Sunday Meditation

Needing to hear this message to start the week:

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  1. Love this duet David sang with Libby Litton. Wish they would perform it live. Heck, wish David would sing anything live soon. On another note, David watched “Peter Pan” at a theater in Orem, Utah last night.

  2. Sally is so talented. Glad to see someone older have some success later in their music career even if she did not win the voice UK. Thanks for posting the video-peter

  3. I feel in my heart that “the best is yet to come”. Love this song…

  4. Comment David posted on his IG account, Im sure it will leave a few shaking their heads. Personally, I am glad to see his human, not so uptight side!

    IG-Watched Peter Pan at the Hale Center Theater in Orem and just about peed my pants laughing at the Mermaids. Brings back childhood memories. I highly recommend it.

    • loved it.
      loving that David is coming out of his shell.. even if I always don’t see eye to eye with it. David the man is finally emerging.

      now after seeing Shays last post.. are we so sure David is not like Shay underneath all that shyness?
      maybe there is a Mo, Larry or Curly in there just waiting to be set free.

  5. Thank you Hg for the Sunday Meditation post. The Begin album is one that I listen more often. I do like all the songs and of course, the voice, sigh.
    Kimak, lol. yes, love that David seems to be coming out of his shell, but noooooooooooo, lets hope he is not like Shay underneath all that shyness.

    Well that was a short trip to Nashville, at least I think it was planned that way and he didn’t need to make a quick escape back to Utah, lol. From his tweet and others, things seemed to of gotten accomplished and he seemed happy with what he set out to do.

    Hum, he did say on his vlog he was going to Nashville and that he would let us know more about that later, so I’m thinking that the picture when he arrived and the tweet at the end is what he meant, lol.

    • Well that was a short trip to Nashville, at least I think it was planned that way and he didn’t need to make a quick escape back to Utah.

      LOL. IMO, it would be a lot easier — even for David and his team, if he has one — if they announced that David intends to release new music in [insert month here] [insert year here]. That is what other artists would do in a similar situation, I think.

      • Now that would be awesome peter, a good business move, imo. Oh I’m sure that opinions are going to come about David not owning us a thing, lol.

      • Good Point- peter- but I am quite sure that it won’t happen. lol. 🙂

      • Actually from my experience artists don’t seem to announce when an album is coming out until it is eminent. Even then it can be a moving target. Currently Cook and Kris Allen are getting ready to release albums but neither have announced when. I don’t think David and his team know when it will be released since he just began writing songs for it. I’m hoping Daved releases singles or an EP or else I think we could be in for a very long wait.

      • Also Jordin Sparks has had an album of songs ready for four years and it hasn’t been released yet. Supposedly she is going to have another single released later this summer and maybe the album in the fall. I will believe it when I see it.

  6. hehe..

    shaycarl @shaycarl · 15h
    Good news! I did 2 backflips but only squished 1 testicle. Great odds!

  7. No tomatoes please (lol) but on Don’t Give Up, I think Libby outperformed D. I’d love to hear the two of them sing this live.

    Re. Sally Barker, I sure wish she were touring in the U.S.

    Re. Shay, I first heard of him 2 yrs ago when Arch Ave Malaysia posted his Father’s Day video. I laughed so hard at it (but I didn’t almost pee in my pants). LOL at D’s instagram comment. 😉

    • lol, no tomato throwing here, but I will give you my opinion…and oh, lol same here no tomatoes please or if you want to throw go ahead, lol. I actually found her voice annoying and as far as her outperforming David, hum IMO, a big NO.

    • To me, the best part about that song is the beautiful tone in David’s voice in my favorite section of the song from 3:05-3:42. I listen to that part sometimes on repeat.

  8. LOL on Shays comment!! Well no one can tell him to “grow some” evidently he has already done that!

    • Who knew that a devout Mormon can make inappropriate, as might be viewed by some, comment just like the right of the sinner in the world, lol.

      • Take about annoying, I’m annoying myself, lol. should be rest, not right.
        Desertrat, received the tomato and you did a good job…landed on my face, hahahaha!!, but I stand by my opinion, lol.

      • Oh I have to stop commenting because this is to funny, should be talk.

      • Lurker (the other one)

        See, this is something that people don’t get – Mormons are regular people. Why would you think talking about testicles or peeing your pants inappropriate for Mormons? That’s sort of skewed view. Some might not, but some would, just like the rest of the people in the world. To each his own!

      • I don’t get what those comments have to do with being Mormon, Catholic or whatever (and I am catholic)

  9. Peter, loved the video of Sally Barker singing my favorite “Animals” song. Loved her interpretation of it. She’s wonderful. This is the kind of music I am hoping David embraces.

  10. Lurker- I dont see the comments as being unusual or inappropraite for mormons at all, just that we’re seeing a little different side of David…the man who couldnt bring himself to see the words “Elephant Poo.” I like seeing this David..

  11. although I did a see a comment on twitter last night (from someone who is Mormon) about not liking “this David” and they were wondering who was putting words in his mouth. She flat out said, “I dont like it.” So I guess how you feel about the “New David” can go both ways.

    • saw it too
      could also be some of his older fans are not digging this new David so much.. they miss his sweetness I suppose?
      can only speak for me I love it

  12. My guess is that David has always been more “bawdy” in private than he was in public. He’s had 3 sisters and one brother to bounce off of throughout his life, and his parents don’t seem like the self righteous, overly moralistic type either. David may like the Yankee shortstop, Derek Jeter. For 20 years, he’s always said the right things and kept his personal life very private. Accounts of who he “really” was was much different from his public persona, although he was still a very decent, “good’ guy.

    Jeter headlined a “Saturday Night Live” in the ’90s, and was hilarious, including a skit where he was in drag. Who knows what David is really like to people in his personal life, but from what we’ve seen since his return, we may find out sooner than we think. So far, I like what I see.

    • I’d guess the same. But David has often talked about setting a good example, so I’m sure he’ll still keep it pretty G rated for the public. PG rated at worst.

  13. In David’d blog he says he feels fresh, I guess so ha ha!

  14. I can’t spell either

  15. I agree that David would never say or tweet anything that would even remotely be considered “blue”, but I have a sneaking suspicion that behind closed doors David can mix it up with the best of them. The problem today seems to be that people think that the whole wide world wants to hear or see the minutia of their daily lives, and it’s created the “look at me” culture that we see everywhere. That culture is even more extreme in the entertainment industry, where performers will do literally anything to get the spotlight on them (Bieber, Cyrus, Gaga, etc.) David is bucking that trend, but, IMO, he has the talent and the natural charisma to succeed despite going against the current “rules” of the game. The smart money is on David to do just that.

  16. Bliss: “David is bucking that trend, but, IMO, he has the talent and the natural charisma to succeed despite going against the current “rules” of the game. The smart money is on David to do just that.”

    Totally agree. He can be human without being completely crass like those artists you mentioned. And his talent is wayyyyy beyond those.

    As an older fan, I have to weigh in here that I do like the new David At first it felt foreign, not good or bad, just different, and it took me a few times watching to get okay with it. But I think he needs to be in charge of himself, and let people know that he is, because as he said, he tried to please everyone.

    Fans who don’t like it, and can’t get used to it, may just want to keep David in the box they (or he) built for him before the mission. Well, he’s growing up and we should expect changes from him even more in the future.

    In truth, if he was the same David, that might be more worrisome. He was 16 when we first “met” him on AI, and now he is 23. I would hope and expect him to change.

  17. Really if fans felt that David wasn’t going to change and grow from the 16 year old that they fell in love with on AI, they were/are delusional, lol. Actually I saw maturity/change even before he left.
    I find David to be a very fascinating artist. His maturity is catching up to his phenomenal talent. We fans might be in for a different kind of ride, but still an interesting ride, imo.

  18. Totally agree with all you have said cq, Bliss and Marlie7

  19. Just wondering

    So I see Kari is talking about a little “side” adventure during her break from the tour. Wonder what that could be. A little trip to the Philippines with David maybe?

  20. Somebody commented on FOD yesterday that she knew David was going to have a public performance beside the online chat. Of course she was not at liberty to tell where or when. So really no information and could be bogus. My guess is maybe he will pop up at the Stadium of Fire and sing the NA.

  21. Marlie, thanks for “nailing it” when you say “fans who don’t like it, and can’t get used to it, may just want to keep David in the box they (or he) built for him before the mission. Well, he’s growing up and we should expect changes from him even more in the future.”

    That “box” was suffocating David, and David now seems like he’s able to “breathe”, both personally and professionally. What people see as distance may really be just David manifesting his new found freedom to just be himself, after years of being “David Archuleta”.

    Like anyone else in any pursuit, David will thrive in a free environment. Nobody likes to be hovered over, especially someone who wants and needs to create pleasing, artistic music. David seems to really want to shed his pre- Mission persona and be respected as the adult he now is. Those who are hanging on to the David they used to know are doing themselves and David a great disservice. David has moved on to a much better place, and I can’t wait till he puts that new place to music.

  22. Off topic, but speaking of annoying what is the crap that PSY and Snoop have collaborated on? Perhaps I’m too old to appreciate it but to me, they’ve both obviously sold themselves out and created a mess. Scooter’s losing his touch. For your listening pleasure, “Hangover” by PSY and Snoop

  23. Speaking of fun beats:

  24. For me anyway as a fan, I wouldn’t ever want to encourage any fan to move away from being a fan , no matter what kind or what they feel, imo, who cares what their reason for liking him/ his music as long as they buy it.

  25. When the Beatles broke up, all four of them stated that the main reason for doing so is that they felt stifled by being “The Beatles” and they needed to spread their wings as individuals. Of course, David is and was a solo artist, but I still believe that he felt stifled by being the persona that was thrust upon him while he was on and following American Idol. He was not wired to be a media sensation, and he was, to say the least, uncomfortable being seen as an object of personal desire by anyone of any age or gender.

    David is creating a new relationship with his fans. It will take some people longer to accept that fact than others, but in the short and long run, I believe it will be to everyone’s advantage to embrace the “person he became” and encourage his future development. It’s part of the fun of being a fan of an
    artist who is still evolving.

    On the other hand, If someone wants to be a fan of a fully developed artist, I believe Tony Bennett is still available.

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