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  1. I doubt Tyler Glenn is a practicing Mormon. I read his Rolling Stone interview. I find it kind of interesting that LDS leaders are supportive.

  2. Shanny in Australia

    Joymus said….”I could be wrong, but he seems less idk…gushy? over us, lol! , and sharing info because he feels he should, not because he wishes to – you know what I mean?”

    I actually feel it’s the opposite….that he is making sure he doesn’t feel obligated, ie, no vlog yet…and is only tweeting what and when he wants, ie, religious tweets sometimes, sometimes a few days without anything. Which I love, love, love because I think it’s healthier for him. And plus we know it’s something he wanted to share with us, rather than he was simply due to connect.

    • Shanny, I never thought that when he did vlog it seemed forced or that it seemed unhealthy. We had long times without vlogs, tweets etc. I always felt like he wanted to take us along. I guess I don’t understand how it’s healthier for him now, I just see it as different.

    • I totally agree. I am glad he doesn’t seem to feel compelled to tweet every day.

  3. Yes it true, he had already lost fans because of him going to college, not music and there were 3 tweets from people who go college where david is going and he already visited the campus couple of times, he was prolly there enrolled. I thought he was going this fall not next year but I believe he is going in late august of this year when school start.

  4. I think david will do vblog one more time and that it, just my guess.

  5. David is prolly dating a lot of girls everyday prolly why he is not tweeting lol!!!!! Just joking

  6. David should be the next Ricky Martin!! That will get the girls hype up lol!!!! They are both Latin guys!!!

  7. Did u just see a new pic of david wearing his sister’s glasses, he looked really good in them!! David should start wearing glasses for now on!

    • He probably needed to try out the glasses because he will be needing them when he starts his college classes lol. He could be starting as soon as this summer. Why wait for fall since he’s giving up music? He must be just writing music with others for fun. Same with keeping up on social media. Must just be for fun since he’s giving up music lol.

  8. This is MY song. When this song was leaked, my first thought was WOW David! Why didn’t this song make it on his first album? It’s different than anything I had heard by David, a smooth soulful R&B vocalization which David does so well. The production needed work, but the song could have been a hit as a single, IMO.

    • I love this song and yes, smooth soulful!!! Can you imagine how fabulous it would be with the right production. Love the choice of David pictures, too.

    • Senseless -Spot on right about this song. He could have been a hit with some production work.

  9. These personal tweets confuse me. Why is he doing this? Frankly I don’t need these, cute as they may be.

  10. Well, I know he’s joking about the glasses but I liked the glasses much more than the hair. WTH?? And yes I know his hair length does not define who he is as an artist and it should be no big deal, but dang, his hair used to be one of his best features! And lets be honest, his good looks added to his appeal. He’s a grown man now & “cute” doesn’t cut it anymore and neither do the “cute” pictures. I don’t have twitter but I can access David’s twitter responses from fans & of course they are all ooohing & aaahing giving him incentive to tweet more “cuteness”.

    Good night!

    • His hair is growing out from the super short cut he had on his mission. Some fans had thought before this picture that he had cut it again. It looks like he hasn’t from that picture. I think he is growing it back out. Again, time will tell.

      Tweets are a way artists use to keep the fans interested especially the younger fans. I love the tweets even though I’m not a younger fan. Of course, what we all want is new music and to hear David sing. Until then I hope David keeps the tweets and pictures coming.

      • Also David just signed up for Instagram which is a picture application so that’s why he is posting pictures. My favorite picture was the one with all the apple laptops working on music with two co-writers!

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