David on Twitter: Missing His Mission

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  1. David’s new mission – to sing where Phillip Phillips is singing tonight someday. So beautiful…

  2. David’s mission was roughly 95% about converting and 5% about what the general public would recognize as humanitarian work, timewise. His apparently sincere belief that helping people to become Mormon is the ultimate act of service, is an interesting contrast to the news of the last couple of days, with headlines about how a “Mormon Kangaroo Court” (Yahoo.com) is starting the process of excommunicating two (actually there are three) members who are calling for a more humanitarian, authentic church.

    In an update, the church, possibly stung by the bad press, has somewhat backed off of (or “de-escalated”) excommunication of the man who had been helping LGBQ Mormons, and calling for better treatment by the church.

    Ironically, because she is a woman, it’s much easier for them to excommunicate the woman who is asking the leaders to prayerfully consider giving the priesthood to women (now reserved for males over 12 years old). She is asking for the same process that the church used in the seventies to reconsider the ban on black members in the temples. The church hasn’t backed off of her, though they told her she could keep her opinions, but had to keep them to herself.

    • Wonder how David feels about this whole controversy.

    • The “Kangaroo Court” article was a joke. No. No one is getting excommunicated (a word which means something quite different in the LDS church than what most people generally think of) for “calling for a more humanitarian, authentic church.” Also, no one is getting excommunicated for “asking questions” or even for disagreeing with the church on issues. The standard is much higher than that. I wish the media would put a tiny bit more effort in getting the facts before casting their uninformed judgement.

  3. ITA-cc halo. Could not agree with you more. I am holding way back on my true opinions. I am out of here. I will peak in from time to time but since David has no music news at all-I have no interest at all. I have no interest in his religion at all. 🙂

  4. our church does not approve of gays or gay marriage either.

  5. CChalo, exactly how much do you hate the Mormons? And how much of that hatred spills over to David, who is a devout member of the Mormon Church, and someone who you have stated must, by design, adhere to all their teachings. What keeps you interested in this artist who is a member, in lofty standing, I might add, of this organization that you so obviously and relentlessly despise?

  6. I think it is great if David sends tweets out about humanitarian and charitable causes but not religion. That is not what one of those tweets are about- IMO. I will leave it at that. 🙂

  7. i think right now David is in process of figuring out what God wants him to do next.

  8. Bliss has backed himself into a corner it appears. Now David is primarily a humanitarian, with singing a side job. What Davis fails to understand, has never understood, is that his God given talent could take him to heights where he would have the ability to do so much more on the humanitarian side.
    He and Bliss have it backwards.

    And I read that David wants to keep things private now. He has it backwards now too. His communications about his faith and his life are not exactly consistent with him keeping it private. His random meetings on the streets of Utah etc are not exactly keeping it private when he agrees to pose for pictures and such. He should be tweeting and allowing the professional information out, not the personal if this is his true desire to keep on the down low.

    What I see is hypocrisy plain and simple. I struggled with using such a strong word but in the end it is a word that fits how I see what is going on with David these days.

    • You repeat the words that Bliss said as if they are what David has said. I think to take any fan’s impression of what David is or wants as if David himself has said it is a mistake. Fans can only infer and everyone infers from a different point of view.

      Also, I’m not sure where you read about David wanting to “keep things private now” but I’ve not seen David address that himself either. If he has posed for a picture then I will assume he’s fine with it being posted. I’ve not seen him express that he is not fine with it. How is David a hypocrite for posting his own observations on his own twitter account? You may not agree with his beliefs and that’s fine. As a matter of fact, I don’t agree with all his beliefs. But that doesn’t make him a hypocrite.

      Sometimes it feels like people are looking for reasons to be offended by David.

  9. I don’t share David’s religion, but I do think he had a life-changing experience and also a great mission experience.

    I can understand how he must be reflecting and even yearning for aspects of it again. In the 1990s, I lived abroad for a few years and had a fantastic experience. It was extremely hard to return to my home country. After years of yearning for it, I finally made the decision to emigrate down here. 🙂

    It must be very helpful for David to have other missionary friends who served in similar parts of the world and with whom he can relate to. When I moved back to my home country from down here in the 1990s, no one I knew had been down here, let alone understood the culture other than what they had seen in movies.

  10. Methinks this is the night all the onionskin (s) will be peeled back… For me, David himself appears to have decimated the idea posited on this site repeatedly that it’s this fan base – more specifically, the posters that frequent this site, that has /had done David a disservice by “infantilizing” him, and in doing so has kept the public at large from viewing David as a mature, self assured adult. Well, after the PETER PAN and POKEMON and ZELDA tweets, no poster on Earth could have done a better job in the infantilization department than he. He’s 23 years old… I may be out of touch somewhat with the “average” 21st century American male and their interests or tastes, but I don’t think I’m that far off the mark in thinking that Peter Pan plays and Pokemon and Zelda aren’t interests an average 23 yr male has. He appears to perpetuate a kind of man-child schism that I can’t discern if it’s more parts disturbing…. or sad…it feels like a kind of arrested development in play, and it doesn’t give me warm fuzzies or come off as “charming” or any of those other hyperbolic adjectives prescribed to him … it’s starting the creep me the _____ out… real talk.

    There’s something happenin’ here, what it is ain’t exactly clear… (tm Buffalo Springfield)

    • My 35 year old uncle plays Zelda every week. Tons of people of all ages play video games. And in case you weren’t aware, Disney productions are some of the biggest draws on Broadway. Lion King and Cinderella, anyone?

      Get over trying to judge David. Just because you don’t approve of something doesn’t make it shameful. I am in my 20s, as are most of my friends. Whether its a change in generations or what idk because I don’t know what 23 year olds did back in 1888 but David’s interests are not outside the norm for today. He’s working. Dating. Churching. Chilling. It’s normal. Real talk.

      • WTH, are you LDS?

      • Re: WTH

        But…but I thought moving David away from those Disney images, the “infantilizing” that the Disney brand confers upon its manufactured stars is what David wanted to avoid, or some David fans wanted him to avoid, like the plague. It would appear that the vitriol spewed out IMO needlessly at some posters on this site regarding their behavior and attitudes and comments and actions that were keeping David a “kid” or childlike” or “infantilized” has been woefully misdirected… Hmmmm, maybe David is taking the right approach rebuilding his career from the bottom up right now. If he continues infantilizing himself with tweets of the Peter Pan, Pokemon and Zelda variety, maybe this go round he will be able to rebuild his fanbase with others of like minded interests. Shoot, he may be able to finally be taken seriously if he is rebrands himself this go round as the Peter Pan, Pokeman and Zelda lovin’ crooner from Utah! Yeah, that’ll get him taken seriously.

    • i agree. i think David is very mature in some ways and very childlike in others ways. think he does have some serious issues he is working on.

  11. Anon #999, I’ll ask you the same thing I asked CC halo. If you think that David is a hypocrite, why are you still a fan of his? Why would you want to support a hypocrite?

    As for CC halo, talking to you is like listening to Fox News. Your post clearly displays your disdain for the Mormon Church, specifically their treatment of gays and women. You have been doing this for months on this site. It’s all there in black and white, whether you admit to it or not. I’d have more respect for you if you just said it already. Repeat after me “I, CChalo, hate the Mormon Church and everyone associated with it, including David Archuleta”. No amount of support you receive from your fellow Kool-Aid drinkers here will change that fact.

    David is an avid member of a group that you detest. I can only assume that you still post here because it gives you a forum to trash the Mormon Church, which you do at every opportunity.

    • I really don’t think that cc halo brought up anything that wasn’t all over the news. There is always different ways of looking at things. David has no problem with bring up his religion and with that some things are going to come out that maybe aren’t as wonderful as everyone things they are.

    • Ok, I’m getting personal now. You are ridiculous. You are trying to police the discussion on this fan site, and hardly ever post anything that isn’t an attack on posters here. You read what you want into comments that have no basis in fact whatsoever.

      You have posted really offensive things about David’s church, including the idea that he couldn’t possibly believe in the things he’s teaching, because they’re so terrible. You’re pretending that a discussion of current events in David’s church consists of “hate”, but I think you must be projecting your own feelings.

      I think that it’s really fascinating to talk about David’s promotion of his religion in such a turbulent and interesting time for that church, when he has opened the topic. Why are you trying to dictate that it shouldn’t be discussed?

      • CChalo, why won”t you answer my question? Here is is again. If you want, you can phone a friend, ask the audience or use the 50/50 option:
        What keeps you interested in this artist who is a member, in lofty standing, I might add, of this religion that you so obviously and relentlessly despise?

        Please do not waste our time by responding with any other self serving post.

      • And why can’t you get it through your head that discussing current events that are in the news and are, in fact, a reality of the chruch doesn’t mean hatred for the church. My question to you would be why do you love the church so much that you would prefer to keep the unpleasant parts of the church from being discussed. Do you love David so much that you by association love anything associated with him, even if it’s doesn’t paint him in a particularly good light?

  12. WTH- anyone who is seriously religious does not embrace Disney.

  13. so actually that is good news for majority of fans! David is more secular than we thought! lol 🙂

  14. WTH- you have access to holy water tonight? that is not something to joke about.

  15. Founder of Mormon women’s group threatened with excommunication

    Mormon Activists Who Pushed For Acceptance Of Women, Gays Threatened With Excommunication

    Took me all of a few seconds to type in and find just these two articles (out of thousands) on the Internet… inquiring minds wanna know…. how is bringing legitimate stories about something specific happening in real time within the Mormon church a disdainful act? IMO…. I think where David stands on this issue IS a legitimate subject open for discussion by his fans, as well as what it means for him to be one of those members in “really right or good standing” within his church… if people are going to use his upbringing in the Church as the catalyst or foundation for his “goodness”, and all those upstanding values and character traits ascribed to him, then it stands to reason that the other side of the coin, so to speak regarding the same Church is open for discussion and examination BY THOSE FANS WHO SEE FIT TO WANT TO DISCUSS IT… dontcha know that you can count me out of that one… Yeah, lots of topics re: David have been beaten to death and rehashed over and over – what makes this one different from all the more “positive” topics and comments that, for some reason when the dust settles, never seem to quite pan out… IMO, the “negative nellies” and some “trolls” and “whiners” seem to have the better track record “predicting” what the real story is going on with David…

  16. i agree. time for David to be totally real with his fans and vice versa. no more political correctness.

  17. I was really shocked when David went on his 2 year mission, because of the way he announced it, because of when he announced it and finally because of where he announced it. I felt he deceived his fans.

    Now that he is back I was hoping that David would return to his way of not bringing his religion into his “fan” world, as many of his fans are not Mormons! David showed us by example how he was a good and caring person and left his religion out of it.

    It is now apparent to me that he fully intends to bring his religion into his fan world. He could reach many more people if he did not do that. He must have some awareness that the Mormon religion is a hot button for many people. Many people don’t view this religion as an authentic religion.

    In bringing his religion into his fan world he appears to be trying to “convert” his fans now, just as he was doing while on a mission.

    He is going to turn many remaining fans away from him, as this “proselytizing” is distasteful to me and I would bet that it is offensive to others also.

    It’s too bad he feels the need to proselytize. We fans get that he is Mormon now. He just needs to sing and show the world by example. Keep religion out of his fan and entertainment world, including tweets.

    I am very sad to see that Peter and Marie are leaving this blog as I really enjoyed their perspective on everything.

  18. Lurker (the other one)

    Hate to break it to you, but most LDS returned missionaries talk about their mission for the rest of their lives, no exaggeration. People who are married to one or mothered or sistered or brothered to one, have little inside jokes about the ‘mission stories’ and the mission reunions and the mission companions that they have inherited. It IS that life-changing. David, not even 3 months back, can be forgiven for waxing nostalgic. Don’t be surprised if he heads back to Chile sometime soon. It’s par for the course. I do not understand people, FANS, wanting David to quickly excise this part of his life and move on. There is no moving on. Don’t keep waiting for him to stop. Or if he does stop, you can feel happy that he will have then in essence stopped sharing anything at all of importance to him.

    In my opinion, getting really rich so that you can support humanitarian causes is great. I wish I could. But that still does not compare to one on one service that missionaries perform and I’m not talking about converting people. I sigh for the lack of imagination from people who are so blinded by ‘proselytizing’ that they cannot see the genuine help and spiritual comfort missionaries can give to people who are in need. And in sacrificing your regular life for more than just a few months or a few hours now and then, but for 2 full years, you DO get a perspective on some things that you can’t get anywhere else, I don’t care what religion or humanitarian effort you have devoted yourself to. I see so many people on the defensive on social media, as if David were personally dissing their efforts to be kind and help others. He wasn’t. It’s where his mind is right now. HIS mind, HIS life, HIS feelings, that he is sharing with you. Don’t like it? Don’t follow.

    Bliss, just chiming in on your last comment. I said to myself the other day, “I’ll bet ‘a certain poster’ is chomping at the bit to bring up the Kate Kelly excommunication thing. I wonder how long it will take her to post something about it.”

    I won the bet.

    • Now that’s not what I got from a mother of three missionaries. Her words, all returned to normal life shortly after they returned. Now as far as talking about his mission, why not talk to his fellow missionaries and his family and his church, that’s just fine, but bring it to his professional career, not so sure that will go over well. I know he doesn’t give a darn and yes, we shouldn’t either, but we have been here waiting for a singer that said to give him two years and that he would return to his music career. Now we know that’s not the case. As you said if you don’t like just leave. Not as easy as that because of the man’s phenomenal talent, I for one want it to be realized.
      I can’t condone something that I feel is wrong, but at the same time, I feel that David will come around and get back to his career and give us wonderful music.

  19. it doesn’t matter now to me what David says or doesn’t say, or does in the music world or doesn’t do, i will be in love with him until the day i die. i have accepted that this is my sad destiny.

  20. I am not actively religious. Let me start with that. I don’t approve of many of the tenets of organized religion. However, I respect the right of people to belong to the religion of their choice.

    If we’re gonna start a big hubabaloo about the recent news stories with the Mormon Church though then lets talk about every artist out there who is Catholic as well. The exact things being fought over in the Mormon church in those articles are still in place in the Catholic church. I was raised Catholic. I know and love many Catholics. The fact they still belong to that religion does not make me care for them any less but its not for me.

    Just saying. This is not something where the Mormon Church is some great lone lurking evil. It’s happening across many religions as they attempt to meld modern sensibilities with traditional dogma.

    • I agree, and especially with the idea that you still care just as much for a person, no matter their religion (or I’d have a lot of family members I don’t love anymore).

      I’m one that is very interested in these type of discussions about many religions, and don’t consider the Mormon Church “some great lone lurking evil”, no matter what some want to portray.

    • lurker, I was brought up Catholic, have step away and very happy I did. I actually see a lot of similarities between the Catholic church and the LDS church. Ok different doctrine, but still see similarities.

  21. Beauxcefus, points taken. However, I still have not been given the answer to the question that begs to be asked. Why would a person who is so at odds with the positions taken by the Mormon Church to the point of posting it on this site want to remain a fan of an artist who is an avid, revered member of that Church? I have asked that question numerous times of CChalo and others who post their disdain for LDS, and no one has ever given me a rational answer.

    For example, I could never be a fan of Ted Nugent because I am offended by his views on many issues, especially his stance on gun control.

    • I believe that I posted my answer above, in response to Lurker. I have beloved cousins who teach that it’s wrong to go to doctors, or to get any kind of medical care for children. At David’s age, I would have mostly agreed with that, though I was starting to question it. I have a TON of wonderful friends and family who are extremely politically conservative (you know, the ones who think that we need MORE guns to be safe). If LOVED Ted Nugent (really hard to imagine), I might be able to overlook beliefs that I disagree with, especially if I saw him as a really talented and good person.

      Again, we are at odd about the proper discussion on a fan site. You think that certain things should not be said, and I see it as a place for frank conversation. And you keep talking about disdain, hate, etc., when I have never seen it in that light anyway.

  22. Lurker (the other one)

    Can someone point me to exactly where David is telling his fans they need to join the Mormon church please? I mean, did I miss a vlog or tweet or something? Or is simply expressing your opinions or retweeting a quote now considered proselytizing?

  23. I don’t care if david is LDS but if he want to talk about his beliefs I think he should keep it private and he need worry more about making music for the fans, I think david over do it about talking about LDS. I think the more he talk about it than the fans will get sick tired of hearing it.

  24. That sounds pretty…uhhh pathetic & sad. “in love”? Really??

  25. David has always been very religious, family oriented, and compassionate. The mission experience solidified his faith and priorities. Cotton Candy, I agree that he is seeking God’s plan and this will surely include music. As for the video games and Peter Pan show, I think he was probably entertaining his sisters and actually having fun. So what’s the big deal? He’s not being a hypocrite at all. He’s being himself.

  26. Bliss, I’m only speaking for myself, but it should be apparent by now to you and others here that there appears to be many conflicted fans of David (I own my conflictedness, lol),hanging on by the skin of their fingernails to any sense or sliver of hope that the promise and potential for musical greatness they saw in this talented young man is not nor has been in “vain”. There are real fans of his who have had to actively fight to keep the goodness, the talent, the potential for greatness perceived in the forefront of their fandom while tamping down questions and concerns raised as one acquires knowledge of some religious aspects that have and continue to shape him… how does one reconcile the David Archuleta from American Idol to David Archuleta, Mormon missionary and all that entails… I’d posit it’s possible to be a fan of David and deeply conflicted about being a fan all at the same time…

  27. CQ, you say this “we have been here waiting for a singer that said to give him two years and that he would return to his music career. Now we know that’s not the case”.

    David has told us that he is working on music. He can’t just pull it out of a hat because you’re impatient. Are you calling David a liar? When he said he’s working on music, was he lying? You have to be able to back up your claims with facts.

    • Bliss, NO, I’m not calling David a liar, but it’s possible that he might have changed his mind. From his vlog he said he would let us know more about his trip to Nashville later, that never came, so it does lead me to think that maybe he might be changing directions, that’s all.

  28. PS Bliss…
    I DESPISE Ted Nugent’s political views with the white hot heat of 1000 suns…

    I LOVE Ted Nugent the gonzo MOTOR CITY MADMAN guitar virtuoso… the soundtrack of my teen years is rife with “Stranglehold”, “Cat Scratch Fever” and other face melting guitar jams of his… from the entertainment or musical standpoint, it’s sometimes possible to not be in lockstep or agreement with a particular artist’s views on politics or religion, etc, but still find some aspects of their work to be palatable… I won’t spend a dime supporting any of his musical endeavors now, but I don’t change the station if Cat Scratch Fever is playing *smile*

    pps… I despise wife beaters and misogynists and child abusers with the same passion as Nugent… yet I and millions still revere, listen to, buy and blog about John Lennon, and the Beatles… are we hypocrits? crazy? in denial? excellent compartmentalizers? perhaps some, all or none of the above… just human beings… full of complexities, conflicts, shades of grey where some would will it to be black or white… so… IMO possible to be a fan of David, and conflicted as heck about being a fan of David…

    • This is really well said and I agree but – are you on Ted Nugent’s fansites arguing daily about his political views? I think thats where Bliss’s question makes sense and its something I’ve puzzled about, too. I might state it more like: why spend so much time and energy fussing over someone whose life choices you so deeply dislike?

      • No – I spend no time on Nugent sites defending his considerable prowess as a guitarist. With Ted, when he began to let his true personality and become vocal in his political leanings and beliefs, when documented stories of some of his moral depravity, hypocrisy and uber misogynistic views regarding women became public the balance tipped in my ability to continue overlooking his douchebaggery for the sake of the musical genius. If given the right forum and context, I probably would and could debate anyone regarding why I feel he should be in the Top 20 guitarists of all time, and why he should be in the R&R Hall of Fame. On the real, I still consider him personally, morally and politically to be an asshole and a douchebag, but I still like jamming to Cat Scratch Fever. Perhaps for some, that balance for David has not begun to tip in the area where a limit has been reached, a line crossed that makes one unable to actively support or consider themselves a “fan”. Hope this makes sense.

      • Agree. For a number of fans, the balance was tipped when he went on his mission, and I’ve not seen them back since. And some of them were very beloved, popular posters here. Disclaimer: no one is saying that David is doing or saying anything but very well-intentioned, kind things.

  29. curious jane- i’m quite sure i’m not the only one who feels this way.

    • Sorry, didn’t mean to offend, but unless you’re David’s age or younger, saying you are “in love” with him is just plain weird to me. As much as I love his voice, I’ve never said I was “in love” with David. However, I am very much in love with my boyfriend. 🙂

  30. Lurker (the other one). I have read so many comments by LDS assuring that after a while RM’s resume a regular life with religion an important aspect but not their entire focus. In fact some of the LDS fans have said the church encourages the RM’s to resume a normal life. You are saying the opposite, that from now on religion and mission is the entire focus. I guess those others were lying to try to soothe the concerns of the fanbase.

    • I think Lurker (the other one) was just saying that a mission is a big life changing event that continues to be referred to for the rest of the returned missionary’s life. My husband (served in Anaheim CA 1972-1974) just wrote a long letter full of mission stories to one of his missionary buddies to wish him a happy birthday. Normal normal. No big deal.

  31. Wow, here we go again. It has been one year today since I completed my radiation treatments for breast cancer. I have been cancer free now for over a year. Having a health issue can help put things into perspective. My faith, family and friends were a help along with modern medicine. David is just a singer living his life how he sees fit. He has a remarkable God given talent that he has tried to use to help people along with entertaining them. I have no crystal ball as to what will happen in David’s music career going forward. I just want him to sing and I will listen.

    • And he doesn’t have to have the same beliefs as me. Most of the singers I like I have no idea what their beliefs are. I don’t get why it is so concerning to some fans who are posting here. As long as he puts out music that you like why do you care what he believes?

      • I reckon it’s because each individual may have or reach the limit or a set boundary regarding how long, or how far they may be willing to go along with, make excuses for or try to overlook attitudes or behaviors or beliefs of someone they consider themselves a fan of… case in point, The Perils of Justine Beiber. I think most people were willing to go along with and/or write off this twits stupid acts and childish behaviors – until (1) the race card entered into the mix via those infamous videos this past week, and (2)the racist tag was attached (perhaps permanently) to his well documented stupidity and childishness (in addition to having 0 talent, IMO). It’s apparent he was a manufactured from the get go pop star… but folk are now wondering if he’s really a bigot, a racist, what does he really think or believe in that area, especially in light of his manager and biggest enabler (Usher) being African American… it shouldn’t matter – but it does… IMO.

    • Re: Grammyj… “I just want him to sing”

      This is what I think EVERYONE wants. No more, no less. If we lowly fans have figgered it out, tell me whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hasn’t his “team”? (tm A Little Too Not Over You)

      Congrats on your anniversary Grammyj… We’re told constantly by self help experts and so called life coaches not to “sweat the small stuff”… the Archuleta fan hamster wheel of neverending topics we love to beat to death i, indeed, small stuff compared to your journey. God Bless and a sincere wish for many years of good health for you.

  32. curiousjane- are you saying that David is your boyfriend???

  33. Grammyj, glad to hear that u are cancer free. Happy that u are heathy and doing good! 🙂 we all want david to sing again hopefully it soon, I think david is just taking it very slow with his music right now.

  34. Bliss, it’s pretty obvious to me what is going on here. This may help.
    Hmmm, why are people still fans of his if they dislike his beliefs?
    Probably because they still love the guy and are conflicted and don’t know what to do. Simple as that. Have you NEVER had a moment? Never felt confused? Wow.
    Also, Beauxcefus, I think I love you. Your Ted Nugent douchebaggery comment should be printed and framed. Seriously.

  35. Grammyj, so happy to read about your one year anniversary, congratulations!!!

  36. Shanny in Australia

    I enjoy Cotton Candy’s comments. Light hearted fun.

    Grammyj, congratulations on your anniversary. Best wishes for many more healthy anniversaries! 🙂

    Cchalo, I admit, I too have wondered why you follow David considering how you feel about the LDS church. Lol. I wonder given your great interest in researching things about the church if that is a part of your interest in following all things David too?

    With regards to Peter and Marie leaving, I actually always wondered why they bothered really. They both said on multiple occasions that they weren’t really interested in David all that much anymore. I sincerely wish them both well. 🙂

    Regarding David’s religious tweets….as he said in the Called To Serve special, he’s no longer afraid to show who he really is, so it makes sense that if he feels like tweeting about how he loved his mission or something, then he just does. Not much more to it other than he’s tweeting about things he loves or interest him. I can relate to it – Today I posted some personalish pics on Instagram, and since I just about never post pics online, it felt funny like I was fishing for attention of some sort but it wasn’t, some of them were simply of things I love and some were to give my Archie peeps a face to go with a name.

    Now, if David only used his social media for professional messages and then added in these religious tweets, then I would think something weird was up but the fact that he uses his social media to share many aspects of his life, tells me he is just sharing his life with us, what brings him joy, like we all do with each other on social media. Most of us love seeing what David is up to or thinking. Time and time again, he has found success with just being himself. He’s giving us himself.

    As for fans leaving….of course David appreciates and wants his fans but I suspect he fully realises that by being true to himself, he will lose some fans who wanted and expected something else for him. I think he’s savvy enough to know that not everyone will be happy with him revealing his religious side more now….but I guess if you’re not in it for the mega bucks or the super stardom but more for the joy of the artistry, then what’s a person to do, other than be their whole selves come what may.

    • Shanny, I do agree with your take on his use of social media and his quest to be true to himself, “come what may”. And I think we are seeing the results here and possibly elsewhere…fans come and go (and come and stay) as his willingness to be genuine, three dimensional and share via social media continues in the absence of sharing music now.

      IMO This will continue until there is music to mitigate in some of those cases against the personal side of things… so, the “..what may” is not especially heartening here although it is to be expected as each fan determines his or her own ability to choose what is tolerable and acceptable in a recording artist who is unafraid to present all sides of himself.

      David is intelligent and I believe he understands that quite well. Thus, IMO he seems courageous; and the courage of convictions is a magnificent trait when coupled with humanitarianism and non- hostile, non- judgmental behavior towards those who are different. It doesn’t take any courage to insult a religion or dump someone whose beliefs are foreign and repugnant to you even when you like their artistry or inventions, or whatever. I have been guilty myself of dumping artists who are off the cliff politically in my mind. While I love Apple computers I disliked Steve Jobs personal life. That makes me intolerant in some ways and not becoming, I know. But it is a real challenge and an act of courage to analyze ourselves, our own hostilities, shortcomings and intolerance. So why not stay and take the heat for the courage of our convictions (here and in daily life) but be more sensitive to others and try to remove the other-directed hostility towards those whose religion and politics or whatever is meaningful to them but not to you. To me, this is what David does everyday of his life.

      Isn’t it true for most of us that Internal conflict is part of our life in a country that is often divided along cultural, political, socioeconomic and religious lines? Does the conflict we feel make it impossible to be honest and sensitive at the same time? To have a conversation without name calling or quasi hostile innuendo? How we choose to muddle through this life, be tolerant, or not, of people with differing views views is played out here online very clearly and sometimes very painfully. If tolerance can only be a one way street then it is not tolerance, it’s something else. And personal attacks and saying things “in the name of truth” which are hurtful to others is insensitive and not necessarily courageous. You may be allowed to open your mind and empty it onto the slate in the name of truth, but without kindness and sensitivity and mindfulness, we end up here as we do in the country, hopelessly divided with winners and losers. So, instead of growing closer we grow further apart in our own self righteous sense of our truths.

      • shanny-This post is for you. I like this blog and I will come back to it occasionally to discuss topics other than David. hg does make posts about other things besides David . I always enjoyed peter’s videos of other music artists. As far as David’s music career- I feel he does not have one right now. No label,no new music,no appearances,no tour,and I am not even sure what his management is doing and who is on his team. I am bored by his lack of a music career. Anyone could say they are working on writing songs. I would love it if David used his twitter to promote humanitarian and charitable causes. I am offended by David’s using his twitter to try to encourage others to go on a “religious mission” as opposed to a “humanitarian mission” and join his church. That is stepping over the line for me. That is the way “I” see it. Has David become a religious zealot since his mission? That is what I really wonder about. I do feel very sad for him as it is obvious there were issues in his childhood( and I would suspect his father) that explain some of his behaviors. 😦 But I have no interest in discussing David’s non music career and his religion any longer. I sincerely wish you the best Shanny. 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        Carol, I agree with much of what you said. Yes, courageous is the right word. He seems courageous to me too.

        Marie, thanks. I did understand that was your perspective on things…except for the childhood thing lol….never heard you express that one before. Thanks for the return well wishes. Take care. 🙂

      • I have no doubt that David is a humanitarian, but his mission was religious, not humanitarian. The main reason for the missions is to convert people to his church and his way of thinking that a person should worship.

        Shanny, What cc halo posted was very much in the news and why do you have to like his religion and not say anything against to like his voice and enjoy him singing? She is a fan of his voice. Why is it such a wonderful thing for David to have the freedom to post religious stuff, but it’s wrong when a fan might find things in that system not quite as wonderful as it seems?

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cq, my comment to cchalo was based on things she has said over several years, not just in this thread. And i made no assertion about anything being right or wrong. Obviously I have thoughts and opinions about things which you can probably accurately guess at to some degree but those things weren’t my point. My point was simply an observation that cchalo has obviously enjoyed researching certain aspects of the LDS faith and that may possibly play a part in her interest in following David. Nothing bad was meant by it.

      • Yes, Shanny, I know, I have another fan that continues to bring up the past with me to make his point. Why not stick to the comment in front of you.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Maybe best to just leave it with the idea that miscommunication has occurred because you haven’t been able to hear my easy going tone of voice.

  37. Again while fans are stressing out about David, he’s out having fun playing mini golf.

  38. Who cares Marie & Peter leaving, it’s not Soul David lost.

    • Speak for yourself. Why in heck would you just come to say that, you are not a regular poster, you just come in occasionally to put your digs into commenters.

    • Vv-You are correct it is not about us at all. I agree with you. David has much bigger issues with his music career or lack of one than being concerned about anyone who posts on any fan sites.

  39. The problem I see about what David is doing with some fans including me is the lack of anything about music. Tweeting about his personal life and his religion is one thing, but never anything along with those tweets about music period. It used to be a part of his life, but now it seems to been put on hold. He did tweet a few times early on, but it’s been a long time sense. Even when he went to Nashville, the tweet was about a buckle up sign, that was cute, but nothing to do with music.
    So to me it’s not so much about what he is tweeting (although I could do without the religious stuff) it’s what he’s not tweeting that is strange.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I kinda missed that Cq, until it was pointed out. You see, the reason I missed it was because I felt between the vlog and the tweet letting us know he was in Nashville, I felt he did let us know what was going on. I presume he felt the same way. I highly doubt he decided to be deceptive or whatever you might call it. He needs to be afforded the benefit of the doubt sometimes. Especially considering we know him to be a kind hearted person.

      • Shanny, I didn’t say he was deceptive, I just said I expected something about music from him from what he said on the vlog, like writing with so and so etc. nothing big just relating to that part of his life.

  40. that is it in a nutshell.. there is no music no singing. no voice.
    no fun even.

    • Anon (the other one)

      kimak, ITA

      I think stepping away for a while might be a good idea for me, too. Hopefully, there will be music news on the horizon by the time I return. We’ll see how things develop. I am still a huge fan of his voice.

      HG, you’ve been a wonderful hostess. Thanks for doing what you do. 🙂

  41. I know david is doing music taking it slow but does he really cares at all??? Yes I am wondering why we are still lack of music news??? Hopefully he would litte faster with it proceed with music And he is busy going on dates What he cares more dates or making music?!?!

  42. I hope david still cAres making music for the fans and taking it slow but it seem now that david is just doing less time with music not showing more, mAybe david just give it up doing music now and worry about his personal life more, it seem that he is taking his personal more time than doing music now that how I see it idk I might be wrong.

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