Daily Archives: April 28, 2014

Celebrating 5 Years Later

Hey SD fans!

Five years ago, I launched this fan site called “Soul David: Beyond Disney Versions of David Archuleta.”

To say we’ve grown beyond my own expectations is an understatement.

Each anniversary of Soul David, I try to change things up, like adding a new banner or, two years ago I believe, changing the entire theme of the blog.

Well this 5th anniversary, I thought I would change the title and the perspective. We’re still all about “Soul David,” but it often feels like the focus of this fan site is more about the fans, sometimes, and what we care about: which is David, of course, and other aspects of the music scene.

So, since I’ve become accustomed to calling all the folks who hang here “Soul Davidians,” I thought: Why not just alter the title?

And, should David make a name for himself on the music scene (or not) we can still keep this site, not just as a “vigil” but as an informative site all around.

I will definitely think more about how the content might change (or not), but after 5 years (FIVE YEARS!!), some things will change (including David Archuleta himself).

Besides, I’ve moved on beyond concerns about the “Disney version” of David, or even the “soul” version of him, though I’m keeping the hope that “Soul David” (and his “soul” fans) will remain and/or return.

Thanks for your presence here after all these years (and for those of you just joining the fun: WELCOME!) 🙂