Daily Archives: April 27, 2014

A Spanish Song

Of all the tweets from David (and others), the one about finishing a Spanish song peaks my interest the most! 🙂

Not that it isn’t interesting to speculate about other aspects of David’s personal life.  I don’t know being spotted with a girl at a comedy club indicates “girlfriend,” “friend who’s a girl,” or a simple “date,” but David is at that age where such things are expected. And, given that David is “deeply religious,” a “rule-follower,” and all that, it wouldn’t surprise me none if he’s the type to date with marriage in mind.

And, yes, David IS the type of guy who could get married and we won’t know about it until a whole year has passed (much like Janet Jackson who is known for such stealth moves).

So, dating rumors?


And seen with a “cute blonde”?

Well, given where he’s at – if he’s still in Utah – and given that he’s most likely to keep it within the faith, what other choice is he going to go for, given his available dating pool?

Of course, I say that, once speculating that David likes ’em darker (Ahem) or, at the least, more brunette than blonde (just look at the gals he used to gravitate towards!), and I still think he’s going to want a Mama Lupe-type. But what do I (or any of us for that matter) really know? As usual, let the speculations begin! 😛

Interesting stuff, but really? I want to know about the Spanish song! I want to know who is the “we” referred to in Twitter? Enrique cryptically tweeted earlier this year about the possibility of collaborating with David. Was that random, or was that a strategic tweet and a sign of things to come?

Is David just capitalizing on his Spanish skills, or has he already been planning this? Is he thinking along the lines of Spanglish? Latin music? Latin fusions?

That’s our David! Always feeding us with half-facts, thus making room for much, much speculation, which is what this fan base has mastered for so long.

Once again the Soul Davidian mantra: Let us wait and see.