David Fan Angst

Good morning! Another day, another week, and perhaps another moment for Fan Wars! 😛

I’ve lifted the moderation on comments (at great risk, of course), but I just wanted a break yesterday from all the bickering that now regularly happens here.

So, I thought I would just do a series of Soul Davidian polls, because I’m curious: What keeps you here after all these years? Why are some folks starting to leave, and what are your expectations and hopes for David?

I’m lifting the comments moderation today because I’ve been getting so many visitors of late (which is extremely odd because nothing much is happening in Archuworld – except a whole lot of Fan Angst).

Also, deep down, I’m not comfortable with having to “monitor” what folks say here (not to mention I have too much stuff on my plate to add “moderating” to my list of duties).

So, in lifting the comments moderation, I thought I would just ask for honesty (rather than personal attacks and beef that you’ve developed with each other), and just ask you to think about your own relationship with David as a Fan.

I’m curious: What exactly is the problem for you with David and what keeps you hanging on? Please take my latest polls!

Sometime this week I will give my own honest assessment of what I think of David since his return from his two-year mission, but before I do, I’m going to engage in some serious reflection.


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  1. Bliss David is a 23 year old man.. sex is part of life. as for his fans both young and old most folks do not know what a mormon is or means nor do they care.
    now it is different so be it.. most fans who liked his hair or what he wore or thought he was attractive are gone. that is except for the lds young ladies that are looking for him as a husband that is I suppose.
    wouldn’t sweat it.. as for David’s music think a good way for him to go is to maybe record Emanuel type songs? hopefully with quality producers and musicians.. not so sure that will be but it will help with sales.
    I would assume his lds peeps will support and buy his cds as he seems very popular there now with all that.

  2. Bliss- Asking this in all honesty…Why do you think or feel that the fans here on this site want to get “all hot and bothered” at a David concert? I dont see fans “here” talking like that. I just want to hear him sing, dont give a hoot about what he shakes or doesnt shake.

  3. You beat me to the punch Candy, my question exactly to Bliss.
    Imo, bliss, we all know to well that David is LDS, don’t need for you to continue to remind us, he does a good job of that himself.
    Now thinking that fans here want David to be like JB is so not right. For me anyway, the only thing that I would like for David to have is the money he has, that way David could use it toward always producing top notch music, use money for humanitarian causes and plan do good with the money as I know David would.

  4. Candy, baloney. Enough of this nonsense. I’m tired of responding to the Iron Curtain of denial. This whole anti-Mormon campaign is about wanting more of the wink-wink David. It’s all about how the Mormon Church and the Mission has made David more “like them” and, hence less “appealing”. Mormonism is just a code word for “unsexy” among the crowd that needs to keep it “our naughty little secret”.

  5. Kimak, you say, “Bliss David is a 23 year old man.. sex is part of life”.

    Yes, it is, but it’s not part of David’s life, and everyone knows that. How about respecting his values as he would do yours.? And, btw, this treatment of him started when he was 17. Was it Ok then?

    • Bliss not everyone knows or knew that.. or like I said cares. on my timeline folks are still suggesting he grow his hair etc. they are young fans and that is what they care about not the voice per se. I had no idea what mormonism was about when he was on Idol only figuring things out when he left for his mission there were so many links posted and things sent to me thru emails and dms. David as he is handsome he is really not all that sexy I agree.. there are guys his age who I do think of as sexy like Nick Jonas for instance off the top of my head. I am not uptight about sex I suppose. sorry if that upsets you just who I am. I see David as more a personality then an artist find this all very interesting.
      my guess David will be a big cheese in his church soon.. right after he marries which my guess will be soon and my guess he will attend college at BYU either Idaho or BYU. so be it.. now where his voice is concerned I hope he has a concert I can go to close by but highly doubt it. kind of thinking he has decided to have something akin to say a Kurt Bestor career so be it.
      guess we will see whatever I really love his voice and think him doing songs like Emanuel will do him well but he needs to work with quality folks ones that do him justice not just folks he can find who will work with him.

      • kimak-You are correct IMO. That is exactly the direction David is headed in. A local career like Kurt Bestor. peter was right . I just have no interest in that type of career but if others do good for them. I don’t understand where others think he has gotten so assertive. He has become the poster boy for the LDS church and I feel he is living in a bubble. He is only going to LDS appearances a this point. He appears to never question his church’s teachings and doctrine at all but does question the big bad open minded and liberal music industry. Give me a break. Sandy Beaches9 -I agree with your comment. Like Senseless- If others don’t agree with this comment-Too Bad. I can take it. lol. 🙂

      • I noticed that a fan tweeted to David at one point-Say Something. I think of David when I hear this song for some reason. 🙂

      • Yep Marie, that’s where I see it going. To bad I’ll never hear that voice in person. It’s his life, but it’s a shame imo, none the less that he might never meet his full potential, again omo.

  6. Bliss- I asked an honest question and all I get back is a “wink wink.” You didnt answer my question, which I felt was nicely phrased. Sorry Im disappointed, I was expecting an answer on what I felt was your level of conversing. Im beginning to think perhaps it is not us women that want more of the “wink wink” from David!

  7. Ali- wonderful comment up thread, you expressed so much of what I feel. I can relate to everything you wrote. It was a lovely comment.

  8. Candy, you have no idea what my level of conversing is. My response answered your question. I’m done with your snarky, catty B.S. You and the others can post whatever you want about David, and I will respond as I see fit. Your pathetic, desperate,attempt at trying to shift the sexual issue on to me has been tried before by some of your “sisters” here, along with numerous other lies.

    My reason for posting here is not to “change” your opinion. What’s the point? There are many lurkers here. I post to them so they know that David has a fan who is not Mormon but respects his religion and his choices, and who will not stand by and allow the slanderous rhetoric that appears here to go unchallenged.

  9. CQ, you say, ” I live up to my own standards and to allows others the same privilege.”

    Everyone, except, apparently, David Archuleta.

    • Bliss that was a quote from Smanda at the end of her comment, not mine and I was just saying it was a good one.

  10. Bliss- You can spin it any way you want, inside out, upside down but no matter what is being discussed, religion, weather, Davids shoes, etc. YOU bring up the same old topic . I asked for FACTS, give me facts.. where HERE do you see comments like you are accusing others of making…that is all I asked.

  11. Candy, what part of “code word” don’t you understand?

  12. I didnt realize asking for facts was “code” you still havent given any facts, backed up what you are accussing others of. #Spinzone

  13. no facts =heresay. Unless proven otherwise.

  14. HG -Thanks for the polls, they give fans, myself included, an opportunity to state how we feel without having to put on protective gear to defend ourselves. Thanks for always keeping it real.

  15. Bliss- you say…”Mormonism is just a code word for “unsexy” among the crowd that needs to keep it “our naughty little secret”.
    WOW- is that really how you view the fans here…that discussing Mormonism is a way of talking about a “Naughty Secret.” How sad! And here I thought the earlier conversation about religion was interesting, I loved Julee’s point of view, Smanda and Ali both wrote great comments and shared thougths about Mormonism…and to think it was all a cover up for their “naughty secret.” Silly me, I thought we were discussing religion!!!

  16. Would anyone mind if I changed the subject?

    I have a dear friend who is a singer, has a master’s in vocal performance and is my favorite female voice. She shares my admiration for David. I asked her to tell me what it is she loves and, after watching Oh Ven recently she said, “There is nothing between him and the music, nothing guarded, nothing held back. Its like he is singing from his soul. And because there is nothing between him and the music, there is nothing between the music and us. It arrives with purity.”

    I liked that 🙂

    • Smanda he does.. Be Still My Soul MOTAB and Trying to Be Like Jesus VIP I think are perfect examples of that too. that being said not sure why but when it gets down to recording what he does I think sometimes all that emotion gets lost in translation some how? BSMS BEGIN was nice but for me at least I feel it lost some of it’s soul his heart if you will. not sure why all I can figure it is because David was trying to make it perfect for the recording and/or in the production process. either way that is my hope for David folks will be able to capture what makes him so special as an artist on his future cds.
      kind of thinking if all that is figured out David will do amazingly well. I guess something to like Adele and how they are able to capture all that she is on her CDs.

      • Funny you mention this kim because I so agree. BSMS is the one song on Begin that I skip pretty much every time. Not because I don’t like the song — the live version he did at MoTab and Rexburg both blow me away — but because it feels kind of empty to me. I too hope for a day when someone is able to capture the magic of the way David sounds when singing live, on a studio album. That would be something to really appreciate.

  17. Smanda, your friend is exactly right. David sings from his soul, and it is pure and authentic. That’s why it is so powerful to anyone with an open heart. Everything he says is also authentic. He is the real deal, and has earned the respect of people of good will worldwide.

  18. Just a thought. I always thought David was an expert in the art of seduction. Take a look at the photo shoots dating back 5 years to just prior to his mission. The photo shoots taken by Matt Clayton with David wearing a T-shirt. You can say what you will, David USED his good looks and yes, unmistakable sensuality & sexuality. You can say he’s naive but he knows what sells. He grew out his hair at his mom’s suggestion, knowing full well he would look even “sexier”. David may be unexperienced and naive in that he never had a serious relationship, but he was not dreaf, dumb & blind to how he affected his audiences, not only the females, and not only his NON-LDS fans. I was at many, too many, concerts and met many LDS women who “appreciated” David’s “assets” as much as I did. BTW I’m in my early 30’s, not an “older fan”, but yes, older than David. We may never see THAT David again, but stop makng him seem like a saint.

    Another thought, on his mission, I wonder how many times he and companion got their hands & sparkling white shirts dirty while doing REAL humantarian work besides carrying bags for old ladies? My respect for David would have increased tenfold if he had gone back to Chile when they had the terrible earthquake & fires to help the Chileans whom he said he loves & misses. Just my own thoughts.

    Have to go to work now so can’t respond to the backlash. But rest assured can take it. 🙂

    • Senseless David has it in him in spades just that he has decided for whatever reason to keep it to himself.. do love when he lets loose on stage and really hope he does continue with concerts and appearances.

    • There’s no way for us to know about the amount of “real” humanitarian work he was doing (that definition can vary widely depending on the person) but a picture just surfaced this week from a gentleman in Chile who David helped build a new roof for:

      David has shown in the past a great deal of interest in helping out in many ways and I don’t expect that has changed. He just got back a few months ago and is working on music but I expect there to be more things in the future like his visit to the leper colony in India, his helping out with the Hope For Haiti telethon, his singing at charity functions to help raise money, his many (unheralded) visits to hospitals and homes to see the ill and infirm. I remember him visiting a group house not too long after he got back from his mission too. I hope you don’t consider my response backlash, just providing my point of view on it.

  19. another fabulous example of his amazingness live is his Elevator at Z100
    not a big fan of the one on the CD but this one is all but incredible!

  20. David’s Z100 performance by the way was hot.. one of my favs. love the jazzy vibe his confidence all of it.
    kind of hoping he goes a little jazzy with this new music too. think he does that plus sing in Spanish outrageously well!

    there are many fabulous artists out there putting out great new music. right now I am into Sam Smith, John Legend, Jack White, The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey just to name a few.

    Sam Smith is an amazing vocalist who can express the message of the song live as well as sing live even better then what is on the cd. this one blew me away.

    Sam Smith Lay me Down SNL

    • Marie great song Say Something.. would I LOVE to hear and see David cover that!!
      for us think it is more.. ha Sing Something.

  21. Kimak, there is a change in the industry. Maybe some can not see it yet but there are new artists who are very soulful. There is hope. 🙂 Everything changes with time as music history proves.

    Here is a singer who found a good place in America.

    “Every audience has its character; I like America – they love me. I suffer from stage fright, but in America not so much.” Andrea Bocelli

  22. I may feel a little differently with all this even if I am not a religious person.. I was able to attend MOTAB when David was there and not only was it as crazy as they say it was on the CTS video we were welcomed with all things while we were there with open arms and if I had the opportunity again I would go in a heart beat. I saw and felt with my own eyes and ears the spiritual side of things with David and about David and this is why I am still here today.
    I may not always agree with everything but I understand why and what is going on and really do feel he will go far within his church. I can appreciate and enjoy the spirit that he sings with it is real and a beautiful thing to see and hear.

    • Kimak, just wanted to say even though I do think that is the road David will be taking, I’m still here because I still have a ray of hope that he wants a bigger career., of course me being here commenting won’t effect that one bit, lol. The potential for him to reach worldwide hearts and souls is immeasurable and I hope that he feels that’s where he belongs…the world stage!

      • cq you never know there is always hope just takes one great song to break thru
        John Legend and Sam Smith have beautiful ballads out now.. maybe something like this!

        David Archuleta – When You Say You Love Me

        I love this.. hope David records a power ballad one day that would outdo the likes of Adele!

      • That is my hope too, Kimak!

      • Cq you wrote : Yep Marie, that’s where I see it going. To bad I’ll never hear that voice in person. It’s his life, but it’s a shame imo, none the less that he might never meet his full potential, again omo.

        And I just wanna say sloowww down there. Don’t panic and throw in the towel just yet.

        Can I make a gentle observation? You sound like a bit of a worrier. You freak about unknowns. But stuff works out, you know? David’s mission wasn’t an epic disaster – it was a steppingstone for him. And this time is isn’t The End Of All Music – its his preparation time.

        As my mom used to say, “Relaaxxxx”


      • Hahaha, Smanda, no I’m not throwing in the towel just yet. It’s my silly thoughts nothing more. One day, optimist, the next pessimistic…weird I know, I don’t take myself to seriously.

  23. cq lordy can you imagine.. we’d be besides ourselves with joy!!

    • kim-WYSYLM is one of my all time fav songs ever performed by David, the heart, the soul (not the jazzy kind) the emotion, the passion and OHMY HECK the glorious vocals!!!! For me, this ranks right up there with Contigo on the ALMA. My hope and wish is that he brings this back to the stage.

      • Wow, Kimak! Thanks for posting WYSYLM. Takes me back. What an amazing piece of artistry. Heard him live and his voice filled the arena. It was breathtaking.

  24. kim-Thanks for the link for Sam Smith, didnt know him but loved the song you posted, then hurried over to itunes and got a ton of his stuff. WHAT A VOICE! I think Peter (who is missed) would enjoy his music.

  25. Senseless, let me just say, that if you are in your early 30s, you are way too young to be so cynical, especially about David. This is what you post on a fan site dedicated to David:

    “Another thought, on his mission, I wonder how many times he and companion got their hands & sparkling white shirts dirty while doing REAL humanitarian work besides carrying bags for old ladies? My respect for David would have increased tenfold if he had gone back to Chile when they had the terrible earthquake & fires to help the Chileans whom he said he loves & misses. Just my own thoughts”.

    The sarcasm and utter contempt you have had and continue to have for David and what he cares about is sickening. Why you are allowed to continue to post such disgusting insults about David on a site created to celebrate him is beyond me. This is the last time I will address you because you fail to meet the minimum standards for human decency.

    • wow, Bliss…”This is the last time I will address you because you fail to meet the minimum standards for human decency”.

      Is that a promise?

      Ali, thank you for posting the link to the picture showing David helping put up a roof. I love it. That’s what I imagined David would be doing while on his mission but never see or read anything about missionaries helping people in ways other than what is assumed. You know what they say about people who ass-ume too much. 😉

      • From what I’ve read, LDS missionaries do a few hours of humanitarian service per week, but often when they come to your door, as they did most recently at my door, they ask if they can help you out with anything, such as pulling weeds, etc. so I don’t know if that would be counted as part of the humanitarian service, or part of the proselytizing.

      • P.S. I’ve heard that the humanitarian service can be for anyone, such as regular church members, and not always the poor and needy, but I don’t know that for sure either.

      • (I said, “No, thank you.” to the missionaries who offered to help, btw).

  26. Removing negativity from your thoughts and lives truly does make one feel better. I’m sure the response to this will be defensiveness, but take a minute and think about it. Combative commenting and put-downs aren’t just opinion expressing, it’s negativity that affects you as much as the recipient. If you can say you’ve never typed a response holding these feelings, this comment isn’t addressed to you.
    David did humanitarian work on his mission. He’s done it before and after his mission. The percentage of the 2 years is irrelevant imo. It was his own time which he sacrificed, to use as he wanted.
    Please, just try to be open minded and kind with everyone here and in your lives.

  27. I too believe that these young missionaries do some sort of humanitarian work during their mission, but the focus is still primary proselytizing, just stating a fact, not bashing. Humanitarian work is honorable, but for me (personal feelings), religious proselytizing , any religion, is what I have a problem with. I am glad though that there is humanitarian work being done.

  28. Cq: Are you a believer or an atheist? You don’t have to answer if its too personal, just curious.

    • My2cents, I don’t mind at all. I do believe in spirituality and God. I was brought up Catholic, but have stepped away from the church because I truly couldn’t completely agree with all they or for that matter any organize church teaches. I also believe that anyone that needs that organized structure to feel close to there spirituality, it’s their choose and I can respect that, but the organization not so much.

      • Btw, I know that I’m in the minority here and you probably are wondering how in the world I’m a fan of David’s, lol. Well, I’m a fan of David the singer.

  29. Got it. Thanks for the answer.

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