s time to think about getting a Twitter account again. Deleted it when David left since he was the reason I had one to begin with. 🙂

  6. Watching SYTYCD. I love that show. Such talented dancers. 🙂

  7. I like David’s tweets about the World Cup and Chile’s win. lol. Seems excited about the game. @DavidArchie
    “Now time to spare to get ready for Chile vs. Spain!!! I’ve never felt this way before for sports. #ChileVSEspana #WorldCup”

    • Lol Marie! Great minds think alike 😉
      Loved that line — “I’ve never felt this way before for sports” hahaha. It made me think of a song for some reason. Maybe he was still in song-writing mode.

  8. These tweets sure are so refreshing and just simply AWESOME, lol!!!!

  9. There is yet another singing competition show starting this week-Rising Star. I will be watching it but not so sure how well it will do. This one’s prize is a recording deal with Capital Records and it is audience interactive. Interesting that Josh Groban hosts it.

  10. Jazzy posted a beautiful picture on Instagram of David, Amber and herself hiking. The scenery is beautiful and David’s in shorts.

    David and the sisters

  11. testing …

  12. thanks grammyj. from your link, i found the sweetest mssg one of D’s sister’s wrote about her dad. i know i’ve said snarky things in the past but i was really quite pleased to see that he’s appreciated.

    “Happy Father’s Day to the papa bear! He is the number one man I respect musically and knowledgeably, and I’m so grateful for everything he’s taught me growing up. He’s so witty and intelligent and I absolutely admire that. I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done, and I love him so so much. ❤️”

  13. I do think it is very nice that David is so close to his sisters. I can’t believe he is wearing shorts. lol 🙂

  14. Will there come a day when David is finally excepted without great excitement that he is a normal young man who enjoys his family, his friends, his co-workers, and wears shorts? Is the surprise not over yet? Was he really that different before? He must have been. He is evolving really quite normally.

    It is his voice that is different.


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