The David We “Know”

Instead of information on his music (or educational) career plans, we get his love for food and music. Sounds like David, doesn’t it? 🙂


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  1. CQ, I know it seems like I’m picking on you, so forgive me, but I have to respond to what I see posted. It’s really not about you, it’s the post about David that I’m responding to. Having said that, allow me to “cut you a new one”, lol:

    You say, ” He will spread his wings and know that there is more to just his little corner of the world. I know he has to be where he is right and will probably be there for quite a while, but he’ll be comfortable to widen the pool of people he works with, I have faith.”

    His “little corner of the world” has spanned 3 continents, multiple countries, multiple languages, and multiple cultures.. How do you know that “he has to be where he is right now, and will be there for quite a while”. You don’t know that. You think that, for some reason. His “pool of people” has been to be with numerous successful song writers already. You don’t need faith, CQ, you just need to know the facts.

    Then, you say, “I really think that David knows his audience and will give them what they want.”

    ” No, no, no! if David gave his fans “what THEY want”, he’d get on stage, shake his tuchis, strip off his shirt, tell all the ladies who went to his VIP that he has an aching desire for them, and do his best version of “Living La Vida Loca”. David does not look to his fans for inspiration for his music. He looks inside his heart for inspiration, and I thank God every day that he does.

    • Bliss is that what you think Catholic Spanish community want, nothing but that type of music? I did say
      inspirational that to me is not a song about sex and shaking, stripping and so forth. I really don’t see how you came to that conclusion. I will stand by my comment.

  2. Bliss, you give the word hypocrite a whole new meaning. I can’t count the number of times you have come here and given us your opinion of what David was going to do when he returned from his mission. Within months of his return he was going to be a worldwide megastar because, after all, he was very nearly a worldwide megastar already. What with appearing in a Philippine soap opera (that very few people outside the Philippines even saw) and releasing “hit” albums all over Asia and being loved and admired worldwide already, he was ready to ascend to the heights of stardom. I see you’ve toned it down somewhat since he actually returned and didn’t exactly hit the ground running. But you are entitled to your opinion and I never said a word although I did have a little chuckle. But you are sure quick to “cut you a new one” to CQ for doing exactly what you do all the time, giving us her opinion. You don’t have to agree with what she says, but you cannot take away from her the right to say it. CQ is remarkably polite to you no matter how many times you belittle her opinions. I don’t know how she does it. You know nothing more about what David is thinking than CQ does. You don’t know him personally. You don’t know his plans. You are just opining on what you think. Please try being as courteous to her as she is to you and allow her the same right to her opinions.

  3. Apparently Jacob was David’s companion at the MTC so that is how they know each other. He was originally from Spain but now lives in Utah. Sometimes it’s good to work with a new songwriter. Philip Phillips big smash hit “Home” was written by an unknown, fairly new songwriter. I will reserve my opinion on it until I hear it. Since David has just came home from his mission I would assume it will be an inspirational type song.

  4. Hit and Run, I am merely responding to what I read. People here, including you, exercise that same right in belittling, mocking, and insulting me all the time. If I couldn’t take it, I’d stop posting. You have a bug up your a** about me personally. You have no idea who I am, something you reinforce every time you post.

    Was there anything in my response to CQ that you found to be false or contradictory? Please stay on point. It’s not about the person posting. It’s all about the text of the post. The same post could have been from a poster named Cinderella. I’d don’t know CQ personally, and vice versa. If people had the same thin skin for David that they have for themselves, he wouldn’t have be used as a human pinata for going on a Mission. Talk about hypocrisy.

    Please confine your responses to the text of my posts, and not who you think I am. We are total strangers.

    • HitandRun’s response was “confined to the text of your posts.” It was based on what you have said.

    • The point Bliss is that there is no need for you to post a comment in response to everything CQ says. You could just do her the courtesy of reading (or skipping) her comments and quietly disagreeing with her to yourself and going on. You choose to do it because apparently you have a bug up your **s about her. And I will freely admit I have a bug up my **s about you and have had since you first showed up here accusing all the older ladies on here of being responsible for single handedly ruining David’s chance at being a big superstar by making him look like he was only attractive to old women. Being one of those old women and knowing many other old women fans of David, I personally know that without us David would not even have had the career he has had. We have bought multiple copies of everything he has put out. We have paid postage and mailed copies of cds and books to fans in other countries who didn’t have access to them. We have traveled hundreds of miles to concerts when we probably should have not spent the money. We have been and are still here when David’s younger fans have moved on to the newest thing. So, yes, I take offense when you blame us for the career David has had. You should thank us that David still has a career. But to get back to you and CQ, I must wonder why you always seem to lay in wait for her to make a comment about David and then come out of the woodwork to shoot her down. Her comments are, after all, just her opinion and, as I tried to say previously, she is as entitled to them even if you don’t agree with her. You know no more about David than she does so your comments are no more valid than hers are. Do you hear that? YOUR COMMENTS ARE NO MORE VALID THAN CQ’S COMMENTS.. So, you make your comments that are your opinion and let her make her comments and agree to disagree. There is no need for you to always include a putdown of CQ’s comments in your comments. Just post your comments and leave it at that because, frankly, I have been lurking here for years but since you showed up, it has become a sucky place to be.

  5. Bliss, Really??? Why do you have to be so nasty?

    I knew what CQ meant and it was not that “he’d get on stage, shake his tuchis, strip off his shirt, tell all the ladies who went to his VIP that he has an aching desire for them, and do his best version of “Living La Vida Loca”.

    Perhap YOU should look in the mirror & ask yourself why you find meanings that aren’t there. Maybe you are projecting your own “wants & desires” when it comes to David and to whom you have professed your undying love, devotion & admiration?

    You take all the positive moments David’s fans are having which have been few since his return and turn them into something vulgar with your mean spirited admonishments of commenters who don’t meet your approval.

  6. Senseless, I am merely responding to what is posted, something you just did with my post, and it’s fine. I realize that the “aching desire” language is a tad harsh, but, from what I have read and seen numerous times, it is accurate. Of course no one will admit to that, so the notion must be squelched immediately (and predictably). It’s the “elephant in the room” with David, and as long as there is a “pink wall of silence”, it will never be discussed openly and intelligently.

    As for me, sorry, I do not lust after David. David is young enough to be my grandchild, and that alone ends the discussion. I never thought for a second that my peers would view David any other way than the way I do. Have you been reading FOD the last few days? It’s mind boggling, and a public embarrassment.

  7. CQ, I was responding to your saying that “David gives his fans what they want”. I’ll say this for you. You stay on point and don’t get all bent out of shape like some of these others. I really respect that.

    • Oh bliss I was plenty ‘bent out of shape’. I actually felt a bit offended, I’m not Spanish, but I am Portuguese and feel that I am part of the Latin community, so I did take offense you grouped all in that sexual obsessive box.

  8. I never gave a thought that this Spanish music might be religious and still think it’s conjecture, although I can see why it was brought up. Maybe it is David’s way of repaying all the Chileans he grew to love. Wait and see I guess.

    I am a new poster but long time reader here. Bliss, you use interestingly super-charged language. I wonder how you come to these conclusions from what some people post. As an objective observer, sometimes I don’t see how point a leads to point b. However, it is all extremely entertaining.

  9. Oh hey SD just caught up on comments. Lol well then.

    I had a lovely afternoon, was excited by David’s tweet. Seems everyone here had a fun afternoon and evening as well. 😉

  10. Peter, so it seems that Hit and Run has CQs back, and you have Hit and Runs’s back. Nice little network you have going on there. As for me, I have David’s back. That’s why I’m here.

    • To quote a great mind, “Please confine your responses to the text of my posts, and not who you think I am. We are total strangers.”

  11. Is that the sound of galloping I hear?

  12. You know Bliss, I’m just not sure what David would do if he didn’t have you here “having his back”. I guess he would just fold up his tent and go home. Seriously, anything you say about David on here has no effect on David or his career in any way whatsoever. You may feel that his world would be just devastated if you didn’t jump in and attack anyone who even looks cross-eyed at David but, believe me, he would manage to go on somehow. In the meantime, you are being rude practically to the face of ladies who want nothing more than to come here and express their opinions and desires about David’s career. They really, really want to support David. They just manage to somehow get in your cross hairs in the way they do it. You can defend David’s character to the fans here and David will never care because he will never know about it. I’m just not sure why you feel you have to defend David’s character to people who already believe in his character and you just might run off some fans who David badly needs if he is to continue having a career.

  13. I just figured out the term that applies to Bliss when it comes to defending David on here. Tilting at windmills. Imaginary enemies. Perfect.

  14. Good morning, I sure hope we at least get a little tease from that Spanish song soon.

  15. See you awesome folk on the later side – life is calling… here something to tide ya over…

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