Happy Father’s Day!

To all the Fathers out there, hope you have a great and awesome day today!

Just thought to share two of my favorite father-themed videos:


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  1. Two great videos Hg, thank you. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and father figures.

  2. Bono is an example of a very religious person who carved an amazing secular career while still maintaining messages in his music that resonated with all types of people. Look it up, he almost passed up a secular career because he could not reconcile a rock music career with his religious beliefs when he was young. Happy Father’s Day to all.

  3. McKenzie Harris

    Echo Chamber definition from Wiki:

    How it works

    Observers of journalism in the mass media describe an echo chamber effect in media discourse.[1][2] One purveyor of information will make a claim, which many like-minded people then repeat, overhear, and repeat again (often in an exaggerated or otherwise distorted form)[3] until most people assume that some extreme variation of the story is true.[4]

    Participants in online communities may find their own opinions constantly echoed back to them, which reinforces their individual belief systems. This can create significant barriers to critical discourse within an online medium. The echo chamber effect may also impact a lack of recognition to large demographic changes in language and culture on the Internet if individuals only create, experience and navigate those online spaces that reinforce their world view.[vague][5] Another emerging term for this echoing and homogenizing effect on the Internet within social communities is cultural tribalism.[6]

    • So I’m confused as to what this has to do with David’s music career?

      • cq – It’s not supposed to have anything to do with David’s music career. It is a criticism of this blog and those who comment here.

  4. McKenzie Harris

    HitandRun: It’s not a criticism. It’s a neutral observation from someone who has never commented on this site before but who follows David’s career very closely. Take it for what it’s worth.

    • Calling the comments and those who comment here an echo chamber sounds very much like a criticism to me. It’s basically telling everyone here that their comments have no value but we need to make our comments anyway because we have a need to have our opinions reinforced by others. So, maybe you are suggesting we should just shut up and go away.

    • I did take it as criticism towards commenters as to say none of your comments are valid and here’s the reason.

    • Some prefer to have conversations about a topic of mutual interest, and some prefer to tweet David multiple times a day.

  5. HG, never heard that song before- Dance With My Father Again. Love it! Thanks for posting.

  6. Lurker (the other one) made this comment in the previous thread: “I sigh for the lack of imagination from people who are so blinded by ‘proselytizing’ that they cannot see the genuine help and spiritual comfort missionaries can give to people who are in need.”

    This comment reminded me of an Interview with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons who spoke of the profound affect that his missionary experience had on him. I’m not a Mormon myself, but this helped me to understand David’s mindset right now….

    The hit musical “The Book of Mormon” might make fun of dress-shirted representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints naively trying to save souls in war-torn Uganda. But to Imagine Dragons bandleader Dan Reynolds, a longtime Mormon and Las Vegas native, it’s no joke.

    Describing his two-year mission to Omaha, Neb., at age 18, he says, “It was like going to another country. When you’re sitting down with a single mom whose husband left, and she’d been beat up by him, and she has no way to provide? And you’re this kid in a stupid white shirt, trying to figure out a way for them to make money and get her off addiction? When you do that, you grow up fast.”

    Reynolds – who brings his group to The City this week, backing its chart-topping debut “Night Visions” – also worked with farmers, signed on with a veterinarian and helped transform strangers’ lives in ways he never would have imagined.

    “It was such a growing experience for me, and it humbled me and made me realize that the world’s a lot bigger than where you’re raised,” he says. “There are people dealing with so many more problems than you, and it makes all your problems seem really small. So you just forget all about yourself.”

    Reynolds’ missionary garb was regularly pelted with Slurpees from passing cars in Nebraska.

    “But when I got home, I saw the world in a different way – it was more important for me to do something positive than to be cool,” says the singer, who penned his band’s breakthrough anthem “It’s Time” at his lowest, most depressed point. “I was dropping out of college, I was not happy with who I was, and I wanted to make some changes,” he says.

    Putting his fears and frustrations into songs, Reynolds formed Imagine Dragons (the name is a secret anagram) with his old college chum, guitarist Wayne Sermon, and started penning spiritual-themed stompers like “Demons,” “Radioactive” and “Hear Me,” which they tracked with producer Alex Da Kid on their Interscope-issued album.

    Reynolds is a remarkably mature 25. He married his sweetheart, Nico Vega’s Aja Volkman, and the couple – who record together as Egyptian – just had a baby daughter named Arrow.

    After his missionary eye-opener, he says, “If you’ve got food, a house and people that love you, you’ve got a lot more than 90 percent of the world. So we’re definitely blessed.”

    • Sounds like Reynolds did more of a humanitarian mission than a convert the natives mission. I hope we find out from David’s Q&A with LDS youth that his mission focused on the humanitarian also. That would quiet a lot who may think he only helped people who were wanting to convert.

      Worrisome though why he would drop out of school and be depressed if the mission was so uplifting. Or was the depression what compelled him to serve a mission and change his life?

    • Imagine Dragon twitter-https://twitter.com/Imaginedragons

  7. Happy Fathers Day, but I haven’t seen any picture of David and his dad after his mission. Not even a tweet or a comment. The same happens with David’s brother Daniel. I know his mother ir remarried. It seems that a lot of things happens in David’s life but we don’t realize of them or we just not talk about them.

  8. my opinion.. better this then what Miley and Justin Bieber and One Direction are up to.
    prayer over drugs and mayhem works for me.

  9. hell0g0rge0us

    OK guys, I’m just going to say it (even though it’s ALL speculation here). What is up with David not giving a shout out on Father’s Day? Where IS #manincap? Of course, over the years, I have noticed that he’s very mum about his dad and brother, and on Father’s Day in years past, he’s never been as enthusiastic as his Mother’s Day tweets and the like. So, who knows what’s going on.

    • Father’s Day is not over yet. David may still tweet a greeting at the very least to “all fathers” if not directed to his own father. Personally, I think it’s terribly sad David has always appeared to have such a close relationship with the women in his family but not with his dad & brother. We just never know what goes on behind closed doors.

    • HG – There has always been a discrepancy in David’s enthusiasm for his mother and his enthusiasm for his dad. I’m sure there are reasons that we will never be privy to, but David’s dad did spend a lot of time and money on trying to give David what he thought David wanted, which was a music career. From David’s vlog it appears that maybe David’s dad was wrong and David didn’t want that music career at all and maybe he blames his dad somewhat for pushing him into a career he didn’t want. Sometimes I feel like he blames his fans for that too.

      • Hit and Run, You are a first class trouble maker, and exactly what McKenzie Harris was talking about. This, from you, is pure, unadulterated B.S.:

        ” From David’s vlog it appears that maybe David’s dad was wrong and David didn’t want that music career at all and maybe he blames his dad somewhat for pushing him into a career he didn’t want. Sometimes I feel like he blames his fans for that too.”

        From what part of your body do you pull this baseless nonsense?

      • From the same place that you get your baseless nonsense – speculation.

        Bliss speculating:

        “David has always had the eye of many media outlets. They reported on his Mission departure and they reported on his return. When he releases a new CD, he will get plenty of buzz. When it’s time to do so, he will have no trouble hypnotizing and mesmerizing music fans worldwide with his outstanding music and irresistible personality.” You have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen with David’s career or what kind of music he’s going to release, if any.

        And talk about troublemaking. If this is not troublemaking I don’t know what is. You have been posting this B.S. since you first showed up here. An example:

        “David was blindsided by and unprepared for the intense level of adoration and obsession that he engendered from older female fans, and now that he has outgrown their undying love, he now has to deal with the fallout of all these brokenhearted swooners posting on fan sites about how they feel so betrayed and pushed aside by the David who has changed so much.”

        And this:

        “However, in reading posts of a complaining nature about David currently, the author is usually an “older female fan”. I haven’t read a younger fan saying that they don’t need to learn anything from David’s “message” tweets, or that all they’re interested in is him making music already, etc. but I’ve read a number of older fans doing just that.” In spite of the many examples other commenters posted showing just the opposite of what you said, you insist on disparaging David’s older women fans.

        If I cared to spend my evening searching I could find many examples of you doing just exactly what you accused me of, but I don’t care enough about you to spend my time that way. You are so eager to point out what you consider the faults of others, but you are blind to your own faults.

    • Not everything happens on social media and not everything is as it seems to the casual observer.

  10. Reynolds served the exact same kind of mission as David, the same kind that essentially all missionaries serve.

    I don’t understand this sudden influx of angst. David said nothing yesterday that wasn’t already known or said by him. He’s still active in his church, as are many entertainers and just people in general. He’s still working on music, as he said in his vlog. Does he really need to make a vlog every week to tell people what he has already told them?

    As someone said previously, there seems to be some weekly fandom meltdown that happens anymore. David said where he stands in the vlog. He said there is music being worked on. That should be the biggest part fans who aren’t into the LDS part of his life really care about.

  11. Mckenzie Harris, I didn’t realize that there was an actual name for the syndrome that takes place here, and it is reassuring that it has been identified. I have experienced precisely that on this site, and elsewhere. Whenever I post something that the “echo chamber” does not like, or goes against their agenda, they “circle the wagons” around me, make me the issue and not what I posted, and attempt to rid the site of the virus (me) that is interfering with the proselytizing of their specific agenda.

    That this is exactly what happened to you when you posted. Almost immediately both CQ and Hit and Run sprung into action to attempt to discredit your post and became defensive. This is what happens here whenever anyone comes on the challenge the Mormon hating, David dissatisfied echo chamber agenda of the bulk of these posters here.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your understanding of this syndrome. It is very helpful. I enjoy your tweets very much, btw.

  12. Aw yes, Sir Echo has responded.

  13. HG- I was tempted to say the same that Jeff seems to be a non-entity or at least it seems. Maybe after the very public massage debacle, things havent been the same. The version of “Apologize” not too long spoke volumes! Yes, it was too late to aplogize!

  14. I dont need a posse, I can circle the wagons myself thanyouverymuch but choose not to. The only person I know on here is kim so not sure who you feel is my posse.

  15. Just speculation here I think Stomping The Roses is about his dad.

  16. Don't worry... (now, I'm worried)

    David’s family members are not celebrities.
    I’d be fine if no information or photos or anything about them was ever brought to our attention.
    But… David, himself, has put them into the public eye. For example:

    1) We got to know David’s parents right away because the cameras focused on them in the audiences during Star Search and American Idol. And, THAT is totally David’s fault for being such a talented son-of-a-gun!! Hahahahaha
    2) Later on, David’s Dad came along during appearances and shows as a manager and quasi-security guard, although for the moment he does seem to be – ? in seclusion.
    3) David’s Mom accompanied him to celebrity functions and on stage in song.
    4) David had his brother play guitar for him (once that I know of); Daniel’s performance was lacking to say the least.
    5) David brought one of his friends on stage to sing Lean on Me, which was talentless on her part.
    6) David’s sisters!! What can you say about them?? They seem to always be (or used to be) somewhere close by either in person on the vlogs or for a time on “his” twitter. Just thankfully not at too many of his shows.
    7) And, the assorted grandparents, aunts, cousins and hangers-on. The new step-Dad in a photo at the airport. Plus random sightings about town with mentions from other tweeters.

    Then, there is “Kari.” Not a family member – an employee.
    And, true, she kept us informed while David was away. But also, she had us on edge with high anticipation and teased with all the David-made goodies – those photos and music.
    But, after David’s return, Kari’s other commitment – to JT for most of this year, I think, has done more to leave us fans flat and disheartened than anything else. Perhaps, we thought we could count on her to get David in the”touring, concert spotlight” more rapidly?

    However, and this has been said before too, it is David’s responsibility to put out info regarding his career plans and musical aspirations if he desires. From.many comments here, David, the singer, is what we are hungry for the most! .

  17. I noticed that the most prominent person in the advertisement for David’s upcoming talk, other than David, is his step-dad.

    Both Jeff and Daniel were in the going away photos. Perhaps the remarriage was a problem for them and that was what made the difference in the coming home celebration.

    It’s still only 2 pm in Utah, and people are busy with church. Maybe David will tweet later.

  18. I just can’t find the words….except to say I can understand why you Bliss, are no longer welcome at other fansites dedicated to David. Even with all your professions of love for David, which at times
    borders high on the creepy scale.

    Looks to me like soon you may be the only poster left here on SD. Not saying YOU are the reason so many regulars have taken a leave though. You don’t have that much power. David taking it slow to “get it right” & at the same time making it clear his career, such as it is now, is not a priority. He is the one who is sabotaging his own career and causing the flight of fans, more & more every day. I never in my wildest dreams thought this would be the “man he would become”. I thought given that he believed his vocal ability is a God-given gift, that he would want to continue sharing his gift with the world. I was so naive.

    • He is working on sharing his gift. He is working on music, music that comes from himself. The extreme reactions of fans who apparently think he should already have an album done and be giving concerts is kind of ridiculous to me. How long should he take to create new music? Two weeks? Two months? Clearly he has passed that generous limit with some. Hurry up and take your time, David.

  19. well at least bliss is not two faced like some on here,,who go to other sites under different names,

  20. It laughable to me when fans seems to take thing to the extreme. Because we fans might want an occasional tweet regarding music, say anything that is related to music…not that we DEMAND an album or major tours, not me anyway, just make it part of his life. Because that isn’t happening is the ONLY reason that discussion gets heated.
    From what I have viewed about David from tweets and other David sighting it really doesn’t seem like he is working on music at all. Now I’m sure he is, but the appearance is what I’m talking about.
    What I see is very clear is that he is aggressively dating, which I’m thinking by the end of the year maybe he will marry…then, after that happens, maybe he will be more serious about his music career. AGAIN, I’m not saying he shouldn’t be dating, enjoying his life, in fact, I’m glad that is happening, but the lack of ANYTHING regarding his career is what might be the problem.

    Hg, Last year I thought it was strange that David made sure there was a video for his mother for Mother’s Day, but nothing for his father, but then I thought heck he could of been to busy to do one, but not even a message via Kari. I do believe he will acknowledge Father’s Day still, but hum, very interesting if he doesn’t.

    • It’s only posted about the dating because that’s when he’s out and about among people who don’t normally see him. When’s he working on music he would be in the studio or with writers. They posted when he first started but why continue to post the same thing over and over? “Hey David is here working on music!” “Oh hey David is here again working on music!” “Wow you’ll never believe what David is here doing again!” lol. Yes, I’m exaggerating to make my point but I think you can see where I’m going.

      There are lots of hours in the day where we don’t see pictures of exactly where David is or what he’s doing. Why is the assumption that he’s doing nothing related to music at that time?

      • Exactly, a lot of hours in a day, that’s why I said it SEEMS LIKE and added that I’m sure he is working on his music. As far as dating, lol, like cc halo TMZ Utah is the only reason we know about that part of his life.

      • Lol well David is RM#1 currently. Wonder if he needs a PA to keep up with all the calls coming in requesting he date someone’s daughter, sister, cousin, friend, etc 😉

  21. rooster-I appreciate that you are a fan, but do wonder if you ever have anything nice to post other then to support Bliss. I dont mind but that is the only nice thing you say anymore. 😦

  22. candy there is nothing nice about thie posters on this site to say any thing nice about,if you do they make fun of you,if not in there world thinking

  23. Hi rooster, you said: ” nothing nice about thie posters on this site” is that include Bliss and all other posters that you agree with, hum?!?!

  24. My guess is that David may have been told by Jeff that he doesn’t want to be in David’s tweets. He maybe wants to keep a low profile due to his past indiscretions and the divorce. Daniel too probably does not want be part of David’s public music career. Daniel may not live in the area any more.

    We were use to David being extremely prolific in providing music, appearances and tours before his mission. Now he is actually acting more like a normal musician. Kari did help in creating the unrealistic expectations that some of us ODD fans had for David’s return with her “best is yet to come tweet” IMHO. Yes, we are impatient because we want David to publically sing again. I’m sure he will eventually, but until then the speculation and angst will continue or die a slow death until no one comments any more.

    • I have a question to all the fans that say for David to take as long as he wants are you talking in regards if it takes, say 5 years that he will be ok without reinventing himself?

    • Grammyj – do you know for sure that this is true:

      “My guess is that David may have been told by Jeff that he doesn’t want to be in David’s tweets. He maybe wants to keep a low profile due to his past indiscretions and the divorce. Daniel too probably does not want be part of David’s public music career. Daniel may not live in the area any more.’

      because if you’re just speculating Bliss is going to accuse you of being a troublemaker.

      • No I don’t know if any of it is true. It is pure speculation. All I do know is that Daniel has not been in any pictures that I’ve seen since David got back. I have seen a couple pictures of Jeff on Jazzy’s public twitter, so I know he has been in the area.

  25. no cq if you had abrain tht worked you would assume that,like you assume that david is not working on music,from my posts you all should know who i am taliking about with nameing names, takes to long and you are not worth it that goes for you to candy,

    • rooster, so you don’t think my brain works, that’s to bad that you feel that way, your opinion. lol, I’ll give you that sometimes I don’t make that much sense (bad spelling, poor sentences, etc), but my brain is ok.

  26. OK I did state I was not going to comment that much anymore but as an example- I am posting the twitter accounts of 2 acts that Gina Orr(David’s manager) manages. Obviously neither of them have hit singles or I don’t even think they are signed to a label or have have new music coming out or have even close to the the twitter followers David has. One of them in Casey Abrams https://twitter.com/CaseyBassy and the other is actually an LDS group Synderes https://twitter.com/synderes That is how you run your twitter if you want a music career. I don’t know what is going on with David but whether he knows it or not he is pushing fans away. He is not even trying as he just does not tweet about his music career or even other musicians. Hitandrun and Senseless you nailed what some of the issues are. Have a nice day everyone. 🙂

    • I will miss you Marie. And Peter too and some of the other that have left lately. I would go too, but when Bliss starts with his insulting comments regarding older women it makes me realize someone has to stay around to debunk his B.S.

  27. Lurker, excellent post which I will bring down here:

    “He is working on sharing his gift. He is working on music, music that comes from himself. The extreme reactions of fans who apparently think he should already have an album done and be giving concerts is kind of ridiculous to me. How long should he take to create new music? Two weeks? Two months? Clearly he has passed that generous limit with some. Hurry up and take your time, David.”

    I have worked with recovering drug addicts , and I can tell you that the reactions to some of these people to David’s not giving them what they want are very reminiscent of heroin addicts needing their next shot, and not having it available to them. It’s all they think about and all the talk about, and God help anyone who gets in their way to get it. You see that every day right here on this site. That’s why they call me the “fan police”. I am “in the way” of their insatiable need to talk about what they need to each other, and to vent their anger at David and whoever else for not giving it to them when they want it. Classic addict withdrawal behavior.

    • Ok, bliss, don’t you think you have crossed the line comparing fans to heroin addicts?

      • CQ, no I don’t. Just rendering my professional opinion after years of dealing with addictive behavior. Another symptom is the collective denial that is expressed here whenever the truth gets too close to home, as well as your trying to put it on me by saying that I had crossed some kind of imaginary line, which is really just your discomfort at reading my post.

    • OMG! You do have a “God-Complex” don’t you? So you think the posters here are akin to drug addicts and you come here to set us on the road to recovery? You’re joking right? I wonder what those addicts you work with would think if they knew how you spend your free time on line defending David and professing your undying love & OTT admiration for a kid young enough to be your grandson. (and you have the nerve to put down his older female fans!).

      Or don’t tell me…you play David’s music to them as part of their therapy?

    • This is a perfect example of some fans going to the extreme to denigrate, degrade and insult other fans. I’m talking about both the Lurker part and the bliss part. And both of you are off base and rude.

  28. Yay! David will be performing on July 4th! 🙂

    • cotton candy, here did you get that info?

    • Maybe he will, but maybe someone is just messing with David’s fans. If he is indeed performing some place, neither David nor Kari have see fit to announce it to David’s fans, so until I hear it from one of them, preferably David, I will choose not to believe it.

  29. Rooster/Ray,

    Can you be any more crass, crude, rude, & downrght nasty. As an old man, you should know better.

    • Senseless, anyone who can talk to someone like you spoke to Rooster really has no claim to call out anyone else for rude or inappropriate behavior or speech.

  30. Rooster Dear-I am wondering if you are being cast for the remaking of the Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau Movie…the part sure fits!!

  31. Yep we are addicted to David’s voice lol and can’t wait to hear it on July 4th at his outdoor BBQ with his date after they play a rousing game of mini golf. Ok, I’m just trying to lighten thing up. We truly don’t have to take this so seriously. He’s a singer…. We are his fans.

  32. perhaps Davids Happy Fathers Day tweet will give us something new to talk about…sweet but evasive.

  33. David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 4m

    Happy Father’s Day to all of you fathers! Grateful for every kind of father out there and all you’ve taught me. http://youtu.be/R5FxdCgD-qI

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