Broadway Legacies

I’m so proud of Audra McDonald, who is proving to be a living legend of Broadway. Last night, she broke a record by winning her sixth Tony Award, as well as being the first to win a Tony in all four acting categories! Congratulations, Audra! 🙂

Here are snippets of her phenomenal performance as Billie Holiday in “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill”:

I’m also excited to see Fantasia featured in the Broadway musical, “After Midnight.” I think we all know that Broadway has been very receptive to American Idol alumni. And although Simon Cowell used to deliver judgment lines like “that’s a performance that belongs on Broadway” with such derision, I think it’s the best revenge for all those alumni who found their way on the “great white way.”

Consider this: While the music industry continues to falter with profits, this year Broadway had a stellar year with a record-breaking $1.27 billion in ticket sales!

New York City, baby! And Broadway is where it’s happening! 🙂

And yes, yes! I would love to see our Beloved and hear the Voice on the Great White Day one fine day.

Of course, we don’t always talk about that when we envision David’s career and musical opportunities.

So, I have another poll for you, Soul Davidians!

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  1. She is amazing. If I still lived up North, I would so go see this show.

    I have always liked the idea of David on Broadway. I didn’t understand Simon’s snobbery either. They are some incredibly talented artists. I voted for Book Of Mormon because I think it would surprise many a folk.

  2. I never understood Simon Cowell’ s judgmental attitude toward Broadway. To me it’s the highest degree of art and really only true talent can emerge as a stars in Broadway.
    Broadway and David, hum, maybe, anything is possible. Imo, the right role that involves lots of singing he would shine.

  3. No, I’m not getting a show-bizzy vibe from him lately.

    • Just wondering

      Me neither, halo. He doesn’t seem to fit in that type of biz. He can be theatrical, but not for broadway. Just don’t see it.

    • Yep, me either cc halo, I’m kind of bummed about it. Would like to see him on tv again as well as on stage. Maybe stage in the future, but don’t see anything happening for a long time.

  4. Loved watching the Tony’s last night. It is just such an entertaining awards show. I would love to see David on Broadway. Performing in The Book of Mormon would be a really surprising and awesome out of his comfort zone move for David but doubt that would ever happen. I would like to see David on any musical on Broadway. My favorite performance of the night was Carole King and Jessie Mueller singing together from the Beautiful musical- which is based on Carol’s life. Jessie deserved the Tony for her performance. I want to see this musical now.

  5. Amazing performance by Neil Patrick Harris at The Tony’s.

    • Yuck.

      • Neil Patrick Harris won the Tony for best actor and the musical he was in also won a Tony this year. He took a bit of risk in that role and it really paid off for him. So that is what is popular and relevant and current and selling the tickets on Broadway. NPH’s career could not possibly be going better for him as he usually hosts the Tony show and just finished a 9 years run on a very popular sitcom-which is very long for TV shows these days. I just wish David could have half of the success that NPH has with his career but David needs to be flexible and compromise and take some risks to achieve that. I just don’t think he will based on his actions or lack of actions with his career since he returned from his mission. David seems more interested in his church than in his career right now. Don’t know if that will ever change. Only David does. It looks to me like he will be going to BYU. Off to work. 🙂

      • I think that NPH is an extremely talented man and that video showed me the artist at work.
        Marie, I don’t know what is the future for David’s career, but right now, with only church and personal stuff coming our way, it’s hard not to feel that’s where he is headed.
        David’s talent is endless, but whether he will ever completely open up to the artistry remain to be seen. Imo, right now to many things holding him back, sigh!

      • cq-Exactly. 🙂

  6. And finally loved Idina Menzel’s performance. OK- I am done. 🙂
    idina menzel

  7. Thank you Hg and Marie, love all the videos from The Tony Awards.

  8. I recently saw Les Mis on Broadway and was completely blown away by the guy who played Jean Valjean. (He has a tricky name that escapes me at the moment.) Anyway, I could see David as Marius and wanted to hear him as Marius! But something original would be better still. Book of Mormon, nope.

    I would think the life of a Broadway singer could be extremely satisfying. Maybe he would like it.

  9. I watched the tiny awards last night and loved all the production numbers. My favorite was the Carole King number. She is such a great songwriter, and she was so touched by the performance. I’d love to see that show on Broadway someday.

    Yes, I hope David does a musical someday. I love them. He surprised us by performing in Nandito Ako, so he just might do a musical someday. He certainly sounded like he really enjoyed watching Peter Pan.

  10. If he rejects the Book of Mormon if they come calling, maybe a revival of Peter Pan is more to his liking… Don’t. even. want. to go. there. 🙂

    Just popping in, looking for any new or pending music related news from “team David”. Doesn’t appear to be any so far. Later.

  11. A new song written by David, Dustin Christensen and Stephanie Mabey was just listed on ASCAP “SEASONS”

  12. Thank you Candy for the info. Sigh, at least a tiny bit of music news. News like this would of send me celebrating with such glee,lol. now, not so much. I know that he will put out music (unless he changes his mind) but I have a feeling that it’s going to be a loooooooooooooooooooong time before that happens.

  13. Lurker (the other one)

    1. Audra McDonald is married to a non-practicing Mormon. lol
    2. David appearing in a musical that makes what he holds sacred the literal ‘butt’ of jokes? Hardly. Marius, absolutely. Elder Price, not so much.
    3. Would die to see Beautiful!
    4. Being flexible, taking risks and compromising can all be done without sacrificing your values. Instead of ‘lowering’ his bar for what he’ll do to satisfy the masses, he should raise it. His talent is too great to be just like everyone else.

    • I like your comment, Lurker (the other one). I firmly believe there is a big market for family friendly fare and David would be perfect for that. There is also nothing wrong with inspirational either – we need more of that too. I’m tired of the “lets see how raunchy I can be”. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

      • Grammyj I hope that you don’t think that any of David’s fans (good or bad for lack of better words) would ever want David to be raunchy.

        Yes, I do believe their is a market, Christian music is pretty popular. Disney stuff, pretty popular. The only think is it’s got to be interesting, top notch and not boring, imo. I don’t believe you have to be G-rated to be inspirational and I’m not talking about trashy raunchy stuff, again, imo.

    • Addressing #2 on your list, Lurker, one fun thing to note about the Book of Mormon play (when I saw it in San Francisco) is that the Mormon Church has a great sense of humor and they took out a big ad either in the middle or on the last page of the program (I can’t remember) saying something like “Now that you have seen the play, read the Book”!

    • Six degrees of separation: Audra McDonald’s husband’s family founded the Hale Center Theater in Orem that David visited (and other theaters), and they both appeared there together.

      • P.S. The family runs the theater as well.

      • One more coincidence: Audra McDonald’s abovementioned husband, Will Swenson, from the Hale family, is in the clip of Les Miserables that Marie posted. He plays Javert.

  14. If the Mormon church was as uptight and moralistic as has been depicted in some circles, there could never have been a Broadway show which essentially spoofs the Mission experience. It appears that although Mormons take their faith seriously, they do not seem to take themselves seriously. This is a great human quality, and David is a prime example of it.

    David has always been “very Mormon”, (whatever that means) yet he has had no conflict singing a number of “edgy” songs like “Gotta Get Through This”, “Bubbly” , and one of his best, “I’m Yours”, with these lyrics, “Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it. I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted”.

    David is not a prude, and he has never shied away from songs just because they implied things that he chooses not do himself. I see no reason to think that will change in the future.

  15. I don’t know David at all and before he left on his mission, I thought of him as opened to different kinds of songs and was not afraid to sing a song that might be taken on an a different route (don’t know if edgy would be the word to describe it), but don’t know if the ‘new’ David will be as opened. From what I’m to understand he was only doing songs etc to please others, so it’s a wait and see where his music will land.
    If indeed that’s where he wants to go with his music (only family friendly) that’s his choice. So I guess he would be back to Disney type of songs. That’s were he might be comfortable, so can’t fault for that, just feel he has so much more potential then just that small box.

  16. David has never sang just “family friendly” music, or “Disney” songs. Is “Desperate” a Disney-type song? “Nandito Ako” was not written as a family song. U2 is hardly a “family” group, and David recorded “Pride” on a CD. “Soul Sister” is another example, and there are many, many others.

    I have not seen any indication from David since his return that his Mission experience has soured him to these kinds of songs.

    Also, there is a difference in music designed to “please” people and David’s music, which is designed to “reach” people. David’s music is designed to reach, move, and inspire people. Why would that change?

    • (just a little) Senseless

      Bliss, all the songs you’ve listed were songs David sang pre-mission when he was trying to make everyone happy except himself. ( who knew? ). We haven’t heard David sing anything at all post-mission and we have no idea if he has a “sound” now or even what genre the new songs are he’s been collaboratng on now that he’s doing it his way.

      I love David’s voice and if I like his new music I’ll buy it, if not I won’t, unlike before when I and the majority of his fans bought anything & everything he put out. Those crazy days are long gone for me.

      • That’s the way I feel, love his voice and if I like his new music I’ll buy it. Before I bought way more cds than I needed because I believed in his talent and knew that he needs a lot of support to get started. I still believe in his talent, but I haven’t connected with the ‘new’ David yet. He’s a whole new person that I might or might not like, but so far I haven’t seen that warm artist that loves his fans and wants a music career. I still am hoping that the new David has as much passion to have a music career as I thought the old David did, but who knows, maybe that passion was also to please others…very confused about David…but I still think he is a fascinating person and will still stick around.

  17. Don't worry...

    … there is a difference in music designed to “please” people and David’s music, which is designed to “reach” people.
    Wow, Bliss! I really like this comment.
    Singing is the best way David communicates… He makes it so easy for us. All we have to do is listen!!

    • Reaching people is all well and good if David just wants to reach his base of ODD fans, but most people in general don’t care about being reached with their music. They want to be pleased with what they hear. They don’t give a c**p about the message of the song. They want it to be catchy. Something that sticks in their head and they want to sing it to themselves all day. They want to move with it. If David is able to make a living with his base fans who are happy with a message that teaches them something then that’s the career for him. But if he wants to reach a larger group of people then he needs to think about the sound of the song first and the message second. If he can manage to combine the two in his songs then he might have a pretty good career. I’m not sure he’s skilled enough in his writing to do that, but time will tell. I’m not trying to put David down, just trying to be realistic with what we have seen of his song writing so far. I know he’s not writing alone, but then he never has been.

      • HitandRun: Hmm, I disagree with your premise that people don’s care about being reached with their music. Very young, fickle music-buyers fit that description, but the older teens and twenties surely listen to music not just for the beat, but for the message, as do older fans. Otherwise, I think David actually would have reached more people with his music early on. It was catchy, but most of it wasn’t that deep on meaning. (At least the album music wasn’t).

        If you look at the music that sticks, it is singer-songwriters like John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Paul McCartney, etc. Sure, they write an occasional snappy tune that plays on the radio, but their albums are much deeper.

        I also wonder why there is still this undertone of feeling that David will only sing religious or “Disney” songs. I don’t get where that is coming from. Just because David was deeply impressed, personally, by the experience of his mission, doesn’t mean he isn’t aware of real life and real struggles, feelings, issues. He may be more aware having been away and working with and for people who may have had serious struggles of their own.

  18. Hum designed to ‘teach’ people..I want to feel happy, emotional, romantic and just plan having fun with music, but being taught to behave is not what I want from my music, but that’s me, I’m sure others are happy to listen to those types of songs.

    • cq: “being taught to behave”….where did that come from? That sounds more like Sesame Street than anything we’ve ever heard from David (or any other contemporary Utah singers that have been posted here recently). I think there is a love of drama involved in some of these posts regarding the belief that David is somehow going to be unable to sing a song that resonates with the masses.

      • I apologize I misread where I got that from. I read it as teach instead of reach.
        Ok I guess I’m still the one left here that is creating drama.
        I apologize that don’t have good writing and reading skills and I was really not trying to create drama.

      • cq – You didn’t misread anything. I used the term “teaches” us something in regards to David’s music. I used that term because he tweets so many “inspirational” quotes that seem to want to teach us something that I have been feeling like he would very much like to carry that over to his music. That is just my feeling and certainly has no basis in fact. But then, very little of our speculations here are based on fact because we have so few facts to go on.

      • Hitandrun, I appreciate your point of view and hope that you continue to comment.

  19. I was just wondering–didn’t David say in his vlog that he was going somewhere that he absolutely loves (Nashville), and working with people that he loves and couldn’t wait to work with them once again? I wasn’t aware that he had previously worked with any of the people that we heard about (Naima Adedapo, Casey Abrams, and Pete Sallis, who said he was happy to meet David). Did he have time to work with anyone else that we didn’t hear about?

    • Cc halo, it was a very short trip, but who knows, he is a hard worker, so maybe he did write with people he had written with before.

    • I was wondering that as well. I thought for sure he would get together with Joy and Nate. It’s possible he did, of course. Katie Moore (who does the album covers) is the one who tweeted that he visited her. He kinda didn’t let us know how it all went as promised. Haha

      • Good I’m glad that wasn’t the only one that saw that, haha. He did say he would let us know more about that later, so maybe he still will.

      • Ha ha, David’s starting to remind me more of my son and his friends (flaky and immature) rather than the prematurely mature paragon of perfection that we have taken him to be. Is that blasphemous to say?

      • Funny, I was just talking to my son, who is not a David fan but indulges my need to occasionally express an opinion about him, and I told him the same thing. David used to seem unusually mature for his age, but he seems to have regressed in maturity since he returned from his mission. I’m sure many of you will be chomping at the bit to point how wrong I am, but that is my opinion based on the very little actual contact we have had with David.

      • Maybe it’s his willingness to be more frank and outspoken about his feelings in his last video, that makes him seem more real and more like his actual age.

      • Maybe. It’s probably more a case of how it seemed to me than how it actually was, but he almost seemed more like a defiant teenager than a mature man confident in his own decisions. It was probably just how I read it.

  20. Just wondering

    Let’s hope he lets us know more. Don’t know why but for some reason, I felt like we wouldn’t hear too much while he was there. Maybe he is holding out.

  21. just the opposite.. he isn’t sweet little David anymore that folks can push around. that includes fans.

    • Kimak, do you really think that fans are so bad that pushed David around. Why in the heck did he ever say how much he loved his fans and appreciated their support if he felt he was being pushed around. Totally confusing.

      • I will say if David doesn’t feel he needs to please his fans, that it doesn’t matter if they like his music or not, then I really don’t think he is wanting a music career.

  22. Just wondering

    It’s just the fact that when he tells us he will let us know more about the writing and then doesn’t. Why tell us something and then not follow through on it. That is the problem I have

    • have seen fans get upset he wasn’t tweeting every day before his mission.. have seen fans call him fat.. have seen fans tease him about going bald.. his short hair.. religion.. music.. dating.. ha could go on and on. I am no better then the rest.
      lots of demands on David bet we are the least of it
      kind of think there are things we don’t know.
      loved his last tweet.. hope he is visualizing a fabulous and long music career.

      • Just wondering

        So do I, just a little disappointed that he didn’t really follow through on letting us know more about Nashville. What do you mean about things we don’t know? That something is going on with david professionally?

  23. would imagine it is hard getting back into it all after no communication for two years? just know he has one of the prettiest voices ever and know he will sing. who he is.
    wouldn’t be surprised if he has been snubbed a bit?
    like he said folks want to know how important you are if you get my drift.
    all about the buzz I suppose.
    stinks.. the really gifted ones good hearted ones who don’t go postal get no attention and the ones that do make it big.

  24. as for Nashville.. maybe he is keeping things on the downlo for a surprise? maybe nothing materialized besides what we saw?
    sure he knew the young lady writer/singer was tweeting that pic.
    got me just glad he went to Nashville for 5 days.
    kind of thinking his nature tweet, #EarthOnATilt, Seasons.. maybe theme for this new music is about nature?
    Nature Boy he did cover it way back.

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