Digging through the Past


I have no idea when David hung out at Laguna Beach, but so glad Matt Clayton thought to let this surface now!

Not only is it a lovely reminder of the photogenic beauty of our Beloved, but considering that someone is really going out of their way to dig up some embarrassing and racist videos with a young Justin Bieber using the N-word (just….Ugh!), it’s wonderful to be reminded just how wholesome David looked and seemed (and still seems).

Of course, even though I know nothing about David personally and only what he has shown us and presented to us through his music and performances, I feel pretty confident in saying:


Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not gleefully enjoying this humiliating take-down of the Biebs, and I even thought the apology he issued when the first racist video leaked was pretty classy.

But, with a second video?!

My goodness!  Either the Biebs was so clueless as to not realize how offensive he was being (to the point that he wasn’t more guarded that someone was filming him) or someone in his entourage or record label is really trying to drag him down (and big time!). That can’t be a good thing.

It’s because of all these recent developments and also thinking about David’s ramblings in his recent vlog that had me more reflective about where David needs to be (or go).


He really seemed to be quite averse to the self-promo environment that L.A. represents, and in many ways, I don’t blame him.

Not just because it seems to conflict with all the values he had acquired while doing his two-year mission, but also because there’s no foundation that the industry provides.

Think of the Bieber for instance.  Here was a kid – one who I just couldn’t figure out why he was such a sensation – who skyrocketed to fame at that precise moment that David’s own label seemed to keep him in the shadows.

I had that pang of envy because the Biebs was having that pop stardom career I so thought David would have, and I couldn’t figure out why he got the promo. He didn’t have the velvety Voice, he didn’t have half the good looks, and yet here he was getting all the fame and the “success.”

The main thing that really propelled Justin forward was this “black street cred” that he got with a rapper like Ludacris featured on his hit song, “Baby.” And he’d been riding that black/hip-hop endorsement all the way to the top.

So, here he is, getting into one scrape after another, and now…BOOM! Videos surface showing that he’s racist?!

Videos that have been around – I might add.

And that’s what I don’t like about the industry: They seem to build you up just to tear you down, and what’s that about?


So, I’m glad David is resistant to that culture, because he knows he’s all about the music and being true to himself.

I realize he could have had that Bieber-like career, all built on something that just isn’t based in any truth.

So, while David wanders through Nature and Nashville, trying to figure out where his next direction will take him, I am quite appreciative that he’s keeping his distance from the savages who would gladly release old footage that would embarrass him.

I’m just glad the only archival footage we’re getting are these lovely photos of David at Laguna Beach! 🙂


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  1. Very much agreeing with your thoughts here, HG. Certain areas of the industry will always be about the next best thing, no loyalty no love for anything but the almighty dollar. They eat their young. Hoping David can find that sweet spot in the business to balance the need to be successful with the need to be true to himself. Others have done it so I have great hope for him. Thanks for this post!

    And I’m still loving those pictures 😉

  2. Amen.

  3. Wonderful post Hg, thank you. Very ugly side of the industry and I think that David realized that even before he went on his mission..David will find his niche and I hope that he is very successful and carves his place in the industry and be shown respect for his art.

    Now those photos, what can you say, Matt Clayton just gets David. Hope that David uses him on his next project.

  4. Interesting post hg.I was wondering when someone was going to mention Bieber’s racist remarks. I think that JB is a young guy with many issues. His handlers and paid staff have been covering for him for years because of the money he was making them and finally the truth about him is coming out. JB was 16 years old in 2010 and knew better or should have known better than to say what he did and then laugh about. Too much money and fame for him too soon and no idea how to handle it. I have never been a fan and really do not have much empathy towards him as he just did not have the talent. He is a very rich spoiled brat who was surrounded by enablers who are kind of done with him now.

  5. Love this post. I am waiting for quality music from David. And the pictures are great!

  6. Very thought provoking HG. Totally agree that most of this business chews up and spits out it’s own. However I think it’s possible to have a quality career, super-star career in fact, if one surrounds oneself with the right people. I look at people that David admires like Sara Barielles or Jason Mraz. Or from Idol, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Kelly famously fought for her independence. It can be done on one’s own terms I think. And not saying David needs to be big like them, just saying the corporate business world may not be 100% corrupt or evil and still could be a spot David could thrive in. IMHO and maybe I’m too naive or hopeful LOL

    • I agree with you soul newbie. It is more than possible to have a quality career in the music industry yet still be a commercial success. I hope for JB’s sake he is finally held accountable for his actions as it has not helped him by having his handlers and diehard fans cover for him for years due to the money he makes. I have to admit that I was a bit miffed that JB’s career took off and he got all the money and David’s career with the real talent did not. JB is just one extreme example but there are many- like Kelly- that handle success well and do want they want with their music. You do need to compromise and be flexible. Corporate business just is what it is-it is a business. They want to make money. You need to deal with it the best you can if you want a music career.

    • Very good point Soul Newbie. I said that David needs to carve and find his niche in the business, just like a lot have done and seem to have done it without falling into the pit of ugliness. As in any business, there will always be compromises.

  7. I know young people with mental health issues, and I can’t judge them too harshly even when they’re being inappropriate and just plain awful. Obviously, I don’t know anything about JB, but I have to wonder what’s behind all of that behavior.

    The thrill is in the photos of David, and not the beach, but in case anyone cares, here’s a video of the setting:

  8. Nice. Wish I was there now. 🙂

    • Ha ha, me too. The first video is much better, I don’t know why it wouldn’t post a thumbnail.

  9. Yes, the photos are great. He was a beautiful young guy. But the photos are what, more than 3 or almost 4 years old? I would love to see what Clayton can do with the man David is now with short hair & a little slimmer? I don’t think we will ever see his hair much longer than it is right now because he obviously likes it the way it is now. It would be much longer if he was letting it grow since he returned but it’s not. We need new more recent Matt Clayton photos of David.

    Bieber should go home to Canada, go into seclusion for a long while. And get some therapy. 😦

    • Yes would love new photos of David by Matt. Short hair isn’t bad, just needs to be styled right to highlight that gorgeous face, lol.

  10. Shanny in Australia

    Ha, I’d love to see what Matt Clayton could do now too. Actually, I wonder if he could work some wonders with family portraits too – I wouldn’t mind being presented well…. Lol. Matt is very talented and I love these new pics.

    Twas thinking…..joy is in Nashville. Doesn’t she have her own Indy label….I always wondered why David hadn’t approached her about that in the past…..maybe now?

  11. Shanny in Australia

    Justin is way out of control…..but none of it surprises me…..or even really upsets me. Just more of the same ol’ same ol’. I think I feel somewhere between sad for the guy because he’s been used and abused and received inadequate guidance at such a young age (although that’s no excuse) and ambivalence because I gave up following the crazy stuff in pop culture a number of years ago and gave up angsting over it as a consequence.

    As for David, the recent comments about him continuing to work with LDS people in Nashville got me thinking…..and this will sound controversial until I give my disclaimer, so please don’t jump to conclusions prematurely please peeps….but I’ve always marveled at how grounded and clean living David has managed to stay, despite being involved in the entertainment industry which is known for it’s headyness, it’s sex, drugs and rock n rollness. Maybe the key to him staying true to himself is that he has sought out people who understood and supported who he is. Obviously he has worked with and embraced all sorts of people but we’ve also seen that the ones who couldn’t accept him as he was, were given another job, to put it mildly. Lol

    Disclsimer: I’m not saying there aren’t good people in the industry. I’m not saying LDS people are the only people who try to live clean and I’m not even saying that all the LDS people he’s worked with are living the lifestyle that David lives. What I am saying, is that maybe by surrounding himself with as many like minded or at least non-pushy, supportive people as possible, is how he is managing to keep his head and heart in the right places amongst the craziness….?

    • Lol, Like your disclaimers…I understand about disclaimers.

      Totally understand your point, but from one fan that loves the fact that David is a nice guy, but wouldn’t mind if went outside that box just a bit, lol.

    • Shanny, yes I agree completely that if one surrounds oneself with good people they stand a very good chance of remaining true to themselves despite fame and fortune. I look at Justin Timberlake as one who has had immense fangirl popularity and made bundles of money etc and is basically a decent person or at least seems to be.

      With David, if we are realistic, he has not had a big career (yet). He had huge popularity on Idol, he had a nice career going for a while, but it was not superstar sized by any means. Sure, even a smaller career can throw one off and create a monster, but he was no where near the career size, with media, money, etc. which also probably kept him more grounded. Not denying his faith and Mom etc helped immensely though.

      Finally so happy to see him working with Casey and Naima

  12. Shanny thinking in the end it might be all about the quality of the music you put out and/or what folks are looking for. I remember when JB first came out getting upset because I saw young Archies and yes lds ones leaving David for him and asking why there wasn’t much support from the lds peeps. as I recall I think the answer was and this goes for older lds folks too it is about what they consider to be good music and what they like not necessarily that the artist is lds. seems to be by your argument it should be a back and forth no?
    would David be able to find only lds artists that are as talented as he is to work with going forward?
    Lindsey Stirling, Piano Guys, Lexi Walker , Imagine Dragons … even putting in Neon Trees because David supported them before he left on his mission not sure if he will going forward consdiering all that has gone on since then.
    I hope David will be able to work with Joy again.. she seems a really nice person and very talented. a good egg.

  13. Shanny in Australia

    “seems to be by your argument it should be a back and forth no?”

    Kim – No, I was just saying that him seeking out people who he feels comfortable with on various levels (LDS people, kari, Gina, joy, sunny, the people he worked with in the Phil’s before his mission etc) has probably been a big reason why he’s been able to keep things together. As well as faith and family as Soul Newbie mentioned. And I guess in my mind’s eye is a reason why fans shouldn’t get down on the people he has chosen to surround himself with.

    I know some want him to break out of the box and get a bit edgy etc, but everyone who says that’s what they’d like to see, also say they love the person he is, as he is. And I’m thinking these choices he makes help him to stay true to himself.

    Soul Newbie – yes it seems you don’t have to reach mega star status to start feeling the tentacles of the dark side of the industry reaching out for you.

    • Shanny lol knew that one would get you.. I agree for the most part. in the end what gets me is that such an amazing young man like David doesn’t get the support he should with his music career but JB does.
      think it stinks.
      going forward I think it is a good idea for David to take his time and do it right.. good music will sell itself.

      • kimak, I think JB was willing to sell his soul for his fame and played the game to that end. Remember when he hired a “swagger coach’?
        David has never been willing to play that game and for sure it cost him some. I do admire David’s morals and standards, please don’t get me wrong. Just wish he could compromise a tiny bit within his comfort zone to present a bit edgier sound and style. Who knows, that edgier sound may be coming though.
        In life we all have to compromise. Marriage requires compromise, jobs require compromise. It is not a dirty word when done right.

  14. agree there too.
    Ariana Grande opened for David in Myrtle Beach was there.. immediately knew she would be famous and said so at the time. her voice is gorgeous, she covered current music and she dressed and acted the part.
    reminded me of the perfect Disney Princess.

  15. Lindsey Stirling she is lds puts out great music and is very talented
    she is quirky has an edge, works with non lds artists and I think is doing pretty good with sales
    her latest CD was #1 on itunes at one point. so it can be done
    and from what I can tell she hasn’t sold herself to the devil.

    • Lindsey Stirling is a perfect example kimak. She has the look and sound that people like these days.

  16. Absolutely agree with you Soul Newbie, compromise is not a dirty word when done right.

  17. I think David “came out that way”. I’m not saying anything bad about his siblings, just
    that they’ve done some inappropriate pranks–like hacking the dad’s twitter and announcing David first kiss. I have one kid who loves being wildly inappropriate and one who has to be proper at all times.

    • lol, to me somewhere in the middle is always best. Imo it’s a heavy weight to carry that proper at all times badge.

  18. I’d like to inform you guys that some bits of David’s video blog was being shown here on my national TV. The hosts were really nice about it. They said they couldn’t wait for David’s next music projects and they talked highly about him making sacrifice to serve for two years. yeah, so good to hear people excited for his return to music.

  19. Daisi, I also hope that David returns to Indonesia and the other Asian countries. From what we’ve seen on videos, and heard from David himself, David is loved, appreciated and respected in all of those countries. He always seems very relaxed and comfortable on stage, and, IMO, has given his best live performances “over there”. Also, during his 2 year Mission, I did not read one post or tweet from an Asian fan expressing the slightest angst or dissatisfaction that David chose to leave his career to follow his heart, and, to the contrary, everything I read was in the form of encouragement and respect.

    The Asian fans have always let “David be David” ,which David seemed very grateful for, and it was obvious that David was so happy to be in these countries. David promised that he would return, and I’m sure that he will.

    • Bliss I unfollowed many David fans who moved on to other acts asked them why and they told me that David has not grown as an artist. yes they are in general very supportive but also just as fickled.
      most are young and what I have seen they miss his hair more then his voice.
      expect it though was just commenting that I have seen a drop off of Asian fans thru the years.

      that being said really do hope David goes back there again.. always so much fun and love that David seems to be freer there.

      • kimak, how do you see a drop off of fans ,how do yuo see that and where.????? show me

  20. Bliss- is that a bait and switch statement?? Just curious as it seems that way in my book.

    • rooster used to follow a lot more Asian fans.. think some that used to comment are dormant right now too. hope so anyway. off the top of my head saw them move on to 1D, The Wanted, Miley Austin Mahone etc.
      makes sense they would too no?
      two years is a long time for youngens to wait for anything.
      hoping once he puts himself out there again they will all come back.
      lol right now they are crazy for 1D but with the recent pot smoking incident they might get banned there. good opening for David too now that JB has all but turned thug.

      • think all that I said above could be said about David and his young US/WW fans.. think world is his for the taking if he wishes. other artists are kind of falling apart.

  21. Candy, I was merely responding to Daisi with my impression of how fans in Asia treat David. Obviously, it struck a nerve with you, which is something for you to get in touch with (or not). I have always been impressed with the way the Asian fans treated David, and his obvious appreciation for that treatment. As for your “bait and switch” comment, I smell a guilty conscience, lol.

  22. Bliss-didnt strike a nerve, just wasnt going to grab the bait if that is what it was. Nothing sinister in what I said or you either for that matter. I just merely asked a question and you answered!

  23. Kimak, you say this about Asian fans, “most are young and what I have seen they miss his hair more then his voice.”

    That’s because they are young girls, and that’s the way young girls are. It’s totally understandable. Once David reappears with his golden voice and flowing locks, they will all return to the fold, lol.

    • Bliss lol do think/hope so too.. as a matter of fact kind of think they may come to realize that there are more things to life then just the hair this way! hope so
      David having the fortitude thru example to do what is right for him speaks volumes.

  24. Candy, glad to hear. Case closed. Enjoy that beautiful Jersey shore weather.

  25. I have to disagree with Bliss about David giving his “best” live performances “over there” in Asia. He did have some great concerts over there but I saw several great live performances by David here in the U.S. as well. I don’t think David goes the extra mile there as opposed to here. He always gives his all in every performance. doesn’t matter the size venues. IMO.

    I hate to bring this up because sometimes I just shake my head and think WTH??? So I taped and was watching SYTYCD from last week & last night and who comes on the screen but JB introducing a new segment of the show, a contest showcasing dance crews from all over the US? Why him? I just don’t get it. It seems like no matter how much negativity including breaking the law & spending time in jail, which he brings on himself, he just gets rewarded again & again. 😦

    Why is he on one of my favorite reality shows? Oh well, at least I can fast-forward when he comes on.

  26. ITA-Senseless. JB just seems to have no accountability and gets a free pass when he should not. It is all about the money as he has it. I still wonder about what JB and his team will do to get him publicity and attention no matter how negative it may be. I just wish he would go back to Canada.lol.

    • Yep, money talks & gives some people a free pass apparently.

      Kinda quiet tonight. Early day tomorrow so it’s bedtime for me. Good night. 🙂

    • Where would you like the US young singers who get involved with every known kind of trouble go? Does it really make any day to day difference about them? Are they hurting anyone other than themselves? As far as a bad influence for the youth, it would be best then to turn off the news of the two 12 year old girls who stabbed their friend. Society in general is not looking good in many areas. Parents can help guide their children to people who they themselves approve of. Even though performers are easy to see, so are the bad ones on line and in your schools.

  27. Interesting article about new pop teen idol Austin Mahone not wanting to be compared to JB. Smart Guy. lol. I think Austin looks a bit like David when he was a teen.http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/austin-mahone-calls-bieber-comparisons-obnoxious-24011861

    • does look like David.. just sang the NA.

      seen enough about him to know he is kind of like how young JB was.
      whether he likes it or not
      probs why the young ladies like him

      • David has a much better voice(of course) but there is a resemblance between the two-that is when David had more hair. lol. 🙂

  28. lol, seems whenever i find a convenient time to comment, i have trouble logging in; oh well ….

    re. austin, he’s ok but i actually think biebs is more talented than him. not sure why he’s upset w/the comparison because it’s obvious he’s a biebs clone.

    also, austin is on lil wayne’s record label. recently, lil wayne had harsh words to say about scooter braun and the arrangements where these young black males are constantly taking the fall for biebs everytime he gets in trouble.

  29. Austin Mahone is an example of why it’s been so hard for David to be taken seriously. Like David, Austin is a handsome young white kid who has all the little and not so little girls’ hearts, etc. all afllutter. Unlike David, the kid’s singing talent is negligible,which can be plainly seen in his generic attempt at singing the National Anthem. The problem is that the talent bar is so low for these guys that their public doesn’t even require any real singing talent. Because David has this “look”, his singing talent, which is enormous, and frankly, unequaled even by the most “serious” singers out there, is largely ignored.

    Most great singers do not look like movie stars. They look like regular people, giving the public full access to their talent without the distraction of any exceptional appearance. With all due respect to our friend Austin, when it comes to singing, he’s a really good looking guy.

  30. bliss we agree on that. Not much of a singing voice at all but very good looking. lol.

  31. Shanny in Australia

    Daisi, that’s really cool! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Senseless said:
    “Why him? I just don’t get it. It seems like no matter how much negativity including breaking the law & spending time in jail, which he brings on himself, he just gets rewarded again & again. 😦 ”

    It reminds me of the President Clinton/Monica Lewinski debacle. Or high profile athletes who get into trouble. Here in Australia there is a lot of talk about how athletes are role models for young kids and should act appropriately. These things raise the question…..should people in position of power be held to accountability or not? Or are we asking too much of people? Does their personal morality make them a bad President or a bad football player? I don’t know where I stand on this issue.

    Many times fans have said they enjoy all sorts of artists, even when they don’t agree with certain decisions the artists make in their lives. If that’s the case, then JB is no different.

    When I see high profile people living crazy lives and setting bad examples, it tells me two things…..we the people enable it through giving them their popularity (that’s why JB is on the show) and if I don’t like the way the world is, then I should stop enabling it by watching it, reading it, buying it etc.

  32. Shanny in Australia

    He’s cute enough. Need a lot more than cuteness in my books though. Lol

    We go on about needing a great song, or needing a certain look or needing a certain manager or needing to work with certain songwriters etc but for every example of someone having success with a great song, or having success because of great promotion, or having success because they look the part…….there are counter examples of people who have found success with a bad song, or a small time manager or they don’t fit the traditional definitions of beauty.

    That’s why I always keep coming back to hard work and a measure of luck. David’s got the work ethic and the talent that often accompany’s hard work. I think he just needs to work his opportunities wisely in order to be in the right place at the right time for if and when Lady Luck turns up.

    • Shanny in Australia

      And I guess to add to that…..that’s why I’m happy for David to do his own thing, because we, with all our advice don’t really have the answers and David doesn’t have a crystal ball telling him exactly what moves to make. He can only really work hard, be prepared and maximise all opportunities by choosing and acting wisely and thoughtfully when those opportunities present themselves.

      The part I loved the most on his recent vlog was when he said he wants to make his own mistakes and not have others making those mistakes for him. I loved that! Sassy lol, honest and really mature in that he is willing to take personal responsibility for all consequences. I celebrate that!

    • I agree with you, Shanny. Well said.

  33. Shanny-I would certainly expect the behavior of the President of my country would be above reproach (obviously thats not always the case)…a 17 year old rich kid without any adult supervision except to be seen as a cash cow for his “Team” ..I dont expect much more then we got. As parents its up to us to show our kids what a real role model is, its fine to have a crush on a teen heartthrob but to idolize and accept anything they do sets a dangerous presidence.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Candy, I think I completely agree.
      In the case of a President….because if his personal morality is in question, then it does tend to make you wonder if he will be honest and act with integrity in his decisions that will impact millions of lives.
      Still working it through in my mind but I like your thoughts.

      • Shanny in Australia

        But then I guess the question needs to be asked…..do the actions of celebrities also affect a lot of lives?

        I would tend to think yes, because while yes, a parent is ultimately responsible to teach their children the correct path, there is no doubt that being surrounded by bad examples that get celebrated makes the parents job very difficult.

        Hmmm….think it probably comes back to that idea that change begins with me. And hopefully enough people decide to be a force for change too. But right now, the way the world is, I think people like JB DO have a lot of influence over young peoples lives.

  34. Shanny in Australia

    I’m spamming with my ramblings, I’ll go do other things now. Lol

  35. Chris Brown is another example of an artist who hasn’t suffered professional consequences for his misbehavior. I was reading a review in my paper tonight, which made the point that musicians at least have the opportunity to use the lessons learned in creating their art, but that Chris has failed to do that so far, and just gets more and more popular for his shallow sex-and-party themes.

    On the other side of the coin, it was mentioned earlier that trying to be proper at all times can be a heavy weight, though I think it comes more naturally to some than others, David included, I’m sure. Even so, he seems to have the kind of pressure for perfection that’s world’s away from the bad boys we’re comparing him to. When he sang “Imagine”, for example, he would always sing “evil below us”, instead of “hell below us” until his return appearance on Idol. And he couldn’t bring himself to even say “poo”, when showing elephant-dung paper in a vlog, ha ha. Fans debated on and on whether he would actually say “pissed off” (he did), or “Oh my God”, when surprised (undetermined). Extremes of “good” behavior can be tough for kids to live up to.

  36. another writing session!

    pete sallis @petesallis · 4h
    @DavidArchie great to meet you and write!

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