Daily Archives: June 16, 2014

David Fan Angst

Good morning! Another day, another week, and perhaps another moment for Fan Wars! 😛

I’ve lifted the moderation on comments (at great risk, of course), but I just wanted a break yesterday from all the bickering that now regularly happens here.

So, I thought I would just do a series of Soul Davidian polls, because I’m curious: What keeps you here after all these years? Why are some folks starting to leave, and what are your expectations and hopes for David?

I’m lifting the comments moderation today because I’ve been getting so many visitors of late (which is extremely odd because nothing much is happening in Archuworld – except a whole lot of Fan Angst).

Also, deep down, I’m not comfortable with having to “monitor” what folks say here (not to mention I have too much stuff on my plate to add “moderating” to my list of duties).

So, in lifting the comments moderation, I thought I would just ask for honesty (rather than personal attacks and beef that you’ve developed with each other), and just ask you to think about your own relationship with David as a Fan.

I’m curious: What exactly is the problem for you with David and what keeps you hanging on? Please take my latest polls!

Sometime this week I will give my own honest assessment of what I think of David since his return from his two-year mission, but before I do, I’m going to engage in some serious reflection.