Invisible Girls

So, you all know one thing David loves apart from music is humanitarian efforts, especially linked to the LDS-supported Invisible Children. Well, today, I’m taking a page out of “What Would David Do?” (new category) and spread some awareness of the disappearance of 234 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped from their high school by the terrorist Al-Qaeda linked group Boko Haram back on April 14, 2014.  News reports now say the girls have “disappeared” into forced slavery and forced marriages, even trafficking them outside the borders of Nigeria.  If you’re just now hearing about this issue, it’s because CNN refused to cover the story, saying basically that “mass kidnappings of abducted girls in Nigeria isn’t shocking.”  Because, it’s more important to search for any little debris in the Indian Ocean for a plane-load of people presumed dead than it is to search for hundreds of school-aged girls who could still be alive but who could disappear forever in the global sex trafficking industry!

For more info: check out this Al Jazeera Story.

In the meantime, a mass rally in New York City is being planned for Saturday, and all folks are asked to wear Gele/Headwraps in solidarity and to raise awareness.  And, of course, as David would say: “Please keep these girls and their families in your thoughts and prayers.” #BringBackOurGirls (spread the word!)



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  1. I was just reading about this online this morning, HG. Such a tragedy. It’s hard to imagine in 2014 a place where that many people could be abducted at once and for that reason. I hope the girls are found and have a chance to continue their education. I will certainly spread the word in my area!

  2. Wonderful event! Wish I lived closer! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll help get the word out!

  3. Thank you for bringing some recognition to this story. I was reading about it on AOL this morning. If an event is held in my city I will be there. Any abuse of children in any way hits my hot button. Prayers to those affected.

  4. Thank you for bringing recognition to this tragedy and as soul newbie said any abuse of children in any way hits my hot button too. My thoughts and prayers go out to these beautiful children.

  5. I do know about this and am praying for these girls. My heart goes out to all ivictims of human trafficking. Thanks for posting about the event.

  6. Thank you for highlighting this issue, HG. We (in the US) are so lucky and sometimes so oblivious to the horrors that others in “far away” lands face. I saw this last week on Facebook on an Invisible Children post and was wondering why the mainstream media hadn’t as much as made a peep about it.

    Also, thank you for posting about the rally. I did not hear about it anywhere else. I wish I was close enough to go, but perhaps sending some money to Invisible Children will help them spread the word and get some help for those abducted little girls.

  7. Heard about that, is heartbreaking for thoses girls, it not right. Saw a pic that david is in the studio working, I don’t know if he is working on music or just visiting? We know that he was working on a Spanish song that all we know so far?

  8. I was reading about this the other day online. Sounds like a great event. Thanks for posting this hg. Of course the other high profile story that is capturing all the media attention is regarding the NBA LA Clippers owner-Donald Sterling.

  9. Hey some great David news. Just saw that David posted on twitter that he now has Instagram. That to me is a step in the right direction. Of course I do not even have twitter let alone instagram but I am an older fan. lol. 🙂 I think it is great that David is exploring the social media. I think he does have an interest in it which is good. After all he had twitter before it was even really that popular.

  10. Instagram and David in the studio! awesome! Lady V heading to LA in June. good times ahead!

    • Lady V heading L.A. For her book signing but I don’t think it has to do with working with david thought but I sure he and lady V will meet up.

  11. Brogan Kelby ‏@BroganKelby 1h
    It was great having David and Dean at the studio today. Two great and very talented people. #music #studio…

  12. Yipee, sounds like things are starting to hum!
    In the studio Brogan Kelby, Dean Kaelin and David..hum now isn’t Dean a vocal coach didn’t think he was involved in recordings, lol really doesn’t matter, just happy to have music news.

  13. Dean is a vocal coach. Very respected one. Brogan is cute. This is a link to his website. Have not listened to his music yet.

  14. if it true that david is working on music but he is going to college next fall, I guess he will do both at the same time.

  15. If dean is a vocal coach I guess david must be working on the Spanish song that all no other music.

  16. Thanks Peter. I like her voice. A lot.

  17. Thanks peter. Very talented. Love that picture of David working on music. Great to see.

  18. Sorry I’m late, HG. I just want to say it made me FURIOUS that CNN not covering the abduction in Nigeria was made into more of a news story than the actual abduction. What kind of navel-gazing was that? The story is shocking and heart-breaking.

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