More Father’s Day Themes

Funny how the discussion quickly deteriorates these days, even though today is a holiday!

So, I’m going to encourage everybody to give it a rest. I’ve put Comments in moderation (which means ain’t nobody getting approved today, when there’s a holiday to appreciate our daddies – both the literal and figurative ones in our lives).

It’s Sunday. It’s Father’s Day. And I’m going to be the Daddy today and tell all y’all: Stop with the bickering!

That said, here are some other Father-themed videos to enjoy.

Oh, and it looks like David finally sent a shout out to all fathers (including his Heavenly Father):


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  1. Thank you HG.

  2. Thanks HG! Just a comment on Fatherhood…More and more you see the custodial parent is the Father. This has increased exponentially in recent years. Here’s to all Those Dad’s who give so much for their children! 🙂

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