Feeling Safe in Nashville

Q: Hmmm, is David trying to tell us something?

A: Of course he is!



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  1. cq hold on.. ha think ‘safe’ just went out the window from what I remember the two with David are fun funky and jazzy artists. this is good!!

  2. I’m glad David is having a writing session with Naima and Casey, and they are NOT Mormons so you can all rest easy – lol. I don’t care who David writes with as long as he comes out with some great songs. He could write with the most popular songwriter out there right now and come up with a sub-par song as a songwriter usually writes many songs to come up with a great one. Magic doesn’t happen every time. I would love for David to show up with Cook too. There are lots of songwriters in Nashville besides Joy, although I would love for him to write with her too. Better yet would be is David would perform somewhere in Nashville.

    Hey, Marie, aren’t you the one that wanted David to do something with Casey Abrams? I”m also glad that David is able to have some fun with friends while he is in Nashville too.

  3. Anon (the other one)

    Kimak, funky and jazzy with a dance beat. Oh, yeah! I could live with that. 😀

    Cq, As for working with other Mormons, in a way I’d almost compare it to working with other college alumni. Once you mention your alma mater, they are suddenly looking at you differently and sometimes more willing to work with you or help you along. Commonality. I hope he works with everyone he can, tries every sound and rhythm, to see what feels right for him. Because the better he likes it, the better the performances will be. We all win!

    • Thanks Anon (the other one) thanks for another perspective, good one.

    • Yes, exactly. I compared it to working with fraternity brothers before. Happens all of the time in business.

      The only time I ever tweeted David (if I actually followed through–can’t remember) was to contact Casey Abrams about his sister’s health problem that they have in common. That was when David asked for help on that in a vlog.

      • Love when I post a comment and something pops up to totally debunk it, lol. love it, happy camper right now, lol.

  4. i see the open mouth insert foot people are at it again

    • who did that rooster?

    • rooster always ok to talk it out.. least my thoughts on it all. now can folks work together and work it all out without too much trouble? sure hope so but going by history not holding my breath.
      where there is a will there is a way.

    • rooster, didn’t you get the memo (above) about not insulting people anymore? David doesn’t do it, no matter how mad he may get (see recent vlog), and I doubt he would like you doing it in his behalf.

  5. Anon (the other one)

    roster, If you mean my comment comparing working with other LDS folks to being like working with other alumni, I actually meant it as a positive thing. I think he should work with everyone he can because you never know what will turn out to be something great.

    I guess sometimes I don’t make myself as clear as I think I do. 🙂

  6. I must say, for folks who chastise me for “policing” the fan base, all I read here is the same people “policing” David’s every move.

  7. Did everyone see these beauties that popped up today?? I just did!

    • Ali sure did.. love the ones in black!! Matt Clayton is a genius.
      wonder if he is planning on releasing the ones they did right before he left? the crouching ones?

    • Daang! Matt Clayton needs to stay away from David….

    • I have a favorite. Oh yes I do! One that I will be avoiding at all cost!

      Ok, I have 2 or 3 favorites.
      Ok, maybe 4 or 5 favorites.

      I will be avoiding all of them, lest my thoughts go to a place that is not Bliss-approved. 😉

    • Holy moly…Matt Clayton is a genius…David does like working with him, so maybe he will be the photographer for David when he is ready to put his album together and precede to kill us all with genius music and genius photos, lol.

  8. cq ha that is ok.. found some that have been separated

  9. alc you can go there it,s a free world .

  10. Ahhhhhh! These photos make me insane!!!!! These were taken on the private beach of a community where our relative lives. We go there all of the time, and I just can’t stand having missed it. It’s like having David in your back yard, but you weren’t there. Dang!

    • This is a photo of that beach, but David’s Christmas photo was in the cove just behind the couple.

    • Wow, beautiful beach area. That would of been something if you happen to be visiting those relatives and went to that beach that day…it would of been such a fun story to bring back to all of us.

  11. ALC, ouch! I was taking time out from my exhausting fan police schedule and missed your post, lol.
    You can post whatever you want about anything you want. Of course, if it blows a fuse on the Bliss-o-meter, I’ll have to turn on my well documented charm, lol.

    • Well, I’ll tell ya. Those pictures caused me to blow a fuse, but I’m using self discipline. I wouldn’t want you to turn on that charm, haha.

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