FIFA World Cup 2014

So, I know that Americans tend not to get caught up in the global frenzy that is FIFA World Cup football (soccer to the U.S. folks), but I’m totally getting my world cup buzz on. 🙂

Among other things is a music battle going on between J. Lo and Shakira. J. Lo and Pitbull have the “official” anthem song, “We Are One,” for the world cup:

However, Latin music lovers are soooooooo not feeling it and are actually trying to promote Shakira’s “La La La” instead (Updated):

For Latin/dance music lovers, do you have a preference?

What say you, Soul Davidians? Care to weigh in? 🙂

I’m reminded that some folks here think David should make some Latin music. In due time, I’m sure!

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  1. I’ll check back in September to see if anything has happened.

    Have a nice summer, everyone!

  2. peter-I will miss those videos (they are great) you post but I am headed in the same direction of just checking in. I don’t like the direction that David’s music career appears to be heading in which I have already commented on. I also don’t agree with him staying in Utah when he is starting his music career from scratch. He needs to be in LA,Nashville, or NYC to really get his career going again-even if he does go back to college or takes some college courses online. David again does not seem to have that drive and motivation or interest to really want a secular mainstream music career which is what has always interested me. Bliss you did make a comment several posts ago that you would begin to worry if David was still at his mom’s or actually I guess his house in Utah in June not doing much with his career. I don’t have the exact wording but it was something to that effect. Well it is well into June and you can comment all you want that he is doing things but it does not appear to me that he is . Anyone can writes songs at home or in Nashville with other musicians . That does not mean they are going to have any kind of commercial or mainstream success. That is why I don’t understand why folks are so into those vlogs -it is the music that is important. Just keeping it real as I always do. Have a nice weekend all. 🙂

  3. SIGH!!!! lol, DAVID, please give us a little some, some regarding your music career…ANYTHING…so that your blogs can keep going and you can keep your personal life from being the main focus. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….HAHAHAHA

  4. I do have to post this video of Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie. So Funny. 🙂

    • Haha, I saw this, so hilarious!!
      Marie hope you still stick around, but I do understand why fans are choosing to step away.
      I do understand that if David decides to but his music career on hold (while he writes) and doesn’t share anything regarding that part of his life, just don’t know how blogs are going to survive, sigh!!

      peter, have a nice summer, but I’m hoping you have a reason to return before September, lol.

  5. I rejoice that his personal life is his own focus. Bad sentence but oh well. I love that he is going about things in his own way, creating fresh organic music with people he chooses. Having a life away from the spotlight and time to just be a guy – in effect setting boundaries with fans. I will be very interested to hear the new music and I expect to love it because I like the phase of his life that it will flow out of. I like the feistiness 🙂 I like the determination to create his own life. It will be heavenly to hear him sing again, but right now I’m discovering new artists and new music all the time.
    Sometimes I wonder if other artists have fansites where people bicker and whine till the new album comes out? Do Adele’s diehard fans have bimonthly meltdowns during the three years between albums? She barely tweets and is notoriously private. I’m getting tne notion that that is the kind of fan-artist relationship David would prefer.

    • David does not have anywhere near the level of success of an Adele in regards to his music career. Even when he was coming off of AI in 2008.You do need fans to have a music career but she does not have to worry about it as much based on her level of success in the music industry. Neither does Bruno Mars or JT. There are very few in that category now really. David does have to worry about keeping fans interested if he wants any kind of music career. Just keeping it real.

      • Yes, Marie it is very interesting when David’s career is compared to these mega stars, lol.

      • He doesn’t have to just worry about keeping fans on this blog or any other blog interested-It is fans in general he needs to be concerned about. Need to think of the bigger picture-it is not about just folks that comment on some random fan sites.

      • Yes I agree Marie about keeping his general fan base interested, but according to some fans, he doesn’t have to worry one little bit, because there is millions of fans that will be ready to buy his music when he decides to release and I’m talking about without promos and even him announcing that he has new music, lol. I know that was a bit sarcastic, lol.

      • Sorry but I have to somewhat disagree on this one. Not about needing fans but about David needing to spend tons of time catering to the fans he has now in order to have a successful career. Just being real here — the size of the active fanbase he has now is negligible (I’m talking about people commenting on fansites or actively tweeting him everyday about talking to them, not about the casual fans who follow him on FB or twitter or whatever else. The casual fans are not waiting around to hear from him but will likely check out new things from him if they hear about it.). The real thing that will make or break is the quality of the music he comes out with and how it is promoted so that more than just the small group of remaining diehards know it exists. Him posting a selfie or tweeting that he’s working on a song isn’t going to make a significant difference in whether that career takes off. I am a proponent of artists being engaged on social media but at the same time countless examples have shown that social media does not dictate album or tour sales. It never hurts to have more people following you but that’s not where the magic is.

      • Ali, I do agree that isn’t the magic answer. But looking at it from a purely business perspective why would you want to disengage from your customers that will buy your product? So even though I hope I’m wrong, the more he continues to disconnect from his fans, the more I think he really is not interested in a secular music career.

      • I don’t think he wants to disengage. I don’t see it as some conscious decision to forsake his existing fans. My personal perspective on it is that he has just spent 2 years NOT sharing his random thoughts and everyday occurrences with fans so it’s not something easy to just fall back into. And it’s clear that nothing is finalized right now career-wise so, as has always been the case, he’s not going to talk about that until it is something official. I also think he’s busy. With music and also with just living his life. So he hasn’t spent lots of time on twitter and other social media.

        Do I think that’s necessarily the best decision in order to keep the current diehard fans? No. But like I said, I don’t think it will make a huge difference in the long run. Would I like a bit more communication from him? Sure I would. But I’ll be around waiting for the music anyway so whatever. I can be a little miffed about it but I understand. For once, he’s spending more time focusing on what he wants than on keeping fans happy. My hope is that maybe it will result in some kickass music. That’s all I really want anyway 😉

    • Smanda, so all we do on this blog is: bicker and whine, hum and of course, no other artist have fans bicker and whine, got it. So what do you suggest needs to be talked about in order to keep blog going, hum?

      As far as him having his personal life away from the spotlight, lol, I think his personal life is very much in the spotlight in Utah.

      • Yes, you can easily check the other fan sites and twitter, which keep his personal life and activities in the spotlight. I could easily reconstruct his week’s activities, day by day, down to his date last night, with photos, but I started to creep myself out, lol. It’s the Utah version of TMZ.

      • You don’t like me, I get it 🙂

      • cc halo, hahaha, Utah version of TMZ.
        Smanda, if you are referring to me, I don’t dislike you, I really don’t know you. You have a very interesting point of view and I do enjoy commenting so when a comment interests me I will reply.

      • Btw Smanda, I was sincere about asking what you feel would appreciate to discuss so that it would keep these blogs going.

    • Ali, don’t think anyone is thinking he shouldn’t focus on his personal life, just give a little attention to his professional life, that’s all. Maybe that’s the process when artists are working on new music they are not wanting to give any focus the existing career. I really don’t know what the know creative process.

  6. I am a big Hillary Clinton supporter(hope she runs) but funny is funny and this is good. 🙂

  7. I think David doing things for himself is a great thing. about time too.. being a puppet doesn’t make for good music
    and that I like a lot!!!

    • Yes, that is all well and good, never would want him or anyone for that matter to be a puppet. Imo, though, keeping his fans connected is not being a puppet, but good business if he wants to keep fans so they can buy his music, business, not personal, lol.

      I know that I to liked that vlog, take that all of you attitude, but he should of added, imo, if indeed he didn’t want to keep his career active for now, why not just say, that he was stepping away from his career to write and catch up with his personal life. That would of stopped all the speculation.

      • But we don’t know that either. Heck, he could announce an appearance at any time. We just don’t know when one might pop up. I’ve seen several comments at FOD that the person knew or had heard there would be an appearance by David but they weren’t at liberty to say. Od course that could be bogus but again it could be true.

      • cq don’t think David is all that savvy in the ways of business.. or maybe he just doesn’t care. for me just going to enjoy the ride not really concerned whether he will make it as a big star. up to him really.

    • Yes, kimak, the ride, hum, will it be enjoyable from now on…for me, don’t know yet.
      One thing for sure is I won’t get involved in any other stars careers as I did with David’s. It was such fun seeing a rising star, but it was with him wanting that career that made it so much fun. Hope that I get that feeling back, sigh!!

  8. Smanda, the more fans you have the more fan opinions you have and more in-fighting. I’m sure it’s the same for every fanbase not just David’s. I have to agree that for David the person this is a great time for him. He is actually taking some personal time to connect with friends, relatives and dates. He writes with people he wants to write with and is in a community of many like minded people plus Utah is a beautiful place. I’m happy for him. As a fan it continues to be a waiting game and until he releases music or has public appearances there will be nothing but speculating. I guess we will just have to check in and see if anything is going on, but right now there isn’t anything. That’s just a fact not a complaint. Of course I wish we had an appearance coming up of a public, non-religious appearance, but we don’t.

  9. Believe it or not, I am fully aware that David’s career isn’t on the level of Adele’s. Shocker, I know.

    I’m genuinely just curious about the dynamics with her (or anyone else’s) diehard fans with the long waits between albums and tours. Are David’s fans needier than most? Just wondering.

    • I wonder too. Just not enough to research it, ha ha. I could be wrong, but I do think that there is a much different “energy” of the fans of attractive male artists–like Rick Springfield said in the interview with David–the (young) female fans have the most passion of any music audience. During AI and the tour, Brooke White, I think, talked about the bags and bags of fan mail the Davids got, while the female contestants were handed an envelope or two.

  10. All David just care about getting a g/f not caring about his music in his mind as much! Seem That the direction he is going, once he get a serious in a relationship, I think that part gonna changed and I think that where he will put his music on hold! Girlfriend will be main focus and getting married too, it wouldn’t shocked me if that ever will happen.

  11. The notion that David does not care as much about music or his career because he has chosen to focus on the music and not the fans has the proverbial “cart before the horse”. The more David focuses on the actual music, the more seriously David is taking his career, not less. David’s relationship with his fans is unique in that many fans relate to him as if he were a person in their personal lives, and not what he really is, which is a celebrity who is not in their personal lives. For that reason, these folks bring the same expectations that they have for people in their personal lives to their “relationship” with David.

    Of course, no one will admit to this, but I think it’s important to get it out there so the lurkers who visit this site but don’t post can make sense of some of these posts that talk about what David “needs to do” and what he’s not doing, but should do, etc etc etc.

    The yardstick for how interested David is in his career is not how much he actively communicates with his fans. It’s how much time he puts in to creating new music. In short, the music creates the fans, not the other way around. I thought everybody knew that.

    • Who knows what gonna happen when ever get to that point if he find a girl and that he want to be serious but while he is still going making music right now but i am just wonder if david will push his music backwards not going foward because of this, I guess that would be all fans concerned at?

    • Bliss, am I to understand that fans (right now) are not an important part of his music career. That’s it’s completely ok for him to disconnect to his fans because whatever he is working on will be so freaking good that millions of fans will be buying his music by the truckloads? I’m thinking that these millions of fans might have at least have to check his OS to get an idea when that gem will appear, lol, yep sarcasm.
      One thing that I hope is the new music will be his best yet.

  12. Yeah glad that david is back with music again but whenever he get a girlfriend will his music take away from being in a relationship and trying to make it work by doing both. I think music could affect his realtionship and if he really like her a lot, he could just stopped making music just like that to be with her more. I guess saying this because david says he never had a serious girlfriend and he is young too???

    • I see you’ve branched out from just talking about BYU to including a girlfriend in the mix. It’s always good to diversify your endgame reasoning.

      Most people I know who have a significant other are unable to hold down any sort of job at the same time so you bring up an excellent point…or…

  13. CQ, fans are a byproduct of his career. Music IS his career. If he wants fans, he has to do what all successful artists do. He needs to create and produce entertaining music that resonates with large numbers of people. He doesn’t have to share the goings on of his daily life in order to keep people “in the fold”. No one else does this to the extent that David is expected to do, no matter what level of success they have.

    David was blindsided by and unprepared for the intense level of adoration and obsession that he engendered from older female fans, and now that he has outgrown their undying love, he now has to deal with the fallout of all these brokenhearted swooners posting on fan sites about how they feel so betrayed and pushed aside by the David who has changed so much. If you thought that “Nandito Ako” was an OTT soap opera, what’s going on on these fan sites now makes that show look like a Daffy Duck cartoon.

    • Ohhhh. Because of Christie. Well they did get a dig in about the bridge closing, ha ha.

      • Ha ha, trying to post on my phone got me all mixed up.

        Bliss, it sounds pretty strange to say that David was blindsided by “older female fans”, when the countless videos where he’s signing after shows and such are very mixed ages, if not dominated by the young fans. The tweets that I observe are likewise very mixed ages, and don’t get me started on the ages of the Asian fans, especially the ones rushing him at the airports. There may be more older fans at VIPs where you are apt to be observing, but they do cost a couple of hundred dollars–not easily affordable by most teens.

    • Bliss, I disagree with your assessment of the older women fans that you think David has outgrown. David needs and I’m sure wants fans of all ages. The money paid for concert tickets and music is the same no matter what the age of the fan. Does he need to take his fans into his personal life – of course not. I doubt he cares about what fans of any age are posting on fansites. He is going to do what he feels he needs to do for his music career and personal life. He is not consulting us, but he does need fans for his music career if he plans to tour and put out music and the age of the fan is unimportant. In fact the older women fan would be more apt to buy his CDs than a young one who could download it for free.

      • Good point. And the older fans are better equipped to shell out money for the most profitable parts of music careers these days–VIP’s, live concerts, and (over-priced) merchandise.

    • If David has outgrown the undying love and adoration of his older female fans, could it not be also that he has outgrown the undying love and adoration of his older male fans also?

  14. Both Bliss and CQ are right. David does need to concentrate on making great music which is his product. However, David needs fans to buy his product and go to his concerts. The fans are his customers. He currently has ODD fans that are the ones checking his fansites and his social media. It is good business to keep them somewhat engaged so that when he does release music or embarks on a tour they will know and buy. This is especially important to an indie artist as he would not have the promo dollars that a major label artist would have.

  15. David has always had the eye of many media outlets. They reported on his Mission departure and they reported on his return. When he releases a new CD, he will get plenty of buzz. When it’s time to do so, he will have no trouble hypnotizing and mesmerizing music fans worldwide with his outstanding music and irresistible personality. David may have matured, but he hasn’t morphed into a different person.

  16. IMO David is not asking for fans to go away; but rather he is saying, much like other child stars who spent more time preparing to perform than living the child’s life, he needs time to take a breath, to find out who he is and what direction he wishes to go in, professionally and personally. From child star to selfless Mission, to Adult career planning and independence, it seems prudent to take this time to move more slowly and deliberately, perhaps even cautiously as he finds his way. Who among us would not grant anyone the time to rest and plan wisely? Surely he does not wish to lose his fans…why else would he communicate and share as he does? I think the most he wants from his fans is understanding right now.

    I personally think he will sing religious music in the appropriate venues and secular in general for public venues. Personally, i get where he is now and I am fine with the concept of him finding his “center” so to speak and be well-grounded as he embarks on his career as an adult.

    One of my favorite all time movies from the 40″s is called “Now Voyager” and in it, Betty Davis responds to her great love when he laments that they must live apart, “Oh Jerry, don’t lets ask for the moon, we have the stars.” In a very silly way I guess I am saying that I am happy to have his music from the past and willing to wait for whatever it is in the future. How he sings and who he is stays in my heart without any external reinforcement. I am content with the “stars” for now.

    Seriously, may I also add, I don’t think there are good and bad fans…just human fans, warts and all. That includes me too!

  17. Carol, you are a refreshing voice of reason and sensibility. Supporting and encouraging David in his wish to have the time he needs to find his bearings and chart his future is a sure sign that someone cares about David’s well being. Threatening to dump David because he’s not doing enough, fast enough is the opposite of that. Thank you for articulating the difference in such a clear and indisputable way.

  18. Grammyj and CCHalo, I realize that this is a “touchy” subject. However, in reading posts of a complaining nature about David currently, the author is usually an “older female fan”. I haven’t read a younger fan saying that they don’t need to learn anything from David’s “message” tweets, or that all they’re interested in is him making music already, etc. but I’ve read a number of older fans doing just that. I also think that younger fans can relate to David’s desire to be “left alone” to sort things out, since that is very much part of being young.

    • I guess I don’t like how you generalize and lump us all together. Also the statement that David has outgrown us is just wrong. I fit your demo and will readily admit I have been disappointed that David hasn’t performed yet as I’m sure you too wish you could hear his voice singing again. I in no way threw a hissy fit and said I would leave the David fanbase if he didn’t perform for me this very instant. I will wait to see where David goes with his new music. I know he needs time and am glad that he is taking time to have a personal life,

    • It comes down to our fundamental disagreement about this and other fan sites. The fan sites that catered to younger fans are all gone now. The ones that are left are mainly for “Soul Davidians” and “FODers”, etc. who, IMO, just like to be left in peace to discuss David and other topics that interest them, in their own way. Twitter, David’s FB, OS, and Instagram, OTOH, have fan feedback directed AT David, and seem to have fans of all ages–especially younger ones, who spam him with requests and marriage proposals (Twitter mainly).

      Younger fans may be more willing to leave him alone, but as a parent of a younger fan, I think it’s much more accurate to say that they have simply moved on to artists with active careers.

      I have to say something about the distaste you seem to have about older female fans showing their enthusiasm for David. His own word for holding hands and kissing, even presumably young and attractive girls, was “gross”. (This was at almost age 20). So you could be right that he doesn’t like any expressions of attraction towards him. But again, I would seriously question that conversations between fans, are his business. We’re not talking about women aggressing on him, you were talking about conversations on fan sites. So I would compare it to the distaste of people who are complaining about having to see Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend:

      • Edit in case anyone cares: *I would seriously question that he makes conversations between fans his business*

  19. Bliss there are young fans that are not into his religion.. or his messages
    ha and do not like his hair
    going to assume he is preparing for his chat June 24

    Georgette Makkoukdji @geomakk · 49m
    He should change his bio into “I’m David, I served a two year fulltime Mormon mission ;)”

    Georgette Makkoukdji @geomakk · 45m
    We should trend Bring Back KS Tweets who’s with me

    Georgette Makkoukdji ‏@geomakk 51m
    Sorry I’m not Mormon @DavidArchie

    Baylynn ‏@baytbh 50m
    @DavidArchie now that you don’t necessarily need your missionary haircut anymore, are you going to grow it out again, or keep it short?

  20. Bliss David has a diverse fanbase.. or at least had one don’t think folks want to be converted

    Retweeted by Batya
    Weiyan haha. @weiyannn · 29m
    david is so preachy now i don’t like it :/

    • Batya goes on night and day about being Jewish, the problems of the Jewish people, the politics, the rituals, etc. Do you think David should tweet her and tell her to shaddup, he’s not Jewish?

      Some peeps just don’t get it.

  21. Kimak -those tweets from younger fans don’t surprise me one bit. I also think that many younger fans are not following David any longer and have moved on to other music artists. I think David should be more concerned about reaching out to those younger fans and I am an older fan saying that. He needs to be concerned about having secular fans that are his peers-his own age. He sure is not going about it the right way if that is what he wants-IMO. Maybe he doesn’t. Time will tell.

  22. I can’t believe David’s latest tweets. That is all I am saying. 😦

    • Marie, so shocking! So terrible! If only he would tweet more about Disney movies and food and a current AI dude that strikes your fancy.

      David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 2h
      I have to say though.. there is no greater, more life changing way to do it than serving a 2 year full-time mission 😉

      David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 2h
      Just made me miss my time in Chile, but reminds me that I don’t have to be on a mission to do something that makes me feel so dang good.

      David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 2h
      “You have freedom, so why not use it to serve one another?” – a lady DJ on the radio just now.

  23. Hum, interesting!

  24. Wonder if David decides to start posting his political views if he would have the cheerleading fans like he has about posting religious stuff?

    • Well there are stars that post political views that I don’t agree with. I ignore them. I suggest you do the same with tweets of David’s that don’t interest you. That’s what most people do. ODD fans get way to wrapped up in what David tweets when a casual fan would just ignore it. What is important is for David to out some good music and that it gets heard.

      • You mean to tell me that no fan others that post political ever have anything bad to say about? What I’m saying is that David has the right to post whatever he dang well pleases, but what I don’t get is that fans can’t voice there point of view to the tweet.

  25. I have to ‘fess up that I misspoke on my recent post. I did not mean to convey that David has moved from caring that he has fans of all ages. I meant to say that it seems that David has moved on from any need to communicate and have fans be involved in his daily life.

    As for “older fans” , my problem with the way some are relating to David now is that there seems to be an undercurrent that David is somehow not “respecting his elders” in his fan base by now behaving in an independent and less deferential way to his older fans.

    Regarding Batya and this about her “Batya goes on night and day about being Jewish, the problems of the Jewish people, the politics, the rituals, etc. Do you think David should tweet her and tell her to shaddup, he’s not Jewish?”

    David won’t have to. I will. Batya, enough with the kvetching already. You sound like an “alta cocker”.

    • just posted them cause Bliss said he never sees young fans complaining.
      most young ones have gone poof, miss the hair or are lds.

  26. CQ, I don’t get why you don’t think you have the right to post whatever you want. Post away, and say whatever you want. Just be prepared to have some obnoxious guy like me challenge every word you say, lol.

  27. Anon (the other one)

    Batya is not trying to build a public career as an entertainer. Do you really not recognize the difference??

    • yup. this.

    • Like Batya, David’s main goal in life is also not to “build a public career as an entertainer”. How many difference ways does he have to tell you that for you to finally believe him? Didn’t you read his tweets today? That’s what he cares about. He’s a humanitarian who sings, not the other way around.

      • So he went on a humanitarian mission, hum.

      • So, David is writing songs for private hearing only? They must be just for LDS fans then. If he is not interesting in building a public career as an entertainer, why the heck are we still here? Why are the David fan sites still here? I’m not interested in hanging around if he only wants a private career for LDS because I’m not LDS. I don’t have anything against LDS, I’m just not one. I’m also not interested in a singer who only wants to sing at Baptist churches or Catholic churches or at Jewish synogogues(sp). So, if his career is only going to private then most of us will likely never hear him sing again including you Bliss.

      • I agree Hitandrun.

    • that’s what I thought too Anon (the other one)

  28. Anon (the other one)

    Bliss, So you’re saying he doesn’t care if he has a secular public singing career? Well if you’re right, if his goal is to NOT build a public singing career, then he is absolutely going about things the right way.

    I’m not interested in following a humanitarian. Yes, Horrors!! I have been following someone I thought wanted to be an entertainer.

    • Anon (The Other One), you actually thought you were following someone who was primarily a singer and not a humanitarian? Was David singing when he washed the feet of a leper in India? David’s voice is just one of the many ways that he reaches out to touch people. That’s his main priority. If, as you say, you’re “not interested in following a humanitarian”, then you should cut your losses right now or prepare for a life of disappointment.

      I think we can now divide David’s fans into 2 groups, instead of good fan/bad fan, we have:

      1) he’s primarily a singer who like to help people in his free time

      2) he lives to help others and will do whatever he can to achieve that goal. Singing is one way he does that, but only one way.

  29. Most humanitarians use their career to help others. If he doesn’t care about building a public career, there may be no career resources to use to the benefit of others. But hey, it’s his life.

    It seems that you are much more interested in the man than the singer. And you talk about over invested fans who care more about his personal life than his professional one? Yet I am the strange one and delusional because I follow a singer for the singing? Really? Now that’s funny!

    • Bliss doesn’t like it when we ITA someone else’s comments other than his, but ITA MT.

    • Anon (the other one)

      ITA as well. Good point about the resources he could have available to him.

  30. MT, I am interested in David being the person that HE wants to be, not the person you want him to be. If he wants to be a singer, that’s fine, but David has repeatedly stated that his main focus is on reaching others , and since he loves to sing and sings better than anyone else, he uses that talent to help him in reaching others.

    I am not interested in how he lives his “personal life”. I am, however, interested in what he has to say about the things that matter most to him. That’s why I’m interested in his thoughts and feelings about his Mission, even though I have no personal interest in Mormonism.

    David will always reach people through music, and it won’t be all “religious” music. He might even “shake his booty” every now and then so he can “reach” you.

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