A Spanish Song

Of all the tweets from David (and others), the one about finishing a Spanish song peaks my interest the most! 🙂

Not that it isn’t interesting to speculate about other aspects of David’s personal life.  I don’t know being spotted with a girl at a comedy club indicates “girlfriend,” “friend who’s a girl,” or a simple “date,” but David is at that age where such things are expected. And, given that David is “deeply religious,” a “rule-follower,” and all that, it wouldn’t surprise me none if he’s the type to date with marriage in mind.

And, yes, David IS the type of guy who could get married and we won’t know about it until a whole year has passed (much like Janet Jackson who is known for such stealth moves).

So, dating rumors?


And seen with a “cute blonde”?

Well, given where he’s at – if he’s still in Utah – and given that he’s most likely to keep it within the faith, what other choice is he going to go for, given his available dating pool?

Of course, I say that, once speculating that David likes ’em darker (Ahem) or, at the least, more brunette than blonde (just look at the gals he used to gravitate towards!), and I still think he’s going to want a Mama Lupe-type. But what do I (or any of us for that matter) really know? As usual, let the speculations begin! 😛

Interesting stuff, but really? I want to know about the Spanish song! I want to know who is the “we” referred to in Twitter? Enrique cryptically tweeted earlier this year about the possibility of collaborating with David. Was that random, or was that a strategic tweet and a sign of things to come?

Is David just capitalizing on his Spanish skills, or has he already been planning this? Is he thinking along the lines of Spanglish? Latin music? Latin fusions?

That’s our David! Always feeding us with half-facts, thus making room for much, much speculation, which is what this fan base has mastered for so long.

Once again the Soul Davidian mantra: Let us wait and see.


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  1. Great post, Hg, I’m over the moon with excitement over that one tweet and of course, went a little overboard, lol. I think the part (the first one) is what sent me over the top. Exciting times ahead for us fans.

    Yep: let us wait and see.

  2. cq, I am with you sooooo excited!

  3. Sorry I had to come back for this one, FYI, he does got a new g/f he prolly have been dating her since he got back from mission, oh! That sagi pic that he just tweeted was prolly on that date with that same ‘ cute blonde girl’ again!!!!

  4. Yes, always plenty to speculate on in the Archuleta-fandom. That is one of the reasons I remain interested I guess. If he was more forthcoming with what he is doing we wouldn’t have much to discuss. I’m just hoping for more music but have enjoyed all the pictures and David sightings. As long as he remains in Utah we will have tweets and pictures of David sightings as he remains a celebrity there. If he were in LA he could remain more anonymous. So far he is sticking to Utah. I wonder if he will eventually live part time in LA like he did before he left?

  5. David has a lot of friends-guys and gals and they like to eat out. Good for him. Nothing wrong with that. 🙂 I agree Grammyj that he just might live part time in LA or Nashville (even if he is in college)- if he is serious bout his career. We shall see.

    • What? How can david gonna lives in L.A. Or Nashville if he is gonna to BYU this fall if in Provo, sorry I just don’t get that? He was prolly on a REAL date not with a one of his female friends?

  6. Now I am working the Smiley’s . Look Out. lol. 🙂

  7. I wonder if David’s new rumored g/f go to BYU too? I think david is only working on one song with that guy and I think it could be for LDS only.

  8. David had been spotted a lot in Provo lately?

  9. Annoymousagain, you remind me of someone from way back in the day. Someone who used to swear up and down that David and Charice were an item (well, back when we didn’t know Charice had a preference for girls). You wouldn’t happen to be the same person would you? 😉

  10. LDS only? Huh? Even if a song is spiritual and kind of LDS or Jewish or Cathlic oriented, I think it can be enjoyed by all. I am not Catholic but like some of the Gregorian chants.

    • Good point soul newbie, all it has to be is a great song that is liked by a huge number of people, to be a hit that is…
      Inspirational is good too. Wouldn’t it surprise everyone if the song/songs were just fun, with a dance beat, lol.

      Just happy that he will be putting out music in the future and maybe, not in the distant future. I just want the recordings to match the quality of his voice.

  11. Say what? David and charice dated, don’t believed that ever happened. I here thinking that People just don’t understand that david is going to BYU and he won’t have a lot time on his hands to do any kind of music when he go there? I think people are just not getting it with college and music don’t mix together in David’s part.

  12. Just hope people WAKE UP SMELL THE l FLOWERS and UNDERSTAND that david is not gonna to music when he go to BYU, college will take a lot of his time but maybe during the latespring/summer when he is off, that only time he will able to go back to music. Peace I am out again SD

  13. Following the “I’m home, I’m home” clip, this is my fav message from David since his return. Perhaps he’s working on music to shop around to labels. If he does go to school in the fall, I see no reason why he can’t do both music and school. John Legend and Tracy Chapman did it. Also, Jodie Foster and Keshia Knight Pulliam attended college and continued to act. Re. David having a girlfriend, I’ll believe it when I hear it from him.

  14. Hg, I think you hit the nail right on the head about Annoymous. I was going to comment but you beat me to it. She is like a broken record and I am through posting to her or about her. I guess she does lke her name ANNOY!

  15. Hmmm okay , U guys don’t just want to believe that I could be right, I bet u when david go to BYU, u won’t hear much from him and no any music news, he is gonna be very busy with college stuffs.

    • I don’t know that anyone is disagreeing with you.

      • Desertrat, I don’t know u talking to me, No they are not but it cool with me. Only what I believe and my guesses that all. Feel that nobody likes me well that fine with me, I guess I am leaving, not gonna waste my time on here.

  16. David really cracks me up. While he usually won’t address it specifically, I think he knows when fans are riled up about things. Thus the tweet about getting a Spanish song written…which came after much debate about him forgetting about music for now to go to college. And also came just as a certain contingent of fans were finding about about a rumored date and kind of freaking out.

    Maybe that timing is just a coincidence. heh.

  17. Ali , I agree with you .

  18. Yeah I know right?!? I don’t really understand why fans are fighting over with each other’s when it david is the one is not saying anything, yeah david should Tell the truth already, colleges rumors and music news?!?

  19. So David went on a date with a “cute blond”? If that’s true, we don’t really know if she was a “true blond”. Just cuz she was a blond does not mean she’s not a true brunette. LDS girls are allowed to color their hair. And anyway, David has said more than once, “Looks aren’t important. Compatibility, a big heart, spunky & not afraid to try new things” or something along those lines. I don’t think this is a new girl at all but someone he’s always been interested in. Being a RM, a prerequisite for TBM girls, gave him the go-ahead to “get to know her better”, another prerequisite for David 🙂

    I must be honest about the Spanish song. Am I happy about it? Of course, to a certain extent. I know most fans feel any music is better than no music at all. However and I may be labeled as a not very loyal fan, but if the song is religious in nature or has a subliminal LDS message content in the lyrics, no matter how beautiful it may be, I will not buy it if David is able to release it. 😦

    That’s just me. I don’t expect anyone else to agree with me. It is what it is & it’s how I feel. I know he is immersed in all things LDS now and it may spill over into his career choices. I just hope the song is mature, contemporary adult and secular themed & a fun song would be good too as long as it’s not cheesy. Not holding my breath though.

    • Senseless, I’m right there with you…I just hope the song is mature, contemporary adult and secular themed & a fun song would be good too as long as it’s not cheesy. No matter what, I’m still so excited about music from David..we’ll see where his creative juice will flow, lol.

    • Senseless, I agree with you about the song. I wont be able to support it if it is what you said. I’m trying to be very optimistic about it though. I know you and others are as well.

      • Senseless-I agree. I would just have no interest or support it if the song is like that. 😦 I just do not believe that David has a solid plan as to what he is doing with his music career. Could be wrong but he just seems all over the place. That has not changed. 🙂

    • It’s always been hard to keep up the energy and excitement regarding David’s career because of my strong feelings and certain things that are said makes it even harder. I still am hoping for a secular music career. Doesn’t mean he can’t put out other types of music out, a lot of artist do, but would like for him to reestablish himself and get a more solid career and I do believe secular music would have a better chance of that happening, omo. His personal life really doesn’t interest me, except if it gets in the way of his music career. Of course, it’s his life and he absolutely has the right to do what he feels is right for him.

  20. This fanbase is a great training ground for honing our skills at selectively reading comments on blogs and skimming right past some with a hearty chuckle at the inventiveness of their content. Meanwhile, I am with you, HG, loving the Spanish music quote. Get those creative juices flowing,David!

  21. Ha, since we’re matchmaking for David, someone needs to introduce him to this adorable gal. She “ticks all the boxes”: cute, funny, smart, returned LDS missionary, *brunette*, with a smile just like Alison Sudol. Now if she just can “write songs on guitar”.

  22. I don’t think David needs any matchmaking help. lol.

    I just think David knows what & maybe even “who” he wants as a life mate. The “sister” in the video is cute though.

    As fans we think all LDS girls probabaly would love to marry David & think he is everything any TBM girl could ask for but it’s probably far from the reality. He’s a sweetheart and all, but given his reputation he may be just too “good” & hard to live up to in the eyes of even the most TBM girls.
    Just sayin’.

    Hope everyone has a great afternnon. Ciao for now. 🙂

  23. i actually enjoy speculating about david’s love life , clothes, and hair more than talking about his possible music choices. 🙂
    p.s. i saw the “cute blonde”!!!!!!!!!!! she looks strangely familiar

  24. It’s interesting how its gotten to the point where no matter what David does, it leads to considering the ways that we are unhappy or even could potentially be unhappy with it. I realize it’s a way of managing expectations and preparing yourself for disappointment but it just seems like if you spend all your time preparing yourself for disappointment, then you’re never really enjoying the moment. Or maybe you enjoy for a second but immediately it’s like, oh this is nice but NEXT time it probably won’t be.

    Just a day ago, many were convinced that David wasn’t thinking about music at all. Now that we know he is…it’s off to a new/old worry. I have to say though that I have no idea what subliminal LDS messages are. To love God? To love each other? To help others? To be positive about life? Because most of that has been forefront in David’s music for years.

    • I’m excited to hear David’s new music, Spanish or otherwise, and willing to believe that it will speak to all of us. I really love his most recent song, “Broken”, which has meaning to it and isn’t preachy.

      But I get people’s skittishness given all the signals we’ve gotten from him since he came home, and I don’t have any problem with people expressing their fears. I guess it comes down to letting people discuss their feelings without telling them that they’re wrong to do so.

      • I see what you’re saying cc but I guess for me it less like expressing fears and more like a continued expectation that David will never be able to live up to. Because no matter what the fear of the moment is, as soon as that is tempered then another one comes along behind it. I know that’s all a matter of perception though so maybe I just need to look at it from a standpoint that people are fearful because they care.

      • Yes, I think that’s it, people worry because they care so much. We want to continue to relate to him in a way that inspires us, and doesn’t make us feel wrong or less because we’re not of the same faith. Saying not to worry is like telling me not to worry about my kids–it’s never going to end.

  25. Although I will continue to support David with a wait and see approach, I just realized something. People say, especially on another board that we all knew David is LDS so none of this should be a surprise. I just realized that I became a fan of an artist who happened to be LDS, not an LDS artist. Not sure why the thought just hit me.

    • I really didn’t know what religion he was until I started checking his fan sites. You brought up a real good point. A fan of an artist that happens to be LDS, not an LDS artist, of course if he does go that direction, it’s his choice. Do I feel that’s limiting for him as far as a music career goes, yes, but that’s my opinion and it really doesn’t have anything to do with what he wants.

  26. I just became a fan of an amazingly vocally talented teenager that was on AI S7. I had no idea what his personal beliefs were and did not care. I liked his pop music career and just thought he needed to add some soul to his music and work with the right songwriters and producers. I still feel that same way. I really am not a fan of religious music of any kind but that is just me. But if that is the direction he goes in than that is OK with me. It is his life and career not mine. I agree- I guess we just wait and see.

  27. ALC- she looks a little like the mystery blonde in the infamous “blimp photo”!!! do u remember that one?

    • vaguely. Have you seen a picture?

      • I always wondered who the girl was in the Blimp picture. Where did you see a picture of David’s date? Do you have a link?

    • Isn’t she about a head taller than he is? I know a few couples with a much taller woman, but David once said that that would be a problem–at least if the woman was Taylor Swift, ha ha.

  28. What I read here is that some fans openly worry that David’s Mission “did something” to him, and it may negatively effect his music and his persona. Well, you know what, that’s life. People, especially young people like David have life changing experiences, and it effects all aspects of their being. There is a risk in embracing a young artist, who is still growing, experimenting, and learning who they are. How many people are the same person at 23 that they were at 17?

    For me, I enjoy seeing the many ways that David takes risks, and how these risks effect him. My guess is that this Mission has dramatically changed David. As yet, we don’t exactly know how, but we are getting glimpses and hints by reading his tweets and seeing pics of him in various locations.

    Instead of holding my breath, I’d rather open my arms and let David know that I support his growth, even if it means sacrificing some of the ways that I used to enjoy him.

    David is always about the present and the future. IMO, his fans would be best served by allowing David to create his own path, and if he is no longer acceptable, you can bid him a fond adieu and tell him “thanks for the memories”.

    • Hi Bliss, Glad you posted today. I wanted to say that even though sometimes I give you a hard time because I feel you’ve given many of David’s fans a hard time, I agree with your posts at times. You’re very eloquent when it comes to talking about David’s talent and character. I really enjoy reading posts from you like that. It’s the zingers that throw me off. Just wanted you to know that, for what it’s worth.

      To respond to this recent post. I agree with it. I’m glad he’s grown, but he’s been in a very restrictive environment, so that growth has been, shall we say, catered to a certain end. I look forward to seeing what growth happens to him when he’s in a less restrictive environment and comes out of the “bubble” so to speak. This may never happen. I’m in a wait and see mode.

      Your last sentence I especially agree with and I assure you that I will do just as you suggested. Still hoping though. Wait and see. Time will tell.

  29. Yes, I had some unrealistic expectations of what would happen when David got home from his mission. It dawned on me that I needed to just “go with the flow” and let David get back to his music career in his time. I’m enjoying the tweets, the speculation and the constant flow of David sightings. Obviously everyone will have to decide for themselves if they like whatever music he puts out and how his career plays out. I hope he has a happy, fulfilling life, and that he is able to have the type of music career that he wants – whatever that is. I’m just along for the ride as long as he has a public singing career.

  30. so even the die hard are giving up on him.. sure hope his lds peeps take up the slack.

  31. I don’t think his die hard fans are giving up on him. Some are taking a wait and see attitude as to where his music is going to go. That’s fair as why would anyone buy music they don’t like? Hopefully David will gain new fans in the genre he chooses. Or he could continue to do a wide variety of music. We just don’t know. I like Christian/inspirational music so if he goes in that direction I will still be here to support him!

  32. They had this discussion on FOD not long ago. People who said they wouldn’t follow him if they no longer like the music he puts out were scolded like that was a bad thing. I guess there are different kinds of fans. Some have a kind of loyalty that doesn’t seem to depend on liking his music, and others are more “normal” fans that do need to like it. I’m not sure where I stand–probably closer to the second group.

    • The reality of it is many fans will not follow David or buy the music if they don’t like the music. Simple as that. I don’t consider myself a die hard fan. Never have but good that David has them. I like this blog (Soul David) and think David is very talented but I draw the line at supporting by buying music I just don’t like. No one should be scolded. That is just ridiculous.

  33. Anon (the other one)

    Bliss, LOL I don’t think David needs us to “allow him to create his own path.” He will do it his way regardless of what we want. His mission should be proof enough of that.

    I don’t believe anyone here thinks they can change David into someone else, or that he needs our permission to do anything. Fans are just hoping that “what he wants” and “what they want” happen to be the same thing.

    For me, I love his voice. Like some others here, I became a fan of his pop music. I hope he does something in that direction. I’m thinking he may do a mix of inspirational and pop. But that’s JMO, I don’t know any more about his direction than anyone else. I won’t buy a religious album (which I don’t really expect but it could happen), but I would buy inspirational if I like the songs. On AI he did “When You Believe” and he put “Beautiful” on an album. I love those. It will be a matter of liking the songs or not liking them.

    I love his voice. My hopes are because I don’t want to have to “bid him a fond adieu.” I hope he’ll always put out albums I want to buy.

    I still haven’t given up hope and am perfectly willing to wait and see what he does.

  34. David and friends and the blimp ride. i spy two blondes, lol.

  35. One more. Got to hand it too DA Venezuela. They do their homework when it comes to finding pics of D.


  36. Could be? what is the big deal if david has a girlfriend or he could be dating around?

  37. She does had short hair and is a blonde, she is married right?

  38. So it isn’t her and she look kinda older than 23 year old thought . Only guessing here but His ‘date’ She is prolly David’s age, a LDS(of course) pretty and nice and go to BYU too, where david going? He had been spotted in Provo a lot maybe his ‘Date’ /g/f lives there but only guessing here.

  39. ALC, your words are greatly appreciated, as much for their honesty as for their kindness. I realize that much of what I say goes against the grain here, and my directness is sometimes interpreted as nastiness, attacking, or, worst of all, lecturing. None of these are my intent, and I can assure you if you ever meet me at a David concert (ASAP, please), you will find me to be quite friendly and civil.

    For all his “conservatism”, David is,IMO, extremely unpredictable and mysterious. From the little we’ve seen and heard so far, I feel a palpably different vibe from him, yet it’s hard to put into words. I can see how someone may feel that he is distant, preoccupied, or indifferent to his fans, but I don’t think that’s the case. Something has changed, and the discomfort people feel may be based on not knowing how or why. I think some people may feel “jilted” that David seems to be more interested in the people in his recent pics than his “die hard fans”. David loves his fans (3CDs before hr left), so it has to be something else. To find out what on earth is going on, I guess we have to remain patent for a while longer and stay tuned for more information.

    As for your “giving me a hard time”, that’s fine. I’m sure there are times I deserve it.

    • Ok, then, I’ll continue to give you a hard time. If you dish it out, I may give it back, haha.
      Thanks, Bliss for responding with kindness. Look forward to meeting you at a concert. Really just looking forward to a concert, whether I’m there or not.
      David does seem to be different. Even he admits it. I’m not sure he knows quite how to handle it right now, just speculating. Like I said before, I really think he is just trying to ease back into fame and relating to his fans. I do admit feeling a bit jilted at times since he’s been home. It’s just expectations that haven’t been realized yet, like others have mentioned. It’s a nice reminder from you that he loves his fans.

  40. I rather david do English songs so I can ‘understand’but I don’t think there is new album isnt in the works so far, I just think he is just doing that one song, just my guess.

  41. Bliss, you said,

    “There is a risk in embracing a young artist, who is still growing, experimenting, and learning who they are. How many people are the same person at 23 that they were at 17?”

    I never thought I was taking a risk if I became a fan of David. Being a fan of David brought me immense pleasure & I never regretted following him. I also never expected David to be the same at 23 that he was at 17. In fact when he was 17, I marveled at his talent and could only imagine if he was THAT good at 17, I could not fathom what he would do as he matured in the years to come. Even though his star didn’t continue to rise for whatever reasons, his MKOC performances erased all the questions & doubts about where he was headed…until his announcement. Even then I never regretted being a fan. I chose to wait & see. He’s back now and at 23 he is not the same person he was when he left at 21 and I didn’t expect him to be. But the changes in him and the “growth” he’s exhibited is not exactly what I would have hoped for and yet not totally unexpected.

    Bliss also said,

    “For me, I enjoy seeing the many ways that David takes risks, and how these risks effect him. My guess is that this Mission has dramatically changed David. As yet, we don’t exactly know how, but we are getting glimpses and hints by reading his tweets and seeing pics of him in various locations. Instead of holding my breath, I’d rather open my arms and let David know that I support his growth, even if it means sacrificing some of the ways that I used to enjoy him.”
    “David is always about the present and the future. IMO, his fans would be best served by allowing David to create his own path, and if he is no longer acceptable, you can bid him a fond adieu and tell him “thanks for the memories”.

    The risk I did admire about David was him going against TPTB when he recorded TOSOD. Even though not my favorite album, he showed courage in doing it his way come what may. I did not enjoy the risk he took when he took a two year leave from his career because that risk could very well have been a career ender. We still don’t know yet the impact his two years away has had on his ability to become relevant in the music industry. The tweets & pics we’ve seen don’t excite me. What would excite me is if he was invited to appear on a talk show, even a local talk show, or a local radio program. Maybe an article in the newpaper interviewing David about his hopes for his future or what his team already may have planned. So all the pics taken by fans he “runs into”, or getting together with other RM, or all the tweets which have nothing to do with his career, well I just don’t care about all that. I’m a fan of the Artist & Singer David Archuleta, not the former Elder Archuleta. His “celebrity” stretches only as far as Provo now and I don’t see his team doing anything to change that. It will take time but the longer they wait the harder it will be to erase the perverbial “out of sight, out of mind” fickle music buying public.

    Would I ever bid David a fond farewell? I sure hope not. It depends on what direction he intends to go in. As I said previously, I’m just one fan so if I do say “Adieu”, it will be of no consquence. What will be, will be. Que’ sera, sera. One thing I think we can be sure of is the David I saw in his MKOC Tour may never surface again because the David I see now doesn’t even resemble that David & I don’t mean only his looks. 😦

    This is really long. Sorry about that. Good night.

    • Senseless, MKOC tour videos (didn’t go to any concert, dang) was sublime and also the Asian tour. Those two tours is where I saw the growth and maturity. David the phenomenal singer and entertainer. I still hold hope that he still wants to be that entertainer and reach a wide range of audience. I still and will always love his voice and now I just hope that I love the man he has become.
      I haven’t give up hope.

  42. ITA- Senseless

  43. wow Senseless, nice book! lol 🙂 i think we are friends on twitter
    so many blondes i’m confused. it’s like david has a harem or something!

  44. Senseless, I’m glad you responded by using my actual words. I’ve always found that to be effective because it uses the specific words of who you are responding to to make your point. The person you are responding to also cannot deny having said what is being discussed, since they are their words. I got that from watching “Law and Order” a million times, lol.

    We agree on some points and not on others. I also think that, at least in the first month, David is not the person I thought he would be. He feels a bit detached from both his fans and his career. He doesn’t seem like he’s tripping over himself to reconnect with his fans, and he seems to be, for lack of a better word,”elsewhere”.

    By “risk” I meant emotional risk. it’s not unlike any other emotional risk we take with another person. From what I’ve read, there are a good number of fans who feel personally let down that David has not shown any enthusiasm yet regarding the resumption of his career. Frankly, I thought that David would ‘hit the ground running” in resuming his career. It’s actually more like he’s gliding than running, but that could be a misread on our part. Who knows?

    Our main difference , I believe, is in our feeling about his Mission and LDS, in general. You obviously have little use for that group and you feel that his affiliation with LDS is toxic towards his career potential as a secular singer. I love David’s secular singing, and I believe that it would be tragic if he limited his singing to religious music. I really do not think that will happen. It doesn’t seem like returning Missionaries abandon their “worldly” pursuits and interests as a result of having gone on their Mission. Plus I don’t think the LDS Church would want them to give up their careers, as they donate 10% of their income to the Church. In David’s case, that could amount to a nice piece of change.

    • bliss- I agree with the first 3 paragraphs of your comment. However-Not the last paragraph regarding the main difference. We can’t agree on everything. lol.

  45. David is like a game of Clue, without the murder. You never quite know what he’s doing, why he did it, where he did it, and who was with him when he did it. Enigmatic people are the most interesting people, and David is one enigmatic sonofagun. There are so many seeming contradictions about him, but to him, they probably all make perfect sense.

    The good news is, he’s back, and he’s going to have to do something. David’s a do-er, and he’s also a singer. When it’s time to “do”, he’ll sing.

  46. He might lose some of his young fans if he will have gf, his appeal will diminish to the girls.

  47. May-That is a good point and the problem is I think he has already lost many of his young fans. So unfortunately at this point it might not matter.

    • David could lose most of his fans.. put out quality new music get new ones. up to him going forward.

    • What I mean not US young fans ’cause we know it, he don’t have many young fans in US, I was saying his Asian fans, ’cause majority over there are young girl fans, he might lose them too, if he will have a gf. Young fans is different, they not to quality music but they are more into illusion.

  48. ITA-kimak. It is up to him.

  49. Dan Reynolds front man for Imagine Dragons did go to BYU for a while it seems..

  50. Love the new look …. Soul Davidian, Hg. Yes, moving forward

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