Archies vs. BeyHives

Don’t know if you all saw that crazy parody on Saturday Night Live (see above), but it did get me to thinking: If there is such a thing as the “Beygency,” is there also a parallel “Archgency”?

Consider this description:

Like all superfans, the BeyHive to some extent thrives off the sense that their bond to the object of their affection is intimate and specific even when it is not. What is specific with someone like Beyoncé, the now equal-earning, if not out-earning, wife of a man worth a half-billion dollars, who obtained that money with her own blood, sweat and tears as a teenager in a girl group, and later out-Svengali-ed her looming, impresario father, broke off and eclipsed her groupmates to become one of the world’s most top-selling solo artists, is that her fans feel like they have been there for her success. They are proud of her. They have watched her grow up and watched her win. Beyoncé’s totemic status with the BeyHive is legendary. The Hive is fiercely protective of its Queen Bee. Besides Beyoncé’s concerts, the foremost apiary of the BeyHive is on the Internet, on Twitter. On Twitter, you can find the Hive massive and worldwide: the bugged out French teenagers, the Brazilians tweeting from Rio, the white boys in the Midwest with Broadway dreams, connected by their love of Beyoncé, all speaking in a lexicon that makes them sound like both the forefront of the beekeeping movement and the ultimate Beyoncé fans. If you insult Beyoncé on Twitter, the Hive will insult you until you rue the day you were born, or regret the day you canceled your gym membership.

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If you replaced the BeyHive with “Archies,” would the same description hold (except on a smaller scale of course)? What say you, Soul Davidians? 🙂

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  1. I watched that on SNL. Thought it was very funny. Archgency. hmm.

  2. That video was laugh out loud funny. Good to know there are crazy fans for every popular artist. The article was fascinating to me. Thanks for posting it, HG. Yep, there are similarities to the ODD Archie’s but the Beehive seems to be even more militant. Obviously it depends on the ODD fan. I loved that everything by Beyoncé must be loved. Hmmmm, how often have we heard that about David?!

  3. So funny, thanks for bringing over the video and article, Hg.
    Boy does that sound familiar, lol yes, of course in much smaller scale.
    This got me thinking about what kind of fan am I. I surely don’t like every song that he has sang and of course, have been very vocal about other aspics of David, so maybe I’m not an Archie, lol.
    I’m still here because I believe in David’s talent and love his voice and want to see where that will take him, kind of hobby of sorts for me.
    As far as criticizing anything to do with David, boy, have I seen fans being chestized for voicing there opinion through the years.
    Actually, if I really think about, it’s this site that has kept my interest for David’s music career still going. It is the only fan site that have allowed fans to voice their opinions whether good or bad. I’m not criticizing other fan sites at all, all have their own great points, but imo, I find this site to be the most honest in regards to David.

  4. cq-It is the most honest site.

    • Always interesting here, but the most honest? Definitely the most opinionated, the most critical, the most speculative, but not always the most honest.

      • What would you say would be complete honesty? Is it only voicing everything that is praising David without any criticism.

      • If you mean “honest” as being straightforward and candid, I have no argument with that. However, if “honesty” includes being truthful or factual, it doesn’t always happen here, especially when it comes to David and what he is doing, or how he feels, or how he doesn’t feel, what he believes or doesn’t believe, what his church makes him do or not do. That stuff is an ongoing hornet’s nest here, and too often opinions and/or rumors are offered up as truth.

      • Yes, whatever, that’s what I meant. Yes, always some crazy stuff too, lol. I would venture to guess that by far all that post here at a regular bases (not fly by posters) are offering their opinions, in all aspics. The thing is that everyone can read exactly the same thing and have all kinds of different interpretations.

      • Whatever -regarding David’s church I believe that religion is often very polarizing. That is why to me it is best to keep your religious beliefs and your church to yourself. Focus on your music career on twitter not religious tweets. Obviously not all agree with me but that is the way I feel about it. Also what is wrong with sending out tweets about social or humanitarian causes as opposed to tweets about your church?? JMHO. By the way I am not on twitter but young people are that David could use as fans.

      • Yeah, I think that’s behind 90% of the “not a true fan” stuff–his controversial religion.

      • Yes-I think that you are right cc halo. That is exactly it. David’s dad as his music manager was also an issue at one point that caused fans to disagree but it seems like he is not in the picture anymore. I wonder where he is?

      • Any fan of David’s is a “good fan,” but some of the never ending religious discussions here have gone way over the line. The religious bias is obvious even to casual visitors to this site and too often falls short of respect for others’ beliefs, despite numerous pleas to move on to other subjects. Now David is tweeting a few things about religion and we want him to shut up? That is some kind of delicious irony. Only my opinion of course.

      • He proselytized his religion for TWO YEARS, and no one was supposed to talk about that? Now he’s tweeting about his religion and we’re still not supposed to talk about it? Get real.

      • Whatever-I just don’t follow any Christian music artists or buy their music but I am sure that many others do. Nothing wrong with that at all. I just do not have an interest in someone’s religion or their religious beliefs or religious music regardless of what their religion may be. Never have and never will. It is just my opinion on it. I do have to admit that I am a fan of the new Pope. 🙂

      • cc halo: Exactly.

      • Seems real to me, but I will not engage you on this, cc. You somehow managed to talk about it for a good part of that two years and you still haven’t given up your particular brand of “research” on his religion.

  5. It’s so true. Just in the last day or so, there was a good fan/bad fan rant elsewhere, all about how we just don’t understand David on these bad sites. There was lots of support for that comment and no dissent.

  6. The reason I only post here and only recently is because I was not in love with some of his music from Nandito and got brave and said it on a site. My one and only post so I say I’ve never posted before coming here. I was basically told to leave that site if I was not a true fan. I never got up the nerve to post again anywhere until here recently. I understand that fansites have personalities and some are extremely rainbows and sunshine, which is fine and fills a need, but as cq said perfectly, I can be a fan but be critical at times as well. I believe he was born with an incredible gift and I am interested in what he does with it going forward. Thank you for this site!

  7. As a fan who has been MIA for the last 2 years, I can’t comment on what has or has not happened (mostly NOT happened) regarding David. Prior to him leaving, I was a loyal reader of SD. HG is IMO one of David’s most ardent and fiercely loyal fans. Otherwise why bother keeping a site dedicated (mostly) to him, especially these last two years. But even HG is honest when it comes to David. Not always Rainbows & Unicorns or David on a “Celestial Pedestal” but always with respect for the person he is with all his “Perfect Imperfections”, if I may borrow a line from a great song. 🙂

    The other sites all have their “themes”, some too sugar-coated & syrupy for my taste but this site has always (& I hope will always have) for as long as it’s been up & running, REAL & honest dialog.

    David is going through some hard & quirte possibly unexpected changes in his professional & I imagine in his personal life as well. It’s highly unlikely David reads the sites himself but if he did I think David needs & would appreciate an honest & real assessment of what fans are thinking without all the sugar-coating & that place is here (for the most part) IMO.

  8. I think that David should read the sites. He is 23 yrs old . Especially this one. Sometimes the truth hurts and that goes for me too in my own life. The silly rumors like those about David’s supposed girlfriends are easy to ignore and laugh off. I don’t believe anything if it is unsubstantiated nor do I care if he has a girlfriend but if some do then post away about it. David should pay attention to fans concerns about his music career because sometimes fans are spot on. If wanting David to have a first class top notch music management ,music label, and team of top producers and songwriters behind him means that you are are bad fan then I guess I am a bad fan. lol. Does that cost money -yes- and it is called an investment in your career. Also I am not going to support the music he comes out with “if” I do not like it. It is that simple.

  9. Just saw David’s Mother’s Day tweets. Nice. 🙂

  10. OMG that was so funny.. and heck yes I see it with Archie’s. The Emporer’s New Clothes are looking just fine!!

  11. this is the best gossip site for sure… the same old topics go round in circles but i def check in now & then for the great gossip lol

  12. Hey Marie, what make u and others thinks that about david of Him having a real girlfriend is not funny, silly and it not a rumor either, He has found someone that he really like or could be in love.

  13. Good for David if it is true. I don’t care about it one way or the other but if others do then I am more than OK with that. lol. Post away. 🙂

  14. What I am reading here and elsewhere is that there a subset of fans who feel that David has “lost that lovin’ feeling” and has , in subtle ways, moved on from them to other, more currently interesting people and activities. He still “cares”, but not in the same way, and not to the same degree. You know what, that just might be true.

    To some extent, David was held captive by the American Idol persona and the fan base who “made him” on AI and beyond. To please these fans, he had to be and behave in a certain way. You know the drill; super adorable, compliant, rambling, squeaky clean, the whole 9 yards. He willingly paid a high price in the general public’s eye, but among his loyal fans, he was just fine.

    Then, the bombshell: He announced that he was leaving “the Archuleta bubble” and was going on a 2 year Mission just because he wanted to , and he did it without any warning or consultation with the fans who “made him”. That was the night that David Archuleta said goodbye to his childhood, and told the world that he was, indeed,his own man.

    Now, he”s back, and he has not “returned to being the David we knew and loved”, and from all indications, never will. He still tweets, he still looks cute holding a pizza, but something has changed, and the longer it goes on, the worse it feels to folks who “waited for the old David to come back”.

    Here’s what I think the “problem” is. David is growing, changing, experimenting, and blossoming. David was always, above all else, safe and compliant. He no longer is, and it’s making a whole bunch of people very uneasy that the person they were waiting for to come back shed that skin on the dusty roads of Chile.

    Speaking only for myself, the person that David was pre-Mission suited him well when he was 18-21. I would be more concerned if he were still that same person at 23, especially after what I am sure was a life altering experience for the past 2 years.

    IMO, David has changed. I look forward to hearing and seeing what those changes look and sound like when it’s set to music.

    • I guess going from squeaky clean to even cleaner can be seen as a change.

    • David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 38m
      Viewing this Schwartz painting in person at the #sacredgifts exhibit at BYU. It’s amazing.

    • I lol’d, Peter, no offense meant to anyone else. Here’s another painting at that exhibit David’s viewing:

      • David should have taken Sunny to the exhibit. She would have loved the angels. Surprised that we haven’t seen her.

      • She would loved the angels without wings?

      • Well not sure about that but she loves angels. Just trying to be funny. I think the angels without the wings was just in the Mormon publication. I don’t think they actually changed the real painting.

      • Grammyj- lol about Sunny. 🙂

    • Bliss, I understand how you see David, but (only the way I see him right now) he is safe and compliant and really, I haven’t seen growth, I see he is willing to share his religion with us fans, but not much more. I feel that he seems (again only the I see, and omo) to have gone into his very safe place that he seems so very comfortable. He of course has the right to feel, do whatever he wants. I actually feel that David was a much more mature and freer person before his mission, imo.

      • That reminds me of a non-Mormon mom writing to her son on an LDS mission. She said that a few months into the mission, it was like a switch was flipped. He started out writing about his interest in everything he was experiencing in the new country and was very funny–but suddenly he would only talk about the religion, even when she asked direct questions and was very serious. I don’t know if I can draw anything from that about David, but it does seem like he’s still in that “zone” right now.

      • Yes- David does appear to be in that “zone”.

  15. Peter, Marie and CChalo, is mocking and LOLing all you’ve got? How about offering some intelligent , enlightening counterarguments to what you disagree with, instead of this tired, played out mocking.? On the other hand, don’t bother.

    • Amen.

    • Peter has a point, which is just as effective in a few humorous words as a lengthy counter argument. As far as changes in his personality, David hasn’t given us much to go on except for being willing to bring up his religion.

  16. I think peter had a good point and it was funny. It is a skill to be to make a comment that interesting/humorous in just a few words. I need to work on that. 🙂

  17. I didn’t expect David do be the same as before he left. I did think that his team had a plan and that he would come back to some opportunities. I thought he’s get back to his music career quickly and tour small clubs around the country. I think some ODD fans are disappointed but it’s because we dreamed too big and forgot that David would need time to decompress and readjust. He was always a music machine before he left. I’m not saying that things won’t happen eventually for David just at a slower rate than I anticipated. That’s no fault of David. Just my over expectations. He certainly owes me nothing. I have enjoyed following the ups and downs of his career. It has been fascinating and now I’m just waiting to see what comes next. What type of music will he sing and when will it be released? Will he go to BYU? He sure has been spending a lot of time in Provo. When will he tour again? A Christmas tour? That would be my guess. It wouldn’t even surprise me if he sang at the Christmas concerts in Chile again.

  18. David has been away from his music career for a long time. He is kind of out of the music scene at this point. Nothing David does would surprise me at this point and that includes going to BYU. That he appears to be staying in Utah makes me wonder what he is going to do. Again it is his music career-not mine. Good luck to him whatever he decides to do. 🙂

  19. I absolutely love how Peter gets his point across with just a few words. Refreshing! But how frustrating it must be for those who can’t get Peter to join in on a long & drawn out debate. 😀

  20. I’m curious wonder is his mother lives in Provo now with her new husband, could by why his spends more to there.
    Whatever David does will not surprise me, other than moving from Utah and signing with a major label, now that would surprise me, lol.

    • David’s mother lives in Murray, Utah. Provo really isn’t very far from Salt Lake City, so he probably drives there and then goes back to Murray although he could be living in Provo for all I know. The one thing about David staying in Utah is that we know more about where he goes than we would if he were in LA. He is still a celebrity in Utah.

  21. cq. I agree. 🙂

  22. David and his family still lives in Murray from what I hear but He sure go to hang out Provo so many times, I am only thinking is that his girlfriend lives and go to stay in college campus near there too.

  23. David is out having dessert. He posted a picture.

  24. CQ, thank you for your response to my earlier post. We may not agree, but at least you responded in a sincere, adult fashion.

  25. Ya Ya blue, You say, “I absolutely love how Peter gets his point across with just a few words. Refreshing! But how frustrating it must be for those who can’t get Peter to join in on a long & drawn out debate”

    What was your name before this one? You haven’t been on here long enough to be this pissed off. Which other site were we both on?

  26. Look yummy! I Want some of that! we will never knoooow where he was in the 2 pix but he look like he was on a fun date with his girlfriend. Have a happy and sweet Mother’s Day to all with yours moms.

  27. Yes that desert sure looks good. This is very very off topic but- Congrats to Michael Sam- Today he became the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL, selected by the St. Louis Rams in the final round. Progress. 🙂

  28. creativeoptimist

    It is interesting to follow the discussion! I think that David’s mission experience was life-changing and it’s quite possible that he has simply changed. He does appear, though, to still be working on music.

    I can definitely relate to changing! When I came on board my last workplace, never did I imagine how much I would change and eventually move very far away. The plain truth is that I simply outgrew the situation.

    I hope that David is enjoying his time. It definitely looks like it! I’ve always wanted to see that part of the US and especially Park City.

    • I am glad that David is out and about. He seems to be enjoying himself. That dessert certainly looked good.

  29. Blisskasden, do I sound “pissed off”? I didn’t mean to come across that way at all. I was simply posting a comment about a man of few words & how refreshing that is. 🙂

    We were never on the same site before. What gave you that idea? The site I found the most interesting was & still is SD. I don’t recall you ever commenting here before David left, but if you did, maybe it just went past & over my head. whoooosh>>>>>>

  30. Ya Ya blue, Yes, frankly, I did think u sounded a bit pissed, but I guess I misread your tone. Your second sentence seemed to be directed at me, since Peter’s “short, refreshing ” post that you were relating to was in direct response to me. Thanks for your clarification.

  31. Whatever, I’m sorry you feel an anti LDS bias here. I believe the comments would be the same for any religion that David put front and center because the one thing people always said about pre-mission David is how much they admired his acceptance of all and the way he could lead by example but was not real preachy. That changed as he spent 2 years preaching non-stop and has basically come back and continued. Fans are bound to comment on every tweet and instagram post and if he tweets the religion, fans will comment on the religion. If he stops tweeting the religion and gets serious about career tweets, fans will move on to comment more about the career. IMHO

    I believe David has changed and not entirely for the better if we are talking strictly career. If we talk his personal life, he has maybe changed for the better. He is clearly in control over his personal stuff and I have to say good for him. He is obviously not into paying much attention to what his followers want at this point and again good for him not letting us crazy fans push him. He has to know the religious stuff will alienate some fans and that if he gets to a point where the press follows him again, he will be controversial. It takes guts to do that stuff against the pop culture tide. As much as I say good for him, I think it hurts his possible resurgence in the music business and personally it does concern as far as him ability to produce any type of mainstream music. There is room for Christian artists but not so much LDS artists who sing about that religion as I see it, if that would be on his mind. All of this is my opinion only.

    • Thanks for your comments soul newbie, but just to clarify, what I see here is not only anti-LDS, but a general anti-religion bias. (Yes, I know that doesn’t apply to everyone.) Marie stated earlier that the subject of religion is polarizing. She is exactly right, and that is probably the best reason to avoid the subject. Are we mad at David for being religious? Does it make him scary or evil or stupid? Should we petition Twitter to block all religious tweets? Should we punish him somehow, or just mock what he believes?

      I’m not playing good fan/bad fan here, but I had my own moral epiphany when a Mormon fan posted recently to politely explain that what goes on in some of these religious rants is hurtful and disrespectful to what she holds sacred. There was very little regard for her plea. The responses were mostly defensive and I was embarrassed for those who continued to scoff–same song, 99th verse–simply because it was their “right” to disagree.

      • So let me get this straight, David and anyone else can post religious subjects that continue to give their personal views along with anyone fan that shares his belief, that’s perfectly ok, but if anything is said in the contrary it’s bashing and disrespectful, am I understanding that correctly.

      • cq – Seriously? No one is taking away your right say anything you want about how you feel, but sometimes a discretionary silence is the kinder choice.

      • Even kinder and more considerate is not bringing up religious things in the first place. It’s a policy I have on Facebook, despite almost non-stop religious posts from a large number of FB friends.

  32. Soul Newbie, surely you jest when you say this to Whatever, ” I’m sorry you feel an anti LDS bias here.”

    The Mormon Church has been, and still is, used as a punching bag on this site for countless people who blame LDS for everything they find lacking in David and his career, both during his Mission and now. There are many things worthy of debate on this site, but the question of whether there is “an anti-LDS bias” has’t been one of them for years. The answer is Yes, there most certainly is an anti-LDS bias on this site, and it powers the discussion here every day.

    Then , you say, “…. he spent 2 years preaching non-stop”

    He was on a Mission. That’s what they do. Since he’s been back, he hasn’t encouraged anyone , online, at least, to join the LDS Church. He has, however, posted pics of himself making a pizza, hanging out with a few girls in their dorm, holding his infant niece, and today I believe it was an apple cobbler.

    David’s Mission is over. It’s time for the anti LDS obsession about it to also be over.

  33. Just wondering

    Thisisafact…….just what 2 pix are you talking about? I haven’t seen anything.

  34. Thisisafact……

    About David and his “girlfriend”. All the places you say he’s been out with “her”, and I’m not saying it’s not true because he may very well have a girlfriend (it’s about time IMO), but I find it odd considering all the places you & a couple of others have said he’s been “sighted” openly with “her”, and even one comment about him seen “kissing her” no less, there’s not one picture of the “happy couple” posted on the net? I just find it odd considering David’s celebrity status in Utah there are no tweets or facebook posts about David being seen with “his girlfriend” anywhere he’s been sighted. He has had photos taken but not one of him with this “mystery girlfriend”.

    Seems to me you & a couple of others think David will alienate fans who would be jealous if he has a girlfriend? I’m afraid you are wasting your time here. If I’m not mistaken, the posters here are more interested in the music side of David. His “love life” would be of interest (to me) only in as much as it would directly result in giving him the inspiration to make great music. It’s a phenomena which is not unheard of. Look at what it’s done for artists like John Legend or Adele, although her inspiration came from finding & losing love. So instead of wasting your time trying to push burttons which I don’t think exist here on SD…try Twitter.

    Just a friendly suggestion. Don’t want to come across as being “pissed off” or anytrhing. 🙂

    Peace & good night. zzzzzzzzzzz

    • Ya Ya blue, sorry, but you still sound “pissed off”.

    • There was one tweet, I believe, in answer to questions, saying that David had a blonde date at the comedy club in Provo. She does exist.

  35. Another thought. David has posted a number of “religious” tweets along with the banjo, record player, etc tweets. This is not proselytizing. David’s Mission may be over, but his devotion to the Mormon religion goes on. Sharing a quote or recommending that people watch a video is not the same as trying to convert someone. If I tweeted a quote from Joan Rivers, that wouldn’t mean I was doing it to get people to convert to Judaism, lol.

    • That would need to be a religious quote from Joan Rivers.

      • lol, Joan Rivers giving out religious quote regularly, that would be something. I really like her and watch Fashion Police. I know that she uses being Jewish in her comedy, making fun that is…For all I know she might be devout, but wouldn’t know it from her professional career.

    • Not trying to mock you. IMO, your analogies are not working.

    • To be more precise, a tweet in which Joan Rivers recommends a video in which an “incredible man” is trying to scare and guilt young adults into obedience, for example.

      • Lol.

      • peter-Once again you nailed the whole point in very few words. Don’t forgot that “incredible” man believes in marriage only between a man and a women. Again congrats to Michael Sam. That to me is one “incredible” and courageous man.

  36. Peter, you know very well what I was saying. Discrediting me by nitpicking my posts only works with your “LOL” followers.

    Anyway, what is your reaction to Soul Newbie’s claim that there is not an anti-LDS bias on this site. Do you agree with her?

  37. Whatever, you make some very insightful observations. For example:

    “… what I see here is not only anti-LDS, but a general anti-religion bias. (Yes, I know that doesn’t apply to everyone.) ”

    You hit that nail on the head. Religion, in general, is the villain, here, but the devil itself is the Mormon Church. They flat out hate the Mormons, with an emphasis on their stance on gay marriage. They assume that David must also be anti-gay because they have concluded that he “follows every word of the Book of Mormon” and their views on everything. (I happen to be pro gay marriage, but the fact that the Mormons aren’t doesn’t keep me up at night.)

    “Are we mad at David for being religious?”

    They are very mad at David for being religious. Religious = non sexy.

    ” The responses were mostly defensive and I was embarrassed for those who continued to scoff–same song, 99th verse–simply because it was their “right” to disagree.”

    They think that just because they have the “right to disagree”, that means it can’t be seen as uncivil, disrespectful or abusive. No one is allowed to be offended because they are just “exercizing their rights”.

  38. CQ, here’s your post, “So let me get this straight, David and anyone else can post religious subjects that continue to give their personal views along with anyone fan that shares his belief, that’s perfectly ok, but if anything is said in the contrary it’s bashing and disrespectful, am I understanding that correctly.”

    David is simply tweeting quotes that resonate with him. Some of David’s quotes are from religious leaders, some aren’t. You have every right not to read them or not to like them. It is , however, insensitive and callous to repeatedly deride David’s religion just because you are offended by it.

    I have noticed that not one Mormon hater here has ever tweeted David directly about their dislike for LDS or his affiliation with the Mormon Church. Why not? It’s your right. It’s free speech. You know why no one has. Because they know how hurtful and cruel it would be to do so. I have news for you. It’s no less hurtful and cruel when it’s done on here.

    • Bliss, but doesn’t anyone have every right not to read. So I’m understanding it correctly.

      • CQ, people have every right not to read or not like what they read. Nothing David has ever tweeted can be categorized as inflammatory or disrespectful. No one is asking anyone to agree with his religion or “approve” of his religion. David is a person, with feelings. Surely you know that David would be hurt by some of what is posted here about his religion. Doesn’t that bother you? I guess not caring about David’s feelings is your right, too. Just because a person has the right to do or say something doesn’t necessarily make it “right”.

    • Mormon Hater fan never tweeted David about their dislike of LDS, coz they are coward, they are brave only to rant on fansite.

      • I can only speak for myself (have no idea who you are talking about) but I am not on twitter (never have been and never will be-too busy at work for that) but David’s fans that are his own age are. Those fans are not all LDS or at least were not all LDS at some point. Not so sure now. But I do wonder how many of those younger fans David has lost at this point since coming off of AI in 2008? I would guess alot.

    • bliss-Why are you so concerned about comments from others on a random site? Your comments are way too OTT for me so why would I want to engage with you. lol. David obviously pays no attention to them although I think he should. If you are so committed to David then shouldn’t you be more concerned about his music career? This should be about his music career not his religion but that is up to David not the fans. Look at the bigger picture. I am going to be very busy at work this week working tons of overtime so that is if for me this week. 🙂

  39. Marie makes an excellent point–if he tweets about music and his career, that’s what his fans will talk about, whatever he tweets about– that’s what fans will talk about. Why shouldn’t they? Some people are referring to “religious rants” that seem more imagination than reality.

  40. It’s 3:15 AM in the “Big Apple”. Good night folks.

  41. cc halo – That logic is flawed. The subject of David’s religion can magically appear here no matter what David tweets about: his music, his food, his family, or anything else for that matter. For those who are subsequently offended or simply tired of it, the “rants” seem quite real.

    Good night all. Good night, Bliss. Good night, John Boy.

  42. “When did you stop beating your wife?” No one can defend against a generalized complaint. Calling out people for their comments is useless unless you have a specific thing to respond to. If the subject of David’s religion comes up for no good reason, say something at the time, you might get some traction, but I think most people try to stay on topic.

    • (It’s only 12:30 am here, and my kids aren’t even home yet, but goodnight for me, too).

  43. David has all the right to tweet whatever he want, it’s his tweeter, if you don’t like his religion tweet, unfollow him or don’t read his tweet. As simple as that.

    • Not everyone is on twitter( I am not) but everyone can go online and read someone’s tweets. Once you post it online on twitter it is public for everyone to read(unless your account is private). Also twitter followers have nothing to do with record sales and ticket sales for concerts. 2 very different things. If that was the case then David’s last album (TOSOD) before his mission would have sold well. Just saying. Anyway if David wants a music career then his focus should be on the music but maybe he does not. His choice.

    • Tracy-Same goes for a comment on a blog site. If you don’t like the comment then ignore it and go on. Simple as that.

      • That’s the only thing that is puzzling to me, when it’s said if you don’t like what is posted by David just ignore it, but if it’s posted by a fan it doesn’t follow suit to ignore. It can’t be voiced in the first place. David is what he is, but some of David fans have to sensor themselves or else they are disrespectful, bashing, cruel, uncaring and the list goes on…just don’t get it…

      • cq-I was right that the topic of religion is just too polarizing. Exactly why it should be avoided. That was my initial point but it gets twisted around by some that others are Mormon haters. That is just plain crazy. I will not engage in that conversation but everyone is entitled to their opinion. The problem is that is the only time some folks even post comments here-is when it is about the religion not when it is about the music. Don’t folks watch TV shows or movies or follow other music artists?

      • Or better yet are interested in social causes or humanitarian causes like the rights of everyone in this country to be married to who they want to-male or female?

  44. There is nothing wrong if He had a girlfriend but If there is no pic coming out with his girlfriend, not a single pic had been leaked, it only mean one thing, he don’t have a girlfriend. I doubt it that there is no one can take a pic from them, not even stolen taken shot.

    • Have u heard the word private before. Say it Thousands of time yes david is dating someone and very happy.

      • Even u want to be private, there is no way that a single pic with a girlfriend couldn’t come out, especially if you are dating. I still don’t believe he has a girlfriend, even you say it thousand times. To see is to believe. BTW, dating & girlfriend is different, u can date a girl event though she is not your girlfriend.

  45. David was born into the LDS church. His Mother and her sisters and his Grandmother were converted by missionaries in Honduras and came here. David grew up hearing how the church changed their lives for the better. He was deeply influenced by this. When his Mom told him that the missionaries were the ones that changed her life, he knew that was what he wanted to do.
    David is a spiritual person who feels the “spirit” deeply. His religion has been a comfort and guide to him through hard times, and yes, there have been a lot of hard times in his life and in his family. His beliefs and music were his comfort, and maybe to some extent his escape. Music and faith brought him joy. He, like all of us, was influenced by the experiences of his upbringing and life.
    What is unusual to me about David is not his upbringing or religion, plenty of kids in Utah belong to the LDS faith. What is extraordinary about David is how much he wants, with all his heart and soul, to be good, to do what is right, to love, and to serve his fellow man. Many of us felt it when he sang “Imagine.” We felt what he felt. David is just an extraordinary human being. I personally love him for who he is, and I can understand where he is coming from, whether I agree with everything or not. His motives are pure. His heart is loving. He is a kind person. Can’t we respect him for who he is? Because I know he would do that for us.
    He just spent two years serving a mission. If right now he feels the need, the responsibility, the desire, the courage, to share a bit of what he feels about his religion, can’t we understand his motives? He absolutely does it out of love. If you don’t believe the same, that is fine. If you can in any way, understand the goodness and love in his heart, how can you possibly be offended? I think everyone here cares about him so why can’t we just let David be David? Is that really so hard?

    • This is a much more eloquent statement than mine, after David’s “Called to Serve” video came out, but very much my point at the time–David has pure motives and wants us to convert for our own good. Unfortunately, it’s also true that proselytism is disrespectful, no matter how kind the motives.

      • Cchalo, I totally disagree w/ you. D doesn’t want to convert u & others. U are very assuming.

  46. Dfan I agree 100 everything you said.

  47. Dfan are the same kind lady to whom we have shared your hotel room with Rika, Lita and me. Can’t remember what year it was though when we were in David concert. My guess we were in Utah.

  48. Sorry I meant to say if Dfan is the same lady.

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