Daily Archives: June 12, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014

So, I know that Americans tend not to get caught up in the global frenzy that is FIFA World Cup football (soccer to the U.S. folks), but I’m totally getting my world cup buzz on. 🙂

Among other things is a music battle going on between J. Lo and Shakira. J. Lo and Pitbull have the “official” anthem song, “We Are One,” for the world cup:

However, Latin music lovers are soooooooo not feeling it and are actually trying to promote Shakira’s “La La La” instead (Updated):

For Latin/dance music lovers, do you have a preference?

What say you, Soul Davidians? Care to weigh in? 🙂

I’m reminded that some folks here think David should make some Latin music. In due time, I’m sure!