American Idol Finale and Renewal

So, it looks like American Idol is not going anywhere since it got renewed for another season.

But this season really felt quite lackluster.

Still, wouldn’t it be cool if David Archuleta made a “surprise” appearance at this week’s finale? Or should he keep his distance?

What say you, Soul Davidians? Take my latest poll! 🙂

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  1. David was one of the most beloved contestants on AI, ever. I think his appearance would be good for Idol as much as good for David. For David, it would indicate he is “back” from his mission and that he is coming back to the music scene…stay tuned. For idol, well a great singer would be nice. If they were going to have him on it would be better for them if they announced it. People who no longer watch idol but liked David might show up to help their ratings.

    I don’t think we will see him on Idol tonight, though.

  2. Heck yes, at this point I would take anything music related and exposure of him in a music setting outside of Utah.

  3. cq maybe he was on a job interview , there are other reasons to wear a suit

  4. Just saw over at MJ’s that the Idol final performance show last night was beaten by The Voice recap show. Wow. It was also beaten by the DWTS recap show in total viewers but not in the demo. The actual finale for both The Voice and DWTS started after Idol.
    Here’s the half hour breakdown for the timeslot:

    8:00 p.m.

    ABC – Dancing With the Stars: The Road to the Finals
    Viewers: 11.14 million (#1), A18-49: 1.6/ 6 (#3)

    CBS – Judge Judy in Primetime
    Viewers: 5.68 million (#4), A18-49: 0.9/ 3 (#4)

    NBC – The Voice Recap
    Viewers: 7.18 million (#2), A18-49: 1.7/ 6 (#1t)

    Fox – American Idol
    Viewers: 6.46 million (#3), A18-49: 1.7/ 6 (#1t)

    CW – Supernatural (R)
    Viewers: 1.18 million (#5), A18-49: 0.5/ 2 (#5)


    8:30 p.m.

    ABC – Dancing With the Stars: The Road to the Finals
    Viewers: 11.72 million (#1), A18-49: 1.7/ 6 (#2t)

    CBS – Judge Judy in Primetime
    Viewers: 5.64 million (#4), A18-49: 0.9/ 3 (#4)

    NBC – The Voice Recap
    Viewers: 7.64 million (#2), A18-49: 2.1/ 7 (#1)

    Fox – American Idol
    Viewers: 6.76 million (#3), A18-49: 1.7/ 6 (#2t)

    CW – Supernatural (R)
    Viewers: 1.22 million (#5), A18-49: 0.5/ 2 (#5)

    I expect the Idol finale tonight will have higher ratings since it’s where all the big names will perform but kind of amazed at the numbers from last night. Less than 7 million people watching the finals.
    To put that in perspective, during David’s season 27 million watched performance night and 31.6 million watched finale results night.

  5. HG, I was on vacation and unable to comment on your last post, which was thought provoking and IMO right on. Just because something CAN be done with technology doesn’t mean it should be. No way MJ’s incredible charisma could be reproduced with programming. And too much navel-gazing at our past. Time to live in the present and work towards a future! Yeah!

  6. Ali, I too love statistics and have read your analyses with interest. Have you seen the Facebook Fraud video? It really made me depressed about David’s great number of likes there, which is why I haven’t shared it before. Any fans who have Facebook accounts should make sure to like and comment on David’s posts there and share them. I doubt he’s trying to make money with Facebook but we also don’t want all those fake likes to prevent D’s real fans from seeing what he’s up to.

    • missbianca – yes very important viewing for anyone interested in how FB really works! i mentioned a bit about it previously with how they’ve changed their structure and people can’t actually see posts from those that they “like” unless they are active in liking their posts. talk about your catch-22! but the reality of how many fake accounts there are on FB is important keep in mind.

  7. So quiet. Like a lull before… another lull.

  8. lol- peter. So true. I voted Yes. 🙂 David needs all the promo he can get but it is not going to happen anyway. Hard to believe AI is still trying to promote Cook this season. I know it is because of Simon Fuller and it is so not working anyway. Ali thanks for posting the ratings from last night. Interesting. Anyone know who won the night last night in the ratings -DWTS or The Voice? It must have been close.

    • The Voice won in the demo rating (which is what the networks really care about) but DWTS had more overall viewers. More of those viewers were the wrong age though so the industry doesn’t care about them as much ;p

  9. Well at least he isn’t wearing ‘mission’ clothes, but still not music related. Private life stuff.

  10. The hair is starting to look really good. Maybe he is laying low until his hair on top is grown out. lol. The Hair Theory. 🙂

  11. I agree with kimak’s comment from the last thread that David is more of a personality now, rather than an artist. Kind of like a wholesome version of a Kardashian show, ha ha. I don’t get why my daughter follows the Kardashians and she doesn’t understand what I get out of following David, if not for his music.

    David went right away to visit ShayCarl, but maybe he did some soul searching and decided that he didn’t want to try to continue to be a personality, just to be an artist. Maybe he won’t ever do vlogs again. (OK that’s a depressing thought).

    If I were to decide that I only want to follow David the artist, maybe the mature thing to do would be to just check on his official site for new music and stop checking on the fan sites. Don’t think that’s going to happen though–I’ll probably stick around until something happens either way.

    • cc halo, I’m just sticking around to actually get something from him directly. Will I still do what I’m doing now if no music, or music/or only religious music from him, I don’t think so, but still holding on for a official word, wouldn’t give up until that happens, lol. Don’t know if the new David will ever let his fans know of his plans though, so we’ll see. The problem is that I might say something that will get me in trouble, lol.

  12. Good question soul newbie.

  13. hell0g0rge0us

    In many ways, it’s cool to think David has moved on from Idol, but I do think it’s odd that this is the season finale of the show and David has yet to tweet about it.

  14. I agree hg. I am watching the AI finale. Some entertaining performances.

  15. Lol well apparently David is too busy eating dinner with his sisters to tweet about Idol 😉

    • looks like very few people eating out besides the archuletas. i bet jeff was there taking the pic. 😉

  16. With jazzy tweet pic, David was not at idol finale than, I guess he doesn’t stay in touch with his idols friends anymore? Everyone thought that he would be there tonight. Maybe he just don’t care about American idol show anymore.

  17. I voted NO to David making an appearance on the AI finale or ever for that matter. What would he sing if he was invited to perform? Imagine…AGAIN? Or Crush…to remind everyone he’s a “one hit wonder” (so far)? Really?

    Anyway, I doubt David will ever be invited to perform on AI again, unless he becomes a Super-Star. Then “they” could “use” him as an example of the show’s power to create Super-Stars! And since it appears David has no interest in becoming a Star, much less a Super-Star, it’s unlikely we will ever see David on the show even if the show survives past the next season. IMO, of course.

    ps…very happy for Josh Kaufman.

  18. hell0g0rge0us

    With the exception of Phillip Phillip, no other former Idols appeared or performed. Not even last year’s Idol winner. What happened to Candace? If Idol cares about keeping their audience, they may find it’s better to bring back “Idol All Stars” the way So You Think You Can Dance does, to remind us of the talent they used to find. Well, everyone’s moved on, and based on the polls, everyone here wants David to put this show behind him (and obviously, based on tonight, he has).

    • I still feel that AI did give David the majority of his fan base and his record deal. I would never have known about David if he was not on AI. So there is good and bad with AI. It is a mixed bag. There were former Idols on earlier in the season- Daughtry, Adam Lambert, twangy Scotty and of course Simon Fuller’s favorite-Cook. I think Candace was on earlier this season to perform-not sure and there might have been other idol alum during the season. But you are right hg- P2 was the only Idol that performed on the finale and it is kind of strange that last year’s winner was not there (Candace did not ever get mentioned). Glad Caleb won and not surprised as the folks I work with all voted for him. I know that many do not like him but to me even with all his flaws and an inappropriate comment to the media he was the best entertainer. 🙂 Plus for some reason I did not like Jena. I think that being a white male rocker from the south helped him win.

    • Well technically, the majority wanted David to either appear or perform, so I don’t think the “No’s” actually have it. If he really has anything going, maybe he doesn’t need AI, but in the absence of anything else, I wouldn’t sneeze at an audience of 7 million.

      • cc halo -Exactly.

      • Gina Orr manages Casey Abrams now and she has pics posted of Casey at the AI finale and performing at an after party. I am quite sure that David could have gone to the finale if he wanted to. I think that he needs to get out in LA and get the promo but he does not care so why should the I or his other fans care? I would not want to manage David as if he does not make appearances ect. and gets paid then neither does his manager.

  19. I voted “no”; I’d prefer to see David move on. Re. Candace, I see that she received the Lee DeWyze treatment (ie, no performance and no passing of the torch to the next idol). Congrats to Caleb on his win but it was no surprise.

    Off topic, does anyone know whatever happened to beckyfod and jennyfod? Are they ok? Do they ever pop-in on FOD to say hello?

    • desertrat-I never go to FOD so I did not realize that they are no longer there. Interesting.

  20. Not sure about anyone else, but unless David’s been working on signing a contract with Food Network I don’t need a whole lot more food/restaurant related tweets and pics. Guess I’m grumpy tonight LOL

  21. People are saying on other sites that they cannot wait to hear david doing music and all I see it foods/pics tweets and others but not working on music?! I don’t see him doing any music at all???.

  22. Apparently David is continuing to write with Stephanie Mabie. I like the quirky lyrics of her songs so I am hopeful of this collaboration. Here’s the tweet from her Dad.

    • That good news in a way but they did only one song so far or that why her father was talking about from that pic in April with the guy too?

    • Shanny in Australia

      Nice tweet Grammy. Sounds like this music collab is for the ‘world’ and mustn’t be religious after all. Can we stop worrying now then? Lol

  23. Tonight on AI it was all about showcasing J Lo onstage and hardly the 10 finalists who should have had more numbers together to promote their 40 concert tour. It was a sham as far for the competitors. I remember when David and the other 9 performed numbers together showcasing themselves. Anyone following the season saw the judges perform quite enough each week or so.

    Then to make matters even more ridiculous, Ryan Seacrest sang terribly taking up even more of the Idols performing time’ and making me wonder ‘why, what was that?’

    The show has totally lost it’s credibility as Ryan Seacrest seems more out of sync with the whole Idol concept. A poor production in comparison to the earlier years.

    Even Randy Jackson performed with the judges making matters worse.
    Not much there for David to watch!


  24. There was a pic of david with the two people that he was working on music and he did say that I remember correctly that he said that he will talking about it and I don’t see him saying anything since than and that pic was taken in April?!?

  25. Watching Idol–Sam Woolfe is cute and talented, but he’s so shy and awkward, he makes David look like a sophisticated ladies man, ha.

    • cc, David was shy and more quiet 6 years ago on that same stage. He just got himself moving across the stage during his first tour. Sam is 18 and as we know with David, shyness can be worked on. I don’t compare David to anyone but until he is on stage again, I like to watch people sing.


  26. SandyBeaches

    Well cc, I was thinking that having 89.3 k followers on twitter for 5th place Sam Woolf compared to the winner Caleb having 44.0k is not too shabby at this point with a steady rise. The special guest (and someone he has a huge crush on) Ariana Grande, was brought on stage to meet Sam and the audience enjoyed their contact meeting. He has made handshake contact with the mosh pit during performances.

    Yes, not David for certain but still a performer who has had music all of his life, now given a start and loving it.

  27. I liked this performance of Jason Mraz and Alex. The band that played on this with Jason (Saving Jane) are good friends with Stephanie Mabey per tweets from Stephanie’s dad. Stephanie is writing with David.

  28. David’s latest tweet really brought me down,things seem to point in a direction that makes me think he really doesn’t know what he wants to do,very similar to when he was trying to decide about jive,management and his mission. He always tweeted similar thoughtful things then,too. I just get the feeling he is having a hard time getting back into the music scene,I’m sure it’s tough after being out of it for so long. Does anyone else feel the same ?

    • Yes I think there are many of us that feel the same because he hasn’t done anything publicly for his music career yet. He is hunkered down in Utah writing music. Nothing wrong with that but it is not what some of us expected.

    • Yes, I been feeling that for a long time, the mission didn’t help in that direction (not knowing what he wants and being kind of tortured by it) I guess when he said that he felt different, but still the same David, I really think he might of been talking only about his feelings about religion. Then he says he’s not afraid anymore to say what he wants, but again, I think it was only in regards to voice that side of him. Imo, what we have here is a David that is even more torn and confused as to what he wants than ever before.

    • Yes-I do think that is what is going on Shandra.

  29. Yes, I think he somewhat confuse & had a hard time getting back to music, I couldn’t blame him, he was away from the music industry for 2 years. Just give him a time & understand him more.

  30. Funny. I see the opposite of confusion. I thought last night’s tweet was quite clear. He wants to pilot his own ship. He wants us to know he is going to do things his way in order to honor his own life. He values himself and his own perspective and needs. Coming from a person who was sucked into the fame vortex as a teenager, this seems tremdndously healthy. I don’t think a David who is writing in order to please other people would be the same kind of artist as a David who writes to express himself, to make art. I follow David the artist. I’m interested in what he wants to create. I found last night’s tweet to be pretty wonderful.

    • Ditto on this comment.

    • I agree with Smanda who said it exactly right. I see more confidence than confusion. I like it.

    • Exactly!!! thank you!

    • Totally respect your perspective, but again, everyone sees things differently, doesn’t make things right or wrong.

    • But then again, I totally understand why all of you would feel that way.

    • Smanda, Imo, I never thought that David was sucked into the fame vortex, he was always himself and never let fame get to his head, that is the way I say him away. In fact he continually went against the grain.

      • I’m not talking about fame going to his head, I’m talking about fame getting to his heart, getting to his happiness. He had it, looks like he didn’t love it so he made other choices. I personally would rather he be happy than be miserable so that I can get in a concert now and then.
        I don’t think this is an issue of good fan/bad fan. It’s more like an issue of happy fan/unhappy fan. Some fans are in this “relationship” with David the same way some people are in other relationships, ” I love this guy but he will be so much better when he changes xyz.” You can think that way and be frustrated and unhappy. Or you can accept what is and be pleasantly surprised by and enjoy the actual person. I like David the way he is. I like watching him become who he will be. Life is long, he is young. There’s time. And it’s his life, not mine.

      • Smanda I’m very happy that you are so trilled with David right and that’s very admirable. One thing that David will always have is a number of fans that think exactly like you. Actually he could do anything and every fan will have different views, bound to happen.

    • ITA, I think he want to say it’s his life, he will do his own way, he will choose what will make him happy.

  31. ” hard getting back with the music sence and singing, he has been singing when he was chile for two years!!!! He should get used to singing when he got back home and I don’t think david want to sing nomore and I think he is prolly sick of it!!?? I think he just want do music make the fans happy and he force to do it , of him going to college , he know he will stop making music, he is doing that on purposed. my thought of it.

  32. I do see that,Smanda,but I do also see conflict.Seems that he is trying to work towards a decision. Not regarding music vs no music,just maybe how he is going to go about it. Makes me think he is being pulled in different directions and working through which way would be best. I just wish he would maybe say a little more,not through quotes. It would shut up annoying fans like me,haha!

    • Great point, if my perspective is wrong (and I truly hope I am wrong) if he is that strong confident person, why not let his fans see him instead of giving all those quotes.

      • He has said many times that he expresses himself best through music. Right now I guess there isn’t a song that says what he wants to say. So, he’s writing one. And he’s taking his time to make it perfect.

      • Ok smanda, that’s great, hope he has enough fans left that will by that song. Maybe that making a living out of his art is not at all important to him. I think that all serious singer/song writers feel that their craft is art, David is not unique in that thought. My question is has he decided to give up all the avenues that having a successful music career would be needed because he doesn’t want to be in the ‘vortex of fame’.

      • Giving quote is one way of expressing your feeling, many people doing that. To each his own.

  33. No fans is annoying , fans are just worry if david is still doing music or not, I think he keep changing his mind where to he want go from there. It all david, not the fans.

  34. Btw, I want David to choose whatever makes him happy as I would wish on any human being. My comments in no way am I saying he should choose something that isn’t what he wants or is settling because it will make people around him happy. As fans and wanting music that we like from him, yes, in order to make a living at a music career, he does have to put out music that fans like, I think that’s the bottom line.

    • But who can predict the future? No one. I tell my kids, “just do today the best way you know how. Follow your heart today.” I tell them that because life really is one day at a time and doing the days well makes life go well. I trust David on his own road. What he does each day is a step toward what he will be. There are no mistakes, just lessons. People who get him will find him, find his voice to be their’s too. It will work out.

      • Agree we cannot predict the future but living just for today, while a lovely sentiment, is not practical. I understand the point, in context of the whole post smanda. I guess I just don’t trust that people will find him and his music when he’s ready etc. It takes promotion if you want even a little bit of success in the real world.
        Of course as everyone here has said, we all want him to find his bliss and if that means moving on, fine. If it means music, very fine. Some of us are just wondering if he is intentionally throwing up smoke screens.

  35. Day to day doing your best totally works with promotion. You wake up one day and know in your bones that you’re ready to promote what has been percolating for however long. That day, your job is to begin promotion.

    That would be a heck of an elaborate smokescreen – involving other writers and Kari and repeatedly affirming that he is doing music. Not to mention the jaw dropping performances at Christmas.

    Sometimes it just feels like no matter what he does, its not enough. People fall into panic about fifteen minutes after he does something. Maybe after a vlog where he sings, it will take 30 minutes. But I doubt it.

    • I hope there isn’t any real panic out there. Has he really tweeted about the other writers much or has it been the other writers and their associates who have done the tweeting for the most part? Kari is not his manager it appreas she is more a friend to him and a lot of his fans. Gina, his manager, hasn’t said much at all. Christmas music was related to his mission.

      Truly not trying to be contrary, just trying to express why I have questions rather than the reassurance others get from what he has communicated so far. Bottom line, it’s all good though.

      • Idk, the fact that the other artists are tweeting is telling to me. He did tweet a picture of himself working. And etc etc. To be followed by fans begging for moremoremore.

        The Christmas music was mission related *but* he knew that we would all see those performances and have you ever seen him quite that fabulous? That was a new David. He knew we were watching. To me, that counts.

      • Smanda I do understand your frustration based on your comments. I think you would love for anyone that feels differently regarding what David is doing to just stop commenting anything that is different thinking than you. That probably won’t happen, but like anyone that posts here, you of course, having every right to voice your opinion.

      • Cq, people can say whatever they want. If I were delusional enough to think I could talk anyone out of their right to say the same thing over and over I would be the “thick” one (hahaha’s term). It just puzzles me. Do people think David is stupid? That he hasnt figured out that people want him to have a top notch team and hire top notch writers and sing a song-of-the week every Monday on a vlog where he details exactly what he wrote and exactly what he recorded and exactly when all this will be released? He is neither dumb nor unaware. He is just choosing to do things his way and has said that a lot. Its not that hard to figure out.

      • Smanda, I for one do not thing for one minute that David is dumb and by me saying some things, it’s always prompt by something that he said at this time and, imo. When he was gone, all II wrote was my thoughts about David and it had nothing to do with what he posted because of no communication. I’m fully aware that he knows his own mind and actually I know that whatever I say has absolutely no effect on him whatsoever. I’m only putting out opinions, that frankly sometimes seem to be repetitive but, at times I do say things just to keep the site active, It would be very sad is Hg would go through this trouble to keep this site open and no one bothered to ever comment. I have also said a lot of wonderful positive things about David and even though I do have very strong opinions, I never, ever said I was correct or that he in any way he should do what I want for him as far as career goes. I respect David and I’m waiting to see if he will return to his music career and yes, at times I’ll put comments that will bring a lot of contrary opinions, that is perfectly fine. That to me is what makes this site special.

      • I also really appreciate HQ for keeping this site going. I always find her thoughts interesting and I like the way she is able to weave different colors and textures into David world – different artists, different world events, different perspectives. The hand wringing just isn’t that fun.

        I’m not going to abandon the David ship if he doesn’t do exactly what I want him to do. I trust that I will get to hear him sing again. That’s all I want.

    • smanda,ITA.

      • I have a question about that Christmas music. I was so busy in fall and through the holidays I hardly had time to view comments about the videos. How did they get out? Was it a planned thing that fans would be able to see them all around the world? Or was it a fan who was stealth? I honestly don’t know but have been curious.

      • where is Bliss?

      • Soul Newbie, It was a live stream so anybody in the world could watch. Yes, it was planned.

      • Kimk, I was thinking the same thing about Bliss. This conversation would be something would be right up his alley, lol.

      • Even I have to ask where is bliss? lol.

  36. Hmmm. I’m trying to remember. I think they were first livestreamed then recorded and posted on youtube in an official way by Rebecca Lopez’s husband. Is that her name? Brain has gone numb.

    • It was livestreamed by the Mormon church in Santiago. There was a professional videographer.

      • It was on the Mormon channel and I watched it Live while it was happening. Later it was all put on you-tube too. It really was great to be able to watch a program put on in Chile on my iPad while I was sitting at home in Iowa. Would love for David to be involved in more Livestream concerts.

  37. Thank you all for the answers. I have wondered about that for a time now. Glad to know it was official and widely available. He was quite amazing.

    • We want to hear and see his amazing singing/performance skills again. I think that’s the biggest reason for the angst on the fan base right now. He is back but he is not performing yet. I know he will some day. just not yet.

  38. I think that it’s nice to know that there can be plenty of comments and lively conversation even without a divisive instigator.

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