David Dream Sequence #38

Eight months ago. That was when I had my last David Dream. Until now.

I’m writing it down now because I fell asleep while watching Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel.

I dreamed that I was watching Kimmel’s show and, just before ending, he bought on a surprise guest performer.

None other than David Archuleta!

The audience erupted into screams. David came out on stage, looking taller, his voice sounding deeper.

I don’t remember what song he sang but I remember the conversation after, telling folks about preparing to take his rightful place as a “man heading his household.”

And then I woke up.

Wishful thinking, huh? Except that conservative-sounding David at the end.

Still, wasn’t there a time when Kimmel used to be a David Archuleta fan?



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  1. Oh that’s so funny, Hg. Heck it would be great if it was true, that would mean his career was smokin’.

  2. I know, right?

  3. Marie (from the previous thread):

    Haven’t been watching AI, but based on this video recap (Slezak is bearable when combined with Melinda), they just cannot let go of the manipulation (i.e. the judges are told what to say). Plus the guyliner makes Keith Urban seem even more fake. And Demi, of course, is the fakest of them all.

  4. Let’s try again:

    • peter-thanks for posting. Just got home from work. I really like Slezak and Melinda Doolittle recaps of AI on Reality Check. Very entertaining. They are spot on. I watch AI and they really have thrown Jessica under the bus. I do not know why as I think Jessica and Caleb are really the best vocalists. I do like Alex . They are pushing for Sam to be a ladies man which can be awkward. Kind of like someone else we know from S7. lol. I just am not a big fan of Jena-maybe it is because they are really pushing for her to win. I will watch tonight but am very aware of the manipulations.

  5. Good morning everyone 🙂 HG, I always find your dream sequences so interesting. I remember the one you had about David standing on the stage while his fans were slowly walking away. It was really disturbing because there seemed to be something so real about it. And then we got the announcement, and I thought, wow. It’s like you get some kind of vibe or intuition about what is going on in his mind or life. Anyway, I’m hoping that this latest dream means that David is working hard to restart his career as a mature and more confident young man. I’m excited about his future.

    • Wow, I don’t remember that dream! I do have a chronicle of them so will have to search the archive and see when I had it (you said around the time of his mission announcement?).

    • Several years ago, I actually had that dream you describe, lol. I used to worry myself sick about David and his career. His two years away was actually good for me; I needed to learn to let go a little.

  6. The last four tweets and that awesome re-tweet (loved his reply, dry sense of humor that I love), has given me hope (always had it, but as we all know that can waver, depending on the time of day, lol) that he is working on something for us fans. I know time will tell, but man, I sure hope I’m right about this one.

  7. HG, the dream was definitely before his announcement, maybe a year before. In it I believe you said that the fans were not angry, but were gradually walking away. And I think you said David was standing by himself. Perhaps I read this on a different site.

  8. Hmmmmm. Maybe it was MY dream. haha

  9. I’m pretty sure it was dream 32. It may have inspired my own dream because they’re kind of similar.(anxiety about D’s career ). I see good things going forward.

  10. I only wish I could dream about David, Never had that luck.

  11. Soul newbie, have you seen him in concert? That ‘s like a dream you don’t want to wake up from.

    • OO, yes, I have had the good fortune to see him live a couple times. It’s absolutely a dream you never want to end.

  12. Guillermo (of the Jimmy Kimmel Show) confronts David and Cook at the AMA’s. See 2:00, he speaks with Cook and then tells David he’s sexy. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, thanks for this, Desertrat. Dang, David was and still is, I’m sure, so charismatically charming.

      Oliveoil, I know you asked soul newbie about if she ever had seen David in concert, but let me chime in…..BOHO, I haven’t. I guess that is why my hopes for him to resume his music career are so high. I would love to see him on stage one day, of course, he could, do other things and not work on his career for a long while and still have a career down the line…..but you see, aside from the fact that I’m impatient, I’m also an older fan, so time a ticking, hehehe,

    • I think they also did a skit about MIC at some point (after the massage parlor incident, I think), or was it some other talk show? I remember there being a not-so-flattering skit.

      • Yep peter, I remember that one. He was a top story back then and he wasn’t immune to not-so-flattering skits as all stars at some point get. I think his innocence might of made him an even bigger target because of the incident.
        Wonder if he’s working on some music to give to us fans….I just refuse to believe that he isn’t doing something relating to his music career…hey, even if the college rumor is true, it’s not until the fall, right.

      • According to the tweet, it is in the fall of 2015.

      • That was a funny video- desertrat. Although-I do prefer Jimmy Fallon over Jimmy Kimmel. Yep peter- I remember that skit of David and his dad very well. It was not very nice for David at all. It was kind of mean spirited of Jimmy and not funny. I also remember this skit from Jimmy Kimmel-my favorite

      • Fall 2015 for college?

      • COOL peter, should give him plenty of time to get his career humming, lol.

      • OK-peter. Interesting. Jason Mraz is the mentor on AI tonight. He is a great choice for a mentor. So Talented. Is is just me or are Ryan and the rest of judges just trying to hard at times. lol.

      • I’m pretty sure she means that she’s going to college THIS fall. 2015 is too far ahead.

      • Yes cc I think that you are right. She means this fall.

      • It is interesting that only rumors you are hearing is about David going to college. No new music or tour or even going to the Philippines rumors. Gina is busy with Crystal’s tour in very small venues (wonder if those tickets are selling-bet not) and possibly Casey’s tour and Kari is busy touring with JT. I am sure they need to pay their bills and if David does not have appearances or a tour then they do not get paid. Just keeping it real. I continue to wonder how motivated and driven David is for his music career since his return from his mission. It is not enough for the fans to want it-he needs to. Shouldn’t he at least be based part-time in LA, Nashville or NYC to get his career really going?

      • The rumors about college are from the same old same old from before he mission. Maybe they’re true, maybe they’re not but the sources are always vague. David himself is the one who just said he’s writing music (e.g. one song finished with more to come), which indicates to me there is some kind of planning to do with his music career going on. Whether it’s fully formed, I have no idea.

        Btw Gina is not on tour with Crystal full time — she just traveled with them from LA to Provo. Crystal and the band continued on to Colorado yesterday morning and Gina flew back to LA from Salt Lake City last night. I would assume that she met with David since she was in SLC all day yesterday but that’s just an assumption.

  13. Desertrat, I’m really glad you remember having that dream. I was beginning to wonder if maybe I had the dream and was just confused.
    CQ, I believe we will get to see him in concert again. He said in his book that the connection he has with his fans while he performs is what keeps him going.Or something like that.

  14. I guess david will be doing some kind of music until end of this 2014 than stop take a break and getting ready go to college in 2015. Have a great night SD.


  16. I wonder it that I love music tweet was about the volin , not him going any type of music, sound more like it to me? David been quietly now, spending more time with that new blond girlfriend and practicing the volin for sure?

  17. Oh really he was! Whoop. I thought he was serious thinking of playing the volin.

  18. I like that video and the band. The song has a nice vibe to it.

  19. Marie @7:52, we know he is writing music and that he loves music, but yes, no music rumors. It would be nice to get some of those type of rumors, lol. I’m sure David wouldn’t have us hang around for another year or so with just that patience vlog, but then again what the heck do I know, lol. still waiting and hoping.

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