Celebrating 5 Years Later

Hey SD fans!

Five years ago, I launched this fan site called “Soul David: Beyond Disney Versions of David Archuleta.”

To say we’ve grown beyond my own expectations is an understatement.

Each anniversary of Soul David, I try to change things up, like adding a new banner or, two years ago I believe, changing the entire theme of the blog.

Well this 5th anniversary, I thought I would change the title and the perspective. We’re still all about “Soul David,” but it often feels like the focus of this fan site is more about the fans, sometimes, and what we care about: which is David, of course, and other aspects of the music scene.

So, since I’ve become accustomed to calling all the folks who hang here “Soul Davidians,” I thought: Why not just alter the title?

And, should David make a name for himself on the music scene (or not) we can still keep this site, not just as a “vigil” but as an informative site all around.

I will definitely think more about how the content might change (or not), but after 5 years (FIVE YEARS!!), some things will change (including David Archuleta himself).

Besides, I’ve moved on beyond concerns about the “Disney version” of David, or even the “soul” version of him, though I’m keeping the hope that “Soul David” (and his “soul” fans) will remain and/or return.

Thanks for your presence here after all these years (and for those of you just joining the fun: WELCOME!) 🙂


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  1. I don’t think david will be doing video blogs anymore, just my guess.

  2. Going to Crystal Bowersox’s virtual concert from Provo UT tonight via StageIt. Wouldn’t be surprised if David did a few like these. It should be a great experience. Wanted to see what it was like!

    I have all the confidence in David. He knows what he is doing. He is taking control. And just because we don’t know every little thing he is doing in his career doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. He is smart, gifted and I trust that the contacts he made before he left and the experience that he has had in the past several years will bring positive results.

    • Hum interesting I thought that show was cancelled according to peeps over at FOD.

      • I hate to mention it but I wonder if the ticket sales were low for Crystal. Just a guess. Too Bad.

      • Hum don’t know about Crystal’s fan support. One thing I do know if it was David, he would have fans flying in from all over to see him. I just hope that David has plans to have some concerts this year.
        I’m so ready to see the new mature David on stage where he belongs.

  3. Soul newbie and cq, a vlog is definitely in order as treatment for our disorder. 🙂 MUNK, I believe what you said about David. I feel like I’m on the Elevator. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Gotta learn how to go with the flow . 🙂

  4. Wonderwall MSN ‏@WonderwallMSN 21m
    Congrats! @DavidArchie and #ChristinaMcLarty welcomed a son today. Find out his name: http://on-msn.com/1luToov

  5. To all those who took such offense when I said “I think someone should form a therapy group for those who were blindsided by David’s announcement , and , 2/12 years later, are still shell shocked. Some people talk like they were traumatized for life by David’s announcement.”;

    I was just kidding!!!!! Sometimes I don’t realize that my NY sense of humor may not be understood elsewhere. Watch some “Seinfeld” folks, and get back to me.

    Why is it that the very people who bash David’s music, religion, hair, career choices…… suddenly become so sensitive to the concept of verbal disrespect when they feel that its directed at them? If David heard some of what is said about him by these people, it would break his heart.

  6. Soul Newbie, when you say, “And I hope you are satisfied, you pushed my buttons which is obviously what you go for with almost every reply you make.”

    Sometimes we need to have our buttons pushed to open our eyes. If the buttons didn’t exist, they couldn’t be pushed.

  7. Shanny, @ 12:55. Amen, and thank you.

    Soul newbie, David is not the one who has made his religion “front and center”, it is his fans who have done that. In fact he suggested that fans pursue their own goals and causes while he was away. His fans are the ones who talk of it non stop…and, I might add, not his LDS fans. We wouldn’t dare bring it up! So, if you are tired of it, know that LDS fans are more so….tired of hurtful comments, untrue statements, misunderstandings that cannot be cleared up in a format like this. Do you ever hear LDS fans tearing down others beliefs? I don’t. Why would we? There is so much good in so many faiths. Nor is it appropriate or helpful to state our own beliefs here. It often feels like a no win situation. I even hesitate to give David too much praise, (on a FAN site for HIM, for heaven sakes) because it will be construed as “worshipping” him or putting him on a pedasteI. I, too, know fans who love David, but stay away from sites and comments, cause it’s painful……and then they are accused of not supporting him. I keep trying to just “turn the other cheek”, but they are getting sore, lol. David has never professed anything but but being kind, loving, caring, unselfish, tolerant, and compassionate. I wish I had a heart more like his, cause mine keeps hurt and ruffled, dang it!

    In anticipation of rebuttal, let me just say that I know you mean by going on a mission, David made his religion “front and center”. I get that. I also get that it was hard for some. Heck, it was hard for me, and i was happy for him! I just don’t see, given he was in Chile and not communicating with us at all, that it constitutes “front and center”. Nor do a few tweets about Easter, and a vid that some might be interested in, make his religion the focus that some have made it. To me, David’s beautiful voice, amazing talent, and upright character should be what is “front and center” on fan sites that are supposedly meant to support him. And I realize this comment might ruffle some feathers, too, and for that I am sorry. We are a diverse fan base,for sure, and I keep telling myself we wouldn’t all be here if we didn’t feel this connection and admiration for him, regardless of our differences.

    • Oh Bychance, you are a sweetheart from comments I’ve read from you, but to say that ALL Mormons would never say anything negative about another religion is a little hard to believe.

    • ITA Bycahnce and Shanny. Thank you for saying what I wish I had. 🙂

  8. yea yea ,bychance,with you all the way thanks

  9. Since we’re re-hashing the last 2 1/2 years, here’s my perspective: It’s hard to reconcile the David who sang “Imagine” with someone who went on a two year proselytizing mission. According to Pope Francis, “Proselytism is solemn nonsense, it makes no sense. We need to get to know each other, listen to each other and improve our knowledge of the world around us.” I know that this is a little ironic, given the Catholic Church’s history, but at least there’s a new sensibility.

    Whatever you think about a given church’s beliefs, proselytizing is the line that most people draw between feeling respected or disrespected. Evangelical Christians have proselytizing missions specifically targeted at Mormons, and I would ask any LDS person, if they feel that their beliefs are being respected by those missionaries. I understand that the Mormon church is starting to de-emphasize their door-to-door activity in favor of member referrals, which seems like a good thing to me.

    It’s interesting that ShayCarl said that David went on a “service mission”, which LDS folk understand involves proselytizing, but seemed designed to mislead non-LDS about the nature of the mission. This, plus some things David said prior to the mission, tells me that it’s a sensitive issue that Mormons know sometimes offends others.

    We hard-core fans have probably become much more comfortable with the subject than we ever expected. Back in the day, the missionaries were pushy and made me want to hide, but there’s a mellower approach these days plus “knowing” David helps change attitudes emotionally, if not intellectually. Nowadays, it’s “Hi there, LDS missionaries, where are you from?”

    To go back even before the whole mission thing, another sensitive issue is the Mormon Church’s political actions on gay marriage. That’s the topic that brought me out of lurking and has been an interest of mine, long before I ever heard of David Archuleta. At the time, my comment was that as gay marriage becomes mainstream, which has actually happened faster than I anticipated at the time, no one would worry about what David, or Mormons in general, thought or did about the issue. I think gay marriage will be a non-issue on David fan sites in the future, but who knows?

    Over the years, we’ve had a lot of discussion on those topics, which were pertinent at the time. I’ll usually put in my two cents, if I have an interest, and especially if there is another side to an issue that hasn’t been presented.

  10. David tweets that he is starting to play the violin, gotta to see that!!! But it will take a lots of practice!. Good luck to him!

  11. cq, thanks, but I don’t think I did say that. Just that I have never seen it on a fan site, unlike the other way around. And of course, I can’t speak for ALL Mormons. Just know that I, and those I know, don’t criticize other religions.

    How I would love to show those on a fan site the many ways missionaries serve in humanitarian ways, they are many and vary by location and need….but of course, it would be futile and again, this is a fan site for an artist, not a religious discussion forum, imo.

    • I understand that there has been some experimenting by the LDS church, with certain areas becoming all-humanitarian missions, rather than the few hours per week of service, which is currently the norm. Sounds like progress to me.

    • I think humanitarian missions are fabulous, Bychance. Just so you know nothing is ever black and white. I do believe that a lot of good is done by the Mormon community as well as other religious communities.
      I truly believe that human beings are all basically good.

  12. CCHalo, you say, “To go back even before the whole mission thing, another sensitive issue is the Mormon Church’s political actions on gay marriage”

    I ran across this article that might be of interest regarding the changing attitudes of Mormon’s towards their gay members:


    The times they may actually be a-changing.

    • bliss- interesting article. Thanks for posting. I thought that this comment posted after the article was very thought provoking-“I think the Mormons will come around because their families are so important to them and so many have gay family members.” I think that you could substitute most any religion (Catholic, ect.) in that comment.

  13. I really think we need to stop saying things that might make fans feel hurt or uncomfortable about deeply held beliefs. Instead, let’s enjoy and celebrate the reason we all come here ( thank you HG ) Our love for one David Archuleta !!!

  14. Oh my goodness, he retweeted, so funny!

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 33m
    Uh.. Thanks? “@WonderwallMSN: Congrats! @DavidArchie and #ChristinaMcLarty welcomed a son today. Find out his name: http://on-msn.com/1luToov

    • Yeah I thought it was funny too but other hand Gina tweets back, seems have problem with it, they made a mistake and nobody prefect!!! Geez! Glad david thought it was funny or little piss off about it but who knows? Have a great night SD

  15. Way to go David. That is how you work your twitter. lol. 🙂

  16. L O L David. Now THAT is a great tweet.

  17. I think the retweet and comment by David is very revealing of how he’s changed. The tweet is about how a celebrity, David Archuleta, is the father of an out of wedlock baby. Of course, it’s a misprint, but that’s not the point. Instead of being mortified that he has been mistakenly Identified as having fathered an out of wedlock child, and posting a serious denial, he sees the humor in it and has some fun with it. Obviously premarital sex ,and certainly unmarried fatherhood, is frowned upon in his religion, but David does not seem to be bent out of shape over this gaffe.

    I think David’s message is that being a Mormon who goes on a Mission does not mean you can’t laugh at yourself and that you have to take every single thing in your life as pro or anti Mormon. It’s just life.

    The more I learn about the post- Mission David, the more I like.

  18. I’m going to say something provocative. Why is it ok to promote a lifestyle that is unbiblical, and then get upset when people won’t accept it ?

  19. Oh dear, Your comment at 8:11 was so positive. I was thankful for that.

  20. Forgot to take my own advice. ( sad face ) Need to be more like D .

  21. Ha Ha, I WISH I was more like him. He is funny today. 🙂

  22. Just got back to my hotel after a long work day. Logged in on my laptop to check out what was happening with the Soul Davidians. Looks like I hurt and offended some LDS fans of David, in particular Dfan.

    So to Dfan, I can see I really offended and hurt you. Mostly it was disrespectful to all the LDS fans of David who have been steadfast & loyal since David’s audtions on AI. Sometimes some opinions are better left unsaid and I opologize for my insensitivity.

    A bummer about Crystal Bowersox’s concert being postponed. 😦

    It’s late so good night all. I love my job & the traveling, but I can do without the long days! **Yawn**

  23. Speaking of…

    • Oh those religious tweets!! Stop before she alienates all of the world! 😉 lol

      Her performance was really good this week, btw. Some have said that the fact she already has a sizable fan base from YouTube is unfair but sometimes things like that backfire. I think she has a really good shot at winning though.

      • I think Cassadee Pope won because of her fanbase from her Hey Monday days. She certainly could not sing that well…

    • peter interesting tweet. I think that the contestants on the voice do have a big advantage if they have that fan base going into the show. That explains Cassadee Pope. I was not a fan of her either. I think because the contestants on the voice have more experience and are more seasoned than those on AI – it does make for better performances and a more entertaining show. The down side is that contestants like Cassadee have the edge due to their fans. I would rather see Josh win rather than Christina at this point. Could change.

  24. Thank you ray and lizardj. It’s just that if I hadn’t said something today I would have exploded, so had to….. in spite of my mediocre communication skills, and knowing it likely wouldn’t come across well. (Sure wish I had your writing skills, bliss!…if you taught classes I would take them!)

    cq, I do know things aren’t always black and white. I do believe, however, that there is right and wrong, and belittling others faith is wrong, in my opinion. And….often just proves how little they really know about it. I,too, think most people (and most faiths) are basically good.

    • Bychance, I truly respect your opinion, sorry that you feel my opinions are horrible.

      • Oh gosh, Bychance, shouldn’t of said horrible. I guess you aren’t the only one that will explode of you don’t say something. All I can say is that we can get back to celebrating David the singer all of us are on the same page in that regards.

  25. Sensless, some comments make me sad. Mostly the ones that lump people under labels that diminish our humanity and individuality, and dismiss our similarities. I am not really offended, but it is hard to hear sometimes, and it gets to me, and I just can’t help wanting to explain and be understood, and have people understand David a little more too. I didn’t change your opinion really, just made you feel bad that you shared it and I am sorry about that. What you said at 10:56 showed that you are a caring person. I appreciate that. I wish for discussions that help people understand each other better, and hope that our only alternative is not to just leave everything unsaid.

    Your job sounds interesting!

  26. Soul newbie, I just hope that you continue to comment. Everyone is in title to their opinion.

  27. Oh, cq, I don’t think your comments are horrible, and didn’t think that’s what I was saying at all. And explode was a very poor choice of words on my part. I’m sorry for that….I really am. It’s just been a heartache here sometimes, and I felt I had to say something today. Of course, all are free to say what they want, too….and do.

    Yes, l would love to get back to celebrating David, the artist. I believe that’s what I was trying to say in my first comment. We can absolutely agree on that. Goodnight.

  28. Oh, man, ridiculous that I’m losing sleep over this. cq, my earlier comment about right and wrong, and feeling it’s wrong to demean others religion, was not directed at you specifically, but to anyone who thinks it’s ok. I’ve not heard disparaging remarks from you lately, and I appreciate that, and should have mentioned that in my comment to you. I really didn’t mean to personally offend you and apologize if it felt that way. Ugh…this is why I sometimes hate the internet! Or at least my inability to communicate well on it.

    • Byhchance, thank you for acknowledging that fact. I made a promise to Hg, that I truly respect and I will hold to it, besides it’s not productive. This is such a wonderful free country with freedom of speech, but that doesn’t give a person the right to completely let it all out, lol. One thing that I will hold to is that I never (of course that is omo) disrespected any person, the right of to do and worship however they want should never be taken away, it is a human right and I would be right there fighting with you if that right was ever taken away from you.

  29. Shanny in Australia

    As I said earlier, I don’t want to get into naming names but just wanted to throw a big ‘Thank you’ out there.

    Got some great belly laugh tweets from David today. (And those MSN people lol) I swear he’s come back more humorous than ever! Or at least sharing it more with us now.

    Lol….had the best ‘tears streaming down our faces’ kind of laugh with my mum and sisters today too whilst playing a bit of a practical joke on one of my sisters. Laughed for a mighty long time. Twas a good day. I hope you all have a wonderful day! 🙂

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