Throwback Thursday

This week on American Idol, contestant Jena tried out an Elvis Presley song; all it did was make me nostalgic for David’s own rendering:

In other news, it seems like Soul Davidians really really want old-school social media – AKA a “Vlog” – more than anything else. Who’ll get the word out to him? 😛

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    • Yeah sure! I heard that rumor a long time ago. Elvis may have had a BOM but doubt he was seriously thinking about converting. I’ll believe it when I read that Lisa Presley and Priscilla agreed & approved with the making of the movie.

      I wonder if Lisa Presley was ever approached to give permission to have Elvis baptized by proxy by Mormons after his death?

      • Was she approached to give permission? My guess: no.

      • Elvis was posthumously baptized by Mormons seven times. Many people have been baptized, including, famously–Ann Frank, many Holocaust victims and Catholic popes.

    • Interesting peter. Of course Lisa and Priscilla are both into Scientology. I liked that performance by David on AI.

      • Correct Marie, about Lisa & Priscilla becoming scientologists but not until long after Elvis died.

        BTW, I thoroughly enjoy SD & the convos here. Open, honest & out-spoken as well as some very heartfelt comments about David. I’m one fan who stepped back for two years while David was doing his thing. I felt it would be a good time to get back to my real life which I had neglected due to my interest in David and his rise to super- stardom. Of course, his rise was stunted due to his 2 year break. Looks like David may have been the only one in his stratosphere who never really wanted to be a super-star! I’ve been trying to figure out why he went on AI in the first place. haha.

  1. Thanks HG the walk down memory lane. Loved David’s rendition of Love Me Tender and like all the songs he sang when he was younger, I would love to hear what he would do with this song, along others, now…an adult mature, sure of himself David…pretty amazing I bet.

    cq, optimistic, patiently waiting, but sometimes, pessimism creeps in, lol.

    • btw, as far as a vlog, I would only want one if it was about music. That’s why I’m a fan, David’s voice and am waiting to get music from him that matches that magical voice, so yes, at time, I drift off into a pessimistic road, but I away come back to the other side, lol.

  2. just think if david steped into the public areana right now what would the media ask him , how manny people did you batise, how manny doors were slamped in you face , etc, i don,t think he will come out into the oublic until he has a new song to releas, thats commom sence to me JMOP

    • And they would ask him about his plans, which I don’t think he likes to talk about until they’re really really firm.

    • I see your point rooster. He could say before the interview that he doesn’t want to talk about his mission at all and have it in writing. I know that seems a bet simplistic, but I’m sure that it’s been done by other artists that don’t want to talk about a particular subject. Besides David has always be a master at averting any questions with extreme tact. I’m sure, the adult David, is even better handling those type of things.

      • You are right cq that if you are a celebrity/music artist you can try and have some control over the interview-that is where a manager and PR folks come into play for music artists. I do think he might not interview until he has new music. Here is another thought-be prepared how to answer questions that you might be asked in an interview.

    • I think mainstream media outlets do NOT want to hear details about his mission.

      • You may be right peter, actually right now mainstream might not be interested in David at all. He needs something, reinventing himself or a big hit song, etc, for them to take notice.
        We kind of been in that church bubble as fans too because really almost anything relating to David in the last two years and continuing, lol. has been connected to the church in some way. Maybe if there was a little more fanfare when he returned, mainstream might of taken notice because he was all over the news when he made the mission announcement. So him returning to his fans would make a human interest story, lol. I’ll be honest, I don’t see anything wrong with that at all, but omo.

  3. Just thinking about that article peter posted. I find it kind of funny that Elvis being a devout Christian, almost Mormon was not able to be shown from waist down when he first appeared on tv because his hip movements were too sexy/raunchy for tv, lol.

  4. Here is Elvis’ famous and, it was said, career saving performance on The Ed Sullivan Show from 1956. Props also go to his backup group during his early days, The Jordanaires.

    • I don’t know a ton about Elvis other than the things I have always hear in pop culture, but IMHO Elvis had a lot of what we would now call “street cred” to balance out his spiritual side. David has no street cred, especially after his mission. A lot of Christian artists look edgy even if they aren’t IMHO

  5. Whenever I see David’s performance of LMT on AI, I am reminded of the time I saw it. I was watching the show with my friend Don, a great guy, but very macho and very much a “man’s man”. Half way through the performance, Don had to leave the room, and I could tell that David was “getting to him” with his beautiful rendition and vulnerable, innocent, and frankly, adorable, persona. I sat hypnotized and mesmerized, and still believe it to be David’s best performance on AI. I love how David tweaked the melody to make it “his own”, something he does with every cover, yet still respecting the original melody and artist.

    • Oh bliss, I’m right there with you about David’s performance. When I watched it, yep pretty much was hypnotized and mesmerized, so, so beautiful.

    • Being a “girl”, I didn’t have to leave the room. I just let the tears roll. He was beautiful and remarkable. As I watch AI today, I have to say that David was one in a million. He didn’t need to scream to get attention, he didn’t have to perform all kinds of crazy runs. he just sang the music with the perfect enhancements, let his clear voice ring out, and mesmerized the audience.

      I miss that! (Patience, Marlie, patience.)

  6. I definitely liked David performance of an Elvis song better than Jena’s. Not a Jena fan at all but I am sure she will win as AI is going to make sure she does. 🙂

  7. I’d love to hear David sing LMT live! I caught Jena’s Elvis song last night … it was very good but I thought JLo’s praise was over the top. Re. Harry Connick, sometimes he seems smitten w/Keith Urban; how’s that for rumors. 😉

  8. I really had high hopes for Harry as a judge but he just is not as entertaining as I thought he would be. He can be funny but maybe he just tries too hard at times.

  9. OMG. Leonard proposed to Penny on Big Bang Theory. They’re engaged!!!!!!

  10. Peter, seriously, it’s a show on TV? I don’t have much time to watch TV but if you say it’s worth watching, I will check it out considering your great taste in music videos. 🙂

    Snooze time now!


  11. DAVID might be engaged for all we know. We are very much in the dark on all fronts. 😦 Someone anyone please prove me wrong!

    • Maybe that’s why he hasn’t tweeted for the last couple days. He’s out buying an engagement ring. That explains it lol.

      • wouldn’t be all that surprised if he does get married sooner then later.
        hope it translates to killer love songs

  12. they showed David on American Idol last night.. Homecoming the limo scene.

  13. I did see David last night on AI. It was nice to catch just a glimpse of him on TV.

  14. Mr.David A has been spending a lot quality time with his first real new girlfriend, he not been much focusing of his own music world, it the damn truth and everyone knows it and can see it!

    • Just exactly how do you know? What evidence do you have? I say good for David if this is true. He deserves a private life and a girlfriend. I just don’t know how you can possibly know this unless you are close to David. He certainly hasn’t let his fans know.

  15. Got that right Mr. Archuleta..get yourself fiscally ready for your next world tour, lol.

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 9m
    Exercise: something you never want to begin but always feel so great afterwards. Actually, How many things in life follow that pattern

  16. It not a secret, people can see what going on….. david don’t need to be up front about his first real new girlfriend because david knows it none of ours business but he can do what he want about his personal love life I really don’t care but he need to come clean about music on his part, he only recorded one song and when he has time to do a video blog soon, it not what people are gonna expect from him at all, It gonna be a shocker!

  17. Just wondering

    LOLOLOL! That’s all I can say!

  18. I don’t need to say nomore and maybe david should do to the taking!. No need for me to be here.

  19. Oh wait! ……………. Did u all know about this one?!?! ‘ ‘sources’ are saying David is planning to retire music in 2014. people already see this coming, not a shocker on my part!.

  20. Hmmm, beachgirl123, Thisisafact, Annoynimous – are you all the same person?

  21. Just wondering

    My guess……..yes.

  22. Please note: If u all want to know if david is really retiring from music, u know who go too, don’t ask me anymore on this. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend with yours mothers. Thank u all.

    • Retiring?? David is 23 years old and has been away from his career for over 2 years. I am waiting to hear when David is starting his music career. LOL. Although he has been away from his career for a long time. Too long IMO. I am not one of those fans that thinks David has a lot of money and is financially set for life. He needs to do something to pay the bills so why not do something that you like?

  23. Thisisafact, I love it when people, like you, say that you’re leaving a site and then immediately post after you say that, lol.

    Anyway, I love that David is exercising and tweeting about it. Th more I see tweets like this, the less concerned (not that I ever was) I am regarding David’s commitment to returning to singing and performing. The news of his “retirement” from music is about 50 years premature.

  24. bliss. maybe longer, how about Tony Bennett?

  25. I guess I will just have to add my 2 cents worth about what David is doing now.

    Actually David IS working on music. First, there was a tweet from David, excited tweet I might add, about writing a Spanish song. Then there was the photo of David with two other artists and correct me if I’m wrong, they looked like they were collaborating on music. Then another photo of David with another artist and Dean Kaelin, who happens to be, again correct me if I’m wrong, David’s vocal coach. And then, another photo of David with yet another artist which, correct me if I’m wrong, looked very much like David was SINGING something! David is telling us with photos that he is WORKING on music.

    The fact that he’s working IN Utah with LOCAL artists instead of in LA or Nashville collaborating with established artists may be why it seems like he’s not doing anyrthing. David has never been one to be unproductive. Music is not his hobbie, it’s the PROFESSION he has chosen and I’m sure he wants to earn a good living doing it. Unfortunately, like any business, it takes money to make money and in David’s case, he may not have a lot of options or the finances to work with the top people in the industry at this particular time so like any smart business man, he is doing what he needs to do now, starting over slowly, rebuilding or adding to that foundation.

    Whether he has a girlfriend or not really is neither here nor there but so what if he does? I don’t understand why any fan would begrudge David having a partner he can share his hopes & dreams with, to know how it really feels to be in love with someone who is not his mom or sisters. He will at some point follow the dictates of his religion, marry & have a family, IMO. However, David will work hard to have his career established first. Of that I am sure.

    • Very good analysis, and a good antidote to the bothersome rumors. Only one quibble: for most of us, getting a career established before marriage is a no-brainer, but I am assured by members of David’s religion, that it’s not always customary.

      • (LDS friends say that getting your education and career established are best done working together as a married couple).

    • Some good points there Ya Ya Blue. David options may very well be limited right now but I still think he should think about living in LA or Nashville or NYC at least part-time to have those needed connections. Maybe he will. David is young and single and has no children so now is the time for him to not just be based in Utah. But at the end of the day he is going to do what he wants to do.

  26. Ya Ya Blue, Very well said!

  27. cc halo, true about the LDS’ theory about marrying & working together as a couple. However, I think that philosophy has changed somewhat in recent years. Of course, I may be totally wrong and David may be married by this time next year, established career or not.

    Marie, I agree he should connect or reconnect with those he previously worked with or new people preferably in LA or better yet, Nashville. However, his financial situation may be a factor at this time. Established song writers, producers, (and studio time) in the big music meccas don’t come cheap especially if there’s no guarantee of a return for their expertise & time and more importantly if there’s no backup by a label. This is where David is at this time and may be the reason he’s doing what he can locally. We have to remember he was able to record & release BEGIN in Utah in a very short time before he left. The difference now is he understandably wants original material which takes time. Would I be satisfied with an EP rather than a full album. YES, I would and I hope that’s what he’s working on unless he adds some great new covers along with original songs for an album. It can easily be done in Utah.

    The one thing I can’t figure out is WHO, if anyone, is helping him now? Not Gina & not Kari, so who?
    Does he really have a “Team” who has his back? If so, who are they? Does anyone know?

    Potluck8, 🙂

    • Well Ya Ya Blue that is a very good question. idk. Kari is on tour with JT. I don’t get what Gina is doing for David but she doesn’t get paid if he doesn’t for performances, ect.. I don’t know if he can afford to have a team at this point. peter -Who is the guy in the selfie with David? A guitarist in a band in Utah? I do like that David is out there taking selfies. 🙂

    • On April 28, he writes:

      Do you guys like secrets? Because I have one and I’m not saying anything…yet….

  28. Marie I read on FOD that it was of someone’s brother at his work. The question is what kind of job does this guy have? is David looking for a job?, lol, only joking!!

    Ya Ya blue,My vote would be for EP to be released this year.

    I have no doubt that David is working on music. What kind of music, for what project and when will we hear it, that’s the questions, lol.

    I might be completely off on this, but I think that maybe he might have some real good connections still going with someone in the Latin music community that would help him get going on that market. Maybe wishful thinking, lol

  29. Hmmmmmmm?

    Interesting. The guy on the “selfie” with David is member of a band called Northshore from Sandy Utah. His name is Nic Calacino. May mean nothing or may mean David is scoping bands in Utah. I just don’t think much of what David is doing now is coincidence. Everything he is doing, everyone he is coming in contact with is for a reason and with a goal in mind. IMO.

    • (This was supposed to appear here.)

      On April 28, he writes:

      Do you guys like secrets? Because I have one and I’m not saying anything…yet….

  30. Dang, stomping feet, I want the band he had for MKOC tour, hahahaha!!!!! Oh, BTW, want a tour, hahaha!!

  31. I have a feeling that whatever David is doing as far as music goes, he is doing by himself. I just hope that he is able to work with people and hire people that equal his talent.
    IMO, it’s been a problem with David at times during his career.
    You could be the most phenomenal singer in the world, but if everyone around you are just ok, it just doesn’t work.

  32. Nothing much going on there on Northshore Band’s Facebook. So who knows what the deal is there. I’m hoping the selfie photo was actually the result of a chance meeting with David because the band doesn’t even have an example of their music posted. Not good enough for David. IMO.

    It’s sad & pretty heartbreaking and something I never would have imagined David having to do is to start over which is what he’s doing. He is working and I’m sure doing the best he can with what’s feasible & available locally for him.

    Another option was thrown out there before & right after he returned which was for David to “open” for another artist. It may a very good option if David accepted & was open to it & if would even be a possibility for him. After all, David has technically “opened” on tour for another artist only once. Other than that tour, David has always been “the boss” & called the shots. David as a co-headliner, yes, but as an “opener”, I just don’t know. Doesn’t sound right somehow.

  33. Something happened to my name on my previous comment. lol

    Must be time for sleep.


  34. That guy met David today while he was at work. He works at Guitar Center in SLC. I doubt David is working with him or his band — much more likely that D was just shopping.

  35. Yay David ww trended! I hope David was buying a guitar from Nick for his next tour and maybe strum some Spanish songs on it.

    • Me too! Thanks for all the investigating work to find out about about Nic and where he worked. There was also a tweet from the woman who designed David’s last two album covers that David had sent her a message. Here’s hoping he’s asking her to design another album cover. Could be for a single or EP. David is definately doing things related to music.

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