Are Vlogs Still Popular?

Just wondering since Twitter and Instagram are the go to ways of pop artists keeping in touch with their fans.

Still, here’s a mashup of David’s vlogs over time! 🙂

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  1. OK then! 😀

    I just now got the chance to see last night’s The Voice on my DVR and I gotta say if Josh does not win it all, it will be like watching AI7 all over again. Josh is outstanding but I knew it from the git-go when he performed George Michael’s One More Try for his blind audition. Like David. he makes the covers he sings better than the original versions. Yes, even All Of Me! (I have wondered what David could do with All Of Me & I can’t even imagine!). But Josh just killed it and One Republic’s Love Runs Out. Reminds me of when I heard David sing Heaven and Apologize for the first time. Unbelievable vocals!

    The Voice brings artists, most of whom are seasoned & experienced vocalists, some have had previous contracts with labels but just didn’t get that brass ring. Most of the artists are somewhat older and have been trying to get that big break for years, singing when & wherever they can while working a regular job. What all the vocalists who audition for the voice feel is that it could be their best & only
    chance to make it. For the older ones, they say it’s their last chance, & the younger one’s say they will keep on trying. The common thread for all of them is, I believe, that they all would give anything to have the opportunities & doors opened for them that David did. The thing is that David worked long & hard for it. He wasn’t handed anything on a silver platter. He deserved it all. And then he risked it all.

    So now what? Some optimists think he will come back blazing while other’s don’t want to, but think he’s “done” even with over one million “followers” on Twitter, FB, etc. The thing is, the “followers” don’t mean a thing because his most recent music didn’t sell close to half the number of “followers”. It could be a gazillion for all the good the numbers really mean as far as sales of an artists, in this case, David’s, music, merchandise & concerts. I don’t recall thousands & thousands of fans at the MKOC concerts & I went to a few. Some weren’t even sold out unfortunately. But David has some fans who want the last two years of waiting to “mean something”, that it was worth the wait. All it takes is some acknowledgement from David that he is aware of the anxiety by some fans, even those who won’t admit their own concerns. That he has not done so after almost 2 months is troublsome & is making fans see things which have no basis in fact because nothing substantial is coming from him.

    So yes, a Vlog by David right about now would go a long way in creating some peace among the fans right about now.

    Anyway, good night & Peace. zzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Good question Hg. I understand that recordings can be posted on instagram, so he could talk, sing a few notes, ramble, tell us what his plans are regarding his music career, there, lol.
    Hg, thank you for being so patient with us posters, best site ever!!!!!

  3. I’ll comment on this one. I’ve been trying to pull away and will continue, but have been lurking here on SD. I’ve noticed that some seem to think artists don’t keep up with there fans other than on twitter, or fb in an impersonal way. In the secular world that may be true to some extent but consider this. I love John Legend. Before David, he was the one who restored my interest in music. Nothing I heard appealed to me in the secular or Christian realm. For some reason, I stopped buying his music for awhile, but recently have become so enamored with his music again after Hg posted his new song, All Of Me. Interestingly enough I found a video of him somehow surprise raiding a video chat where his avid fans congregated. He didn’t know them personally, but it was his way of connecting in a very personal way with them.

    Also, in recent years, I have followed a very popular Christian alt. rock band. I’m admittedly obsessed with their music as I listen to it every day and some days it’s the only music I can tolerate. I go to their concerts any chance I get. The lead singer of this group often does Video Journals. He does one for every song, but often times, he does them on a topic he’s been thinking about. Every member of the band writes a blog that is updated regularly, every week I believe. On their site they have a scrolling update on what they are doing daily. In the past month, they put out a special mother’s day video dedicated to their wives/moms and also to the fans who serve as mothers. They also sent out a satirical vlog taking the fans on a tour through the famous Blackbird Recording Studio in Nashville. Plus another video journal from the lead singer. They tweet daily and often.

    When and if David decides to reignite his music career. It would be wise for him to continue as he did before. I believe his record company early on encouraged him to blog and vlog, although I could be wrong.

    Just for fun and laughs, in case anyone is interested, here’s a recent vlog from that band about Blackbird Studios:

    • Wow, Alc thank you for the information. It’s so nice to see that is a very important part of artists keeping their fans in their professional loop.
      The whole business of David not owing us fans anything, imo is getting a little trying to be continuing being reminded. All I can say is David doesn’t owe anybody anything, but if he wants a music career he does need to keep connection with his fans (the ones that buy his music), it’s only good business.

      • cq, the way I see it is, artists are offering up a product. It is important to do whatever is possible to connect with their fans and audience in order to promote their product which is their art, in whatever form. The guys in this band are very good at promoting themselves. They also have their own families to feed which adds to their motivation, I’m sure. It’s a business, like my husband going to work everyday trying to promote and sell his product.

        Even John Legend who has millions of fans, is on the top of his game right now, still took time to crash a fan video chat to talk to them personally. What an incredible way to show his appreciation to a small and, career wise, probably insignificant group of dedicated fans.

  4. CQ, David is a professional singer. Why does he have to do anything but release music to attract people to him? I realize that we live in a far different world than I grew up in, but I question this notion that David “must” talk to his fans directly about his plans to keep them interested in his music.

    IMO, David only needs to release quality music and all the fans that have “taken their business elsewhere” will give David another “look see”, and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

    • Bliss, yes you are entitle to your opinion. All I’m saying the music industry is a tough business and artists might need to think a little different than artists handled their career before the fast past technology world. Omo, but I do believe that is a big part of what artist have to do.

      • Btw, I do think David somewhat understands that need or else why would he set up an instagram and say this is to show what I’m doing. I do believe he will connect even more when/if he has things lined up to resume his music career.

  5. CQ, I agree on that point. When he has actual things to announce , he will do so at that time. I don’t get why people think that his relative silence means that he is indifferent or uninterested in his fans. I think he’s waiting to have something “juicy” to say before he puts out a Vlog.

    You’re also right on the Instagram account he set up. He’s getting back in the swing of things at his own pace. Once again, it comes down to patience.

    • Bliss, I like how optimistic you are to D, even though I always saw u are always the target of blah blah fans.

  6. Geo, thanks for saying that. I appreciate it. There is so much angst and negativity posted about David, his career, and his choices in life. David’s a great guy and a truly fantastic artist. That is always my focus. Some of the “stuff” posted about him is truly mind boggling, and when I read it, I feel compelled to challenge it. Some of the posts on the previous thread are among the most outrageous so far.

  7. Bliss, thanks for supporting David. I hope u never get tired of defending him.

  8. short videos on Instagram are popular.

  9. kimak that was exactly what I was going to suggest. Other music artists do not do vlogs but short videos are popular. But there again other artists are on tour and doing appearances . Also Vine is popular and David should be signed up for that too. David is not even using his twitter everyday which makes no sense to me. If he does do a vlog maybe he should be doing something like driving in a car or jamming in a music session as opposed to just sitting there talking. I just think he needs to be honest to his fans and announce what his plans are for his career. If he is going to college and not signing with any type of label than he needs to state that. That is only fair. Watching AI tonight. I know some do not like him for various reasons but I am pulling for the rocker guy Caleb-Meat Loaf Jr. lol.. In part because it is obvious TPTB at AI want Jena to win this. Ya Ya Blue agree with your comments regarding the voice and your other comments .

  10. Harrison Craig has released an album of covers (and looks heavily photoshopped).

  11. There has been an almost collective sigh among the ODD fans of David this week as there has been the realization that some of our expectations for what David was going to do when he got home needs to be adjusted. Unfortunately many of us took Kari’s tweet “The Best is Yet to Come” to mean that David had big opportunities when he got back. Now we know that was just hopeful thinking or it was a tweet for Justin Timberlake’s tour.

    In today’s music environment especially for the “indie” artist connection to fans is a very big part of it. He really needs us to have a career in music. Well, he needs our dollars. All he needs to do right now to energize his ODD fans is to do a short vlog thanking the fans for their patience, dedication (and the birthday book) and that he is writing new music. He could sing a few bars from the new music or a cover and his ODD fans would be rejoicing. It would be easy. I’m not sure why he hasn’t done it. Maybe he will soon. Maybe not. But he does need fans if he wants a career in music.

    • Anon (the other one)

      Grammyj, I’ve seen what you’re talking about. I can actually understand if he’s not comfortable getting in front of a camera yet, but he could still let us in a little bit without doing that. He’s writing music. He did let us know that but we are still in the dark about his music direction.

      Most artists are consistent with the type of music they put out. Saying they are writing gives their fans an idea what to expect because you can assume a rock band will be writing rock music, a soul group will be writing soul music, etc. David has been all over the place with the style of music he’s put out.

      Tweets like: “just finished a song, love the jazzy beat” or “love the song we’re writing, makes me want to dance” or “just finished a love song, I think you guys are going to love it” , even saying something like “No idea yet when the album will be ready but it’s looking good so far”, etc. We don’t even know if he’s going to be putting out an EP, an Album, or if he is writing a soundtrack (I wish). The only thing we know is that one Spanish song has been finished. We don’t even know if the rest of the songs are in Spanish or English.

      Some clues could be given about what’s happening without him having to vlog yet if he’s still not comfortable with it. He can tell us a few things without giving away much at all. IMO it would be to his benefit to start reconnecting, the sooner the better.

      He may not “have to” but it would be the smart thing to do.

  12. ” Why does he have to do anything but release music to attract people to him? I realize that we live in a far different world than I grew up in, but I question this notion that David “must” talk to his fans directly about his plans to keep them interested in his music”

    So promotion is completely unnecessary because fans and non-fans will automatically know and flock to him when he releases a new song? Really? Why do stars spend tons of money on publicists? Why do labels spend tons of money on placement? There is no logic in your statement.

    Since David may not have the money or resources to have publicists etc, he has to figure out a way to do it himself and what he’s doing now is not cutting it. IMHO

    • Soul newbie, this make perfect sense to me:
      Since David may not have the money or resources to have publicists etc, he has to figure out a way to do it himself and what he’s doing now is not cutting it

  13. He’s really good…

  14. …but David is in a class of his own:

    • Yes, and peter you have me blubbering by posting this video.

    • So true, Peter. This one is a David classic. Good heavens this makes me pine for new music! 🙂

    • This has me crying like it’s 2008. It’s so obvious here that he’s been chosen (by a higher calling) to sing songs like this.

  15. Grammyj and Anon(the other one), you both brought very good point that were very well stated and I fully agree. Hum wonder why he wouldn’t be comfortable enough to connect with his fans through verbal communication.
    Perhaps David is so comfortable being surrounded by people that think like him, believe like him that the idea to go beyond that comfort zone is not appealing to him. I know that he was away from Utah for two years, but really he was still surrounded by people that thought and believed exactly like him.

  16. Not a fan of Justin Timberlake’s music, but I was aware that six years passed after his second album before he released another. I’m sure fans were curious and puzzled about his absence from music, but I don’t know if they felt betrayed or upset, or if they repeatedly harangued him. I stumbled upon an interview he did after five years of no music and found these quotes from Justin most interesting:

    “I don’t have a single song ready to go. People keep asking me when a new song or album is coming out, and I don’t know what to say.”

    “You need inspiration; you need to hear something loud inside yourself before you can create anything. Unfortunately, the business of music is what taints an artist’s desire to make music. I don’t want to paint a picture of being jaded, because I love making music. I honestly love it. But there is a level where making music becomes a total life-sucking commitment.”

    When it comes to David, I am on Team Patience. For two years he gave everything he had to that mission, which, as he expressed it, had “nothing to do with me.” It has been less than two months since he stepped off that plane, not nearly enough time to adjust all the changes he surely encountered upon his return, let alone get up to speed with the complicated (and creative) process of resuming a music career.

    • Respectfully, JT was hardly out of the public eye during the time between CD’s. He did a variety of entertainment projects during that time and was very much out there.

    • I understand where you are going with this comparison Whatever, but imo, really not a fair comparison. While JT was not singing/recording/touring, he was making movies and keeping himself active in the entertainment industry. Really JT had a huge successful career going whereas David is just starting. I understand the that artists are just that and need inspiration to create awesome music.
      I really don’t think any fan, imo, is asking for David to release a full album now, or even release anything, but we do want to feel that David has the same passion to continue with his music career like it seems he had before his mission and communicating that passion would go a long way to keep a lot of fans interested.

      • I understand what you and soul newbie are saying, but I was only trying to point out that every artist has a unique creative process, and even the wildly successful JT could not explain the lapse in his music contributions.

        I think the passion for music is still there for David and that we will see it in time. We have been dreaming about it for 26 months now. Contrary to recent complaints, David has not ignored his fans. We got the ‘I’m back” video before he even left the Salt Lake airport for starters. Yes, we want more from him, but we always have, LOL. I know the call for patience is wearing thin, but it is necessary, IMO. It may be 26 months for us (so far), but David has only had a few weeks.

      • I decided this week to step away, but I never did. It’s the mystery of what David is going to do next that keeps me checking his fansites and twitter. I guess if he told us in a Vlog that he’s going to be writing music for a prolonged period of time, going to school and focus on his personal life I would know to quit checking. Maybe he likes to keep us in suspense.

  17. I don’t want or need new recorded music from David yet.. makes sense to take his time? maybe a welcome home concert and/or some apprearances would be nice. really just want to see and hear him sing again.

  18. Geo, just saw this from you, “Bliss, thanks for supporting David. I hope u never get tired of defending him”

    You’re very welcome. I never get tired of supporting, celebrating, and if necessary, defending David. He is a force for good in the world, and has earned, through words and actions, that support.

    I enjoy posting on this site, although sometimes I feel as if I’ve wandered into the complaint department of Macy’s, lol.

    Hope to see more of you here.

    • I agree with bliss regarding you joining in the conversation. To come to a site and be a fan of one posters ideas is fine, but being that you feel like bliss that David needs defending wouldn’t it be more logical for you two to join forces against all that is corrupt/evil/disrespectful with some of the fans that post here, lol.

      • CQ, my buddy, you say, “I agree with bliss regarding you joining in the conversation. To come to a site and be a fan of one posters ideas is fine, but being that you feel like bliss that David needs defending wouldn’t it be more logical for you two to join forces against all that is corrupt/evil/disrespectful with some of the fans that post here, lol.”

        You left out “hysterical, histrionic, pessimistic, depressing, and good ol’ fashioned wacky.”, lol.

      • Yes bliss, I was thinking you are going to need a squad of defenders if/when David becomes a big mainstream singer, you guys will be busy 24/7. Sorry couldn’t help myself had to poke a little fun, lol.

  19. I think david’ fans out there need to stop thinking that he is doing music again because I really don’t think he is at all and I believe he will be going to college later this fall and I am not only fan believing it that he is too, really sorry guys.

  20. Okay guys if david is doing music right now than how he is not taking about it? the only time when he was working on music was Spanish song for LDS and we haven’t heard nothing else since than? Let be real guys?

    • cotton candy

      something must be going on with david and he does not want to talk to us about it. what could it be?? 😦

  21. I don’t know cotton candy, david had not say anything yet if he is working on a brand new Album or any new songs at this moment, only one since April, I don’t think he had anything line up for music at all. I know fans are getting upset but david need to say something what going on because he is losing fans, does he know that or he just don’t care at all this point on making music???


  23. The fans David “loses” will be immediate regained when he releases good music. When the baseball season ends, do the teams “lose” fans? Of course not. They reactivate their interest when the next season starts. The vast majority of David’s fans are not those that care about his religion, his personal life, his education, his management, where he lives, who he’s with, and all the other “beside the point” nonsense. They are fans of his music, which, at the present, is in a dormant stage.

    David will have a career based on the quality of his music. Fans come and go. From what I read here, you would think that the fans David has now are all the fans he will ever have, and any loss is a loss forever. One good CD or even a popular single is all David needs in order to attract all the “new” fans he’ll need to restart his career.

  24. Rooster (waves) – I have been posting David’s videos on Facebook for the last 2 years – sometimes just one, sometimes three or four in a row – perhaps every week and sometimes not for a month (my friends know I’m a David fan, but most of them are not, so I have to go easy LOL)

    I am a little hesitant to keep posting videos that are 2, 3 or 4 years old (and older, as is the Angels video that Peter posted above). It becomes irrelevant to those that don’t know him well. And many people are unlikely to go buy OLD CD’s or downloads from iTunes. There isn’t any new music, so he seems “out of the picture” to others – and to some of us.

    I’d LOVE to post new videos…there just aren’t any.

    • marlie7, I’m starting to feel sorry for the folks dedicated to running the active fansites who are posting retreads day after day or anything and everything they can think of that might relate to David. They are working hard and those sites are losing posts and posters recently. With all the dysfunction in these posts, this place is one of the most active and interesting sites around. HG is great at posting topics that keep people interested.

  25. In some ways the Davids are in a similar situation. Both have been out of the limelight for a while now. I don’t think Cook has a label or big time management, so just like David. Cook is releasing new music and going on tour. It will be interesting to see if he gains new fans, wins back old fans etc. Cook has been raked over the coals in some forums for his silence the past few years. I know the situations were very different as Cook could certainly have reached out to his fans more than every few months but he did lose a lot of them. Because the fan bases were each so dedicated to their David I will be watching to see how Cook goes about rebuilding his career.

    • Soul newbie, that’s interesting about Cook. There careers are kind at the same place, of course, I do believe Cook has gotten more opportunities in the US anyway, but really hasn’t helped him much (sorry, but I feel David has way more potential for greatness, but I guess if you asked a cookie, they would disagree, lol) They have always be kind of neck and neck in regarding to money earned. One thing that I’m a bit jealous because the cookies have new music/tour from Cook. Oh well, our time will come, lol.

  26. Peter, I was only able to see (the others were “unavailable in your country”) the Harrison Craig video of “Angels”, but I was very impressed. He has a great voice, and has a very appealing persona about him. Thanks for bringing it over. I’m going to check out other videos of him on You Tube.

  27. So David can drink soda pop and give blood at the same time, lol. And for the thousandth time, he looks sooo much like his granpa. 😀

  28. That was very nice of david to help and has a good heart too but I rather see a new music tweet or new pic him in a studio, that would be great

  29. Aww. It’s so good to give blood. My husband gave blood so often that he became anemic, so you do have to look out for yourself.

  30. great thing to do.. and he looks great!

  31. Here we are complaining about no Vlog, and he’s out giving blood. Such a good thing to do and he can literally help save a life. He certainly loves that belt!

  32. CQ, you say this, “He’s a giver and looking mighty fine too.”

    You’re right. All David does is give, give, and give some more. That’s why when he asks his fans to be patient while he sorts out his life and works on new music to GIVE them, he deserves to be “given” that time gladly and freely.

  33. Thanks Peter for posting Harrisons videos. When I watch him I get the same good feeling I do when watching David. He seems to be a decent young man, who was blessed with an amazing voice, who also has had to overcome many obstacles in his life. I’m definitely a fan!

  34. The Red Cross call every two months for you to come in and give blood. I wonder what David will be doing two months from now.

  35. He’s might be in N. Cali, the red cross thanked him and it was from Cali. Hum, visiting friends, relatives, signing a record deal, recording and giving blood…go David go,,,multi tasking, lol.

    • Oh well, maybe still in Utah…multi tasking, lol.

      • Cc halo David is still in Utah from what just read on a other site. No I don’t see any new music news happening with david but college for him and He will be with his new girlfriend too while being there, so cute! I wonder if he is serious with her.

      • Thisisdefinitelyafactjack

        They already have 3 kids. You are slow on the gossip.

  36. cotton candy

    cq~ i agree, think he is still trying to get used to real life at home after so focused on religion in a foreign country. maybe he feels bad when he thinks about anything secular like maybe God will punish him for resuming his pop career. had a friend who went to intense Bible camp for a few months and ended up in mental hospital because these people convinced her that everyone in her family going to hell and it was her job to try to save them and once she got home could not even have a normal conversation, everything seemed evil to her and actually made her sick. she is fine now but we were scared for her and so mad at these people for messing with her head like that.

  37. cotton candy, so sad to hear that story. I’m glad she’s better now.

    He’s probably drinking juice because he has low blood pressure. Just guessing. One time I went in to give blood and they couldn’t take it. My blood pressure was too low. They asked me if I was really alive, lol, and told me I needed to run around the building a few times. Instead though, they gave me some peanut butter crackers and juice. That raised my pressure enough for them to take it.

    He looks a tiny bit scared in that picture as well, lol.

    • Alc, yes juice and cookies. I just have to look away, if I don’t see the blood leaving my body I’m ok, lol.

      • So you use to give too? Was it cookies? It may have been for me too, haha. For some reason I remember pb crackers. I also have to look away. Can’t stand to look at the needle.

      • Yes, but haven’t done it in a while, my blood might not be as pure as David’s, hahaha. (this is my attempt at humor, my blood is great).

      • lol! I get the humor, but it’s not true ya know.

  38. Cotton Candy, this, from you, “think he is still trying to get used to real life at home after so focused on religion in a foreign country … maybe he feels bad when he thinks about anything secular like maybe God will punish him for resuming his pop career”

    This is exactly the kind of nonsense that keeps me posting on this site. When will the blaming of his Mission and the Mormon Church for everything that you are not getting finally come to an end? Did it ever dawn on you that maybe David has more important things to do (like give blood to people in real need) than pander to your superficial, self indulgent, fan girlish whims?

  39. bliss~ u don’t know what you’re talking about

  40. cotton candy: Ignore them and hopefully they will just go away. It is the “Comment Police”. lol. 🙂

  41. What would we do without Bliss telling us what true stories and experiences we’re not allowed to share?

  42. Bliss, do you speak to people in real life as you do here? So sad

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