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Digging through the Past


I have no idea when David hung out at Laguna Beach, but so glad Matt Clayton thought to let this surface now!

Not only is it a lovely reminder of the photogenic beauty of our Beloved, but considering that someone is really going out of their way to dig up some embarrassing and racist videos with a young Justin Bieber using the N-word (just….Ugh!), it’s wonderful to be reminded just how wholesome David looked and seemed (and still seems).

Of course, even though I know nothing about David personally and only what he has shown us and presented to us through his music and performances, I feel pretty confident in saying:


Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not gleefully enjoying this humiliating take-down of the Biebs, and I even thought the apology he issued when the first racist video leaked was pretty classy.

But, with a second video?!

My goodness!  Either the Biebs was so clueless as to not realize how offensive he was being (to the point that he wasn’t more guarded that someone was filming him) or someone in his entourage or record label is really trying to drag him down (and big time!). That can’t be a good thing.

It’s because of all these recent developments and also thinking about David’s ramblings in his recent vlog that had me more reflective about where David needs to be (or go).


He really seemed to be quite averse to the self-promo environment that L.A. represents, and in many ways, I don’t blame him.

Not just because it seems to conflict with all the values he had acquired while doing his two-year mission, but also because there’s no foundation that the industry provides.

Think of the Bieber for instance.  Here was a kid – one who I just couldn’t figure out why he was such a sensation – who skyrocketed to fame at that precise moment that David’s own label seemed to keep him in the shadows.

I had that pang of envy because the Biebs was having that pop stardom career I so thought David would have, and I couldn’t figure out why he got the promo. He didn’t have the velvety Voice, he didn’t have half the good looks, and yet here he was getting all the fame and the “success.”

The main thing that really propelled Justin forward was this “black street cred” that he got with a rapper like Ludacris featured on his hit song, “Baby.” And he’d been riding that black/hip-hop endorsement all the way to the top.

So, here he is, getting into one scrape after another, and now…BOOM! Videos surface showing that he’s racist?!

Videos that have been around – I might add.

And that’s what I don’t like about the industry: They seem to build you up just to tear you down, and what’s that about?


So, I’m glad David is resistant to that culture, because he knows he’s all about the music and being true to himself.

I realize he could have had that Bieber-like career, all built on something that just isn’t based in any truth.

So, while David wanders through Nature and Nashville, trying to figure out where his next direction will take him, I am quite appreciative that he’s keeping his distance from the savages who would gladly release old footage that would embarrass him.

I’m just glad the only archival footage we’re getting are these lovely photos of David at Laguna Beach! 🙂

The David Nature Retreat

Sounds like something I could use right about now! 🙂