Waiting in Vain?

Is this the general consensus of Soul Davidians? That we’ve been waiting in vain?

Just hanging around wishing and hoping … and all for nought?

I don’t know  what’s in store. And if there are new rumors (i.e. David planning to enroll in BYU next year), I will wait and see.

Just like I was wrong about the mission thing, I dare not suggest anything about David’s prospects as far as college is concerned.

I do know this:

1. As someone who is deeply involved in overseeing Fall college admissions next year at my university (yep, that’s why I haven’t been as busy with this blog as I have in the past), I know that David couldn’t just come back to the country late March and then decide he’s going to enroll in the fall. Fall admissions for undergraduates have a deadline: typically late January/early February, UNLESS David is getting special treatment to enroll next year (which would annoy the heck out of me – given the recent Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action, which has failed to ensure an increase in the enrollment of minority students in higher education, and if certain folks encounter barriers to higher education, I’d like to know how other certain folks are able to transcend said barriers – ESPECIALLY since I never did hear anything about our Beloved completing his high school diploma or his G.E.D.).

2. If David is enrolling in college next year (for all we know he had applied then DELAYED matriculation before embarking on his mission), that would mean that he made these plans well ahead of his mission ending.

3. It’s not even a full complete month since David’s return from his mission, so I still believe PATIENCE is what we need to order from the menu.

Let us all wait and see.

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  1. Very good points, Marlie, Marie, and ram.

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