Graduation Weekend

I’ve been busy since yesterday with all our graduation commencement activities at my university. Today is our final ceremony!

But, as usual, it’s been fun, so I’m dedicating this song to all the graduates out there. Congratulations! 🙂

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  1. Congratulations to any Archie graduates! Now we have David’s start to his college career to look forward to lol. We shall see if that comes to pass. I’m not worried one way or another. I know that David will always sing. I just hope he always has a public music career.

  2. I think the angst among David’s fans right now is David’s timetable for putting out music and doing appearances, concerts/touring. I’m not sure if David even knows. He is just like every other musician out there working on music to put out sometime. He might not be telling us because he doesn’t know yet.

  3. I think David did a fantastic job with this song. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us with his incredible talent. Congratulations to all you hard working graduates!

    • We discussed him a couple of days ago. Didn’t know he was a fan.

      • OMG. It was SIX YEARS ago.

        Anyone who is still here, for whatever reason, is a fan. End of discussion.

    • I never heard of Tyler Oakley before but he has over 2 million followers on twitter so he must be known for something. lol. ITA peter-I can’t believe that David’s season on AI was 6 years ago. Wow.

      • He is a “YouTuber.” They have millions of followers on Twitter, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

      • Correction: Twitter, YouTube, INSTAGRAM and Facebook.

      • Go to FOD comments for today and Mckenzie Harris has provided information about Tyler Oakley and his influence on you-tube. It’s interesting to me and David could use you-tube to gain more young fans especially. My question is will he and what is going to be his new way of doing things? So far he has not used videos at all since his meeting with Shay Carl, but seems to have embraced Instagram.

      • Oh-Very interesting. I noticed when I checked his twitter that he had pics with tons of well known music artists/celebrities. David should be in contact with Tyler regarding the use of the social media as obviously he knows who David is. David needs to get Vine too.

  4. I am bringing Mackenzie’s post from FOD here:
    Mckenzie Harris says:
    May 18, 2014 at 8:47 am
    Grammyj & Kimk,

    I agree David does not have the same personality as Shay. But the great thing about YouTube is that there is not a single way to be successful. In fact, the quirkier and more different you are, the better. Makes you cooler online. Like I’ve always said, there are few celebs quirkier than David

    By the way, I had never heard of Shay Carl before he tweeted David. Tyler Oakley I had heard of. Like I said yesterday, he is the most popular young YouTuber out there today. He has over 4.4 million YouTube subscribers. He is friends with similarly popular young YouTubers, many with 2 million+ subscribers. Those subscribers are young. Musical acts like Ed Sheeran and 1D court Tyler. The fact that Tyler would tweet about David is way, way, way, way, way, way more significant than a Shay Carl tweet. It has over 5000 favorites already and I’m guessing many of these are not existing David fans.

    To be clear, I’m not saying that David should become a YouTuber. I’m saying that he should use YouTube as a means to promote his music. That means not only posting music when it’s ready but establishing a YouTube personality through regular vlogging (on any topic really: social causes, daily life, cooking, hair, family), doing guest vlogs with other popular Youtube celebs and getting at least 1 million subscribers. This is all wholly within his control, unlike radio play, talkshow appearances and American Idol guest spots. This can all be time for little cost.

    When Sharon Osborne was on Howard Stern this week, she was asked how she would promote a young band today in an environment where CD sales are down dramatically, radio play is very tough to get and even big label promo budgets are shrinking. She said it’s all about the social media today. Social media, she said is where the promo is done. Unless you’re one of the handful of stars that a big label chooses to push, you need to use social media to succeed today.

    That takes me back to Tyler Oakley’s tweet about David yesterday. That was big! One of the biggest YouTube celebs name checked him – without prompting. Really hope David responds. Could be a good first step to a million subscribers.

    • Mckenzie is right. 🙂 I can’t believe that Gina Orr and Kari would not be on this too. But David is the one that has to follow through and contact Tyler.

    • Thank you Grammyj and Mckenzie, very interesting.

  5. Congratulations to all who will be venturing out into the working world, hoping a lot of options are waiting for you to start your careers of choice.

    peter: this says it all:

    Anyone who is still here, for whatever reason, is a fan. End of discussion.

    Potluck8 this is so simple yet right on:I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us with his incredible talent.

    Love this site, Hg and all the wonderful commenters!!! Optimist day, ha ha!!

  6. Btw, really like Begin and one I still listen to more often, but would of course love new music from David…a song/ album that hasn’t been done by him yet that will blow all of us alway into music heaven, lol.

  7. The comments on this blog are unreadable. As for the videos, I’m so glad you music buffs “discovered” Billy Joel.

  8. Anon, what do you mean the comments are unreadable?

    • (It’s a troll).

    • It means Anon is illiterate lol.

    • It means that us peasants and heathens can never live up to the expectations of the more sophisticated sections of David’s fanbase. But they keep coming back, time and again, perhaps for educational purposes.

      It’s like Keeping Up Appearances: they are Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet), and we are Daisy, Violet and Onslow.

  9. CC halo, Thanks, quite a few of them here lately!

  10. Do you read the comments on other sites and blogs like CNN ect? They are full of trolls commenting. I just wish folks would add to the conversation/comments by posting interesting videos and articles and links on music artists or whatever is of interest ( it sure does not have to be about David as he is not really doing much career wise now) instead being so Critical and really Boring. This new song by MJ and JT is my new ringtone(it might have been posted on a previous blog but I like it). I envy Kari’s job. 🙂

    • Oh no- somehow the wrong video got posted. That is strange. I can’t stand Demi Lovato. LOL. Let me try this again.

  11. Marie, I don’t go on many sites.

  12. This is an interesting article on AI and other reality talent shows not being as popular as they once were. I am glad that David was on AI when he was in 2008 as folks still remember him as other alum they don’t. I just hope that David can somehow still somehow capitalize on it for his music career. idk.

    • Interesting.

    • Thank you Marie, very interesting, I knew that AI was going down in viewer number, but was surprised that The Voice was also. There is an expiration date on even the best shows and singing shows, I guess, are no different.

    • I think that the singing competition shows have run their course for now. Like with anything, people get tired of the constant repetition. Idol ushered in a huge era for them but it’s so overdone now. This certainly wasn’t the first era and it won’t be the last. Give it 5 or 10 years after they all stop and it will be the BRAND NEW THING again lol albeit with a spiffy new title and format.

      • I’m glad David was on AI when it was still event T.V.

      • Me too! I think I’ve said here before that I didn’t actually watch David’s season while it was on but I do remember people talking about it at the time. Back when people actually talked about Idol. ha.

  13. I agree Grammyj. I don’t quite understand this quote from that article-“Producers of “The Voice” correctly note that their winners still have some time, but so far that show has spawned no stars to match Underwood or Kelly Clarkson or even Adam Lambert”- I like Adam but I don’t think he has accomplished that much. I guess compared to the voice winners and alum that might be true but that does not say much. lol.

    • I do agree with you Marie about Adam Lambert. I he right up there as far as great vocal talent, but didn’t grab me though. One thing that I’m glad is that being gay did not hurt him one bit, love that people are opened minded, all though I know that the entertainment industry has always been. Now David on the other side of the spectrum, ultra conservative and a devout follower of his religion (imo) might of not be as excepting by the general public. That might be a stumbling block for David to have a successful secular career. Of course, David shouldn’t change one bit to fit into anyone’s ideas, I’m just saying that in general most people are more opened minded and feel that the other end of the spectrum doesn’t fit with there views so maybe they won’t even bother to give a chance. David has so much talent and so much to give, I’m hoping he will find a way to break through and have people see him as just David without a label…conservative, devoutly religious.

      • cq-I actually think being gay helped Adam with his career in the long run as he has the support of the gay community in LA and the very liberal and open minded music industry which is a force to be reckoned with. Adam also was well connected in LA even before he went on AI. That helps. I hate to admit it but being conservative and devoutly religious does not help you much in today’s music industry unless I guess if you are a Christian music artist. But you are still very limited with that type of career. I don’t think it is necessarily fair but it is what it is. I am sure that David is well aware of that. He has to be.

  14. folks were wondering what people see in Scotty.. I live in Raleigh and the reason they like him is because he is a good ole boy just like them.
    I like Hunter Hayes too. he reminds me of a country David.

  15. Every time I see a picture of Demi Lavato I think it is Carrie Underwood.

  16. I don’t really care for her but Demi has done OK with her career so far. Of course Carrie has just had the massive success with her career. Huge.

  17. cotton candy

    i’m starting to think david was better off when his dad was managing him! just out of curiosity i would like to know what gina is doing for him right now. and as for YT, it does not really align with mormon values now does it?? 😦

    • What does YT have to do with Mormon values?? Video content is up to the creator. Shay Carl is a pretty big practicing Mormon and as we all are aware now he does well on YT lol. And the lady who posted the pic of her friend Alyssa with David made a point to say that wasn’t his gf, just that they ran into him as the restaurant and he agreed to a pic. That doesn’t mean he’s not dating someone else though 😉

  18. cotton candy

    david and alyssa make a beautiful couple! hope they will be very happy together! 😦

  19. cotton candy

    ali- why would david want to do YT stuff with tyler? i looked at his videos and i don’t think david or his church would approve.

    • Oh, were you talking about making videos with Tyler Oakley? I thought you were talking about YT as a whole. I have no idea if David would do something with Tyler. What would he even do with him?

  20. I do think what is tough for David is that he is not perceived as being cool or having cool music or relevant or current music with young folks-especially guys his own age. I don’t think that has anything to do with his religion to be honest. I mean Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons and The Killers are all LDS aren’t they and they are perceived as producing relevant and current music. Their being Mormon is not even mentioned that much with them. Also Phillip Phillips is not LDS but he is an AI alum and has not had this issue either. idk what the answer is for David.

    • Yes, you have a point Marie. Being that I don’t even know any of those LDS music groups and why are they labeled as LDS. My question would be do they bring their religion (hymns, saying that might be taken as preachy) and also point things that are from their beliefs on twitter, facebook, etc. If they do that really is good for David.
      I really don’t know music artist or group’s religion, but now when I read about the group you mentioned, I only think about religion.

  21. No they don’t. I don’t think anyway. Good point cq. Imagine Dragons just won an award on the Billboard Music Awards for best rock band and are now performing on the show.

    • They are so good and the video is great Marie, thank you. See from conversations from fans, lds and others, no way would anything that David was involved (video) would have a shirtless man and even a man with a tank top, so happy to see that isn’t the case, that it is ok for art and I’m not talking about the lds group being shirtless or in a tank.

      • lol, what a dope I am, the Crush video had a shirtless guy, hahaha!!! really what they were talking about was David himself, which of course, might be true. I would for David to be able to get the quality of people behind him to produce this kind of video and produce quality music.

  22. Shanny in Australia

    A few random thoughts from moi….

    1. I don’t come here cos I’m simply interested in this blog. I’m also not interested in the music videos of other artists or talking about TV shows. I come here for David related convo and that’s all. People can discuss those things if they want, I always just skip them but since there have been several requests for us to start talking more about TV shows and other artists recently, I guess I wanted to put my perspective out there: I hope this blog always remains primarily about David.

    2. I find it ironic that people are calling the entertainment industry ‘open minded’ because they will accept liberal lifestyles but not conservative lifestyles. Lol. Maybe they’re not so open minded after all.

    3. You know this good fan, bad fan thing seems somewhat childish to me. Feels kinda whiney to me when people pull that one out of the bag. Sheesh, people butcher each other in all kinds of ways here, why pull out that weak complaint? Lol. Besides, truth of the matter is that sometimes people DO behave badly online. Lol. Does that mean they’re a ‘bad fan’? Not necessarily but let’s not pretend that all behaviours are desirable. Lol.

    Thanks for letting me get those things off my chest. Lol

    • Shanny, I totally agree with you about hoping this blog remains primarily about David. I know we don’t agree in many things, but one thing we do agree on is David’s talent.
      As far as your second point goes, I think it kind goes both ways, I don’t find very conservative religions people excepting the liberal lifestyles, it just seems that people have shifted to the more liberal side now, so there’s the unbalance, if the majority of people were conservative, I’m sure that thing would shift. Yes, in a perfect world we would love one another equally.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cq, I guess what I’m saying about the open minded thing is that it’s an incorrect description if the industry is only accepting of one type of person. I’m not necessarily saying conservative people are open minded to all lifestyles and ideas. To be honest, I think very few people are truly open minded. Most people have ideas about what is good, better and best. Lol

      • Shanny in Australia

        And loving each other doesn’t really have much to do with it. People can disagree and still love each other. I disagree with my husband regularly lol but we still love each other. 🙂

      • You know your right, I for one might not be opened minded as I think I am. I truly believe everyone has the right to live their life the way they feel fit, but if anyone that says my lifestyle is sinful and wrong, I guess I am closed minded regarding their beliefs.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Lol. Yes. And really I’m not so sure that to be 100% open minded, in the way it is often used is even a good thing. If it means you have no opinions about what is good and right, kind of means you are at risk of being thoughtless, without discernment or standards and wishy washy, I would think. I think to be open minded in a healthy way means you are willing to at least step back and listen to other perspectives before you decide what is the best idea. Using that description of open mindedness, then i think there are a lot of open minded people around, both conservative and liberal.

      • Thanks Shanny for saying saying what I have tried to say in the past but not as well as you did. If a person is only accepting of a liberal point of view but not a conservative one that is NOT being open minded. And really who is totally open minded and should we be? I do like the part where you said that it’s good if you can look at both sides and then make up your mind.

      • Shanny might be a better way of looking at things, I do try to step back and look at things that I don’t agree with what I think is an open mind. Heck, I was part of a religion that I truly didn’t believe everything it preached, so I stepped away because I didn’t feel right by staying, I don’t believe on some things they stand for or any organize religion for that matter, but all the people that still believe full hearted that all the teachings are correct, whatever their religion, it’s their choice, I can respect their choice, so I guess still closed minded by your description.

    • Btw, Shanny, I never said that all this conservative/liberal stuff was fair.

  23. Shanny in Australia

    Thanks Grammyj. 🙂
    Cq, if you feel you have thought about the matter and been willing to look at the situation from another’s perspective before coming to your conclusion, then who can fault that! I don’t think that’s closed minded.

    • Thank you Shanny, that is very nice of you to say. I always respect and enjoy reading your point of view, even if we do see things differently, lol.

  24. Shanny in Australia

    Lol. That we do. Lol
    Thank you also. I appreciate how you seem to be willing to look at yourself and consider other’s perspectives. That takes humility and maturity. 🙂

  25. I missed the Billboard awards and now I’m watching the clips. As much as I like MJ the performer, I have mixed feelings about new music from him, the Timberlake video and the hologram. I sort of feel MJ’s legacy is being exploited.

  26. desertrat- I watched the billboard awards show and had mixed feelings about the MJ hologram performance. I did not really like it. It was kind of creepy and did not work for me. JT was the big winner last night. However- I do really like the JT and MJ collaboration and video for the new song Love Never Felt So Good. That works. I also liked Usher’s tribute to Michael at the iHeart music awards. There are just too many music awards. lol. The one that is the best is the Grammy’s. Watching all the finale’s that are on this week-The Voice, AI, and DWTS. 🙂

  27. Nice little twitter party from Kari overnight. No idea what plans are for David but maybe something?

    claudia cb ‏@claudiacb 5h
    @kariontour Looks like you’re having an amazing experience. Happy for you! Still waiting for @DavidArchie. #patience

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 4h
    @claudiacb it will not be too long!!


  28. I commented late last night on the wrong thread. so bringing it over…

    D is a unique and pretty amazing person. He has shown he cares about the fans by keeping in touch. He has been selfless with his life and his money. (if you only knew) He is working on music for an album. He is working very hard and trying to do everything the best he knows how to. I couldn’t ask any more of him except…man, I would really, really, really, like a vlog. lol

    I am pretty excited about Kari’s tweet! Hmmm

  29. Hi Dfan,
    How do you know he is working on an album? Do you know him or someone he’s working with? I do agree he is amazing. If you can respond, thanks

  30. That information was from Gina Orr.

    • Wow must of missed that information from Gina. Well that’s great that he’s selfless and is working very hard, all great qualities, but sorry he needs fans in order to buy that album. Sure he has still some hanging and waiting, patiently or impatiently. When he feels the album (imo, he should work on, but needs to at least release something to his fans before that is completed) is ready, will he have enough fans that are going to buy that he could make a profit. A music career is a business that is about trying to sell a product which is your talent, so as hard as it sounds, he has to sell to lots of fans and it does take selling yourself, imo.

      • I agree, CQ. Working on an album is great but he needs to be in the public eye now. I think he should do some smallish venue acoustic (or not big entourage) “mini-tour” to get back in the groove and to let the non-ODD-public know he is back. Just sing some of the amazing songs from the cd’s that he released when he was gone and, of course, “Broken”.

  31. cq and collegemom I think there will be something before long. Too bad money has to be an issue. In the meantime….let’s start with a VLOG PLEASE David.

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