Sometimes I get the feeling that David had a “coming out” moment when he announced that he was going on a mission, and once he publicly embraced his faith identity, did his rite of passage, and has returned, he’s still transitioning into “life after mission.”

He’s testing the waters, as an “out” Mormon, and sharing elements of his faith and his thoughts about that life.  Those who don’t share his faith identity may get quite impatient, maybe even turned off, because we may feel we have no common frame of reference to share his passion/beliefs, but I do respect the process.

I imagine, some time down the line, these tweets won’t be that big of a deal – for either his secular fans or himself – but for now, it’s where he’s at, considering there is no news of any upcoming musical releases or performances.

It’s weird insofar as, pre-mission, David took great pains not to mention his religious life, so careful was he not to offend. And many of us liked this aspect about him because he seemed to really want to come off as “neutral” in that way that doesn’t alienate different groups of fans.

But I also realize that he’s wanting to not be “ashamed,” as it were, to present himself as a man of faith (and a man of a particular faith), and I applaud him for not wanting to “go back in the closet.”

In short: this golf and Mormon tweet seems innocuous enough, but I can see how non-LDS fans would take it as some kind of “in your face” assertion of his identity.

My question is: would we feel differently if he were being more open about a more conventional faith than a religious minority faith? Or, if this were a different identity altogether (i.e. one based in race, ethnicity or sexual orientation) would we be supportive of his being “open” about who he is?

In other words, with David being more open about who he is – faith wise – does this necessarily change the dynamics of who he was before the Mission and who is now?

What say you, Soul Davidians?

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  1. “I will say if not for THIS blog, where we are allowed to rant & vent about our concerns, frustrations and confusions about David, many of us could have also taken leave.”-Could not agree more Ya Ya Blue. I know that I would have been and really in truth I am a fan of the blog.

  2. Yayablue, Marie- who care about you too, idiot! Bwahaha

  3. I don’t know about anyone else but I actually do not post even half of what I actually think. I hold back many of my true opinions-as it should be I might add. 🙂

    • Marie, me too! I hold back so much that I want to say. If I only could I would….

      Hey, sounds like lyrics for a song! David are you reading this blog, you are welcome to use my words.

  4. what I dont get is why anyone other then the person that left would care if she deleted his music…does it affect you personally, no, does it affect David personally, no…so whats the big deal.

    • The big deal is that to many fans, it’s akin to blasphemy to say anything negative regarding David. And it’s downright sinful to admit deleting David’s music or videos. And if there was any way one could be shot at dawn, it would be for being “mad at David”!!!

      And I ain’t kidding!

  5. Ya Ya Blue-ITA 😉

  6. if things were managed properly none of this would of happened.

    thing that gets my goat is those who were so mad they deleted their videos of him. all it did was to punish those who wish to hold on longer and/or enjoy what was.
    like Joni did.

    • Does anyone know for sure the reasons Joni left? I know she was a committed fan so I have to wonder if she got wind about something from someone “in the know’ about David’s future plans?

  7. oh-oh, company coming up the driveway!

    Have a great Memorial Day. Thoughts & thanks to all those who have fought & died in wars brought on by greed and religion.

    Bye for now. 🙂

  8. David is a big boy.. bet he has heard a lot worse the last two years then he would of if he read this or any blog. maybe why that is why he is so quiet he went thru hell? anyway
    not saying to not try and be nice.. but think honesty can be a good thing too.
    guess like telling someone they have spinach in their teeth kind of thing.

  9. A blasphemy will not admit they are blasphemy, just like a thief who will not admit they are thief, just saying.

    • I see things from both points of view I suppose.. do know I am getting dms from long time supporters of David quite upset even jealous but would never admit that online.
      kind of like keeping your thoughts to yourselves not wanting to cause waves kind of thing.
      think David is not doing videos etc because he is planning something like the Shay thing? for impact?
      would be upset if he never sang again though but don’t see that because that is who he is. what he does.
      only thing is right now when he does sing there are no videos allowed so that in itself stinks least way I see it.
      lucky peeps who get to see and hear him.
      guess I could always convert.. move to SLC.. ha not really but wouldn’t be surprised if there are those who have.

      • If he will do something like Shay, be prepare to hear nasty comments again, as if David never do any good things.

  10. to each their own about leaving David.. taking the videos away from fans who are still here for David was selfish mean spirited.. or maybe just they were plain ole mad. familiar with some things and well I wouldn’t jumpt to those conclusions.
    folks aren’t always what they appear online for the whole world to see.. behind closed doors folks say and do interesting things.
    goes for all of us.
    me included.
    at this point I am trying to be as honest as I can be wearing my heart on my sleeve even if folks don’t always like me for it. so be it.. least I was trying to be honest sharing who I really am warts and all.

  11. kim-exactly! I am also getting DM’s from upset fans who dont want to go public. I say why hide how you feel…but then when you speak your mind you get nailed to the cross!! So I can see why fans go underground! Rocking the boat in Davidland is a No No and you are labled a “Bad fan.”

  12. same here kim-I honestly dont care what I am labled by others, Im here for one reason only …to hear David sing! And yes to meet again with my tour travel buddies! Other then that…I dont give a flying anything!!

  13. Lurker there has always been nasty comments.. all of this has been going on since day one.
    no clue what David is really up to but it makes sense from a business point of view no to hold things back until all things are together and you get it right or at least happy with it? professionalism might be a good idea at this juncture in his career I would think.
    could be wrong just makes sense to me and he did kind of saying exactly that in tweets a little while back.

  14. now for what exactly David will be doing.. that is the $64,000 question!

  15. Don't worry...

    Jonerzz YouTube videos are still available. Check it out.

    • she put them back? saw she put the MB ones back guess she did the others as well.
      think my fav was I’ll Be MOA.

  16. Just to clarify, my beef last night was not with people expressing their thoughts about David’s career. I think it’s good to get many perspectives on that. It was with those who were saying he doesn’t care about anyone or anything that’s not LDS anymore. The personal comments about his personality. I don’t know, it just rubbed me the wrong way. And since we’re all about sharing our thoughts openly around here, I did. Lol. Didn’t mean to stir up a hornets nest but it felt mean-spirited to talk that way about someone, especially when it’s something that I suspect they wouldn’t say to his face.

    But I’m the first to admit that I am protective about David. Not about every little thing but to a certain degree when it seems unfair. And I’m not afraid to admit it 😉

    But honestly I’m ready to leave all the controversy behind. Happy Memorial Day, all! I hope you’re spending it well.

    • That’s all my beef was about, too….the mean-spiritedness about David’s personality. I don’t want him to read those comments. Just my opinion. Most other comments I enjoy reading even if I don’t agree with them.

  17. I’ll Be MOA

    all of this is perfect.. folks crazy to see David
    David being himself
    the hair
    the voice!

    hoping for more like this one day!

  18. I don’t get all this protectionism of David. He’s not a fragile little child. Is his ego so fragile that he will break at the slightest criticism? I thought he was a professional singer and musician. Apparently I was wrong about that much anyway. Since he got back he has acted in anything but a professional way. Everyone says “He needs time to get back into a normal life. He was gone for 2 years so he needs to adjust”. What does he need to adjust from? Soldiers go away for a 2 year deployment into a hostile war zone where their life is in danger every day. They face things David never could have even imagined on his mission. They come back and are expected to return to being a family man and hold down a job every day just like every other person out there. They aren’t treated like fragile little porcelain dolls who might break if you say something harsh about them. Oh well, David has given us so much, has done so much for us fans. We owe him for what he has done for us. Give me a break. David was a professional singer doing a job. The things he did were part of the job. He courted fans because he needed us. Without us he would not have had a career. Oh, but he loved his fans. Please! He doesn’t even know us. How could he love us. His family let it be known as loudly as they could that he was put off by his fans attention and thought we were creepy. He did what was necessary to keep us interested enough to buy his product and come to his concerts. So, why is he not doing those things now. Things like communicating with us, doing vlogs, acknowledging that we are still here. He’s not doing those things because he no longer has an active career. He doesn’t need us. Will he ever have an active career again is anybody’s guess. If at such time as he decides he does want a career, he will again do what is necessary to get fans interested. Fans need to come down out of the clouds and get realistic. We get so caught up in the way an artist’s music makes us feel that we mistake those feelings for reality. I got caught up in that fantasy for a few years too. Since David got back I have had to really examine what I was feeling and why I was feeling that way and put it up against what is real. I see the fantasy now for what it was and I don’t think there is any danger that I will ever again be pulled back into that fantasy world. David is just a human being with all the good and bad that every one of us has in us. I have taken him off that pedestal and planted him firmly on the ground where he should have been all along.

    • I’m protective of things I care about. Not because I think they need it because they are incapable of protecting themselves but because I care about them. It’s perfectly wonderful and fabulous if you are cool with people putting down those you care about behind their back but I’m not built that way.

      As for your other feelings expressed here…well those are your right to have. I do wonder why you’re still here if you have such negative feelings toward David. As you pointed out, he is just a professional singer. Or non-singer at the moment lol. There are lots of those to choose from. Why do you take it so personally if you don’t care any longer? Life is too short to spend it pissed off at things. Find what makes you happy and embrace it. If it stops making you happy, say thanks for the good times and move on to something else, imo.

      • I am here because it’s entertaining.

      • And, I don’t think my feelings towards David are negative. Just realistic. If you choose to see them as negative, that’s up to you. But, it wasn’t my intention.

    • ITA-Hitandrun. Some really good points-whether others want to see them expressed or not. I am not one of the fans that spent time and money traveling to see David often but if I was I can understand their disappointment and frustration. Those fans were very invested in David and spent alot of time and money on helping his career. I only saw him perform once during the AI tour but I get the frustration.

      • II understand now why you are like that to David, coz u only see him once. Those who see him in several concert & meet & greet will truly appreciate him .

      • Lurker. Have a nice night. 🙂

  19. How many times David should say he is doing music, u guys just don’t want to listen & trust him.

  20. Hitandrun,

    I know there’s a new article up, but just wanted to say, WOW! I could not have said it better myself.
    Sometimes it takes a knock on the head or another person’s perspective to see what some fans refuse or are afraid to see or admit. David doesn’t need us now but if & when he does, as you said he will do whatever is necessary to get the fans interested again, especially those who have left. I agree but I hope it won’t be another long wait for that to happen. 🙂

  21. I don’t know if anyone has a beef with my epiphany about David’s new mission in this era, sounds like maybe yes. To say he only cares about LDS folk, would be a total distortion of my point. I agree with your post, HIt and Run, but my point is that he hasn’t really returned to his career because for him, it’s STILL not about him, maybe won’t be again for a long time.

    Returning to fans, and performing, and talking about AI, and the singing shows, and the Billboard Awards, and the song of the week, is the old David where it’s all about him. My idea is that even though he’s back with his family and friends, enjoying the simple pleasures, like visiting museums, preparing food, going to restaurants, and even writing music with like-minded friends, he’s still on a mission. THAT’S NOT A DISS. It’s just how I see it.

    In “Called to Serve”, he said that it wasn’t enough for him to just be a good influence in the world, singing for people, supporting charities, setting a good example, etc., he wanted to actually participate in changing people’s lives, like the missionaries had done for his mother. When he left on his mission, some folks said that that was a good thing, because he could complete his dream, and then come back and focus fully on his career. That was a wonderfully comforting thought, but in hindsight, naive. The message about the 67-year-old golfer was about giving up a career to serve his church, and I interpret David’s possible meaning that it’s a life-long thing, not just two years.

    I brought up David’s tweet to ShayCarl and Salamahafifi’s reply, not to make any points about the actual meanings, but to say that he used a specific LDS term on his public twitter without explanation to outsiders, but which any LDS person would understand. My point is that that’s where his focus is–encouraging Mormons, especially the youth, to feel the spirit. IT’S NOT A BAD THING, except for fans, Mormon and non-Mormon, who want to see/hear the old David.

    He could post a lovely, chatty vlog later today, or next week, which would be awesome, and Marie is right, he needs a public career in the long term, even if his life goal is to strengthen his church, but I don’t see the old David coming fully back to us.

    • I agree cc halo, I don’t think the old David will ever come back. His motives for doing what he’s doing now really don’t matter to me. Maybe, as you say, it is all about altruism on David’s part. I even posted the very thing you just said at FOD (under another name) right after David got back. I don’t think he ever wants to go back to something that’s just all about him. But, it just reaffirms what I said earlier. He isn’t communicating with fans because he doesn’t need us right now. The only reason he communicated with fans before his mission was that he did need us. He needed our interest because without us he didn’t have a career. He doesn’t want a career now so he has no interest in us. Whatever his reason, it’s just that simple. If he ever decides he needs us again, you can bet he will start communicating again.

      • I remember the hints, subtle and not-so-subtle, that David’s siblings dropped about his feelings about the fans and fame, one was pretty recent, even. But I’ve told my VIP story several times, and I do think that there was a genuine connection there. He wouldn’t let me go away without a picture “to remember this by”, even though I just wanted to shake his hand and leave. He put his arm around me and squeezed so tightly during the photograph, I honestly think that it was a loving gesture, possibly out of sympathy due to my daughter’s disability. (She had just posed with him independently). I don’t know what to think about the new communication style, or if means anything about us.

  22. Anon (the other one)

    While I might not say it quite so honestly, I do agree with much of what HItandrun has said.

    I remember how grateful fans were when David left for all the things he had done. NA, the albums, the vlogs, were seen as gifts because he loved his fans. I remember thinking how naïve I thought that was. Yes, it was done for fans. But I felt it was done because he believed he would need us and was trying to do enough to keep us connected. It was strictly business. Yes the said it was for the fans. But it was a career move. Like someone else said, I don’t think he “loves” us. He appreciates fan support but that’s not the same as loving fans.

    Unfortunately, all he did before he left to keep us connected may turn out to be a waste if he doesn’t make the effort to retain the connection now that he’s back.

    • I take very seriously David’s statement that he feels so different. People have observed that he’s not interested in being a huge star, but I think it goes far beyond that. I think something changed him profoundly, and all the things he did before his mission to keep in touch with the fans, are kind of irrelevant. I think he takes very seriously his vow to dedicate everything he has or will ever have, to his church.

      I can be patient for new music, but it’s easier to just realize that he’s just not that into us right now. Again, there’s nothing negative about that, just how it is.

    • You are right Anon (the other one). He doesn’t need us right now and maybe never will again, so no need to keep the connection with fans. If, at some point the coffers run low and he needs his career again, he will attempt to regain that connection with fans. Maybe a lot of fans will still be hanging on just waiting for David to re-open that connection. Sadly, I won’t be one of them. I think once your eyes are opened to the truth, it’s impossible to shut them again. If, at some point, he records a really great album with music I love, I will buy it. If it’s just more of what he has recorded in the past I won’t buy it because so far, he hasn’t recorded anything that I would have bought had it been sung by anyone other than David. His first cd I think I bought at least 30 copies and gave away as many as I could until I couldn’t find anyone to take any more of them and those I donated to Goodwill. I bought fewer of each album until the last one which I bought only one of and haven’t even opened it because it was mostly stuff I had already heard and didn’t like anyway.

      And to Ali – why is it putting down David to speak the truth? If there was any possibility that I could ever talk to David face to face, I would have no problem with saying anything that I posted to his face. There wouldn’t be much point to it because it’s stuff he’s already aware of. He knows what he’s doing so what would be the point of me telling him that I also know what he’s doing. Do you think he cares that someone has him figured out. It doesn’t mean I think he’s a bad person. I don’t. I just think he has done what he had to do and he is still doing what he has to do for himself. That’s what most of us do.

  23. cotton candy

    yeah maybe david hates us and wants us to disappear (unless we are lds) 😦

    • I don’t think he hates us. I think we are totally irrelevant to him.

    • Wow! I don’t even know what to say about that comment! I’m all for free expression of opinion, but I sure don’t understand the intensity of emotions and feelings of personal offense. My life is full enough of worries and drama, that I don’t need to stress about a young singer-yes, a talented singer-who is just trying to figure out his life (just like the rest of us).

  24. For those fans who view David as some sort of suitor that has spurned them, then I guess there would be some bitterness. The imaginary boyfriend is no longer sending you daily love notes? Oh the horror.

    For those who accept David as what he is — a gifted musician who does maintain contact with fans but does not need to pander to them, then we are in transition. Do you see Justin Timberlake or Pharrell Williams or Adele or any musician worth their salt spending much time making vlogs reassuring fans how fabulous they are? Or telling them the intimate details of their upcoming career plans? Or insisting that they will always be the #1 love of the artist’s life? Some fans might like to think that but it’s not reality. When David started out he was trying to find that balance between contact and artistic freedom. Between keeping fans interested and resisting the need to hold their hand every second. I find him to still be working on that but coming closer to finding the balance.
    And some fans are handling that better than others.

    • I agree, somewhat. I’m just starting to be dubious that a Pharrell-like, or JT-like career is what David has in store for the future. I think that he’s got a totally different focus now.

    • If David had been a big star like JT he wouldn’t have needed to keep that kind of contact with fans. When you are just building a career, you can’t treat fans as if they aren’t needed. David was wise enough to know that. I knew it when David was doing it. I’m surprised other fans didn’t realize it. You can all can call me all the names you want to. That won’t change reality. I knew when I was making my comment that some would come back with their name calling and accusations because it’s hard to hear the truth. David could make a vlog this week and announce that he is ready to resume his career. Or, he could never do another vlog and never tell us a dang thing about what he’s doing. It won’t change anything about my feelings.

    • I can only speak for myself but I could care less if David ever does a vlog or not. I have always felt that way about it. Most major music artists do not do vlogs but then again they have more successful careers so they do not have to. But David should post short vids on twitter and use “Vine”. That is if he wants a relevant music career. His choice not mine. 🙂

  25. “David neeeeeds me so I’m entitled to require that he please me in every possible way. He’s not a big star so he must be beholden to me and fulfill all my desires. But he didn’t meet my needs so now I’m taking my ball and going home.”


  26. Anon (the other one)

    Get over it – I am not seeing who said they feel spurned by an imaginary boyfriend. LOL Funny how some people interpret comments.

    If you’re referring to my comment, perhaps the tone of my comment is hard for you to decipher. It was said, in my mind, very matter of fact. There is no disillusionment. I have been very realistic in how I perceive David for a VERY long time. I do, however, feel disappointed that we still don’t have a clue as to his musical direction.

    As I said on an earlier thread, most artists that go on hiatus to write, record, etc. have an established pattern of the type of music they put out. Fans know what to expect. On the other hand, we have David who has recorded a variety of music. We are completely in the dark regarding his music/career. I am hoping it will be something I like but I have no idea. Do you? Or perhaps it doesn’t matter to you. I am not ashamed to say that it DOES matter to me.

    And if you are condemning me for saying that David is in it simply because it’s his job and does not “love” his fans, you have, in your defense of him, just stated the exact same thing. Just couched in different terms. Just sayin’

    And yes, I am home and bored this afternoon. 😀

    • I don’t have any problem understanding it’s David’s job. Don’t need to see him through rose colored glasses to appreciate his artistry and talent. Some others do though.

      • No one has denied David’s artistry or talent. Where did you see that?

      • Anon (the other one)

        I agree that no one should see him through rose colored glasses. If anyone did, I do believe those rose colored glasses are coming off.

        Just as David needs time to do what he needs to do, fans need some time to adjust to this new David. Perhaps we should see it from both sides and allow a little frustration to be vented without being so critical.

  27. I just find it kind of amusing that some of you are so quick to point out David’s flaws tbh. He has been nothing but complementary to his fans, I believe he thinks highly of us. But y’all obviously don’t think very highly of him. To believe he is a spoiled, self-centered jerk who doesn’t care about us is just ridiculous. I think people have forgotten who he was during American Idol. And true, as people grow older, they change. He could very well have become “a different person” and his old personality could have “died”.

    I used to be a hardcore fangirl of his during the Idol days. Heck, up until I’d say…2011. I was extremely passionate and supportive of everything he did, until I realized that he visited Manila, a city in a completely different CONTINENT like, four times more than he visited my hometown. And it made me bitter. So no, I’m not one of those fans who believe David can do no wrong. I’ve been mad at him before. But I think it’s ridiculous how people feel that he owes us so much. He has already given us more than I had ever anticipated. He could walk away from the fame and the fans tomorrow, and I think he’d be just fine and he would live his life comfortably. But I doubt he’ll do that. He’s always been big on giving back to the people who support him.

    I’ve met him twice, and he was as sweet and genuine as can be. I do think that his personality has shifted a little, in a way that kinda irks me. But I just accept him for who he is. I love who he used to be, and I like him now. I hope he’ll sing for us soon, but I’m going to focus on other things in my life. I feel like some people became too invested in David, and lost passion for anything else in their life. I’m guilty of that too. Right now, I’m just seeing what happens. I respect David, and I care about him. He’s not the snobby jerk that some people are attempting to paint him out to be. After being away from his family for two years, he just wanted some time to spend with his family and friends. His mother got married, and his sister had a baby when he was gone. I think he’ll release some form of music later in the year. Whether it be one song, or several, I don’t know. I’m hoping he’ll give us what we’re obviously thirsting for. But y’all don’t need to be so abrasive to him. He’s doing what he wants at the moment, after years of doing what everyone else wanted him to do. He was a puppet. Now, he’s becoming his own person. I thought that’s what you all wanted? The “sexy, outgoing, confident” David Archuleta? /endrant

    • “spoiled, self-centered jerk who doesn’t care about us”

      Nobody – the only place I see those words is in your comment.

  28. This got to me and I have to say something: after years of doing what everyone else wanted him to do. So am I understanding that you feel he never did anything to make himself happy it was always because he felt he should do it because of being pressured by, his family, friends, the industry and mostly by his fans, hum. Interesting, never saw that in him. All I saw was wonderful videos of an extremely happy man on stage doing what I though he enjoyed.

  29. if you all think our “friend” isnt alive and well…think again! Someone just Dm me some of their comments on twitter. Fans here are getting raked thru the coals! some really nasty things said about the site are being posted . I have the person blocked so dont see comments, that just reinforced why I did!

  30. Okay, then I suppose I misinterpreted some comments. My apologies. But the message seems to be clear – a lot of you are unhappy with him not communicating with us as much as he used to. I understand that, and I feel the same way. However, if he wanted to ignore us, he wouldn’t have posted any tweets since he came back. Or that vlog. Or made that instagram account. He is still trying to reach out to us, and I do wish it would be more frequent. But it’s up to him to decide how often he wants to fill us in on things, unfortunately. Swamping him with tweets on Twitter won’t necessarily sway him one way or another.

    Cq, you do make a good point. I always believed he was a very happy person. He spoke positively about pretty much everything regarding his career. Although he did have to do some things here and there to make his “team” and record label or whoever happy as well. Things he may not have wanted to do, that may have clashed with his vision of his career. He always seemed like a shy, sweet people pleasing type of guy that had the mentality of “just go with the flow”. Hence, my puppet comment. Right now, he’s doing solely what makes him happy, whatever that may be. I believe everybody deserves to do what they wish to do. As long as they’re not hurting anyone or themselves. After all the hard work he’s accomplished in the past six years, I’d say a few months of relaxation isn’t too bad of an idea.

    I understand how a lot of you feel. I’m a bit agitated by some of his decisions or lack thereof lately, but I still see David in a predominately positive light. I’m hoping we’ll have some good news sent our way soon regarding the next step in his musical career. *crosses fingers*

    • I can only speak for myself, not anyone else here, but I’m not angry with David. Maybe it seems that was because I have accepted what David has been trying to tell us since he got back. As I said in one of my comments, David is doing what is right for him as most of the rest of us do. But, I guess I differ from others in one thing. I think David has always done what was right for him. I don’t think he was pushed around by anyone. He fought back when his label and management wanted him do something that he didn’t think was right for him. He fought back when some of his road managers didn’t want him to spend time with the fans, who he was aware he needed. I’m not saying he didn’t appreciate his fans. I have no doubt he did. But, he was also aware that without his fans, he had no career. But, I’m repeating myself so that’s enough. Anyway, I’m not mad, jilted, lover spurned, or any of those other silly accusations. I’m just a realist. I’m also a pretty plain speaker and I don’t couch my criticisms of David in pretty euphemisms. Maybe it makes them sound harsh, but I was raised to speak the plain truth and that’s what I try to do. Maybe some of you see it differently, and that’s your right.

  31. Shanny in Australia

    There’s no doubt David is doing things differently. He’s saying what he wants to say. He’s running his career how he wants to do it. He’s interacting with the fans on his timetable. I too wish he would vlog and sing in that vlog. But I always said I wanted David to do things his way and so I’m willing to live with the consequences.

    All this other stuff that people keep going on with….he’s not doing music, he’s only doing religious music, he only cares about LDS people, he’s not manning up, he’s being disrespectful to the fans, he hasn’t thanked us, he doesn’t love us, he’s flaunting the fact that he’s not doing music in our faces….Yada, yada, yada……is all just ignoring the evidence and/or getting over emotional.

    And sorry, but the negativity does NOT equal realism. And to say that there is no meanness here despite many many people saying there is, is also NOT realism. And to say David would not be hurt by the comments here because he is a 23 year old man now, is NOT realism. Maybe the only realism going on here is that perhaps some people are finally starting to notice that David is more than just a one dimensional person. Or maybe not.

    I guess David feels that if people are going to get worked up and leave because he’s being true to himself then he can live with that. Career or no career. I’d feel the same.
    And by the way, it might not make him a multi millionaire but the LDS music market IS big enough to keep a roof over his head.

    ‘Just my opinion’. Lol

    I miss Bliss.

    • Thank you, Shanny. I totally agree.

    • You miss Bliss? I hear he’s doing his thing on Twitter trashing this blog & the commenters here. He did the same thing to another site not too long ago. That’s his thing. He’s probably still here though using another name.

      You said,

      “And by the way, it might not make him a multi millionaire but the LDS music market IS big enough to keep a roof over his head.”

      Believe it or not, I hope so because as it looks now, that may be the direction he’s headed in. If that’s what will make him & the LDS church happy, fulfilled & satisfied, well then, more power to them.

      Have a good night.

      • Yes, ya ya blue, if that’s what he want and it makes him happy, that’s his decision. I’ll still stick around to see if he will decide to do a secular singing career. It would be nice if he would think outside his world, but he has to be happy, so be it. Sigh, wish I had been able to see him live. Still hoping that he well share his talent to the whole world.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Yes, I know where Bliss has been in the past and what he has said. I have seen his latest comments on twitter and that is what made me decide to say what I have said. Too often, people have shut up and not stood up in this fandom. Myself included. Because people don’t want to cause contention. For the sake of peace. Because it feels useless. Too often people have not backed each other up and let the vocal minority rule the roost. I hate the contention, I want the peace. But I too, cannot leave things unchecked constantly. Because that is wrong too. And so here I am.

        You said “Believe it or not, I hope so because as it looks now, that may be the direction he’s headed in. If that’s what will make him & the LDS church happy, fulfilled & satisfied, well then, more power to them.”

        See this is an example of ignoring the evidence and getting over emotional. Comments like this also drive the fans away, making out the sky is falling before we really know what is going on. I won’t bother reiterating all the evidence that David is still working on his secular career because people have listed off the evidence many times before today.

      • Totally respect you Shanny, but wasn’t you that brought that up, so why are you upset.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Good on you Cq.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Bringing what up Cq?

      • Brought up him only having an LDS music career.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I’m not really following what you mean properly Cq. Sorry. Lol
        But I’ll try. Lol
        I’m not upset that ya ya blue mentioned an LDS singing career at all. I was merely pointing out that her comment was an example of ignoring the evidence and getting overly emotional about things before we really know what’s going on.
        Hope that answers your question??? lol

    • Yes, I think that’s what cq and others have been worried about all along–that he won’t have any desire to go back to his secular career, and will want to make his living with a solely LDS career. And they’ve been thoroughly thrashed for saying so. It remains to be seen. I don’t think that people insisting that he’s just taking a short break and will eventually go full-force with his secular career can claim the high road–no one knows.

      I don’t see anyone saying that David only cares about LDS people. That would be a complete misrepresentation of anything I’ve read or said. Unless you’re just making that up.

      Re: Bliss. I don’t see him getting much traction on twitter, he’s being told to go to the source, or drop it. He sometimes says that “criticism” of David needs to be exposed and stopped. That’s not creepy. Not at all.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I disagree with a lot of that unfortunately.

      • Shanny, we all want you and others to be right–that David will resume his amazing singing career when he’s ready. But there doesn’t have to be a battle about considering the possibility that he will go a different route, or even to express frustration about needing so much patience. Maybe we’re all just taking out our frustrations on both sides of the argument.

      • You said, “I don’t see anyone saying that David only cares about LDS people. That would be a complete misrepresentation of anything I’ve read or said. Unless you’re just making that up.

        Comment at 3:26: “yeah maybe david hates us and wants us to disappear (unless we are lds) “

      • I don’t see anyone saying that David only cares about LDS people. That would be a complete misrepresentation of anything I’ve read or said. Unless you’re just making that up.

        From frustrated: “No thinking about how non-LDS followers are feeling. So disappointing– the old David is no linger with us but I’m not so sure I like the new one.”

      • Okay, I missed that one, Just Lurking, but that illustrates the problem of painting with a broad brush. Why not go to the source instead of making it sound like everyone here is saying that same sort of thing?

      • MIssed two. I guess that would be the examples you were talking about below.

        And maybe that’s an example of how any viewpoint other than the majority is treated around here. “Oh that’s just a small thing, it’s not really representative of the whole.” And then it’s summarily dismissed. Which is why many with viewpoints other than that vocal majority don’t bother to comment anymore.

      • Lurker, when you read those comment, why didn’t you address that person directly instead of fuming about it and they making a general sweeping statement. No one perfect and I for one will admit when I feel I have said anything that was wrong, but at the same time if I don’t feel it’s wrong I will also defend it.

      • We’re individuals, not a “whole”. Again, express your opposing opinions to the person who made the statement. I get too confused if I’m the one being bashed or not, lol.

      • A+++, cq.

      • Because when you try to address someone directly around here it just becomes that you are only seeing unicorns and rainbows. That’s the favorite dismissal. Or saying you’re blinded by your adoration. Or that you’re not realistic. Because unless you agree with the consensus, then you’re not being honest. Except that’s only one group’s version of “honest”. If I don’t agree with their viewpoint, then am I being dishonest?

        It’s just normally too much hassle. And normally I don’t comment at all but I have to say I was bothered by some of the mean tone earlier in this thread. I admit that I was too much of a wimp to speak up first and say it bothered me at the time. And I’m sure after this I’ll go back to lurkdom because I suck at confrontation.

      • Lurker, I will say one thing, I truly believe you are being honest and what you believe to be right. I to feel that I’m being honest. I truly understand why you feel so passionate, but also understand to maybe others have the same passionate about David, but just may see things differently.

      • cq – thanks and good point. I really most like to agree with everyone but it doesn’t always work out that way lol. Which is why I mostly stay quiet. But sometimes I get my nerve up to say something and just hope it comes out right.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Jumping back in briefly to say….Lurker, your contributions are very valuable and you are correct in what you have said. Don’t feel bad. The problem is that too few have not been willing to speak up and at least put their hand up.

        Argh, gotta run. Too much to say, too little time.

    • Shanny, you go girl! I’m with you.

    • Shanny, I agree with you as well. And, yes, Bliss may have been a bit hot headed at times, but at least he created some balance of opinions on this site. Everyone is saying that this is a site where we can say what we want and that there should be no comment police, but it seems that any opinion contrary to the majority here is definitely “policed”.

      • Lurker, people come and disagree all the time and I really don’t see any policing, but if you feel that you can comment and have all the fans that you disagree with all the sudden repent and not reply I really don’t think that will happen.

      • The problem is that it doesn’t go both ways. People express their opinions about David and his career, and then people on the other side of the issue come on and complain about, and misrepresent the people expressing those opinions, rather than just disagreeing in a calm way. How come the sunshine and roses folk don’t just make their case without bashing the other side? I’m open to examples of how I’m wrong.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Just Lurker and Lurking. No, thank you!
        For simply speaking up among other things.

        I could say much more in response to everyone – too few words have never been my problem lol – but I’ve gotta run now. Life calls.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Oops, scratch that….
        Should be…. ‘Just lurking’ and ‘lurker’. Lol

  32. Very honest comments that I agree with-Ya Ya Blue. Good Nite all. 🙂

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