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  1. All I can say HALLELUJAH!!!!, lol. LET’S DO THIS, love it!!!

  2. cotton candy

    “Let’s do this” is my favorite part too!!! 🙂 thankyou david! 🙂

  3. Let’s do this. I think it means he’s getting married (kidding, kidding)

    • HAHA!! soul newbie, isn’t it great that we got something that we can get excited about, happy dance!!

  4. Two things that I didn’t think of David ,wasn’t inpatient and slow at doing things, actually just the opposite, lol. Then again that might be him evaluating himself and as a rule people in general tend to be hardest on themselves.
    Ok David, excited to hear those songs, hehe!! let’s do this!

  5. Shanny in Australia

    Love, love the tweets.
    Hmmm….he’s ‘trying things a different way this round’? Would love more deets on that comment Mr D. 🙂

  6. In other news, Brad Rutter just won a million on Jeopardy tournament of champion, Ken Jenning came in second. Great tournament!

  7. OT, but on the discussion of LOL’s and Ha Ha’s from the last thread, I just wanted to note that in a twitter cloud of David’s most used words, #1 was Ha Ha and #3 was LOL.

  8. CChalo, you say, “OT, but on the discussion of LOL’s and Ha Ha’s from the last thread, I just wanted to note that in a twitter cloud of David’s most used words, #1 was Ha Ha and #3 was LOL.”

    Yes, but the difference is that when David uses those words, he does in a spirit of good humor and lightness. When they’re used here to “second” a sarcastic, mocking post , it’s done with an intent to insult and dismiss. It’s not about the words, it’s about who’s using them and why they’re being used.

    See the difference?

    • blis ita

      • Oops Rooster, didn’t you know Bliss doesn’t approve of ITAs? Of course, he undoubtedly has a different standard when they are in response to one of his comments.

    • You are completely wrong. ITA’s and LOL’s are used here when the comment is something we strongly agree with, or actually, really, laugh out loud at. If it happens to disagree with a point that you have made, that’s unfortunate, but not the intent.

      • CCHalo, enough with the shameless denial, already. Didn’t you learn anything from Shanny’s level headed, sincere posts from yesterday and today?

  9. Bliss, why why why must you always find something to criticize about innocent comments. Why? This is a happy thread so why be a downer? You seem to thrive on creating drama. Can’t you just go with the flow and join in the excitement & joy of the fans here instead of finding fault….again?

    • Ya Ya, what you call “innocent comments” are really not innocent at all. In this case, an attempt was made to discredit a post of mine from the previous thread by creating another “false equivalent” by saying that David uses words on twitter that posters use here, so it must be fine to use them. I was merely explaining how context matters. If you notice, the predictable reaction followed from the predictable people.

      The “drama” you object to was created by someone other than me. You need to scold that person, not me.

      • You are wrong Bliss, but then you know that don’t you? You’re need to be the drama queen wins out once again.

  10. I have a hunch that David is starting to getting that itchy feeling to get back up on stage and amaze us fans, yay baby, lol.

  11. LOL…ITA…HaHa!

  12. Hit and Run, why would I post something that, as you say, “you know is wrong”? My question to you is “Why did you ask such a silly question”?

    As for being the “drama queen” of this site, I believe your application is pending.

    • Um, it was a rhetoric question to which I really didn’t expect or require an answer. And I don’t really comment enough here to win the title of “drama queen” but, thanks for nominating me.

    • lol ha ha ITA,drama queen ,the nasty one hahaha lol it

  13. Bliss you said: Didn’t you learn anything from Shanny’s level headed, sincere posts from yesterday and today? Yes I’m very glad she came and gave her view and I truly respect her for that, but I TRULY respect cchalo also and all the other fans here the same way. Everyone deserves respect not just the chosen few.

    • Can I just say I love this movie, lol. I get why you posted it though.

    • Ali-Good one. lol. 🙂 It is the same conversation “over and over” again at times here just like that movie and that is why I actually “ITA” so much. Why repeat what someone just commented if you just agree with it anyway. That and I work and don’t always have the time to comment. If David would be actually making and producing music or touring or making appearances than I do not think the same conversation over and over again would happen so often. David should show up for the AI finale. That is called doing “promotion” and even if he does not have music ready to release- he still needs to promote his music career. It is just on David not the fans at this point. How much more clear could that be? It does not matter what anyone comments here at SD as it is up to David if he wants a music career.

  14. Thank goodness my close family members now know that their homes are safe after being evacuated from the terrible San Diego wildfires of the last few days. It’s been tiring for me too, so I’m off to bed. Good night 🙂

  15. I wonder if David will go to the Idol finale next week? I’ve been pretty blah about the show this season but it would be nice to get some fun reunion pics if David does go. I’m under no illusion that he would be performing lol just think it would be fun for him to have a chance to catch back up with some of his friends there.

    • Yes Ali, it would be awesome for him to go. Imo, he needs to start venturing out and let people (of course us diehards and most of Utah know he’s back) know that he is still around. Mingling and making connections is after all part of the job and big events is a good place for that, I think anyway, don’t really know though.

      • Idol finale isn’t near as big an industry deal now as it used to be but yeah I think it would still be good for him to go — mostly because I think it would be fun to hear about it and see pics ;p

        He’s been to the finale every year since his season (other than the 2 when he was on the mission, obviously) but he hasn’t talked about Idol at all since he got back so idk what to expect.

      • Yes, Ali your right, it’s seen it’s better days, I guess, don’t watch. I think it would be good for him to venture out of Utah ( no disrespect to Utah and I know there is plenty of music there) and start reconnecting with people from the industry in California and Nashville, imo though.
        Spread your wings David and fly, lol.

      • I’m not expecting David to go to the Idol finale. He has been silent about AI, and seems to be staying in Utah except when he went to talk to Shay Carl. Nothing came from that meeting as he hasn’t done one video since he met with Shay – big sigh. I thinking we might have a very long wait until we get music from David if his new way is writing his own music in Utah for an entire album. I hope I am wrong. Nothing wrong with writing music in Utah it’s just that it can take a long time to write enough quality songs for an album. I’m hoping he will instead do a single or EP soon.

      • Grammyj, I’m with you about getting an EP out soon. I would say that would be a better step to take in order to reboot his career. Get music out to your fans. I know that a lot of fans want him to take his time to make sure he has quality music because that is the only way it will happen. Somehow I don’t think that Crush took a huge amount of time to be created and it was his only hit ,a perfect song for David at that age and of course coming off of AI popularity didn’t hurt, lol. For me anyway, my least favorite album TOSOD,he took the longest to create, of course, imo. One thing for sure, the ride is going to be, at time still frustrating, sometimes disappointing, exciting and always interesting.

  16. So just wondering…is there going to be bitching about the same damn things over and over on this site every day? EVERY DAY?!

    • groundhog day! (Tks Ali, lol, ha). Ps your stats the other day were very interesting.

    • Hope not as it is getting tiring. We know what everyone is going to say. I’m hoping for new music from David to talk about instead. Doesn’t seem to be likely though as he just seems to be writing which could go on and on.

    • peter-just read online that Aloe and Pharrell are touring with Bruno Mars on the North Atlantic Tour this year. I want tickets but he is not coming that close to were I live. 😦

  17. Like that video peter. 🙂

  18. Hi All – I’m not on Twitter, but I was wondering if people are sending David songs that he missed while away to catch him up on what their favorite material. I would send this one: http://youtu.be/9tXzlVjU1xs. It was written for the Newtown Kindness project and ended up being featured on the Sochi Olympics coverage and NCIS. Enjoy!

  19. I like that song. 🙂

  20. Real good song swissmountaineer and one that David would probably like too.

    Speaking of David, (because I rarely say anything about him, ha ha). Just love the tweeting party and especially love the last tweet he posted. What I took from that was that he has every intention of continuing with his music career(although I sure other will think differently) so happy! Now as far as what he has planned, those tweets also gave me a feeling (speculation) that he is having a hard time getting anything together. The longer time goes by the more I think David is trying to do this on his own, either because of personal choice or he just can’t get a team together. I really feel sorry for David if he is trying or having to do this along. I know that Gina, I guess, is still his manager and Kari still seems to be on his corner (but now with JT), but if Gina was active with David’s career shouldn’t she be having meetings with him? Ok, maybe he has a team and has had meetings with Gina, but just not known, I guess it could happen. It’s just that it seems like ninja fans would pick up on those kind of things, lol.

  21. Maybe his tweet about doing things different is that he wants to try to go it alone and wants it kept quiet. Before he had lots of hands in his career and lots of leaks about what he was up to. Also get the feeling he wants to take his time now as prior he rushed so much product out to the market. Those last projects prior to leaving were very rushed and frankly sounded like it.

    • Yes, soul newbie, I get your point, the last two projects were rushed and of course given the time, yes, I understand what you mean, however, I still like Forevermore and Begin better than TOSOD, of course personal taste. I really don’t count the last two albums as really as part of his building of his career, but more to give his fans something to hold on to while he was away. The question is can he afford to go another couple of years without income. I guess he could get a job to pay bills while he creates, plenty do. I just feel sad that it might come down to that.

    • I think you might be right soul newbie. That’s what I got out of his tweet yesterday too. He’s an artist and will always be working on writing music. The question is when will he have a song, EP, or album to release? Unfortunately for David we are use to him releasing music quickly, and many of us ODD fans love his vlogs. There is a lot of disappointment in his fanbase that we haven’t had a long, newsy vlog from him and no singing from him other than the songs on “Called to Serve”. We want to hear him talk or sing. Don’t know when we will. There are no appearances on his schedule yet, no music about to be released that we know of, no vlog. Yes, the new David is slower than the one that left.

      I’m pretty sure that David is still being managed by Gina. She was with him when he met with Shay Carl. She was recently in Utah with Crystal Bowersox and probably met with David then. Also, they probably have discussions via phone, email, text, etc. He doesn’t have to meet with her face to face.
      Sure wish she would advise him to do a vlog. I miss them.

      • Even very short videos on instagram posted on twitter like this one Bruno Mars posted would work.

        THIS THO #BrunoMars #Philsmeeze #DarkHorse #KatyPerry #Hilarious

        A post shared by VioletMars~93 (@violetmars93) on

      • Marie, loved that instagram from Bruno (love him btw), yes, something like that from David, fun, lighthearted, music related would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw, I too listen to a lot of other singers and I do believe that even though some here (me included) seem like David is the only artist in their lives, I really truly believe that’s not the case. For me anyway, this is a hobby to follow an up and coming artist and it happen to be David, of course I do love his voice, lol. As far as following (commenting on sites, buying whatever they put out just because I want to support their career. even if I’m not completely in love with the music) all the other artist that I like, that would be a no, lol. David has been the first and the last, lol.

  22. David needs to make a financial investment in his career or get others to via signing with a music label. I just am not sure he is doing that at this point or will in the future even or even what his option are now. Gina and Kari are busy working for other music artists and I do not blame them. It looks to me as though there is no plan in place for his career at all. I think that David just might be going to BYU in the fall if things don’t change in regards to him music career. Maybe that is what David wants but he should say it at this point. I agree with Grammyj about no new music for a long time unless he releases an EP or single. No need to stress about it as it is David’s career and his choice. That is exactly why I follow other music artists. 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure he has no offers from a major label now or duets with major label artists. He said before he left that he wanted to get music ready and then shop it to labels. That will take time. Yes, I think it’s best to realize that we could be in for a very long wait and then be happy if something pops up sooner. Really it could be in David’s best interest to take classes while he’s getting his songs written. I’m almost expecting him to do that along with dating to find his “my kind of perfect”. I think he is going to be based in Utah.

  23. soul newbie-I agree with you that David seems to want to take his time releasing new music. I think that he should as you are right-those last projects were rushed and sounded it.

    • I actually loved BEGIN. He could keep doing his take on covers and I’d be happy, but looks like he wants to do originals. We shall see eventually what his new sound is.

  24. Do u all think that david is doing some kind of Music soon not happening because david prolly getting a lot of tweets from fans about him doing music I think he is just doing so fans would be stop tweeting him about it and yes david is def going to BYU this fall! I think it he gonna turned around and say that he isn’t doing music close to college when he goes.i want to believe that david is doing music, I need to see it to believe it first than but the college rumor got me over the top.

    • Alright. Just gonna say this because I am sick and tired of you. I know David and I know that he isn’t going to college and he does not have a girlfriend. Idk who you are thinking you know everything but you better just shut your pie hole with all these rumors you think you know the answers to. Quit embarrassing yourself!

  25. You know AI’s Scotty McCreery goes to college full-time at North Carolina and is still signed to his major music label (Interscope-Nashville),releases new music, and tours. I am not a Scotty fan at all (prefer county artist Hunter Hayes more) but he is able to manage it. David is more vocally talented than Scotty ever was. I just do not get it. I still think that David needs some sort of music label. I get his options are limited but still.

    • Scotty McCreery’s popularity is one of the great mysteries of life.

      • I agree. I even like country music, but can’t figure out Scotty’s popularity.

        David may go to school but can still do music. Maybe we would even hear more music from him if he went to college. We sure aren’t hearing any now so it really doesn’t matter.

      • LOL. peter- it sure is.

      • Haha! Like Marie, I really like Hunter Hayes. In many ways he reminds me of David. Very talented, plays multiple instruments, good guy image, positive outlook, started young and appreciates his fans. His voice is not as pure as David’s, but when he performs he is 110% all in. He seems to have a good balance of message songs, love songs and upbeat fun songs.

  26. Does anybody know if Scotty is still under the 3 year contract he got when he won American Idol ? That could explain why he continues to be so busy.

  27. Not sure about that. He won in 2011. I was a Casey Abrams fan that year who is now managed by Gina Orr. 🙂

    • Marie, that means he is probably at the end of his contract . Lets see if he continues at the same pace next year.

      • Olive oil based on the past history of AI winners and alum I think that you could very well be right. lol. Already he is not as popular or selling as many records anymore.

  28. Does Gina Orr actually manage anyone whose career is not on a path to nowhere?

  29. Interesting conversation. Here’s the thing with David that is so different than other artists that have long runs before they put out music again as far as being able to come back without any problem. Artist that have a solid career (several hits, album) are still being continuously played in varied radio station etc, they have there connections intact, when they are ready to release again, they have a team to support that release. So, here’s the thing if indeed David was to take his time, maybe another four years to write, could he at the end have a product that fans will be so ready to buy (album), I’m sure there will still be some that keep him on their radar, but realistically, not that many.
    Will I be around to follow David the person, no, I will only follow if David will be active with his music career.

    • Another thing, if David has no plans to release music or have at least some appearance this year, he needs to let his fans know. The longer he take to not directly communicate with his fans, the more I will start to loose respect for his actions.

    • You are right, CQ, David only had one hit and was never a big star that can have a career based on past hits. I too don’t think he has the luxury of waiting another couple years to release an album. Obviously he can do that but IMHO it would be advantageous for him to release something soon. It certainly doesn’t have to be entire album. If I were Gina Orr I would have David do a vlog immediately. Fans have been begging for one. Everyday there are comments from fans requesting one. It would be so easy for him to do and would make his fans happy. Another thing she should do is get a concert set up in Utah somewhere and call it David’s homecoming, Begin Again concert. He doesn’t need any new songs. He has lots of songs to pick from on all his albums already released. He certainly has enough fans in Utah and that would fly in to see him for a concert. Again the ODD fans would go wild with excitement. I’m beginning to think we might want MIC back. At least he got David to do something for his music career. Of course there may be plans in motion already that we don’t know about, but right now there is nothing but “pie in the sky” someday if we are patient. Obviously I’m not very patient. To me David has this window of time when the fans were really excited that he was back and so far he is doing nothing with it, and some fans are disappointed.

  30. I know David talked about taking his time but I sincerely doubt that meant he will spend 4 years working on it before he puts anything new out. My feeling is that he was responding more to the feeling of urgency that the fans have “right now” and I’m sure he feels some of that too. To me, it was more of a, hey I don’t have music to put out right this minute but I want you to know that I’m working on it and I’m as anxious as you to have something to put out.

    Of course, that’s just my interpretation.

  31. Also, it sure doesn’t take us long to go from excited to worried. LOLOLOL.

    • For me anyway Ali, it’s not worry, heck I have plenty of thinks to worry about, the last thing would be David’s music career, it’s up to him. When I comment and it might not should sound like unicorns and rainbows, it’s completely out of frustration and even then not that important, lol

    • True, his tweet yesterday made many fans excited, but obviously it worried me. I guess I know how long it can take to get songs written. If he’s going to wait until then to resume his public singing career we can be in for a very long wait. After he left Jive he kept saying he was working on music. We have heard exactly one song from that time period, Broken, and that is it.

    • I think the “excitement to worried” happens when we start to think honestly about where David is right now career-wise, which if we are honest is sadly going very slowly to where? Who really knows. This from the little we have gotten straight from him. His tweets are hints, nothing more.

      What I thought would happen when David returned was not this. I thought he would take some time to decompress and have some time with family & friends for a few weeks. I thought there would be a plan in place for an appearance in SLC, a kind of Welcome Home Event with fans who would be able to be there and in turn David performing some of the songs from BEGIN & Forevermore with live streaming & videos so fans who could not be there could also celebrate. I thought David would be as anxious to get back on stage as we are. We have seen photos of him singing but have not heard him sing a note since Christmas in Chile. I wonder why that is?

  32. oops should shouldn’t be there, hahaha!!!

  33. I understand the point everyone is getting to here but the fact is none of us know what plans are for David or what opportunities are. It’s easy to be “realistic” and look at negative aspects but that doesn’t invalidate positives. I know the company line here is to kill any rainbows or unicorns lol but I am a positive person by nature so I’m always gonna look at what could happen good before I spend lots of time dwelling on bad. I guess my grandma telling me “can’t never could do nothing” made a bigger impact on my childhood than I thought 😉

    I don’t know what will happen but I think the talk about writing songs and Lets do this from yesterday is a good sign. Maybe I should change my screen name to Pollyanna?? ha

    • Ali don’t ever change, it’s always better to look at thing in a positive way. Hard to believe but for the most part I am a very positive person, but the way things are going for David’s career, let’s just say it isn’t pretty, lol. so being positive all the time is not going to happen with me regarding his music career, lol.

    • Thanks for your positivity, Ali. I am certainly a negative Nelly today. Maybe I should change my name to that. I am actually very hopeful that there are things that will be popping up soon. Even a picture of David doing some random thing makes me smile. Until we have music I will be “David the personality” follower like Kimak. I do like his random tweets and pictures even if he doesn’t sing.

    • ali ITA

  34. I’m with Grammyj and Ya Ya on the BEGIN Again/Welcome Home concert, but just like my son, age 24, David doesn’t take my career advice, sadly. 😉 Maybe we will see something at Christmas.

    Ali, I think the rainbows and unicorns have been used here as a divisive measure of fan worthiness for a while (not by you), so there might be some push-back, but there’s nothing wrong with encouraging positivity (why is it telling me that word’s misspelled?). I have a different view of David now–more like a real “kid” working out his future–and less like a powerhouse, rock-star Idol, so I don’t think tempering expectations is necessarily an exercise in negativity.

  35. cotton candy

    this is what i’m thinking david’s plan are~ put out a new song and/or album, find a girlfriend and get married. that’s all 🙂 not necessarily in that order. and a few college music classes here and there just for fun.

  36. Shanny in Australia

    I love the idea of a Utah concert! And I have to admit I’m beginning to feel disappointed that he hasn’t done a vlog yet. But I will wait. He must have his reasons. I always said I wanted him to do things his way and not feel pressured into people pleasing, so now I have to live with what I hoped for. Lol

  37. I’m not in the least worried about David’s career or what happens with it or doesn’t happen with it because I don’t really care anymore. So, David is writing songs for an album. At the rate David writes songs, he’ll have 5 kids before he ever gets enough songs written for an album. I’ll be 71 in a few months. There’s a very good possibility I won’t be around to hear a new album, if and when he ever releases one. And I never followed David because I cared about his personal life. I don’t now and I never have. I don’t care a thing about his random tweets. He’s a good person and I always respected that. He has a voice that I love but I can only listen to his old music so many times without saying, enough is enough. And it doesn’t appear that he is ever going to do another vlog, whether just a talking one or a singing one so I may never hear him sing another new song. So, why would I care anymore? Bliss is going to have a field day with this one, but let him. These are my true feelings and I’m not into fooling myself or trying to fool others with things that aren’t true. Not trying to be negative, just stating it as I see it.

  38. rae very cool. I really like Hunter. This is just the type of humanitarian/charity work that I wish David could do.

  39. HitandRun , I’m a little confused by your indifference. You appear to follow David’s career quite closely and post on his fan sites, but don’t really care about him as a person. It just seems odd . But then again, I’m speaking as someone suffering from a 7 year case of ODD. 🙂

    • Past tense. Have followed his career quite closely. He no longer has a career to follow. Now, you might say I’m a fan of this website or maybe the conversations I find here. They are much more entertaining right now than following a non-existent career.

  40. I will still hang on, but I’m getting a feeling that David doesn’t give a dang about his fans. He is so confusing to me.

  41. I think David does cares about his fans but I think he is scared and worries tell the fans that he don’t want to sing anymore just want go to college and he thinks his fans will hate him, (only if he does go to college this fall), that my feeling on david in his mind his right now. He could do both, I think he will cares about college more than making music. Oh that question person, u don’t need to be nasty to me, I read your comment.

  42. Sometimes I post in here just to let anyone who reads here know that some of us don’t enjoy and participate in negativity. Just because we do not know what he’s doing, it does not mean that he’s doing nothing, He has stayed in touch with fans since he came back, he has shared a lot of what he has done. Like Ali, I am a positive person and for whatever reason, I feel no need to tell him what to do and when. I am going to be here when he decides to talk to us, if he does, and when he performs, and when he makes music for us to buy.

    I know I have posted this before, but being repetitive doesn’t stop anyone else from posting, so I am not going to let it stop me.


    • Thanks, Mulder, we need your positivity. At the end off the day we all want the same thing – some music from David.

    • Never, never stop posting Muldur. Really in order for these wonderful people like Hg to feel that having a site at all, is so that fans will post, discuss, yes, even not agree with the way things are going with David’s career, but we are all David fans, even when sometime we might express negative feelings. Btw, no one has told David what to do, it’s are own wishes for him, has nothing to do with what he wants.
      Yes, keep posting your positive feelings all the time, David needs active fans.

    • To each his own.

    • Gee, if only we could all be the perfect fan.

      • Being positive doesn’t make a fan perfect. Being negative doesn’t either. None of us are and my comments were not meant to imply that.

  43. There is proven proof that david is going to BYU college this fall by students who going there and they wouldn’t lie about that, they should have kept it private but I am sure david wasn’t happy at all with that situation because it was seen on twitters, maybe he wanted to tell the fans first, well that is little too late for that.

    • Proven proof? Lol! Omg you sound so stupid!

    • Do you even understand what you are saying? When you indicate the word “proven” you need to provide prove because it has been proven according to you, so if you don’t have your prove to present then stop making things up otherwise I call it gossip. Another thing that I have noticed is the level of certainty in your statements which is really high sometimes, I’m wondering who you are. You even managed to recognize the pizza picture that wasn’t taken in his house, then you corrected that it might have been, but after all you are looking for attention, that’s all.

      • Well okay sam, No I am not trying to get attention. Again it is proof that he is going to college because the students who go there said he was going BYU too, I believe they were telling the truth and david was seen there a lot walking around the campus as well. I don’t know where he was at when he made the pizza at, I was just giving my opinion where he could be that all.

    • ‘Proof’ is something that has facts and evidence. You’re purely speculating and you sound dumb. You can’t claim things to be fact if there is no evidence, genius.

  44. I look at it like a sitcom or reality show. There are many different personalities here–the sunny upbeat ones, the nerds, the exasperated realists, the comic relief. It wouldn’t be interesting at all, if there was only one type.

  45. why pay for the cow when you get it for free.. vlog.

    • Think that’s maybe his new philosophy? Could be.

      • Could be that David is working on a vlog to be released on Monday followed by an announcement for his Homecoming Begin Again concert, and a single coming out on iTunes on Tuesday! In my dreams….

  46. I usually look around all of the fan sites, and every one has people pretty much on the same page that I can tell–even the more orthodox sites. Lots of wondering and even anxiety. I lol’d at one plaintive comment that we should’ve tied him up and not let him go away. Nothing wrong with an upbeat pep talk, as long as you don’t use it bash others with.

  47. D is a unique and pretty amazing person. He has shown he cares about the fans by keeping in touch. He has been selfless with his life and his money. (if you only knew) He is working on music for an album. He is working very hard and trying to do everything the best he knows how to. I couldn’t ask any more of him except…man, I would really, really, really, like a vlog. lol

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