Seeing David Differently


I’m kind of liking this new look. 🙂 For someone who’s been away for two years, David is adapting quite well to the new social media tools available.


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  1. One thing that I was looking forward to was a vlog from David. Now not so much. I’m thinking if he did one it wouldn’t be about music. Lots of fans are seeing how wonderful the new David is, but I still don’t even know how to react. lol, still hanging on because his voice is that good and I so am hopeful that he writes, records quality that match his voice…if those two ever match up, man, then we’re talking magic.

  2. Peter, thanks for that video. That nice guy demystified what Mormon Underwear is, and explained it in a clear and engaging manner.

    I’ve never personally known a Mormon in my life, but I’ll say this. Every single Mormon that I see or hear speaking is a warmhearted, soft spoken, sincere person, without sarcasm, cynicism or unpleasantness. As my Jewish grandmother would say, “they are a pleasure”. David has all of these qualities, and they are all wonderful qualities. I may not be a believer of Mormon teaching, but the folks who are believers are some of the nicest people I have ever seen, and I’m glad that David Archuleta is one of them.

    • You got that right bliss, I don’t have to believe in Mormon teaching to like David the singing artist. You are right about nice people. I don’t know anyone personally, but from the people that I interacted with here in the fan sites and of course, David, very nice. But like every other group of people, I’m sure there are some that might not fit that description, lol

  3. This whole tattoo thing seems pretty self absorbed and pretentious to me. It’s like the person is saying “I know I’m not interesting enough to hold your attention, so I’ll paint some pictures on my body, and I’ll do it in indelible ink to prove that I really mean it. Have you seen some of these guys with tattoos over 90% of their bodies? Is that supposed to make them look masculine? I hope not, because it has the exact opposite effect.

    Whatever happened to just being a person, without all the distractions and attention grabbing? This is what David hates about the entertainment business. It’s no longer about talent. One look at what these megastars look like today is enough to make David head for the hills. David will never get a tattoo because he knows it’s B***S***.

    • I’m curious bliss, did David tell you personally that’s what he hates about the entertainment business because it’s no longer about talent?

      Btw, I’m not a fan of some tattoos, but I don’t believe that tattoos define the character of a person. Actually, now a days, a young adult without some tattoo might be the one that stands out, lol.

  4. CQ, I’m really not one of these older folks that thinks that everything about the good old days were better (except the music, which was so much much better it’s not even funny) However, when it comes to tattoos, I think it’s symptomatic of a larger problem. Back in the day, a person was liked or disliked on the basis of who they were, how they acted, and to a much lesser extent, how they looked. Today, those priorities are out the window, and I feel bad for the young folks growing up today. They need a hook, a schtick, something artificial to set them apart, or face total anonymity.

    Tattoos, for example, are an example of this cultural shift. I’m not talking about the cute little rose on a girl’s ankle. I’m talking about these guys who literally hide their entire persona behind a wall of tattoos. It’s almost as if their actual skin is the tattoo because there’s less of it than the tattoos. I wonder if there’s any conversation left after every tattoo has been examined and discussed. They might as well tattoo “I’m really very boring” on their forehead.

    Tattoos may not , as you say “define the character of a person”, but , IMO, it reveals a heck of a lot about how they feel about their inherent worth as a person.

    • Two things:

      1. I totally agree about the music in the good old days. Jeez, can anyone even come close to Pink Floyd or Emerson, Lake and Palmer?

      2. I’m not a fan of tattoos – I never thought about “I’m so boring I have to have a tattoo” LOL, but I just can’t imagine how they will look in the nursing home. (Is that the letter S or is the a misshapen L?) 🙂

  5. Bliss, I do agree with you regarding some that do get tattoos, but not all. I happen to think the human body is beautiful and to completely cover it in which it becomes unrecognizable is a shame. I do have a niece that had breast cancer and is a survivor. To celebrate and remind her of how blessed she was she had an inspirational word tattoo, to remind her everyday of how blessed she is, hum kind of like that young man was saying in that video that peter posted. So you see there is always different ways of looking at things.

    • CQ, yes, you’re right. I admit that I am coming from an older mind set, and I haven’t given the tattoo “thing” enough thought. Times change, as do social mores. I mean, when I was a kid, the notion that a man would wear an ear ring as still be thought of as a “man” was out of the question. Now, professional male athletes wear them all the time. When the Beatles hit the scene, their appearance was considered outrageous, yet if you watch them performing on the Ed Sullivan Show, they look, by today’s standards, conservative and clean cut.

      When it comes to tattoos, I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about, and it showed. Live and learn.

      • Yes bliss times change and social mores do and all organized religions need to catch up to the changes.

      • Bliss, when I was younger, the only people I knew with tattoos were Hell”s Angels.haha. Now it’s so common I don’t really think about it. However, I do know people who have tattoos and really regret the fact now that they’re older, cuz they’re not easy to remove. ( ouch!!) I know in the Old Testament the Jews are told not to deliberately mar their bodies with piercings and other types of markings. And in the New Testament the Christians are told that their body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so many Christians don’t tattoo for that reason. I love having pierced ears, but it took me a while to like them on men. Even today I don’t mind them on musicians, but don’t really care for them on men in general.

  6. SoulNewbie, you have right to your opinion as I have right to my opinion, I don’t agree with most of your comments & opinions, sorry to hear that you are annoy by D, Poor u .

    • ITA Bella. Comparing any fans site to the other is a No No. It only shows there is something wrong w/ the attitude. I’m entitled to my opinion. Get it!

  7. Holy moly, sometimes it’s very hard not to voice ones opinion, but I will refrain.

  8. Thank you DA and Bella for your opinions. We all have a right to them.

  9. I guess Enrique collaborated with Marco Antonio Solís instead of Elder A.:

  10. It amazes me how I still have such high hopes for David’s music career, although, David is doing a real good job of keeping that in check for me, lol.

    • btw, I have no doubt that he will do music, it’s my hope of what kind of career it will be that expectations are kept in check, lol.

  11. Can we all agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion? However, just because we voice an opinion does not mean that it can’t be challenged by someone else with another opinion. Also, although we are all entitled to our opinions, we are not entitled to our own facts. If I say, “the earth is flat”, and then say, it’s only my opinion which I’m entitled to have, it’s still wrong. I think it’s important to identify our views as opinions, because by not doing so, it sounds like the poster thinks what they are saying is a fact, and hence, not to be disputed. Rendering an opinion is a conversation starter, not a conversation ender. Whether that’s a fact or an opinion is strictly a matter of opinion, however lol.

    People do this all the time. They present their opinions as actual facts. You’ve heard some of them like ” Obama was born in Kenya, Global warming is a hoax, evolution is a lie, David Archuleta
    is giving up music, etc. All opinions, and silly ones, to boot.

    • IMO, you often present your opinions as actual facts.

      Here is a recent example:

      These “messages’ he is sending are his way of “letting the fans down slowly” and telling them that he is no longer a little boy who does what the “grown ups” want, and that he is his own man.

  12. CQ, when you say, “It amazes me how I still have such high hopes for David’s music career, although, David is doing a real good job of keeping that in check for me, lol.”

    IMO, your only problem is impatience. David has not been back long enough for anyone to “worry” about whether David has chosen another path. I’ll make a deal with you. If David hasn’t done anything, music-wise in, let’s say, 3 months, I’ll join you in a hand wringing party, and I’ll bring the wine. (but not the whine, lol)

    Hang in there. David will have a music career. Everything he has said, done, and tweeted since his return points to that. David is a singer. It’s what he does and who he is. He’ll do it again, and he’ll do it sooner than you think. Right now, that’s only my opinion. Watch David turn it into a fact.

  13. Ram, you say, “I sure hope David doesn’t take a page out of the Kirk Cameron playbook. Oh please not that.”

    Unfortunately, good ol’ Kirk is on the wrong side of history and basic human decency on the subject of gay marriage. I don’t know where David stands on this issue, or if he even has an opinion. We know how the Mormons feel about it, but the assumption that David is lock step with every Mormon policy and attitude is mere conjecture and unproven.

  14. bliss-I honestly hope that is true but right now- idk. I agree with cotton candy’s comment-He seems fanatical about his religion right now but that could change. Maybe David should go back to Silent Sunday with no tweets. lol. Just a random thought. Watching The Voice and DWTS tonight. I am looking forward to flipping the channel between both shows after a very long day at work. 🙂

  15. IMO, if you watch this broadcast, you will get a pretty good idea of where he stands.

    Of course, it is possible that David thinks Mr. Ballard is an “incredible man,” but disagrees with everything he says.

    • Of course I did not watch, but from your previous comment from you peter, I got the gist, so yes, I would prefer for David to think that Mr. Ballard is an incredible man but really disagree regarding that content of this sermon/talk. I say this because I do believe that David seems like he had and hoping still has a more open mind.

    • really nauseating……

    • I watched it Peter and it was very clear where Ballard stands on the issue. David could have no doubt about it and if he disagreed it seems he wouldn’t have been so quick to call him an “incredible man”. How could anyone think he is an incredible man unless they agree with his opinion as stated in the talk. Unless David does something in the near future to unequivocally prove that Ballard’s opinions are not his opinions, I cannot, in good conscience, continue to support his music career. I feel that strongly about this matter.

      • One more thing. Bigotry even practiced in a kind and loving way is still bigotry.

      • I truly understand you point HitandRun and I too feel as you, but I still want to see what David has in store for us as far as his music career goes. At this time, even if I don’t agree with David’s beliefs, I still want to try to keep those two separate. I still have hope for David.
        And btw, I totally agree about… Bigotry even practiced in a kind and loving way is still bigotry

  16. I had to fast forward through most of it but I sure did not agree with some of what I heard. This is what David himself sent a tweet out to watch. Are you kidding me. lol. Silent Sunday needs to return -JMHO.

  17. I’ve been travelling lately and not commenting, but I was thinking that some of the posters here who have worried about David returning only to do religious music, may actually have a point, despite getting a lot of flack over having that worry. Not that I think he’s planning to sing hymns and Sunday School songs, but that his new “way of seeing”, and his feeling “so different” will undoubtedly bring religious themes to his music. Nearly everyone who talks to him says that they talked about his mission (not a surprise), he finds his religious leaders incredible and inspiring, and he seems quite obsessed at this point–so naturally that would be the main subject of his work, I expect.

  18. I’m not a fan of tattoos, especially if my kids were to have them, lol, but I was interested to hear about Al Fox, a pretty blonde young woman with full sleeve tattoos, known as “The Tattooed Mormon”. She goes around giving inspirational talks about her baptism into Mormonism, and LDS folk apparently love to hear about her repentance and new life as a Mormon. She tells how people in Utah are frequently prejudiced by her tattoos, but learn not to be so judgemental through contact with her.

    Also, I think it was posted on FOD (or here?) but one of David’s highlights from his mission talk was that he approached a girl with piercings who ended up getting baptized and planned to become a missionary. So yes, a good Mormon wouldn’t get tattoos or piercings, but they love a good redemption story.

  19. Peter, in your latest cynical remark, you say, “Of course, it is possible that David thinks Mr. Ballard is an “incredible man,” but disagrees with everything he says.”

    No, of course David would not think Mr Ballard is “incredible” and yet disagree with everything he says. It’s obvious that David agrees with some, most, or all of what he says or he would not see fit to recommend that his fans watch the video.

    Frankly, with the exception of the predictable homophobia and pornophobia, I thought he had some interesting things to say. The stuff about modern technology and the lack of relating to each other in a personal way, etc, was insightful, if not profound. I mean, the man is 85 years old and he’s a Mormon. What did you think he was going to say? David respects him and wanted to share his speech. So what? This doesn’t make David “obsessed” with Mormonism. David isn’t a fanatic screaming religious babble like the guy I saw in Grand Central Station the other day.

    Speaking for myself, I can live with David having different views than mine on a whole range of issues, including gay marriage. I am a fan of David’s voice, his engaging personality, and the manner in which he relates to others. I’ve never heard David pass negative judgment on another human being’s lifestyle or choices, and until I do, I will assume he never will. His religion is, and never will be, any of my business, and I find the whole subject entirely beside the point.

    I still do not understand how anyone who finds David’s religion so offensive on so many levels can remain interested in him as a person or an artist. It’s a major part of who he is, and from all indications, will always be. If you can live with being constantly offended, I admire your stamina.

    • I mean, the man is 85 years old and he’s a Mormon. What did you think he was going to say?

      I had no expectations, but perhaps he could have sent a more empowering message to the young adults preparing for their adult life — instead of focusing so much on their sex lives and the importance of obedience?

      • Ok, I skimmed it. The topic concerning marriage as between a man and a woman, only, was last in his sermon/speech. I’m going to JUMP to assume David tweeted during the first part where he was discussing the use of social media by members to join the national discussion, related to their religion. (Which is what David seems to be doing). I will hope it was not during the last part because, geeez, talk about a controversial issue. I can’t believe David has changed that much to intentionally put that out there. I am a big believer in freedom of speech. I guess if the overt religious tweets get to place where I am offended, or anyone else, I know what to do. As an aside, just my opinion, David was way more effective setting a positive image for LDS, by his “persona”. blissclaimer I would like to see it dialed back. Best I can figure David feels he must have this platform for a reason. We know how humble he is. So he must feel like he should take advantage and promote something so important to him. The way I see it, is there is more than 1 road to Rome, forest for the trees and all that stuff.

      • rae – It was indeed during the first part that David tweeted the link. I click on it and watched a few minutes out of curiosity and the guy was talking about cell phones in church or something. Then he started talking about pornography and that was the last thing I heard before I headed out lol.

      • As a missionary who baptized people, David would have had to teach them the doctrine that was in the speech–that only opposite sex marriage relations are allowable. An obedient missionary wouldn’t have room for disagreement on that point, and David was widely lauded as an extremely obedient missionary.

      • I didn’t mean that I don’t necessarily think that David agrees with that stance of the church. I have absolutely no idea what he personally believes. I was agreeing with rae that the point he tweeted about the talk was discussing using social media…I think the point was that he wasn’t trying to make a statement about same sex marriage since that was discussed later on.

        I’m all whatever about it though because religion is religion. The majority of them do not agree with same sex marriage. I do. So there’s our line in the sand.

      • That’s true, Ali, and I do agree with rae and you–especially about this new tack being less effective. But I don’t think he had any regrets by the end of the speech–it is all pretty standard for an LDS message.

  20. Peter, religious leaders are never going to encourage young people to enjoy their sexuality. Religion hates sex, because it takes their flock’s attention away from the dogma they are trying to drum into their heads. They despise homosexuality because homosexuality does not result in reproduction/more believers. It’s bad for business They don’t want people enjoying sex, because, sex is more fun than religion, and always will be. So they make up lies about it, and try to shame people into denying their authentic selves.

    My question to these religious leaders is, If God gave mankind sexuality only to reproduce after marriage, why did he give men and women a sex drive years before they were supposed to use it? What’s the point of a 13 year old having a sex drive, when it is sinful to act on it until you’re ready to get married and start a family, 10 years later?

  21. Josh was amazing on the voice tonight. I loved this performance:

  22. Yes he did and regrets it. Josh is on Team Usher. I hope he wins. His main competition is Christina who has that you tube following but I think Josh is better.

  23. cotton candy

    well said bliss especially the sex part, lol! if david wants sex then yeah he better hurry up and get married. how did he make it to 23 and still be a virgin with all the opportunities and girls in love with him? amazing!

  24. I long ago gave up puzzling why the posters on this blog continued to follow a conservative Mormon when they so obviously dislike what he believes. And I long ago gave up trying to share the other side and to find any kind of open or tolerant dialogue. Bliss, you were my last hold out! You may not even remember, but it has been about a year and half since you and I had a twitter conversation and I still appreciate your kind remarks to me. You have been remarkably fair-minded about Mormonism while clearly not caring for what we believe. That is a rare quality.

    David tweeted that he was listening to a ‘dear friend’ give a talk. This dear friend happens to be a Mormon apostle and he gave a pretty standard Mormon apostle talk. In fact, he gave a fairly standard religious inspirational talk that much of the religious world, Christian or not, would be in agreement with. Just not very many posters on this particular blog.

    I totally understand that there are those who only follow artists who share their beliefs about social issues (or higher education :)). And I understand that this will exclude many of the former fans of David. This, of course, is really such a sad loss for those who can’t in “good conscience” support him anymore. But they have to follow their conscience just like David has to follow his. David will be just fine and will not lack for new fans who love his music, because he is simply brilliant. And he will be simply brilliant no matter what direction he ends up taking. For the record, tweeting about his real life, which includes LDS people and events, hardly seems like a sure-fire indication that he has now become obsessed with religion and will only sing religious songs.

    But if he does, they will be brilliant.

    And just because I can’t resist – in regards to the last comments about sex: “No one man, however brilliant or well-informed, can come in one lifetime to such fullness of understanding as to safely judge and dismiss customs or institutions of his society, for these are the wisdom of generations after centuries of experimentation in the laboratory of history. . . A youth boiling over with hormones will wonder why he should not give full freedom to his sexual desires; and if he is unchecked by custom, morals, or laws, he may ruin his life before he matures sufficiently to understand that sex is a river of fire that must be banked and cooled by a hundred restraints .” Will Durrant, Pulitzer Prize winner, historian and philosopher, reluctant atheist.

    • Julie, thank you for your point of view. You said:. A youth boiling over with hormones will wonder why he should not give full freedom to his sexual desires; and if he is unchecked by custom, morals, or laws, he may ruin his life before he matures sufficiently to understand that sex is a river of fire that must be banked and cooled by a hundred restraints .” Will Durrant, Pulitzer Prize winner, historian and philosopher, reluctant atheist.

      I do believe that should be kept in check and it’s up to parent to keep a good balance on their children’s lives do just that. The only thing that I totally disagree is when it’s preached that it’s shameful and sinful, which I didn’t get that from this historian and philosopher, reluctant atheist.

    • Personally, I cannot wait for David to start singing and performing again so we can focus on what brought us to him to begin with. David is such a great singer, as in really great. He’s also an enjoyable and uplifting person, and he’s had such a great and positive impact on my life. I’d really like to be sharing experiences of his performances and not discussing his religion, his sex life, or anything else that, to me, is a poor substitute for what makes David, well, David.

      I am not a fan of organized religion of any kind, but I am most certainly a fan of David Archuleta, and I respect his right to practice whatever he chooses to practice, whether it’s his religion, or the banjo. David would never hurt a fly, and as we’ve seen, squirrels come up to him in the park.

      David isn’t ready yet to reconnect with his fans, but when he is, I’ll be there to welcome him back with open arms.

    • Julee – My comment was not directed at Mormonism or at David for being a Mormon. I would feel the same if it was Baptist, Catholic, Judaism or any other organized religion. You’re probably correct when you say that most other religions would be in agreement with the talk David tweeted and the comments re same sex marriage. That’s only one of the reasons I don’t belong to or follow any organized religion. I don’t agree with much of anything they have to say about anything.

      I have lived to be 70 years old without ever before following or being the fan of any singer. I listened to music on the radio and didn’t buy much of my music mainly because I didn’t have the money to do so. I didn’t pay much attention to who was doing the singing. Coming across David on AI just happened to coincide with becoming more independent financially so for the first time I began to support a singer with a great voice who also seemed to be a very spiritual young man. I knew he was a Mormon but as I don’t follow organized religion I didn’t know much about their teachings. I, of course, learned some things over the years of following and supporting David, but they seemed separate from David so it wasn’t much of an issue. I was happy that he seemed to want to keep it that way. So, I was happy to support David in his dream of being a professional singer to the extent that my finances allowed it. I have not been happy since David’s return at what seemed to be his willingness to put his religion so much in the forefront, but I sort of adopted a wait and see attitude. I was shocked though when he tweeted the speech, talk, sermon or whatever it was when I listened to it and Ballard said what he said. It seemed that David also supported that issue or he would not have tweeted the link. Again, this is not a Mormon issue for me. It is a religion issue. God should never be used to hurt or alienate any group of people. That is my opinion. I try to be a spiritual person, but not a religious person. It just so happens that David is Mormon. He could be any religion and my feelings would be the same because I feel the same about all of them. If it turns out that he does agree with the church’s teachings about same sex marriage then I cannot in good conscience continue to support his career and my foray into supporting a singer and his dream will come to an end. It was never my intention to insult the Mormon religion any more than any other religion.

      • I Agree-HitAndRun

      • Hit and Run thank you for your explanation. I really didn’t feel like you in particular were insulting Mormonism. I just feel sad that fans withdraw their support from a gifted artist, no matter the reason, but as I said, we all have to do what we feel is right.

  25. Now THIS is inspiring to me:

  26. great song.. guess David won’t be touring with Sara any time soon.

  27. As others have put much more eloquently than I ever could, it’s not about a particular religion. I believe in freedom of thought and speech. David has every right to put it out there as he sees fit. I have every right to be disappointed. David is the one pushing his agenda, we are simply reacting. I knew full well that David was LDS when I started following him. What I most admired about him was that he was clearly spiritual and indeed very religious but he seemed to be accepting of all. By tweeting this speech (I apologize if speech is not the correct word) he is showing a less accepting side. It’s a fact. He should have removed the tweet if he didn’t agree with the entire speech IMHO. He may have been in a bubble for the last 2 years but he has to be at least somewhat aware of his church’s hot buttons.

  28. david need to STOP posting religion tweets,people really dont care sorry! he need bring new music tweets to the table or maybe he just really dont care!?.

  29. dreamerjulie

    I happen to be a devout Catholic, although I slip at times as I am only human and a sinner. I love my faith to the depths of my soul. My faith in God and my religion have gotten me through so much in my life. Having said that, I have friends who do not have the same or even remotely close to the same views as I do, and I still consider them good friends, and they respect my views. They are considerate in the language they use around me and are respectful of my beliefs. Conversely, I respect how they feel, although I will always stand up for my beliefs and will never stop trying to bring them, as what I see as, “into the light.” I don’t preach, but try instead to live by example,which, by the way, is far more difficult than just talking. I think that’s what David does, is live by example. I think that’s what he’s always done. IMO, he will not sing “religious” songs, but will choose songs that are wholesome just as he has always done. Thinking none have found anything that he’s sung so far as offensive, and I think that’s how he will continue to be. Don’t expect anything sexual from him, but that’s not to say he can’t sing something romantic. I

    As far as musical artists go, I try not to listen to those who are offensive or disrespectful with their language, at least the ones who use poor language for shock value only. I am a huge fan of the band Rush, who are an amalgam of beliefs. One is Christian, one is Jewish, and one is agnostic, leaning toward atheistic. I choose music that I like to listen to, not because of the beliefs of the singers. Of course, having said that, I don’t care how great someone sings, if they are singing about something that I find completely offensive, then I would certainly choose not to listen to them. Also, if an artist were living a lifestyle that I feel is completely offensive, such as openly using drugs at concerts or being abusive either physically or verbally toward others, then I would not choose to follow them.

    • Respectfully, I was absolutely fine with David leading by example knowing full well his beliefs. He has now crossed into another realm IMHO. Also what is offensive to one may not be to another. For example, I find some Christian songs much more offensive to me than mildly sexual content but that’s just me. I appreciate your point of view. Lots of content to chew on.

  30. dreamerjulie

    Have more to say, especially about the Sara Bareilles video, but need to go help out at children’s school now.

  31. One thing I will say about having followed David’s career for all these years, it seems like we are always waiting for that other shoe to drop, lol. Sometimes we like where it lands, other times not so much, lol.

  32. i am getting the feeling david just dont want to do music anymore, getting sick of it or just he is just doing it to pleased his fans? david need to say something more not less what going on with music because fans are getting tired of waiting, if does take longer to wait david mind well just give it up because the fans are not gonna take it anymore of this crap.

  33. i think david does care about music but not as much he did when he first started out. we dont know what going on with david’s head.

  34. So should we just go ahead and start scheduling a weekly meltdown now or ?


  35. I just realized I’m treating David the same way I treat my mother when she sounds off with her Fox News talking points. Ignore ignore ignore. lol I haven’t clicked any of those links he’s tweeted.

    Kim, you said “David won’t be touring with Sara any time soon”. I think he would. My concern is, who will want to tour with him in this liberal industry he’s in if he keeps up these type of tweets? I get it. He’s gotta do what feels right to him, but it can only make things harder for him, no? Just a guess.

    So that’s my mini backpedal on my previous comment about him not trying to please everyone. I was talking about him not feeling obliged to tweet all the time, not the religious tweets.

    • Astrid that is what I meant.. would she pick him? would think the bigger artist gets to choose who they want as their support.

      • Yes, you’re right. One look at his timeline…. This new music better be somethin’ else.

  36. i dont think kari and gina dont work with david anymore if he isnt doing much music?

  37. Astrid, I was kind of curious about fans. What I mean as you said by the look of his timeline, new music better be something else (of course I totally agree, bring it David we are all ready to be WOW’D), but is interest still high for him. I say this because I don’t do any of the social media, so I don’t know except what I read in fansites, lol.

  38. cq, I’m not on twitter as much as I used to be pre-mission. I have noticed some of the diehards have yet to return, but I’m hoping new music will bring them back.

    I think lots of people, in general, remember David. There are always the random “what happened to David Archuleta” questions. Archie’s being such devoted fans, always reply. Of course, these people have no idea about the amount of music David has put out.

    I remember chatting with a fan at his book signing in NJ. This was back in 2010? She had no idea David had been back to perform twice since the Idols tour. As usual, we’ll have to wait and see if he’ll get the promotion his talent deserves.

    His Instagram account has 19k followers right now. Not bad at all. A good amount of comments, too.

    • some diehard fans have yet to come back.. even have seen some leave recently.

      • Kimak, kind really sad to see because, like you, I believe David has such a phenomenal talent and should be heard by a huge number of people all over the world. I still am keeping my hopes up that David still has the passion it’s going to take to re-start his music career. Imo, he need promo to reinvent himself and have a big number of people stand up and take notice.

        That passion that David had for a music career is what most fans want to feel again. I know he has tweets something regarding music (very happy with that), but I for one still have not gotten that supper excited to be back doing music from him yet. Patience/wait, patience/wait!!!! If David wants a music career, I just hope that he has someone advising him on what is the best way to get back on track.

        As far as the last tweet link to a sermon/talk, I of course, know that is his choice to do whatever he wants, but still. I kind compare that to as a consumer going to a business to buy a product (David’s music) and before I buy the product, I would be given pamphlet, videos, etc of that’s company’s owner religious beliefs. That’s the way I see it, but that’s just me. I just think that mixing business with your private life is just not right, put only how I feel, not a fact.

        Right now, us remaining fans are just hanging by a thread, but still a strong thread, lol.

      • Good point, cq.

  39. IMO, the overwhelming majority of the fans that David had pre- Mission are people that loved David and his music but put their fandom on hold waiting for him to return. The same thing happened in the late ’50s with Elvis. He went into the army for 2 years, very little was seen or heard from him and people went about their business. When he came back and started releasing new music, his popularity resumed, and the rest is history. I don’t remember how long it took after he returned to release new songs, but my guess is that it was a few months. No one complained about his army crew cut or anything else about him.

    I realize that the world has changed dramatically, but there are some similarities. Elvis was also very religious, and ironically, his only Grammy award was for a faith based album.

    Until David actually starts singing, recording and performing, I believe it is impossible to determine the depth of his fan support. I believe he will rekindle some dormant support and, if the music resonates, he will pick up a boatload of new fans.

    Kimak, IMO, any person who has given up on David is not, by definition, a “die hard fan”. The whole idea of being a die hard fan is that you hang in there in through thick and thin. Right now, things are a bit on the thin side, but they can thicken up at a moment’s notice.

    • one particular fan even removed their David videos.. ok you don’t like what is going on fine but why punish the fans. we didn’t do anything.

  40. Many people believe that the post-military Elvis was never the same artistically or creatively as before. The period after his return was dominated by his critically panned Hollywood acting career. Not that that means anything, just fyi.

    A couple of comments have objected to the word “obsessed”. I’m not sure if it’s from my comment above, but if so, I should clarify that I wasn’t talking about him being obsessed with religion as a negative thing, I was just using that word to say that he’s probably super-focused on it, like I might say I’m obsessed with chocolate, or with “The Amazing Race”.

    Also, I didn’t mean that I think his new music will be overtly religious, but that since artists use their own lives as inspiration for their creativity, I’m sure that his lyrics will have meanings that resonate with his activities of the last two years. He said that “BEGIN. ” was about his decision to go on a mission, though you really had to think about those songs in that context to get what he meant by that. I think that his sound and his voice will probably be spectacular.

  41. Now that is a cute picture that David posted.

    I made a pizza!

    A post shared by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on

  42. OK for some reason the pic does not show when I posted it. OK- cc halo(my tech adviser)- Why? lol.

  43. I was able to open it Marie. So cute. So glad you can make pizza, but could you make music instead, hahahaha!!!! just joking!

  44. let me see if this works:

    I made a pizza!

    A post shared by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on

  45. CCHalo, I agree about Elvis. Those movies that Col. Parker had him do, post army, were big box office, but artistically, shall we say, dreck.. (“Viva Las Vegas” wasn’t all that bad) Musically, he had a number of big hits, but nothing compared to his hey day from ’56-’59. His “comeback”, starting in in ’68 was significant, though, with songs like “Suspicious Minds, “In the Ghetto” , “Burning Love”, etc.

    It is noteworthy that Elvis’ mega career began when he was about the age that David is now. David has Elvis’ voice, his looks, and his “X” factor. Elvis was not well received by the music establishment for many reasons. He had relentless management, though. I wonder what the good Colonel would do with David if he was his Manager.

    • I wonder if there was something about being in the military and it’s mindset that impacted Elvis’ creativity. It certainly didn’t encourage his rebellious attributes that were so attractive before.

      Marie, I don’t know anything about posting Instagram on blog comments, but I’ll try to experiment:

  46. CCHalo, I tried it but got “page not found”

    • It’s the same one Marie posted. I was just experimenting to see if I could get it to embed. I don’t think I’ve seen any embedded Instagrams on Blogspot comments, but would like to know if it’s possible.

  47. At least we don’t need to worry about him eating LOL

  48. Bliss, a question. Are you certain that, “No one complained about [Elvis’s] army crew cut or anything else about him”? I bet there were some fans eager to see him look like the Elvis who had left. Perhaps the news media didn’t make a fuss about it (I don’t know, I’m way too young) but that’s a pretty sweeping statement to make about everyone!

    I’ve never been a fan of Elvis–enjoy some of his stuff, appreciate his influence on the industry, but he never captured my energy. But I’m a big digital scrapbooker and I once made a David AI “Love Me Tender” page which included a small pic of Elvis. Even in that small pic, Elvis had so much of that “X” factor that I had to tone down his eyes about 4 times so that he didn’t grab all the attention from the David pics on the page. Elvis’s distinctive look just caught and held the eyes–it was almost eerie.

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