Flashback Friday

Quite appropriate for the week we’ve been having, isn’t it?


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  1. I meant to post this at the bottom of the thread, so please excuse my duplicate comment.

    Re: the evil entertainment business. There are wheeler-dealers in all parts of the world, probably every business. Fake people are everywhere, even in religious and charitable organizations, as so many scandals have revealed. So many of the contestants on the reality shows talk unabashedly about wanting to be rich and famous, and they come from all over the world.

    David himself has talked about the famous Hollywood types he’s met, being really nice, genuine people. Unless he was lying, he loved working with the American Idol mentors and behind the scenes people like Dorian Holley and Michael Orland, who came to the Sounds of David event to benefit David’s charities, held during his mission.

    I agree that his “running right back to Utah” rant was just culture shock–more about his particular mindset just a couple of days after returning home, than a well-thought out condemnation of an entire industry.

    Don’t forget that Eman (and probably the others) who wrote “Crush” for David is LA-based, and David once performed on their showcase, saying “I just love these guys”.

    • Thanks cc halo, ITA. I sure hope that David will not avoid LA/Cali altogether. I have faith he will be able to see good in some of that industry in time.

    • True. David seemed to enjoy Eman except for when he tried to get him to post snippets. Lol I remember David Hodges, another co-writer on Crush, once tweeted how much he hated the BSing and hobnobbing involved with his job. So there are people who feel like David. Maybe he’ll reach out to them for advice.

      I’m wondering if he’ll try LA again this month to meet up with Lady V. She’s supposed to be there for a couple of weeks and she’s made it clear she’s dying to see him.

  2. from what I have seen about Eman he is ok.. not sure who David met to work with out there but whoever it was it freaked him out.

  3. Kim-I think what freaked some fans out was the use of the words “Freaked Out” and the fact he went running back to Utah. I do get it was probably a case of culture shock…wonder what wolves he encountered. Ha, or if it was Shay he was running from. Cant say I blame him there! He is way OTT and his videos are ALL about him! Which is what David said he found so uncomfortable in LA.

    • Candy not into Shay either.. can see similarities with Eman and Shay though both have strong personalities. also
      like Stuart Edge who wanted to work with David to but up to now guess that hasn’t happened.
      maybe David won’t be doing a YT channel doesn’t make sense David said he doesn’t like to do them.

      • I don’t think that David should do a YT channel if it is like Shay’s. Please no. lol. Although Shay apparently has made a ton of money (like millions) from those videos or whatever he does with videos on YT. Didn’t David meet up with Jennette McCurdy in LA too? I don’t remember seeing any other tweets about anyone else he met up with with in LA . Maybe David meant his past experiences in LA with the music industry-before he left for his mission. idk. The music/entertainment is what it is and you just have to deal with it.

      • Ha ha, I have to wonder a little about David’s judgement, if he was freaked out by whomever he met in LA, but not by “everybody look at me” ShayCarl.

    • Lurker (the other one)

      I think it was totally Shay he was talking about. Who else would it have been? Shay is certainly all about self-promotion – it’s the nature of the beast if you have a YouTube channel. I don’t think he was talking about the ‘evil entertainment business’ at all. You will find OTT self-promoters anywhere.

  4. lol. Good Point. 🙂

  5. cc-aside from the fact he is mormon, Shay is the polar opposite of David, he thrives on attention, is loud, obnoxious, I think it was someone here who said his slapstick style is perfect for preteens.

  6. cotton candy

    i was in LA for 6 months trying to be an actress. got small walk on roles and was an extra in a few movies and TV shows. i was shocked at how nice and professional everybody was. i was expecting bad people who would try to use me and that never happened to me but i do know it does happen to many people. could not stay as it was extremely expensive to live there, even with roommates.

    • My brother dated a very talented “triple-threat” actress from Australia for several years. She had a similar story as yours, cotton candy. She was also an acupuncturist, and was able to do that work for many very very famous people in Hollywood. My brother has some fun stories about them and the worst thing he had to say was that some of them had egos that were a little fragile.

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