“Visualization is Power”

That is so true, David! What are you visualizing for yourself?


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  1. Whatever, David. Hope the music will be good.

    • Me too! Can’t wait to hear the new music. I hope David’s visualizing a tour or at least a concert soon.

    • ITA-peter. If the music is good I will buy it but if it is not I will not. It’s that simple for me.

  2. That’s the way I feel peter.

  3. Maybe David is visualizing a music video to go with his single that he will be putting out soon. That’s what I’m visualizing for him.

  4. Why would people buy music they didn’t like anyway? David would probably be the first to tell people to buy the music they like. I doubt he’s trying to make music no one enjoys.

    Will be interested to hear how the new music turns out.

  5. I’m tired of David’s “inspirational” tweets……..so another…….”Whatever David”

  6. I think the vast majority of people tweeting back just wanted to put it back on David and get some “visuals” about his career.

  7. lurker 102- Those tweets seem to fill the bill of keeping the fanbase breathing without going too much in any one direction. I read them and think hoo-hum ”Thats nice” and move on!

  8. Just wondering

    The question is…is he actually sharing these tweets because he actually finds them useful? Or is he just putting them out there to keep the fanbase content?

  9. Losing his touch with his fans indicates where slowly losing interest in him. I’m sorry to say…that I’m ready to leave David”s fandom. GOOD LUCK TO HIM!!!.

  10. Some people truly aren’t happy unless they’re complaining. David has always tweeted quotes, even back when he was pre-mission and annoyed-fan approved. Whether he does it because they inspire him or because he hopes they inspire others or because he doesn’t have anything else to say at the moment, who cares. Some like them, some don’t. The scroll button exists for a reason. Or is it more fun to moan about how David is no longer fulfilling your needs?

    • Just wondering

      No moaning here. Just asked a simple question. Just looking for opinions. That is all. I just find it funny how some people don’t like them and others do. So the question just came to mind.

      • I think it’s just like FB posts, including my own. We share inspirational quotes, articles, videos, or anything, just whatever interests us. Some friends post a lot of inspirational or religious things, which aren’t really my cup of tea, so like Candy says, I just scroll past them

        My opinion is that David’s are genuinely what he’s thinking about, but they don’t usually interest me–I tend to want a completed concept–lyrics and music together. I wonder if someone has made a connection between things he tweeted when he was writing and the eventual songs that came out. Or maybe he’s just psyching himself up to write music. Or maybe he studies his religion so much, that he picks out ideas that stand out.

        I also wonder if the same person/people who probably influenced him to finally make a vlog, also told him to tone down the overtly religious tweets. Time will tell.

  11. All these posts that I read about how “if I like David’s music I’ll buy it and if I don’t I won’t” sounds like folks are really annoyed with David.. Is that a threat to David? David puts out the music he is inspired to create, and hopes that it resonates with people. The unpleasant truth is that no artist creates music based on the seniority system of his fans. I loved the early Beatles music, and had to get used to their more “heady” music of later years. However, I never felt betrayed that the Beatles outgrew my pop music taste and chose to create the more intellectual, less melodic music of the late ’60s. The Beatles might have lost some fans who only liked the pop stuff of their musical roots, but they gained way more than they lost of new fans who were inspired by the maturity and significance that evolved as they grew as people and artists.

    David will definitely lose some fans who see him only as he was was pre-Mission. Some older fans, who thought he was an adorable, better behaved version of their own children, may now feel that he isn’t as special as before, and lose interest. It’s all good. David will have the fans he should have based on the quality and direction of his music. If all he ever had were the fans he developed from his American idol days, I would be concerned for his career. David is letting us know that we all invited to join him as he embarks on Level 2 of his life and career. Level 1 was great, but it’s over. I hear him loud and clear.

    • Just wondering

      Very well said. ITA with you.

    • If all he ever had were the fans he developed from his American idol days, I would be concerned for his career.

      IMO, those are the fans he has. Judging from album sales, he has not gained new fans since his American Idol days.

      • I think that David has obviously lost many fans since AI. He sure has not gained fans since AI. AI gave David his fan base and a record deal. Something that thousands of contestants on these reality talent shows would love to have. So whether you are a fan of AI or not-What David did or did not do with his career after AI were his choices. I have never been a fan of David’s inspirational quotes or his vlogs. That is just me. I would rather hear new music and see David at least have some appearances in somewhere besides Utah. To be honest I am getting rather bored of David’s career and rehashing the same things. Have been for awhile. Again that is just me.

    • Lurker (the other one)

      LOL at this Bliss: Some older fans, who thought he was an adorable, better behaved version of their own children, may now feel that he isn’t as special as before, and lose interest. – love it!

      I almost hesitate to bring this up, but, in actuality, the moment David announced his mission plans, he gained about 13 million new fans. (Exaggeration for effect). Whether the LDS community will start buying his music remains to be seen, but at any rate, he is definitely starting from scratch all the way around. And I sort of think that’s exactly what he wants.

      • ITA-Lurker (the other one) . Some really good points about the LDS community as fans. But can David have a career with just those fans and will they buy the music? He is so starting from scratch. I liked David’s commercial; secular; mainstream pop music career so I guess I am in the minority here. Not such a fan of the inspirational music if it is obvious. I would have just added some soul to the pop music but I have no idea what David is doing now.

  12. Comparing David’s career to the Beatles, imo, are not the same. The Beatles were huge and had money and top notch people to produce music that they wanted and yes, gain new and still keep old fans. David’s career before his mission was in no way the same level as the Beatles. I do agree that David will lose fans and maybe will have the right team to get his new sound/music out to new people to like, but it takes a team and great people working with him for that to happen and at some point David has to promote that music, imo. It will be all about him, so will he be able to self promote.

  13. Peter, you may be right, but let’s see what this “new”, less restricted David has in store for the music buying public. If it’s good (and it surely will be) then he will draw in new fans who either never heard of him or are giving David another look. David is an artist. He’s not just some fly by night pop culture phenomenon designed to cater to the superficial and transient taste of a fickle public. Those who see him that way are the ones that feel so betrayed by what they are seeing now in David, which I see as a sign that David’s growth is real.

  14. My reference to the Beatles was designed to show an example of artists whose music grew and changed over a course of time, and the effect it had on their fan base. Losing fans is not necessarily a bad thing, as long those that are lost are replaced with new fans who are more in sync with the artists current style of music.

    As Ricky Nelson said at Madison Square Garden way back in ’71. “If memories are all I bring, I’d rather drive a truck”.

  15. I have always felt that when David became an adult that is when we fans will get the best of him. I still believe deep down that the best is yet to come from him, but I would also love for him to have a lot of fans ready to buy his music when he feels it’s ready for us to hear. Maybe I shouldn’t care, but I want it to be easy for David to market his music and imo, that takes fans.

    He’s a man in charge of his destiny and I’m right there rooting for him to succeed even though I might criticize some thing at time, lol. I still want the ‘new’ David to succeed.

  16. Complain, full of complain, that where Demon hide.

  17. “Visualization is power” but after our nation watched three eulogies today of three fallen heroes while an officers dog mourned beside his casket, I have to say that doing for others right here, right now and caring and being real is where the true power lies. Everything else then falls into place. I saw power today that was monumental.

  18. What I am visualizing now and it is powerful, is the voice that sang that was so good that people of “all ages” listened and it was not only beautiful but healing as good music is. Great musicians appeal to the masses with no limitations.

    • I love this comment, SB, and I so agree. I believe that’s what David would like some of his music to do.

    • SB, love this: Great musicians appeal to the masses with no limitations.

      • Cq, true, a great singer is definitely not only for his or her age group unless they are just a passing fad. There would be no depth to his music if that was true. He will always be appealing to all ages no matter how hard anyone tries to change that way of thinking.


      • SB, I’m looking forward to what David has in store for us. I have always thought he was so much more than a teen idol, but I would of liked for him to have bigger success (say a few big hits) in his early career, only because it would be monetary and connections wise better for him, imo, though. I enjoyed the whole process of his success after AI and it was such a fun ride. I’m a little bummed that he wasn’t as happy as I thought he was. All true artist want to move forward with their art and David is no different and I’m glad we will be getting something totally different and new from him. I understand the process, but I won’t lie, I’m a little sad that it’s going to be such long time before that happens (older fan, times a ticking, lol). Wonder if we’ll here him sing, other than for his church, this year, sigh.

  19. For clarification, the country in which this took place was Canada.

  20. Every fan has their own reason for liking David’s music. Some like it for the lyrics. Others for the melody. Personally, I love his soaring vocals. Unfortunately I have found that pop music doesn’t give him the opportunity to put them on display as much as I would like. There are moments, such as the glory note in “To Be with You” where he reminds us that he’s much more than a singer of catchy pop songs. And there were many more of these moments in his Christmas album.

    He is indeed a great musician with an amazing voice. For me, the genre is not important. He could go the Josh Groban route, or pursue Latin music. I would just like to hear more of those glory notes, laced with that beautiful vibrato that can flood every nook of an arena, seemingly without effort.

    • Me too, My2Cents – I am always looking for those especially amazing parts of his songs. I remember when his Christmas cd came out and one reviewer said something about it being pretty standard Christmas fare and I knew right then that he did not listen to each song all the way through. David seems to build each song and then the “whoa” moment comes. For example in Riu Riu.. I am always waiting for that special moment (in this youtube from about 2:12-2:49): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHGcen7OoNU

      • @Collegemom. Great example. He also blew me away with his ending of Los Pastores a Belen during his MOTAB performance… (in this youtube from 1:45 to end of song)

  21. Oh, good one! You know that when he is on any stage there are many people who have never really heard him sing before and are enjoying it but when he really starts killing it, that is the moment they sit up and take notice & think “oh, no wonder people talk about this guy”. Similar to in “Silent Night” when he lulls everyone along with the beauty of the song and then powers it up in that last verse and people who are not used to a Christmas song becoming more like an anthem and then he pulls it back down to the beautiful “amen, amen”. You can tell that I listen to the Christmas songs in my car all year when I need to hear the voice.

    • Yes, this is why David needs to tour. He does what the judges all say a contestant should do – he makes every song his own and sings with passion.

  22. Watching SYTYCD. Some talented dancers. 🙂

    • Marie, love SYTYCD, such talent and the passion you feel from each one for dance is so inspiring.

      • cq- What a touching story and dance that was just on the show. I believe the dancer’s name is Bridget. I was in tears like Mary. I do like this show. Beauxcefus- Thanks for posting the article. I found it very interesting.

    • Thank you Beauxcefus for the link, very interesting article.

    • interesting article thank you for posting it

      Austin Mahone is cute and all, lots of PR but after listening to a lot of it it just isn’t all that good and folks know it.
      Cold Plays latest think just sold one million copies? great CD.

  23. That was an interesting article, Beauxcefus, especially interesting how all of the publicity Austin Mahone gets still doesn’t lead to big music sales.

    This is on topic for the last thread, but I was interested to watch this interview with Will Swenson, husband of Audra McDonald, former LDS cinema star (The Singles Ward, Sons of Provo, etc.). As a former LDS missionary, his take on the Book of Mormon musical was that it was genius how they “simultaneously mock and honor something at the same time”. (At 4:00 in the video).

    He also talks about watching people’s reaction after getting his wife’s autograph, and how thrilled they are by it. I hope that David can enjoy and be motivated by his fan’s pleasure in the same way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FIgEspr4bc

  24. That mention in the article of the lack of sales by Austin was very interesting as he has had so much PR. Also had some interesting things to say about reality talent show winners in the article.

  25. I wonder just how much record sales will play a part of an artist’s income in the future. With Youtube and easy access to free digital music, it seems to me that it is becoming the least profitable of an artist’s income stream. Concerts seem to be were the real money lies. If an artist like David can put together a tour of say 30 performances, with an average of 600 attendees paying $30 each, plus another 100 attendees willing to pay $200 for a VIP experience, that adds up to $1,140,000 in revenue for 30 days work. Granted there are expenses including the band and tour manager, bus rental, food, venue fees, etc. But, doing that just a few times a year could ending up netting the artist over $1 million for his efforts. Its not super-stardom, but its certainly not chump change.

    But without a new album to promote, there would be less excitement and incentive for the public to attend a show. So, the album, even if it is given away, then becomes the vehicle to promote the concert, which is the real source of income for the artist. There is still the matter of paying for the production of the album including the co-writers. But hopefully there would be enough income through Itunes and CD sales to cover those expenses.

    Without a contracted record company to keep the public aware of all of these things, it will be essential that the artist nurture his fan base through social networking. Austin Mahone may not sell a lot of albums, but I’ll bet he’ll make bank at concerts.

    Anyhow, that’s where I see things moving. What are your thoughts?

    • Great comment My2cents. Yes I agree the money isn’t on album sales, but it’s needed to have new music for fans to be interested in seeing the artist on tour. I’ve never seen David sing live, but from everyone that has, say that’s where he shines the brightest. Now my turn to visualize…seating front and center in a concert hall near me, watching David sing right in front of me, lol.

    • I agree My2cents. Some good points. The need for social networking to attract and keep fans is one of the things that David does not seem to have nailed down yet. I think he needs more help with it from professionals but maybe he does not want it.

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