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It’s been a while since I’ve issued a poll, but I was curious to see what your thoughts are concerning David’s engagement with social media.

So, please take my latest poll! 🙂


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  1. I’m kinda liking the song. Apparently it was written by Stephanie Mabey and was on her album that was released in 2012. She’s the one who was in the music pic with David on Instagram the other day along with the Dustin guy. Here’s the version from her album:

    I see from the comments on that video that it was also used on MTV’s show Jersey Shore at some point. I’d be interested to hear David’s take on it. Someone said his was a bit more uptempo in rhythm?

  2. It’s kind making sense that’s what he was talking about having some things lined up when he returned might be this and of course, Call to Serve. Not saying it’s bad, just thought when he said that, it might of been more career related.

  3. I am kind of surprised that David doesn’t support more worthy social/humanitarian causes on twitter. Maybe he will eventually instead of so many religious tweets. That just makes more sense to me. hg- did a very thoughtful and well written post regarding the Nigerian girls that were kidnapped by terrorists. Many celebrities and politicians like Hillary Clinton are supporting the cause to find the girls with #BringBackOurGirls on twitter. I don’t have twitter but if I did I would support that worthy cause.

  4. Ali ha has my vote.. would love to see David cover that one!

  5. I like the Zombie Song . lol.

  6. The song is very nice, and in David’s hands, would sound and feel 100x better.

  7. Watching AI. Caleb(the rocker guy) just killed it singing Maybe I’m Amazed. To me he is the only one that really knows how to perform on the show this year.

    • Too bad he’s such an incredible jerk.

    • My prediction for AI this season-Jena will win as AI already has it programmed for her to win. So manipulative. I just don’t like Jena for some reason. Caleb will be runner up. Doesn’t matter as I don’t see any of their careers going that far. Just the way it is as AI is already on to the next season’s auditions. lol.

  8. Brogan Kelby ‏@BroganKelby · 9m
    @davidarchie and I jammin’ in the studio. http://fb.me/6xXIaH6eS

  9. Cute pic. I like David’s jean jacket. 🙂

  10. And I like Brogan’s tattoos. 🙂

  11. OMG, David is in the same room with someone with a tattoo!! Now that I think of it, one tattoo could get David all the cred he needs with his much needed young guy demographic, and it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) than getting married, lol.

  12. bliss-That is funny. lol.

  13. ha well Mike K has tattoos..
    love the pic and hope there is a recording and they post it!! 🙂

  14. CQ and Marie, glad to be of service.

    HG, how about this for the next poll question, What tattoo would you like to see on David, and where on his body should it be (G-rated ,of course)?

  15. lol, bliss. I’m for him not getting married! at least not yet. Tattoo would be much better 🙂

    idk, who this guy is but I do like his music. Nice kind of vibe for David.

  16. Brogan Kelby Outer Space

    well now.. don’t mind this kid at all.
    will be interesting to see what they come up with

  17. I’ve seen Mick Jagger (up close, it ain’t pretty), I’ve rocked out to Mick Jagger… David, you do a’ight onstage, and I’mma let you finish, but dude, you ain’t no Mick Jagger *wink*

  18. Beaucefus, You are kidding, right?

  19. The wink is a clue.

  20. The one thing that I find kind of sad right now is that diehard fans that stuck around while he was away, now have decided to leave. Also the energy that I used to feel from fans of excitement is kind of deflated a bit. Again so surprised because I thought (again silly me, lol) all would be so excited and energized, but well, it is what it is…

    Glad he is working on music and just hope that whatever he records is high quality that meets with his high quality voice. Brogan is ok, but I still think he will benefit from David working with him more than David will.

    • IMO, there’s no energy from David at the moment.

    • I had over estimated what David would do when he returned as I think other fans had as well. When Kari tweeted “the best is yet to come” I thought they had held back a single that David would release when he returned and he would start touring. Silly me- there was the program about his mission and now nothing. We are in the waiting mode again. Clearly David needs time and is behaving like the normal artist in that he is writing music and jamming. So we discuss his Instagram pictures. It is what it is but so far there is no music. Some fans are disappointed as their expectations were too high like mine. I have adjusted to the reality.

      • Yes grammyj what the heck did that mean ‘the best is yet to come’. Maybe she was talking about 3 or 4 years from now, lol. Patience fans hang in there for a few more years, when David is good and ready he will give you a crumb, lol.

        Peter, I kind of agree. I think he has plenty of energy as far as his private life goes and I’m happy for him in that aspect. I guess that looking at him right now, really very confusing as to where he is going with music…seems like he is all over the place, imo, no true direction. It is hard to really see what he really is up to musically, but so far, hum, don’t know. Once again I have to ask the question, has top notch writers, etc no longer want to work with him or is it him that would rather work with only local talent? Now I’m not saying that Utah doesn’t have good talent, I’m just saying why he isn’t expanding himself like he did before.

  21. instant street cred.. great CD. would imagine that takes time no?

  22. I know I’m in the minority on this site but I am excited about the possibilities. I don’t talk about it much here because tbh that’s not the vibe of the comments here.

    Yes yes I know someone will tell me to face “reality” but being optimistic about what could happen is just as viable as being pessimistic. I don’t have some inside track or knowledge of what the plans are but to me the fact that he’s working on music and has been for a while and he’s only been home for 6 weeks — that to me is a good thing. The fact he still has Gina and Kari working for him is a good thing. The fact that he’s engaging more with social media is a good thing. I know fans are ready for something to happen now…me too…but part of that is we’ve been waiting over 2 years for David to be back and working on his career again. He’s only been home for a month and a half. It skews the way we see things, imo, because to us it’s not just a month and a half. It’s hard to keep that in mind but it’s something important to remember.

    Obviously everyone sees this through a different lens but I just wanted to offer my take on it. I know there are many who don’t see it the way I do but also comments on fansites don’t necessarily gauge the feeling of the fanbase as a whole.

    • Ali, thanks for your optimism. Like I said, I had overestimated what Daid could do and thought his team had a plan for a triumphant return. It’s my problem, not David’s. Before his mission he really worked too hard. Now he is working like the usual artist would. I do enjoy his Instagram and tweets. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for new music. Hope he releases a single or EP. I don’t want to wait for him to write enough songs for an album.

  23. My patience is definitely being challenged. LOL

    It was okay that most sites had to post “oldies but goodies” while David was gone, but now, I hate to think of posting oldies. And the material from Twitter and Instagram is not particularly story-worthy. I’m kind of glad my work is keeping me so busy right now. At least that is my excuse for not updating TDC.

    I think JR’s work is keeping her “at work” now as well, so ….

    I’m trying to keep my own spirits up with the idea that he does need more than 6 weeks to pull something together.

  24. Just wondering

    I miss 2009 TBH…when he really cared about making music and keeping in touch with his fans. He just doesn’t seem like he cares as much for his fans. Why the distance and secrecy? I just don’t get it. Maybe this isn’t a priority to him like it was going to be pre-mission. Maybe school is becoming more of a reality than just a “rumor”.

  25. a pessimist sees the difficultry in every 0pp0rtunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty

  26. part of being optimistic is keeping one,s head pointed toward the sun,one,s feet moving forward

  27. You’r so right rooster!

  28. Rooster, you are wise. In my experience, pessimists always see their “disappointment” and “impatience” as “realistic”, while optimists are viewed by pessimists as “pie in the sky”, “gullible”, or “naive”.

    IMO, being realistic means assessing the information at hand and drawing reasonable conclusions. I may be optimistic about David , but I don’t think I am a “cockeyed optimist”. David was away from everything he knew for 2 years. He’s been back for a little over a month. He has communicated with his fans through social media numerous times, including showing “proof” that he is working on music. To conclude that something is “wrong” with David’s attitude or commitment to music and his fans is simply not supported by the evidence.

    No one wants to hear David and see David more than I do. I love him and his music, and I miss both. He is transitioning out of his Mission back into the secular world at a pace that is comfortable to him. I wish it was a faster pace too, but it is what it is. The sky is not falling. The time to panic is not now (or probably ever), and the time to turn on David is never.

  29. looking forward to hearing what David is working on.. especially now that it seems he is trying to write what he feels is him now and working with young writers.

    where his fans are concerned I guess if you were more into what he looked like and maybe how friendly he was then his music or his voice there may be an issue but hoping this is just a temporary thing where he gets used to being home more and being just a regular guy and not a missionary.

  30. dreamerjulie

    We are not, nor should we be privy to every musical connection he is making. We simply do not really know how much time he is spending working on music, nor does he owe it to any of us to tell us at this time. To Ali’s point, for us, it seems like he should have something out there since it’s been over 2 years since he’s put out anything truly substantive. But, we must remember, he was not focusing on anything career related for those two years. Unlike other artists who may take a 2 year sabbatical but would be working on music during that time. David is just now getting back into the music world, feeling his way around. I would much rather him take his time and put out something of quality rather than do a rush job just to get something out there.

    As far as reconnecting with fans, he’s just getting reconnected with family, friends and musical connections. I think he will reconnect with us when he feels he has something to share with his fans. I’m thinking a vlog with his mission still front and center in his mind may offend too many, as he would probably have a hard time not talking about it and how awesome and amazing for him it was. Let him distance himself a little more from the mission, and I think we will get more of “David the musician” instead of “Elder Archuleta the missionary.”

    • Anon (the other one)

      Dreamerjulie, I agree. For us, it’s been two years and six weeks. (A very long time) For him, it’s only been 6 weeks. (Not much time at all)

      What you said about his vlog also rings true. I understand why it would be difficult for him right now. I would prefer he wait until he has something to talk about besides his mission before he vlogs. Not because I have anything against his religion, because I want to hear about his music. That’s why I’m here.

      What I really want to know is his musical direction. That is key for me. Like you, I hope for quality over speed. I’d rather he put out something worthy of his voice. I wouldn’t even mind if the first video we see of him is a Music Video for his first song. That would make me a happy fan.

      For now, I’m in “sit-and-wait” mode, enjoying the conversation and speculation until we know more.

  31. Just wondering

    All I am saying is, when an artist takes a pic and shares it on Facebook or twitter, why can’t he retweet that as well? He used to. In fact, he did just do that not too long ago. But he has yet to have done that with Brogan. It just almost looks like to me that he is not excited about what he is working on. He used to be thrilled with writing and tell us about everyday. He tweeted more when he got back from his mission than he has lately.

  32. Just wondering

    I just miss all the rambling he did with his vlogs too. I want to hear about music too, but it goes deeper than that for me. I am interested in it all. Although I know he won’t talk about his mission. That is too private and personal for him. He will never share that with his fan base.

  33. I no longer expect the level of communication he used to have with fans. That was a teenager’s enthusiasm and frankly if we are honest, it was way too much. We got royally spoiled. Not many artists engage with their fans that much.

    All that being said, someone on his team has to know that it isn’t easy on this side either, even if he doesn’t realize it. I think a short vlog or even a blog would do wonders. Just say, “Hey guys, I am working on reconnecting with family and friends at this time. I am working with people to find the best direction for me. I am still interested in bringing you all the best music I can. Hang in there with me while I figure it all out. It is going to take a while.”

    Just a few sentences like that would quiet the fans down for months, I guarantee. And really how hard would that be to vlog or blog? That is why fans are wondering just what he wants. Because it would be so easy to allay any concerns fans have and he hasn’t done it.

    • Soul Newbie– I wholeheartedly agree. For those of us who stuck around for the past two years, its been especially hard to see him return and have little to no communication with his fans. I suspect we were spoiled by David prior to his departure with this daily tweets and frequent vlogs. But now we are to the extreme– nothing . His fan sites are posting the same stuff we’ve been seeing for over two years now so how can anyone expect excitement? Quite frankly, his behavior and what appears to be total apathy to how his fans are feeling is quite hurtful. I agree he needs to send a message or something to let us know he still cares and is working on things to put his career back in place— or— cut us loose. I have been a very loyal fan of his since AI 2008. I attended all his concerts that were within a reasonable distance from where I live, purchased multiple copies of his albums and have been with him all the way. At this point however, I have to admit I’ve begun pulling back from listening to his music and obsessing over his videos on YouTube as I am protecting myself from feeling the way I did when he dropped the news of his mission on us. I am afraid his silence means he is contemplating or has decided to leave his career and pursue a life serving the Church. That would be devastated by this so trying to wean myself off him. In my mind and heart though, I am not gone and know I would jump right back into my ODD he just gave us a sign that he’s back in to stay. I

  34. Just wondering

    Exactly soul newbie! That would do wonders for all the fans. I do agree, we did get a tad bit spoiled. But just a few lines would settle any anxiety that I have at the moment.

  35. Just wondering

    I wish he would do a small twitter party too.

    • If he reads his twitter messages he knows we are dying for a vlog. Not sure why he hasn’t done one since the first short videos he did when he got back. He even went to see Shay Carl who does a video everyday. After he went to see him I thought we would get more communication from David instead of less.

      • Just wondering

        That is another thing that I have noticed. It’s like communication is diminishing instead of increasing.

      • Just wondering

        I think he reads his messages too. He has made a comment to someone since he has been back. Although that wasn’t long after he got back either.

      • Maybe he’s so busy recording and getting videos ready to post to his you-tube channel that he hasn’t had time to tweet. Here’s hoping I’m right. I know patience is the word of the day, of the month but hopefully not of the year.

  36. Just wondering

    Lolol let’s hope it isn’t for the year. I did notice the last vlog he did, there were several edits. I think he records, doesn’t like something, then starts back. Or just takes something out. Lol we just want something!!!

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