Cryptic David?

He seems to be a whole lot more pensive lately (if he’s not preoccupied with food!). 🙂

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  1. consuelo Y corazon

    Sorry, I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that David himself actually BELIEVES what the missionary said about Why I Am A Mormon.

    Never posted before & never will again. No great loss for David, but a huge loss for me because I have been a fan since his Star Search days. It’s been a great ride except for the last 2 & a half years.
    Just nort worth it anymore. 😦

    • if folks have problems with it all tell him on twitter.. he posts about it so it is open for discussion.
      instead of quitting and/or moaning about it speak up to the person you have the issue with.

  2. I agree with you kimak. I don’t have twitter (never have and never will. lol) but I do think that folks should tell David on twitter how they feel in a very appropriate and nice way-of course. Nothing wrong with that IMO. Are they in the replies David gets or are folks just going to unfollow him ? I would guess he is going to have a big LDS following on twitter. Not that twitter really matters as far as album sales ect. The focus should be on his music and the music industry if he wants to use twitter as a form of social media to further his music career but maybe he doesn’t care and does not want to do that. idk. I still don’t understand why he does not use his twitter for humanitarian or charitable causes as opposed to the Mormon church religious -for a lack of a better word- stuff. lol. This is all his choice and his career-Of Course.

    • Marie I don’t pay attention doesn’t really bother me that is unless he suggests something I feel is not right but the golf part intriqued me. live on a golf course.
      did tweet him about music, his voice and hearing him sing live again.
      lol usually when I do the ‘patience’ police steps in.
      don’t usually pay attention to that either.
      way I see it I am still here after what 5+ yrs patience enough.

  3. Anon (the other one)

    Re: the golfing tweet … I never believed David would try to publicly convert fans but that last tweet sure seems to be very close to the line.

    I won’t go on twitter or social media and say anything David because, as unhappy as it would make me to stop following him after all this time, (which I don’t regret because I’ve enjoyed it) it is his life and his decision how to run his twitter and his career. He is the one who must live with the consequences, good or bad. For all I know, he’d be perfectly fine with the results.

    I didn’t sign up to follow a singing missionary so I must now choose what I want to do as a fan.

    • thing is that folks complain about things could be anything and how could anyone know you have an issue if you don’t speak up?
      yeah I guess he will know by the crickets with non lds fans but thing is if that is what you believe then why not speak up even debate the issue? he is not afraid to.

      • Anon (the other one)

        kimak, Because I don’t think it would make a difference. Even if he did see one or two tweets from a couple of people who speak up, do you really think he would concern himself with it? I believe he knows what he’s doing.

        His choice.

  4. Yes-I kind of thought that about the tweet too.

    • Anon the other one he might not but bet he sees more then you know.
      I am talking about any issue.
      kind of like the emperor and his new clothes and no one is willing to speak up.
      why do you think we get all the patience tweets from him?
      he sees we want to hear him sing or a vlog.
      to that point think he has something cookin.
      waiting for something just don’t know what.
      guess for me as I believe whatever he does is his choice it is also my right to speak up if I feel at odds about it. about any subject.
      lol my guess David knows the power he has and he is using it.
      smart cookie.

  5. Anon-(the other one) thats kind of how I saw the tweet too… he has 1.3 million followers on twitter, a very captive audience! Like I said…msg is loud and clear!

  6. Yes- but those twitter followers did not lead to large albums sales for David and it is not going to lead to large number of converts for his religion either. But to be fair maybe he is not trying to do that and it just looks that way. Didn’t David almost have 1 million twitter followers (or maybe 800,000-idk) when his TOSOD album came out in 2010 and it only sold what- 24,000 copies it’s first week. Maybe it sold 63,000 total. But to be fair album sales are down for most everyone. Still he should focus on his music career on twitter to try and keep and also attract new fans not drive them away. JMHO as he can do whatever he wants.

    • does David care all about that? think
      only thing David ever tweeted I objected to (don’t check out his links not interested) was when he said to visit folks you never did before?
      forget exactly what he said but tweeted him might be dangerous especially his young fans to do that in this day.
      obviously there are fans who are having issues still being fans just think it might be a good idea to let David know before you leave exactly why you did.
      instead of say like a huge fan I know who quit twitter etc plus removed all her glorious David vids to boot.
      ok I get being mad but why make other fans suffer too?

  7. EEK! Religion alert!

    How about that sneaky David? He has always been full of ulterior motives, right? Sheesh. 😦

    • Now that you mention it, the speech from David’s “incredible man” did focus on young Mormons using social media to reach out as member-missionaries. David has a huge platform, and I see him embracing that opportunity. It brings me back to my old concern, which is that people who proselytize seldom can see it from the perspective of those on the other side.

      • That is your concern perhaps, but proselytizing is not limited to organized religion. It is used by many organizations or causes in society. If one is committed to a particular belief enough to want to share, it can be difficult to objectively consider two sides. Nevertheless, the response to any proselytizing is always left to the other party.

      • That’s true. My brother went through an est-like course and wouldn’t stop proselytizing to us, for years. He finally let it go (to our relief), even though we know that he continues to see it as valuable FOR HIM. The one who proselytizes is the “aggressor” (trying to think of a nicer word for that), and sometimes the response has to be avoidance, or ignoring, if possible in the situation. I love my brother and I love David and his music, but it makes for much nicer “relationship” without the “agenda”, however love-driven it is.

  8. Dont think or feel David has ulterior motives…I think his msg is clear, you can interpret that anyway you wish as anyone can.

    • Not exactly a clear message when it is interpreted several different ways on social media; but I’ll be pretty upset if he thinks he’s going to convert me to golf.

  9. I am posting Imagine Dragons twitter. I believe they are LDS but there seems to be no mention of it on their twitter feed. Of course they are hugely successful and many tweets are about their awards,songs, tour and appearances. Yet they also tweet about several charitable causes. I think their twitter is a good example of how to use twitter on social media to further your music career

    • Marie not sure how devout they are? David just came home from his and he is very much so.

      • Good point kimak- I am not sure how devout either. I believe not all are-just 2 of the band and their manager. I think. Not sure. Also they have an amazing career going right now so it is easy for them to focus their twitter on it. I kind of hope David does go over to Asia as it would at least be something going for his career.

  10. Did Peter ship Bliss off to Siberia…as promised. Not that I miss him , just wondering.

  11. I was wondering where Bliss was too(not that I really care. lol.) because I recall him making a comment that if David was still at home with his family and mom in June not doing anything related to his music career then he would begin to wonder and worry about his career. Something to that effect as I can’t remember the exact words. Well-Bliss- June is almost upon us. lol. 🙂

  12. I felt the parallels in Davids tweet today were very clear…both gave up lucrative careers to become missionaries. Got that David sort of followed the same path…music to missionary. if you saw it differently please share. I would like to hear other (respectful) opinions.

    • Candy, that’s what I got from it as well.

    • Candy, I do respect your opinion, but it is only that, as is mine. One of my Mormon concert buddies follows on Facebook where this article was posted and she shared it. Could be that David saw it the same way and shared it without any agenda whatsoever.

      My interpretation is that the parallels were something David noticed that he had in common with this guy due to David’s own recent experiences in life, except for the golf of course. So he made a playful reference to taking up golf. Maybe it was simply something to tweet to the fans.

    • I think that it’s up to the individual to decide whether it’s an appropriate forum for sharing. My LDS FB friend once posted a very overt Mormon thing and immediately removed it, wisely, IMO. She posts a regular blog about her family that includes their religious activities which is lovely and not in your face.

      • David’s tweet was in your face?

      • Well I don’t know why anyone is even discussing it. Silly us.

      • Not judging, but it seems like a bias or oversensitivity. I follow David Archuleta for the music, now or later; but he has yet to offend me with how he lives his life or what he chooses to share about it. Too bad it isn’t more fun for you.

      • Maybe it’s hard to communicate well in this kind of forum. If you interpret my comments as me being upset or offended, rather than just observations and opinions (which is how it’s intended), then I’m not doing a very good job of communicating. I’ve said before that one of the reasons I even started to post was to present an alternative view of things, if I didn’t see one, but I don’t think I’m exactly alone on the topic today.

        The common wisdom used to be that David wouldn’t talk about his religion to his fans because he respected our diversity too much. Now that’s out the window and probably was never true. We have to come to a new understanding of how it is with him. People have just given up and gone away, and perhaps that would be preferable to you rather than trying to articulate why they might do that. I like kimak’s tweet and hope the message gets through.

  13. Really?!? David mention he want to start learn how to play golf so what now , I guess he doesn’t care about making new music for the fans?!?

  14. Fans are getting really mad at david not mentioned any music tweets lately. Why can david just admit that he is going to BYU now?!

  15. well I tweeted him and kari etc..

    kim ‏@kimak 30s
    @DavidArchie @kariontour @ginaorr are you giving up your music career for your faith? I would like to know for me it is all about the music.

  16. If I don’t hear music from david in June or July so on, I am done with david. I am not gonna sit and wait.

  17. sure I will get slack for it lol I usually do when I post like that but it seems folks want to know. I want to know.
    let you all know if anybody answers.. sometimes I get answers and sometimes I get ignored.
    did ask Kari back in Oct if David was still doing music and lol she took me out.

    • kimak – I appreciate your direct approach. If someone has a question, why not just ask the person rather than spend tons of time fretting about personal interpretations. May not get an answer but you’re guaranteed not to get an answer if you never ask lol.

    • Kimak Omg , kari didn’t need to be rude to u if u wanted to know if david was returning to music, that wasn’t right for her to do that to u. I am sorry this is happening to u. I guess David PR people isn’t nice than.

  18. I guess david going somewhere maybe in L.A. I hope it music related?

  19. Thisisafact,,,how can it be “music related” when YOU know for a fact he gave that up! You wouldnt fib to us…would you

    • Well candy maybe david is giving up music who knows but david is headed somewhere , it could be music or just visiting family and friends , well he is gonna to be BYU we all know that but david hasn’t mentioned music only but that one time with those two people since April and he didn’t talk about that part yet.

  20. I have no idea what David’s plans are, but in fairness to him, it would take time to write new music. I don’t expect anything until early next year if that.

  21. Some says that Maybe david is picking someone up at the airport and it is memorial day weekend?

  22. I’m starting to feel bad for David! I want new music as much as anyone else, but, I submit that we wouldn’t have heard ANYTHING about the song he’s completed or any of the writing sessions if he wasn’t intending to resume his career. He controls what we know of his plans.
    I was thinking that he doing something for this coming Christmas would be soon enough for me. He has a lot to work through & make decisions about.

  23. I have no clue what is going on, none of us do. I really hate saying this but I once stated he is playing with us and more and more I believe it. If he indeed reads tweets from fans he knows what is going on, the requests, doubts etc. By posting what he is posting, he is simply teasing and toying with fans. All the religious stuff and cryptic quotes are no accident. One or two messages from him that might be innocent on his part OK, but this is a string of things that I am believing is very deliberate.

  24. Concerning Imagine Dragons, I have noticed in their awards speeches, which they have been giving a lot of lately, they thank their families, supporters, fans & friends. I have listened carefully for any mention of God, faith, etc, but heard none. That does not mean the lead singer or others not religious, or still devout, just not making it public. So many artists appear to make that (IMO) generic, fake religious reference. Imagine Dragons does give a nod to toes who are still struggling, a noble gesture.

  25. When I first read that he might go to BYU , I was like oh crap he is def going! Because I know Mormons are very strict with education, most of them do go to college, that is true, go ask any Mormon people they will tell u straight to your face.

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