David’s Still Alive (But Who Thought He Wasn’t?)

So, on Friday at the last minute, I was invited to replace a panelist for a local conference in Maryland.  Because it was an all expenses paid trip, I said, “Why not? I can prep for this.”

I’m glad I did it, had a good time, and even had a chance to swing by D.C., a city that I love.

Imagine then, coming back home today and checking my blog to see that David has a new vlog!

Woohoo!! 😀

And then I watch it, and I’m like, “Woah, David’s all defensive – even though he’s still as adorable and as ramble-y as he ever was.”

So, he’s been rushed? Well, why I should I be surprised? More than half the conversations on this site are all about when David is going to come out of hiding, leave Utah, and bring us some new music.

Still, whoever advised him to put up this vlog, I think it was very much needed for his very thirsty fans.

And this one fan has to say – after watching it:


I want some quality stuff. He’s capable, even if he’d rather avoid the whole L.A. scene (imagine how freaky that seemed after his two-year stint of quietude).

It’s all good, and David has grown.

Although there will always be that part of him that will want to try and please everyone (it’s just who he is, and that essence of him will not change). Heck, why else are we getting a vlog (something he doesn’t like to do – Who knew?)



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  1. Writing is not about discovering who you are IMO. It’s about having something to say. I had a lit professor who opined that every genius writer had a problem they were trying to work out, and writing was the only avenue they had, He said it was the same problem being played out in various ways throughout the writer’s lifetime.

    The drip/drip strategy was very costly. 1) It kept the BSC hanging on for dear life. 2) It set up expectations for David to continue to satisfy daily whims post-Mission. Meanwhile, the mission could’ve been a natural break to wean the BSC from their cuckoo puffs.

    C’est la vie!

  2. Nashville it is!

  3. HOT DIGGITY! Maybe I’ll run into him! 😀

    I am shocked! I thought for sure he was going to Asia. I’m so glad he’s in the Music City! The best place IMO to get inspired, collaborate & write great music. 😀

  4. cotton candy

    omg i have a country singer friend in nashville! gonna call her and tell her to look for david! 🙂

  5. cotton candy

    don’t know for sure but think she would love to sing with david but she is country!

  6. cotton candy

    she is married now but before she got married my fantasy was that she would meet david in nashville and they would get married and i would be invited to their wedding and i would tell everyone online and no one would believe me! LOL!

  7. Ok I know I not funny ok guys? I like cause drama it funny to me. Like to get attentions from people’s cuz I not have own friends for me. I going to enjoys David poster in my bedrooms now to make out with them. Ok night.

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